Health Insurance India Guide

Health insurance is very helpful for covering one’s medical expenses. While choosing a health insurance policy, one should know aspects such as incurred claim ratio, top-up plans, pre and post hospitalisation expenses, critical illness plans, etc.

Health insurance is an awesome way to protect your finances from the heavy expenses of medical treatments today. Of course, you know this and you know where to get some, but did you know that your insurer could reject your claim and not pay you a paisa on a mere technicality? Do you know what a waiting period is, and what that entails for your insurance policy and benefits pay-out? Did you know that there are health insurance products for diabetes and dengue and other specific diseases that aren’t covered under regular insurance plans? There are exceptions and limitations to your policy that the constantly-smiling insurance sales agent will never tell you about.

That’s where we at come in. We highlight general clauses in insurance policies that aren’t particularly helpful or beneficial to you – the policyholder. We give you the best tips on how to choose and apply for the also answer all your questions regarding the fine print, right here – on the BankBazaar Guide to Health Insurance Products.

Incurred Claim Ratio - Important Factor to Choose a Health Insurer

Incurred Claim Ratio is basically the overall value of every claim a company has paid divided by the total sum of premium collected during the same period. Incurred Claims Ratios are calculated on an annual basis, and the ratios for 2014-15 and 2013-14 have been listed here. Read more about it.

Top Up/Super Top Up Health Insurance Plans - An Overview

Given our propensity to want more in life, it is only natural for us to want extra health care benefits, at nominal rates, of course. Getting additional benefits through an existing health insurance policy would mean higher premiums, but there is a smart way to get extra cover without having to empty your bank account.

Why Employer Health Insurance is not Enough?

Your company could have an excellent group policy, or a really bad one - you need to analyse the policy document to know exactly how much coverage you have, and how good it is. It’s advisable to always treat your employer’s insurance policy as a secondary cover, should your primary policy (that you take as an individual, with no connection to your company) run out.

Organ Transplantation & Health Insurance in India

As we all know, insurance companies like to protect their own interests with extremely detailed and intricate policy documents that you need a calculator to decipher. Here are some of the areas of fine print in your policy document you’ll need to analyse with a fine toothed comb, in order to ensure that you’re making the most of the organ donation/transplantation part your insurance policy.

What is Third Party Administrator (TPA)?

TPA or Third Party Administrator (TPA) is a company/agency/organisation holding license from Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA) to process claims - corporate and retail policies in addition to providing cashless facilities as an outsourcing entity of an insurance company.

Health Insurance Agent or Broker: Whom to Trust?

You typically buy a health insurance cover from either a broker or an agent. More often than not, many often use the words broker and agent interchangeably without understanding the difference between the two. Read on know the difference between these two:

Critical Illness Plans for Women in India

Insurance providers today are looking at non-earning women and homemakers as a potential source of business, by designing insurance policies that are specific to their needs. There are quite a few health insurance plans out there that cater to women-specific illnesses and medical conditions. Here are a few of the top women-specific insurance products on the market today:

Maternity Health Insurance Policies in India

According to latest reports, the average age of women becoming mothers has risen to 32 to 33 years in India. There is a view that women who have their first child in their early 30s are more likely to have complicated pregnancies. Significantly, the ratio of caesareans to normal deliveries stood at 65:35 in metropolitan cities, according to a study done in the recent past. Several women are, therefore, increasingly opting for health insurance plans which offer maternity expenses as well.

Tax Benefits of Buying Health Insurance

As a responsible person, you should ensure that your family does not suffer if you contract any ailment or diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. Apart from the benefits in terms of coverage, health insurance also provide some tax benefits which may work to your advantage. One can claim the tax deductions under sections 80D to 80U depending upon the premium paid towards a health insurance policy.

What are Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses?

Health insurance not only entails medical expenses during medical emergencies, but also encompasses pre and post hospitalization expenses. It is common knowledge that when an individual is hospitalised, he or she undergoes several tests in addition to taking medication, both of which are covered by most of the health insurance policies.

What are the Benefits of Purchasing a Health Insurance Plan?

Most of the insurance providers in the country offer health insurance products which offer a wide variety of benefits beyond cover for hospitalization related expenses. Check out the most important benefits of buying a health insurance policy:

Why People Don’t Buy Health Insurance?

