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    ICICI Home Loan

    Bank Name
    Interest Rate Range
    Processing Fee Range
    Loan Amount
    Tenure Range
    9.2% - 9.5% Floating
    0.5% (min. ₹11,500) One time fee
    5L - 10Crs
    3-30 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Paperless Approval Option Available
    9.15% - 9.45% Floating
    0.5% (min. ₹11,500) One time fee
    5L - 10Crs Women's Special!
    3-30 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Paperless Approval Option Available

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    ICICI Bank offers online e-approvals for eligible home loan applicants on BankBazaar.com. Some of the benefits of applying for an ICICI home loan are: speedy approval with minimal documentation; doorstep service by a trained professional who can answer all your questions; attractive interest rates with minimal processing fees and no pre-closure fees. Read on for details about ICICI home loans such as how much you can borrow and the rate/fees you are eligible for.


    You’re probably eligible for an ICICI Bank Home Loan if you are

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Minimum Age

    At least 21 years old

     ICICI Bank Home Loan Maximum Age

    Less than 65 years old

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Eligible Employment Type

    Salaried / Self-employed
    with regular income

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Minimum Income

    Earn more than the minimum
    income required


    Your ICICI Bank Home Loan amount eligibility is based on these factors

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Minimum Salary

    EMI limited to about 50%
    of monthly income

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Maximum Loan to property value

    Loan capped @ 80% of property value

    ICICI Bank Home Loan EMI

    EMIs of other loans lower
    your eligibility


    Increase your eligible ICICI Bank Home Loan amount by these steps

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Add Spouse as Co-applicant

    Make your spouse a co-applicant,
    and her income will add
    to your eligibility

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Maximum Tenure

    Choose longer tenure loan up to 30 years

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Add parents as Co-applicant

    Alternatively add your parents


    Documentation needed to apply for an ICICI Bank Home Loan

    • 1. Signed application form with photograph
    • 2. ID and residence proof
    • 3. Processing fee cheque
    • 4. Last 6 months bank statements
    • 5. Documentation for salaried applicants:
      • Last 3 months salary-slips
      • Form 16 or Income Tax Returns
    • 6. Documentation for self-employed applicants:
      • Education qualification certificate & proof of business existence
      • Last 3 years Income Tax Returns with computation of Income
      • Last 3 years CA Certified / Audited Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account


    ICICI Bank Home Loan Interest RatesUpdated on 10 Dec 2016

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Details
    Interest Rate 9.20% to 9.50% for General Borrowers
    9.15% to 9.45% for Women Borrowers
    Processing Fees 0.50% of the loan amount or Rs.11500 whichever is minimum
    Loan Tenure 3 year to 30 years
    Partial pre-payment Charges Nil
    Pre-closure Charges Nil
    Guarantor Requirement No Guarantor Required


    About ICICI Bank Home Loans:

    Building a house is a lot more than just making a huge investment, it is a very special experience. Be it planning the architecture to choosing the right apartment to designing its interiors; the joy and satisfaction of being a proud owner of your dream home is out of the world. But there is a flipside to every good thing. Similarly, acquiring a home can be is an extremely tedious, long and expensive process. The practical aspects of buying, constructing or renovating a house involves immense responsibility, impeccable research and thorough planning. For most of us, getting the right home loan scheme (which perfectly suits our needs) and repaying it with an interest can be a mammoth task, or maybe quite impossible. Though some people settle for a mortgage, it may not be the wisest option. In this scenario, the best thing to opt for is a comprehensive home loan plan. Most leading banks extend financial assistance to customers in the form of home loans, with the purpose of helping them to buy a house.

    ICICI Bank is one on of India’s largest private sector banks. It is an extremely popular bank as well and has wide loyal customer base of. It boasts of a wide network comprising 4050 branches 12,890 ATMs across India. ICICI Bank’s loyal customers swear by its swift service, supportive staff and brilliant home loan plans. The bank offers home loans which have been especially designed to suit every customer’s varied requirement. This thoughtful and innovative gesture by ICICI bank makes it really easy for customers to get the best deal.

    Home Loans from ICICI Bank:

    It is a really a very quick and easy process to get a home loan from ICICI Bank. With a higher eligibility, the bank also offers lower EMIs at affordable and attractive rates of interest. Keeping up evolving technology, ICICI bank has introduced a new system by which you can go through the application process Tablet and Smart phone. This ensures faster processing and quick disbursal of the loan.

