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    SBI Tribal Plus Home Loan

    The Tribal Plus Scheme was launched by the State Bank of India specifically for those people who reside in Tribal and Hill areas. It is a home finance scheme that is specially designed to assist people living in these areas from a financial perspective, since the mortgage of land or property is not possible in these locations. This loan can be applied for at an SBI branch closest to these areas. In case an individual does not currently live in any of the tribal or hilly locations, he or she can still avail of this scheme through his or her respective native village.

    What Can The SBI Tribal Plus Scheme Be Used For?

    The SBI Tribal Plus Scheme can be availed by any individual living in tribal and hill areas for the following purpose:

    • To construct, buy or acquire a brand new home or apartment
    • To buy or acquire an old house or apartment that has been in existence for not more than 10 years
    • To conduct repairs, renovations or expansions on any house or apartment that already exists

    Who Can Avail Of The SBI Tribal Plus Scheme?

    The SBI Tribal Plus Scheme is available to individuals residing in the following areas:

    • All individuals currently living in and around the tribal or hilly locations of Northeast India
    • Areas or locations surrounding:
      • Patna
      • Chandigarh
      • Lucknow
      • Bhubaneswar
      • Bhopal

    Advantages of the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme:

    The SBI Tribal Plus Scheme offers applicants living in hilly or tribal areas a number of advantages as outlined below:

    • Applicants can avail of this loan at extremely low rates of interest.
    • Interest is charged on the reducing balance on a day to day basis
    • There are absolutely no administrative fees or hidden charges
    • The documentation is simple and is kept to a bare minimum
    • Applicants do not need to provide any form of security to avail of this loan
    • There is zero penalty should an applicant decide to prepay his or her loan.
    • Zero prepayment charges help borrowers lower their interest over the long run and help them better manage their finances

    Eligibility Criteria for the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme

    Individuals looking to avail of the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme are required to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

    • The minimum age of the applicant must be at least 21 years
    • The maximum age of the applicant should not be above 60 years
    • Applicants must be employed as per the following:
      • Employed permanently by any Central or State Government Undertaking
      • Employed permanently by a PSU or Public Sector Undertaking
      • Employed permanently by any reputable unit within the private sector
    • The applicant should be a Class I or Gazetted Officer for at least five years or for at least ten years for any other grade.
    • There should be a check-off facility available
    • Only individuals or tribal residing in hill areas surrounding the following locations are eligible for the scheme:
      • Northeast India
      • Patna
      • Chandigarh
      • Lucknow
      • Bhubaneswar
      • Bhopal
    • Individuals not currently living or residing in these locations are still eligible to avail of this loan in their native village

    Features of the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme:

    The main features of the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme are as follows:

    • There is no minimum loan amount that an applicant can apply for
    • The maximum loan amount that an applicant can apply for is 24 times his or her total monthly income, up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakhs. In this case, any income earned by the applicant’s spouse may also be taken into consideration, under the condition that the spouse in question is ready to act as a guarantor to the loan, and is currently permanently employed by any Private Sector Unit, Public Sector Undertaking or Government Unit.
    • The scheme offers repayment tenures of up to a maximum of 15 years
    • A minimum margin of 25% is expected

    Documentation Required for the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme:

    Individuals looking to avail of the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme are required to provide the following documents along with generally accepted documents such as identity and address proof:

    • An affidavit provided by the applicant in question stating that he or she holds sole ownership of the land he or she is residing on
    • Until the loan is actually liquidated, monthly installments towards the loan may also be accepted in the form of post-dated cheques
    • Under special circumstances, the applicant may have to also provide an agreement which states that he or she is willing to mortgage his or her plot of land

    Repayment Schedule for the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme:

    Applicants who have availed of the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme can make repayments towards their loan in the following manner, under the following conditions:

    • The loan should be paid back via EMIs over a duration of ten years
    • The applicant can avail of a repayment holiday, should he or she choose to do so, covering a certain period, depending on which of the following happens earlier:
      • The period of construction of the house
      • 1 year following the disbursal of the initial loan installment

    FAQs for SBI Tribal Plus Scheme:

    1. What are the processing fees involved when availing for a housing loan from the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme?

      A processing fee of 0.25% of the loan amount is applicable when applying for a loan through this scheme

    2. How is the loan disbursed under the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme?

      Disbursals of the loan will be carried out in the following manner:

      • In the case of construction of a house, the loan will be disbursed in phases mirroring the stages of construction
      • In the case of purchase of an already constructed house, the entire loan will be disbursed at one go.
    3. Is an applicant required to provide any form of security when availing of a loan through the SBI Tribal Plus Scheme?

      Usually no security is required under this scheme. However, the applicant may be required to provide some form of security should the bank explicitly required him or her to do so, in certain cases.

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