Low awareness about health insurance, dependency on employer provider insurance, misconceptions about companies, etc. are some of the reasons people skip buying health insurance. Read on to know the most common reasons some ‘smart people’ avoid medical insurance./p>

Questions to Ask before Buying Health Insurance

Choosing the right policy among so many options can be quite overwhelming and confusing. The right way to choose the suitable health insurance policy is to make a checklist of your own and move accordingly. In this article, we will deal with some of the important questions that you need to ask before buying a health insurance policy.

Important Financial Lessons which Diwali Teaches Us

Diwali is just around the corner and you will be busy buying gifts and ensuring that you avoid mishaps while you are having fun. How often have you thought that in order to live stress free, you have to plan and ensure that you are insured and are ready to meet any financial burden in the future with ease? You can take the following takeaways from this festive season and implement them in your life at the earliest:

Health Insurance Portability – Things to Know

Dissatisfaction is common among people, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if policyholders are unhappy with their policies or the services offered to them. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) came up with a novel way to ensure that common people are not taken for a ride by health insurance providers, introducing the concept of Health Insurance Portability.

Read on to know more about health insurance portability in India.

Top 10 Factors that Affect Health Insurance Premium

Health insurance or mediclaim is opted by most of the individuals with various insurance companies to pay for hospitalization or medical expenses. The amount of premium that needs to be paid towards medical insurance is decided upon the calculations made by the insurance companies.

Find out the factors that affect your premium towards health insurance.

Health Insurance Plans for Diabetics in India

As a diabetic in India, it can be hard to find good health insurance products that don’t have terms and conditions that totally exploit you. Diabetes falls under the “high risk” category or is written off as a pre-existing ailment and any medical expenses arising out of the same are not eligible for claims.

Escape from annoying clauses and enjoy the benefits of excellent insurance cover with these health insurance plans for diabetes:

Difference between Waiting Period & Survival Period

You’ve bought what appears to be an awesome new insurance policy from a man in a suit who refused to stop smiling at you. He probably didn’t answer any of your questions to the point or explain any of the fine print that could eventually lead to your insurance policy being rendered useless.

That’s right, there are clauses in your policy that affect the possibility of your receiving any benefit right from day 1. Know more about Waiting Period & Survival Period here:

Health Insurance Co-Pay

If your insurance policy has a co-pay clause, you will agree to pay a part of the medical expense out of your own pocket, and the insurer will cover the rest. There are many insurance companies today that have co-pay clauses in their policies. The co-pay amount is usually a fixed amount for different services and drugs, varying depending on the nature of treatment or medication required.

Importance of Converting Employer Health Insurance into Individual Policy?

Group and individual health insurance policies are rather similar in terms of the coverage they provide. However, there are stark differences between the two kinds of policies, especially when it comes to the details. Before we begin to count the benefits of converting to an individual health insurance policy from a group health insurance policy, it is important to know what each policy means.

Things to Know about Hospital Cash Plans Benefits

Rising inflation and hospitalization expenses make health care accessibility a major concern for the average Indian citizen. Even with emergency reserves, the cost of hospitalization can exceed the funds available. In such cases, the best solution is to avail health insurance policies that offer a daily cash allowance for each day that you are in the hospital. Go through this to know more

What is Free Look Period in Health Insurance?

Well, there’s good news. As per the IRDA regulations, policyholders are granted a free look period, during which they can go through the terms and conditions stated in the health insurance policy to evaluate if the policy is indeed beneficial for them or not. Read more about it.

All About No-Claim Bonus in a Health Insurance

The No Claim Bonus offered on a health insurance policy is usually in the form of a cumulative bonus. This is offered by insurers on indemnity based health insurance policies at the time of renewal.

What is OPD Expenses in Health Insurance ?

OPD or Out Patient Department cover is a new feature offered as a part of the health insurance policies from insurance providers such as Apollo Munich, ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz and Cigna TTK. Most health insurance providers only cover hospitalization expenses and this limits the scope of cover for Out Patient Department expenses. These expenses include doctor’s consultation fees, health check-ups, pharmacy bills, dental treatment, diagnostic tests, etc.

Sub-Limits in a Health Insurance Plan

Sub-limits are caps placed by health insurance companies in health insurance policies in the form of a predetermined limit on the claim amount for a specific disease and/or treatment procedure. In some cases, sub-limit may be a percentage of the sum insured or a specific amount specified by an insurance company.