    You can avail home loan from ICICI to buy your dream house (of your choice), or from ICICI bank’s approved projects. The also offers pre-approved home loans to selected customers, and existing customers get to enjoy reduced documentation process.

    Features and Benefits of ICICI Housing Loan:

    • Affordable interest rates and both floating and fixed options
    • The home loan can be sanctioned before selecting the property
    • A really smooth simplified documentation process and even faster documentation process for existing customers
    • You get the freedom of enjoying a longer tenure with lower EMIs
    • The ‘Balance Transfer’ feature allows you to transfer your existing home loan availed from any other bank, to ICICI Bank. This is for you to enjoy long term savings.
    • With the Balance Transfer feature, you can enjoy up to additional top up loan amount. This can be up to 100% of the original home loan.
    • The bank’s home loan page provides unique online tools like Eligibility calculator and EMI calculator. With the eligibility calculator you can find the home loan amount you are eligible to avail for, and the EMI calculator calculates the monthly repayment amount towards the loan.
    • Selected customers can enjoy pre-approved home loans.
    • Up to 30 years of loan tenure available
    • Enjoy a fixed interest rate for the first 10 years, and thereafter a choice of fixed or floating interest rates

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Interest Rates:

    Before we get into the absolute numbers, it is essential to know how the interest rates are actually calculated. Like other home loans available from other banks in India, ICICI Bank home loans also offer an MLCR based interest rate calculation. It is essential to understand that the ICICI Bank floating rate home loan is benchmarked to I-MCLR-1Y. Effective Aug 01, 2016 I-MCLR-1Y is 9.10%. But the interest rates are calculated differently for different groups based on demographics which include:

    Salaried Applicants:

    Type of Interest Rate Home Loan Amount Rate Effective Rate of Interest
    Floating Interest Rate Up to ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.35% 9.45 percent
    Above ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.60% 9.70 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (2 and 3 years) Up to ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.35% 9.45 percent
    Above ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.60% 9.70 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (5 and 10 years) Up to ₹ 30 lakhs I-MCLR-1Y + 0.35% 9.45 percent
    Above ₹ 30 lakhs I-MCLR-1Y + (0.45% to 0.70%) 9.55percent to 9.80percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (Full Tenure) Up to ₹ 30 lakhs 9.75 percent
    Above ₹ 30 lakhs 9.85 percent to 10.10 percent

    Self-employed Applicants:

    Type of Interest Rate Home Loan Amount Rate Effective Rate of Interest
    Floating Interest Rate Up to ₹ 1.5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.35% 9.45 percent
    Above ₹ 1.5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + (0.45% to 0.60%) 9.55 percent to 9.70 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (2 and 3 years) Up to ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.35% 9.45 percent
    Above ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + (0.45% to 0.60%) 9.70 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (5 and 10 years) Up to ₹ 30 lakhs I-MCLR-1Y + 0.35% 9.45 percent
    Above ₹ 30 lakhs I-MCLR-1Y + (0.45% to 0.70%) 9.55 percent to 9.80 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (Full Tenure) Up to ₹ 30 lakhs 9.75 percent
    Above ₹ 30 lakhs 9.85 percent to 10.10 percent

    Women Applicants:

    Type of Interest Rate Home Loan Amount Rate Effective Rate of Interest
    Floating Interest Rate Up to ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.30% 9.40 percent
    Above ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.55% 9.65 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (5 and 10 years) Up to ₹ 30 lakhs I-MCLR-1Y + 0.30% 9.4 percent
    ₹ 30 lakhs to ₹ 5 crores I-MCLR-1Y + 0.40% 9.5 percent
    Above ₹ 5 crore I-MCLR-1Y + 0.65% 9.75 percent
    Fixed Interest Rate (Full Tenure) Up to ₹ 30 lakhs 9.70 percent
    Above ₹ 30 lakhs 9.80 percent
    Above ₹ 5 crore 10.05 percent

    Weaker Section Applicants:

    Type of Interest Rate Home Loan Amount Rate Effective Rate of Interest
    Floating Interest Rate Up to ₹ 25 lakhs I-MCLR-1Y + 0.30% 9.40 percent

    ICICI Bank Home Loan Calculator:

    ICICI Bank offers unique and dynamic tools like EMI calculator and Eligibility calculator to help customers with choosing the right home loan. With the use of the eligibility calculator you can find the home loan amount you are eligible to avail for, by entering certain basic details/parameters, and the EMI calculator calculates the monthly repayment amount you need to make towards the loan. For this you need to enter basic details like the loan tenure and loan amount. Make use of these tools to get the best deal.