How Pre-Existing Medical Condition affects your Health Insurance?

Health insurance companies are seldom willing to provide coverage to individuals who are suffering from any pre-existing medical condition. This is due to that fact that such individuals would be in greater need of medical assistance and therefore, pose a higher financial risk to the insurance company.It’s not easy for such individuals to find adequate insurance coverage. Here are some points to keep in mind when one shops for health insurance policies

What is Preventive Health Care Insurance?

“Prevention is better than cure”, individuals should take necessary steps to stay healthy and also keep diseases in check. Preventive health care plans help customers to identify probable diseases and take the required precaution. Additionally, these plans take the family history of a patient into consideration and assess the risk of developing diseases based on those factors.

Procedure for Health Insurance Claim from Multiple Policies

Every health insurance policyholder must have the liberty to be able to decide and use more than one health insurance policy, as and when required. This is especially applicable in case of meeting steep hospitalisation expenses.Here, the process of claiming two health insurance policies has been explained.

How Much Health Insurance Cover Do I Need?

Health Insurance is a saviour when you or your immediate family face any medical issues and need financial backup. It helps to save money on various expenses incurred from hospitalization and other Out Patient Department (OPD) expenses. In order to evaluate how much health insurance cover an individual needs, the following factors should be taken into account

Steps to Follow while Filing a Complaint against Health Insurer

In the event that the insurance provider does not provide a service or resolve a grievance within the stipulated date, the policyholder can approach the IRDA for a solution. The complaint can be escalated and the IRDA will help resolve the dispute with the insurance provider.

Why you should Buy Health Insurance at Young Age?

Time and tide wait for no one, goes the old adage. The right time to buy a health insurance policy is the moment you realise that your health costs may only escalate in the future owing to the overall rise in the cost of living among other factors In other words, you should buy a health insurance policy at a young age to avail of many benefits.

IRDA Health Insurance Regulations 2016

On July 12th, 2016, the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDA) announced a new set of Health Insurance Regulations which will have a positive impact for insured individuals. These new revised regulations replace those which were last set in 2013 and will bring about some changes in the health insurance industry.

Do's and Don'ts for while buying Health Insurance

Considering that health insurance doesn’t come cheap, it is better to be aware of the nuances involved in the purchase of a health insurance policy. To help you make an informed decision, here is a list of a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind before you purchase a health insurance policy.

Misconceptions about Health Insurance

Here are some misconceptions that people usually have regarding health insurance, which we will help rectify, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing health insurance for yourself or your family.

Buying Health Insurance For Parents- What To Look Out For

As children, our parents saved and went without to ensure we had the best of everything in life. Now, as adults, making sure they spend their twilight years in comfort is a way we can give back for all their sacrifice and hard work. While ensuring they want for nothing materially is one way of showing our appreciation for all our parents did for us, there are a number of other ways too.

Can I Get a Health Insurance Plan if I Have Allergies?

Allergies are among the most common reasons that Indians visit the hospital. An allergic reaction is an automatic reaction by the body when a foreign substance in introduced. Not everyone has the same allergies, but most of us are allergic to something or the other, in varying quantities. The most common allergens are dust, pollen, dust mites, pet dander and mould spores – all of which appear everywhere in India and in no small quantities.

Health Insurance For Your Children

Children are the apple of their parents’ eyes and as a parent, you would move heaven and earth to make sure your children have the best of everything. Making sure they have everything they need for a happy, healthy childhood is what every parent aspires for, from a good education to the best money can buy. Besides taking care of your children’s material comforts, ensuring they are healthy is integral to their wellbeing.

Day Care Procedures Covered under Health Insurance

Health insurance policies are slowly becoming the norm, with a number of Indians buying these policies to offset the high costs of healthcare. While most health insurance policies cover major surgeries and hospital stays, there are also shorter, day care procedures that can be claimed under your health insurance policy.

Deductibles in a Health Insurance Plan

When we go through a health insurance brochure, we often are met with many terms that we are unaware of and would require technical knowledge of insurance to actually understand it. But sometimes no matter how complex the term is, it is important to be aware of the meaning and related details so that you never end up with a product that you never wanted.

Dental Insurance in India

Thinking of buying a health insurance plan and spoilt for choice with all the options available? With the rising awareness of the need for health insurance among the population nowadays, there is an increase in the number of health insurance policies being sold. With the options and add-ons that insurers offer, individuals can opt to increase their cover as they grow older or based on their health requirements.

Differences and Similarities between PMSBY & PMJJBY

PMSBY or Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is a government backed scheme. It is an Accident Insurance Scheme that offers accidental death and disability cover in case of death or disability due to an accident. The scheme is offered through public sector insurance companies and general insurance companies.

Health Insurance for the Disabled

It is a well-known fact that persons with disabilities (PwDs) in developed nations have easy reach to medical treatments and healthcare services. But in a developing country like ours, obtaining access to health care facilities is a grueling task for the disabled, especially when hospitals burden the patients with heavy medical bills.

Effects of Weight on Health Insurance Premium

The increased cost of medical care and growth in the number of diseases and health issues have made it important for people to have a health insurance policy. Health Insurance policies help people deal with their huge medical bills and in getting the best possible treatment. But, research has shown that people who are overweight end up paying higher premiums for their health insurance policies compared to others who are not obese or overweight.

Do's and Don'ts for Health Insurance

The rising prices have affected all aspects of the modern life, including health care. Nowadays, hospitalization expenses following illness or an injury can make quite a dent in one’s budget. It is in light of this reality that health insurance has become a necessity instead of being just an option. However, health insurance, like any other form of insurance, involves payment of regular premiums, which become an additional expense in one’s budget.

Fixed Benefit and Indemnity Based Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance policy has become a necessity nowadays, with the rising cost of health care and a sedentary lifestyle leading to more frequent trips to the emergency room. While there are a lot of options when it comes to picking a health insurance plan from both private as well as public insurance companies, the type of coverage and premium amounts play a key role in choosing a health insurance policy.

Health Insurance for AYUSH Treatments

AYUSH is short form of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. The Government of India set up the Department of AYUSH in 2003 to promote traditional medicine. The department paved the way for the formation of the Ministry of AYUSH in 2014. The Ministry of AYUSH has control over various institutes and research councils related to alternate medicine.

Top 6 Reasons to Get Health Insurance Before You Turn 25

As far as the urban population is concerned, most people, before turning 25 are generally covered under the family policy their parents opt for because it is convenient and cheaper to start early. But by the time an Indian is 22, he or she starts earning and savings might be out of the question for most in the first few years. But before you turn 25, getting best insurance plan might be a great idea. Here are 6 reasons to do it:

Guide for NRIs to Purchase Health Insurance in India

Medical tourism is on high rise in India and inflation too has added to the number of non-residents seeking medical treatments in this land of infinite varieties. With the insurance sector expanding at a rapid pace, NRIs have a lot of options to be prepared for medical emergencies whenever they return to India. Though many factors influence people to come to India for healthcare treatments, the implications of health insurance, its clauses and legal terms too have a role to play.

Health Insurance for Parents with Pre-Existing Diseases

It is a known fact that for a majority of Indians over the age of 50 have some or the other form of illness. However, the worst part if as soon as people cross the wrong side of 50’s and head over to the 60’s, it gets extremely hard for them to get health insurance. The situation gets even harder if they already have a pre-existing illness. So, how exactly can individuals get health insurance policies for their parents who have already been ill?

Health Savings vs. Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance or mediclaim in India are one of the most popular insurance products in India after life cover products. It is inescapably necessary because people may not have their own homes or cars that need insurance but they always have their health. However, in countries such as USA and South Africa there is another health care product category which is known as the health savings account.

Health Insurance Plans for Heart Patients in India

It is not surprising that with changing lifestyles and unhealthy food habits, heart diseases are rising at an alarming rate. The lack of healthy habits and discipline have led people to fall prey to different kind of heart diseases. There are also incidents of people getting heart attacks at an early age of 30-40 years. The worst part is that the medical costs are also increasing every year.

Health Insurance for HIV Positive/AIDS Patients

In 2014, India was said to have the third highest number of AIDS infected people in the World. This is a disturbingly high number. Considering that the virus can affect anybody and there is no immunity or cure for this virus invented yet, it is one of those diseases that are much dreaded.

Health Insurance Policies from Banks

Health insurance cover is fast catching up to the status enjoyed by life and motor insurance nowadays, especially given the growing number of people diagnosed with lifestyle diseases. With the cost of medical care ever increasing, getting quality medical aid is becoming prohibitively expensive and many Indians are now investing in health insurance policies as a way to offset this cost.