    ICICI Home Loan Balance Transfer:

    ICICI bank gives the privilege of lowering the EMI burden to its customers, and allows them to make savings by transferring their current home loan scheme from any other Bank to ICICI bank. The balance transfer feature is very innovative and a very thoughtful gesture on the bank’s part.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. I have opted for the floating interest rate option on my ICICI bank home loan. If there is a change in the rate, will it affect me? If so, then how?

      This depends on what your home loan is linked to. If your loan is linked to FRR and PLR your rate of interest will reduce by 0.05%. This will happen due to the change in the FRR/PLR on June 26, 2015. Please note that this change will also correspondingly have an impact upon your EMI or loan tenor.

    2. I am a home loan customer with an Initial /Renewable fixed rate of interest. What happens when the fixed rate tenure expires?

      As per the fixed rate home loan, the loan is fixed for a stipulated period of time. The same would have been intimidated to you in the loan sanction letter. After the fixed rate period is over, your interest category of the loan would convert to floating rate. The applicable floating rate is decided based on a certain factor. This is the benchmark rate which is prevailing during the completion of fixed rate period.

    3. Do I have the freedom to choose the category of interest rate (fixed or floating) on my ICICI bank home loan?

      With ICICI bank home loans, borrowers can enjoy fixed interest rate for the first 10 years, and thereafter avail a choice of fixed or floating interest rates. The rate of interest varies according to certain factors like the loan amount, category of borrower, period of the loan and fixed or floating rate of interest.

    4. Is there any special concession on the home loan interest rates offered by ICICI bank, for women borrowers?

      Yes, for women borrowers the starting rate of interest from home loan is from 9.40% - 9.65%. The woman borrower needs to be the main applicant of the loan, or a co-owner in the financed property to avail the following rates of interest-

      • The floating rate of interest ranges from 9.40% - 9.65%.
      • The fixed rate of interest (for 5 years, 10 years) ranges from 9.60% to 9.95%
      • The full tenor fixed interest rate ranges from 9.70% to 10.05%

    5. If I want to close my home loan, are there any charges on prepaying the loan?

      If the home loan is availed on floating rate of interest, then there are no charges for this. If the loan has been availed on fixed rate of interest, then you need to pay 2% (plus applicable taxes) on the outstanding principal.

    News About ICICI Bank Home Loan

    • ICICI launches Home Overdraft Facility

      ICICI has launched a new credit facility for its salaried customers who currently have a home loan with the bank. The new facility is called the Home Overdraft facility. This will allow salaried customers to avail loans of up to Rs.1 crore for personal needs in the form of overdraft. The minimum loan on the Home Overdraft facility is Rs.5 lakh and the maximum amount will be Rs.1 crore. Customers can avail a minimum of 10% of the total amount as a term loan and a maximum of 90% of the total amount as an overdraft, the term loan will have an equated monthly instalments (EMI).

      14th November 2016

    • ICICI Bank Slashes its Marginal Cost of Lending Rates by 5 Basis Points

      Only a few hours after the Reserve Bank of India reduced their Repo Rates by 25 basis points bringing it down to 6.25%, ICICI Bank has also slashed its MCLR Rates by 5 Basis Points. The reduced rate will be act with effect from 1st October 2016. While the lending rate for one month and three months tenors are identical at 8.85%, the lending rate for a duration of 1 year stands at 9.05%

      The MCLR Regime was introduced this fiscal year on 1st April 2016 and is effective for all new loans and advances. Even the new floating rate loans will be linked to MCLR.

      4th October 2016

    • ICICI Bank Cuts MCLR by 5bps

      ICICI Bank has brought down Marginal Cost of Funds-Based Lending Rate (MCLR) by 5 basis points.

      The overnight MCLR has been brought down to 8.9 percent from 8.95 percent in the previous month, while the 1-year MCLR is pegged at 9.1 percent from 9.15 percent.

      This monthly revision in MCLR is in line with the Reserve Bank of India’s policy, which allows customers to get better rates as the RBI repo rates go down.

      4th August 2016

    • ICICI Considering Stake Dilution in Home Finance Division

      The Reserve Bank of India recently told banks to give out home loans themselves rather than doing so through a wholly-owned subsidiary. The central bank has asked new banks seeking licence to transfer any home finance activity through a subsidiary to the bank before applying.