How Much Health Insurance Cover Do I Need?

Health Insurance is a saviour when you or your immediate family face any medical issues and need financial backup. It helps to save money on various expenses incurred from hospitalization and other Out Patient Department (OPD) expenses. However, there are various things that you should keep in mind before purchasing a health insurance cover.

Smoking and Health Insurance - Everything you should Know

Health insurance and smoking do not go hand-in-hand. You must understand that how they are related to each other in order to realize how tobacco consumption can affect your finances. Smoking can impact the medical coverage costs to a great extent. Health insurance rates are determined by the insurance companies differently for individuals who smoke.

How to Deal with a Health Insurance Claim Rejection?

We often do not take wise decisions, by simply being ignorant to details and believing that some cosmic power will take care of us at all times. These circumstances lead us to a hell-hole such as the claim rejection of our health insurance. It might sound dramatic to people who are reading this as a safety measure but for those who have already experienced it and are seeking help, realize the real-life drama in the situation.

How to Smartly Cover Your Entire Family with Health Insurance

In today’s world, the rising cost of medical treatments have become a financial burden, particularly for families belonging to the low income groups. Even though India is known for the far fetching developments in medical tourism, for most of the Indians, medical treatments in multi-specialty hospitals are becoming unaffordable with each passing day.

Impact of Common Diseases on Health Insurance

You must have observed that the healthcare industry has been revolutionizing constantly with a wide range of services and products. Consumers across the globe are becoming conscious about health gradually. Fast paced lifestyles, excessive workload and growing alteration in the environment have affected the health and wellness of people drastically.

Importance of Health Insurance after 60 Years of Age

Health insurance is the latest buzzword in insurance circles and is seeing a sharp increase in sales as well as awareness. With the incidences of lifestyle diseases on the rise in an increasingly sedentary workforce and stress levels rising with each salary hike, health insurance is the need of the hour. Add the burgeoning cost of quality healthcare to the mix and you’re presented with a situation where health insurance is needed to keep you afloat financially.

Meaning of 'Hospital' in a Health Insurance Policy

“Health is Wealth”, this is a saying we have all grown up listening to, but as we grew older, we realised that priorities change, and wealth often becomes more important than health. A look around us will reveal the fact that people are no more concerned about their health, throwing caution to the wind as they embark on a journey to establish themselves, often ignoring everything associated with health.

Health Insurance for Cancer in India - What are the Options?

In USA medical science has gone far enough to be able to determine the percentage of chance an individual has to attract certain types of cancer in their lifetime. While the future generation does have some hope in cord blood banking which perhaps would help to save some lives from cancer, Indians do not have access to such opportunities to save lives mainly because of the affordability factor.

Payment of Health Insurance Premium in Installments

In a regulatory move, to make all ends meet IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India), now allows the health insurance providing companies in India to accept monthly premiums for their health insurance policy. Earlier people had to pay a one-time premium unless the policy was to be renewed. This led many, including the IRDAI to believe that perhaps it was necessary that monthly installments was necessary to be introduced in the system.

Critical Illness Cover – Do you need it?

Critical illness cover is also called critical illness insurance. It is a long term insurance scheme that covers specific illnesses that are listed in the policy. In case the policyholder faces a serious illness that is there on the list, a lump sum amount is offered as insurance coverage. This amount is absolutely tax free. This payment can help the insured take care of his financial needs after he is diagnosed with a critical illness.

Health Insurance cover for Overseas Treatment

To ensure that our loved ones get the best possible health care, we do everything in our control. From admitting them in the best hospitals to getting them treated by well-known doctors, we try to make sure that they are safe at the end of the day. Some people even go abroad for medical treatments. Going outside India for medical care is no joke and one needs to be financially well-off to bear all the expenses.

People who Definitely Need Health Insurance

We Indians are very frugal with our money, and we don’t spend on just anything. Our regular expenditures are categorized and planned out in such a way that they minimize wasteful spending and impulse purchases. We don’t fall easily for advertising and we’re purely a value-conscious consumer base. But our frugality has led us to marginalize one very important purchase – health insurance.

Porting your Health Insurance after Marriage

When it comes to getting married, for a woman it means changes to her life that are absolutely to the level of minute details in her life. One such minute detail that is actually very important in her life is her financial portfolio since all changes in terms of names, addresses, relations and documentation have to be recorded in the financial investments made as well.