      This has led to ICICI Bank mulling either selling part of the stakes in ICICI Home Finance or merging it with the bank. Can Fin Homes, Cent Bank Home and PNB Housing Finance are some of the bank-backed housing finance companies that have already diluted their ownership.

      Banks are not allowed to give loans below their benchmark Base Rate. Housing Finance Companies, however, can lend below their prime lending rate. Banks are also subject to stringent guidelines on outsourcing and employing agents.

      20th July 2016

    • 0.05% Drop in ICICI Bank Lending Rates

      Followed by a fall in MCLR rates of SBI and HDFC, ICICI Bank dropped its rate by 0.05%. The overnight MCLR rate for new borrowers was set at 8.95% and the one-year MCLR with regard to home loans were cut down to 9.15%. According to the information on ICICI Bank’s website, there also seems to have been changes in the MCLR rates for the tenures of one-month, three-months and six-months.

      RBI’s introduction of the MCLR system was aimed at swift policy transmission by lenders and banks were asked to review the rates every month. There has been a 0.30% fall in the overnight MCLR rates of banks after use of the new system of calculation.

      9th June 2016

    • ICICI home loan cheaper than SBI home loan

      State Bank of India or SBI offers home loans at a rate of interest of 9.45% but customers might actually opt for ICICI home loan over SBI home loans as the latter offers loans at the rate of 9.4%. However HDFC is nowhere close to the competition as it is charging a whopping 9.55% to 10.05% for its home loans. But it will take some time for RBI’s monetary transmission to be achieved completely. RBI released guidelines for computing MCLR in December last year and has instructed banks to implement it as the benchmark for lending instead of base rates. This move was launched to ensure the rate of lending is sensitive to policy rates.

      28th April 2016

    • ICICI Bank Launches Subsidy Home Loan Under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

      In a noble effort to help the weaker sections of the society build homes, ICICI, the country’s largest private lender, recently launched a home loan subsidy scheme under the 'Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana'. This home loan scheme is targeted at the weaker sections of the society who can now avail this loan at significantly lower EMIs, as compared to the prevailing market rate, to build brick and mortar houses.

      To bring this home loan scheme to customers, ICICI Bank partnered with the National Housing Bank (NHB) and will provide this scheme to all eligible applicants at a subsidized interest rate of 6.5% per year on a maximum amount of Rs 6 lakh or the loan amount (whichever is higher), for a maximum time duration of 15 years. The loan amount provided will be decided after evaluation of the repayment capacity of the borrower and may also be stretched over a period of 30 years.

      4th April 2016

    • Express Home Loans by ICICI Bank

      ICICI Bank Ltd has introduced a brand new home loan plan called Express Home Loan with the USP of extremely quick approval. The bank claims that the approval process can be completed in less than 8 working hours. Its possible for customers submit the duly filled application forms, know-your-customer (KYC) as well as other required documents online. The entire process can be completed without even stepping foot into one of the branches, not even for the approval. This service is not restricted to customers of ICICI, but is open to all salaried individuals.

      14th March 2016

    • ICICI Bank slashes home loan rates and EMIs

      It seems like ICICI Bank has been strategically biding its time to announce its rate cut in home loans and has done so after banks like SBI, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda etc. Its rate currently stands at 9.35 percent. As the biggest private bank in India, ICICI Bank’s policy changes came as a huge relief to all home loan buyers on floating interest as the EMIs have come down considerably. It was RBI Governor, Mr. Raghuram Rajan’s announcement of .50 percent deduction in repo rates that set these actions in motion. ICICI Bank is known for its customized loan schemes and other products designed to suit people from all backgrounds.

      3rd February, 2016

    • ICICI Home Loan Book grows by 26%

      India’s largest private sector lender, ICICI Bank, has opted an aggressive strategy for unsecured loans. An unsecured loan is the one that is offered without any property guarantee. ICICI Bank home loans witnessed a growth of 26% among credit cards, personal loans and automobile loans which grew by 18%, 61% and 21% respectively. Also, 70% of incremental unsecured lending is for existing ICICI customers. Since 2012, ICICI has been expanding the retail loan book which stood at 42% in March 2015. The bank has also witnessed a 20% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) since 2012. ICICI Bank is leveraging the technology and market strengths to increase and improve the retail banking and unsecured lending portfolio.

      1st October, 2015


    ICICI Bank Home Loan Reviews

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