Pre Policy Medical Check Up in Health Insurance

With the rising cost of medical care and a higher susceptibility to disease, today’s professionals are looking at investing in health insurance as a way to ensure quality medical care without the heavy cost. With a slew of insurance companies offering various types of health insurance schemes to suit every budget and need, there is no dearth of options when it comes to picking a health insurance policy.

Tax Benefits on Preventive Health Check-Ups

The premiums that an individual pays for health insurance for parents, family or self not only offer financial assistance in times of medical emergencies but also bring down the tax liability. Most of the financial planners state that step one in case of a financial plan must be ensuring the fact that an individual has enough health insurance.

Recharge Feature of Care Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance Company is one of the well-known insurance companies in India. It offers different types of health and travel insurance policies, that are popular because of the features and benefits they offer. For example - Recharge benefit. Care and Care Freedom plans offer recharge benefits to the customers, which is equal to the Sum Insured (SI).

Reimbursement & Cashless Claims Procedure

In order to avail the cashless claim facility, the insured has to be treated in an empanelled hospital. By providing the details of the health insurance policy and presenting the e-card or other physical proof of the health insurance taken in the name of the policyholder, he or she can avail cashless hospitalization and treatment, if the illness/ injury is covered under the policy.

Riders with Life Insurance Vs Standalone Health Insurance Plans

If you are looking for coverage provided for Personal Accident and Critical Illness there are two options to choose from. This includes this particular coverage as a rider on your life insurance policy or as a standalone policy from health insurance providers. But you might be facing a dilemma to be able to choose the one that suits you best. This can be easily done when it comes to these two options if you consider their advantages and disadvantages by weighing their features.

Restore Option in Health Insurance Policy - Worth the Hype?

Individuals often prioritize a lot of things such as career, finance and other factors over their health. Unfortunately this attitude will not help individuals in the long run. Without health, every other aspect of life will be pointless. Although a number of developments have been implemented in the healthcare field, health issues have not gone down significantly nor have the expenses associated with the same. It is therefore, imperative for individuals to procure an insurance plan that safeguards their healthcare expenses.

Tips on Health Insurance for Freelancers

Nowadays everywhere you go, there is a high possibility that you will meet someone who is self-employed or at least planning to start his/her own business. There are freelancers everywhere belonging to different fields such as photography, blogging, catering industry etc. There are both advantages and disadvantages attached to the term ‘Freelancer’.

Health Insurance for Tonsillitis

Our lifestyle has evolved over the years, with each decade bringing something new and exciting. Sure, we all have better amenities when it comes to taking care of our needs, but these changes have also had an adverse impact on our health. Counterbalancing these health issues can be a challenge, which is where a good health insurance policy comes in. Not only does it offer us peace of mind, it also helps us meet any financial expenses which could kick in if we had serious health issues.

Points to Remember while Renewing Health Insurance

Once you have insured your family under the most idyllic health plan, you also have the responsibility of renewing the policy on time. With most of the insurers providing online facility, the entire process of renewal has become fast and increasingly convenient. Take a look at some of the key features and requirements we have listed below, if you plan to renew your health insurance any time soon.

Health Insurance Frauds - Not Good for Policyholders

The Health Insurance industry is expanding today and many insurance companies in India are offering various health insurance policies to the customers. Earlier, health insurance policies covered medical expenses incurred only in India, but now some policies offer coverage for treatments abroad as well. Companies have also started offering health insurance for AYUSH treatments or alternate medication now.

Various Discounts Offered in a Health Insurance Policy

The insurance market is overabundant with offers and discounts from various insurers, who are competing each other to make a strong foothold in the industry. In this web of financial intricacies where inflation has swelled the hardships of earning hands, the term discount has a special significance.

Health Insurance For A Cataract- Why You Need It

Black, brown, green, gray or blue..whatever the colour, our eyes are considered our most valuable asset. Often called the ‘windows to the soul’ by the more poetically inclined, our eyes are vital in perceiving the world around us. And like any precious asset, we protect them behind UV sunglasses and under hats to ensure they are functioning optimally.

GST rate of 18% applicable for all financial services effective July 1, 2017.

Disclaimer: Premiums may vary depending upon factors like age, location and prevailing taxes/GST.

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