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  • PNB Approved Projects

    Decided to buy your own home? Congrats. Now there is a long list of hurdles to cross. First one is choosing the project. It is important to choose an approved project of a reputed project as most banks refuse to give loans if not all papers are in order.

    Given below are the main housing projects approved by PNB in different cities throughout the country.

    PNB Approved Projects in Bangalore:

    Bangalore: Cosmopolitan in every sense, Bangalore (or Bengaluru as is the current official name) is often regarded as the number one South Indian city. Set apart with a benign weather and an ever-mushrooming clubbing, feasting and shopping scene, it is not surprising that Bangalore is renowned as the pensioner’s paradise. One of the best livable cities in the country, the presence of some exquisite gardens and outstanding Victorian-era architecture, realtors continue to make the best out of the opportunities presented by this city.

    Project name Developer Name
    Nitesh Hye Park Nitesh housing Developers
    Smondoville Patel Engineering Group

    Top Builders in Bangalore:

    1. Nitesh Housing Developers: Nitesh estates is a first generation realtor firm based in India’s Garden City, Bangalore. As country’s most reputed ostentatious real estate company that rose to fame due to its exemplary designs, high-tech frontages, elegant and chic interiors, comprehensive landscape architecture and a keen eye to detail.
    2. Patel Engineering Group: Patel Engineering Limited, incepted in 1949, is one of the premier infrastructure and building services firm in India. Having an extensive knowledge incorporating every aspect of this arena from housings to dams to tunnels, it is a force to reckon with.

    PNB Approved Projects in Chennai:

    Chennai: With its disdainful coastal humidity, suffocating traffic and shortage of amazing tourist sights, the ‘Tamil Capital’ has always been the somewhat a drab sibling among India’s four top metros. But housing is as costly and difficult as other cities, if not more.

    Project name Developer Name
    Marg Savithanjali Marg Group
    Mantri Navratna Mantri Developers

    Top Builders in Chennai:

    1. Marg Group: Established in 1994, Marg Group currently runs the wholly functional ‘Marg Karaikal Port’ successfully with a volume of 21 projects. Furthermore, the Group has established 1.2 million square feet of housing space, distributed 1200 houses and boasts of a clientele of more than 4000. Marg Group is one of country’s fastest developing realtor firms.
    2. Mantri Developers: In the superlatively vibrant and competitive scope of assets development, a name that has reliably been a path blazer, setting new trends for others in the field to copy or inspire from, is the Mantri Developers. The modernization-driven and futuristic Mantri Developers Private Limited was incepted in 1999 by Mr. Sushil Mantri. The firm has been the revolutionary force behind the swiftly varying skyline of the South.

    PNB Approved Projects in Hyderabad:

    Hyderabad: The old city of Hyderabad is the whole enchilada you might have imagined to be. Thin tracks crowded with bazaars, tea shops, animals drifting aimlessly, auto rickshaws, a commotion of noise, colour, lingos and beliefs studded with grand old architecture in different states of reparation personifies Hyderabad to an extent. Two incredibly affluent Muslim majestic houses, the Asaf Jahs and the Qutb Shahs, came have left a legacy of splendid palaces, mosques and mausoleums, from which the current realtors in the city never cease to draw inspiration from.

    Project name Developer Name
    SMR Vinay Symphony SMR vinay Fountaion Head SMR vinay Hi Land SMR Builders
    Manjeera Manjestic Homes Manjeera trinity homes Manjeera Diamond Towers Manjeera Group

    Top Builders in Hyderabad:

    1. SMR Builders: At SMR Holdings, they give more importance to high quality structures and this approach is the reason for their success. SMR is now one of the premier constructors in the South and even now their sole emphasis is to deliver the best.
    2. Manjeera Group: Manjeera realized quite ahead of schedule, that triumph can be easily and rapidly redefined. Manjeera has arranged itself wholly to dare the challenges of future real estate market. Technology expertise, knowledge about the domain, development focus and a dedication to lasting customer relationships come together at Manjeera.

    PNB Approved Projects in Coimbatore:

    Coimbatore: This huge commercial and intersection city is Tamil Nadu's second largest city and is often called by the moniker, the Manchester of India for its textile trade. It is sociable enough and is becoming more and more multicultural by the day. This is proven by the increasing number of real estate businesses being rooted there.

    Project name Developer Name
    Srivatsa Shankara Sreevatsa Global Village Srivatsa Builders
    Sree Daksha Vridhaa Sree Daksha Sanshray Daksha Hreeva Sree Daksha Shravya M/s Sree Daksha Developers Private Limited

    Top Builders in Coimbatore:

    1. Srivatsa Builders: Srivatsa group of companies was established in the year 1942 in Coimbatore. The well-expanded group has shown aptitude in tradeoff, investment as well as real estate. Srivatsa Real Estate Private Limited was formed in 1995. In the last twenty years, the firm has implemented numerous mini townships, housing apartments and commercial set of buildings. They are now major landmarks in Coimbatore.
    2. Sree Daksha Developers Private Limited: As one of the premier real estate developers in Coimbatore, the company has taken 15 years to reach this positon. . For the last 15 years, the company has grown with good vision into reality. At present the organization has its own quality Construction business in the city. They are devoted to design, improve and build own housing, business complexes and other kinds of constructions.

    PNB Approved Projects in Cochin:

    Cochin: Kochi, previously and even now known as the same, is one of biggest and ancient ports in the South. The lanes behind the harbors of the momentous Fort Cochin and Mattancherry districts are full of long-standing trade houses, storerooms, and open yards piled with harvests such as peppercorns, betel nuts, tea and ginger. Currently Cochin flaunts a number of glitzy real estate projects along with its centuries old palaces, synagogue, mosques, and churches.

    Project name Developer Name
    Trinity Neptune M/s. Trinity Arcade Private Limited
    Joy Alukkas Gold Tower M/s. Joy Alukkas Lifestyle Developers Private Limited

    Top Builders in Cochin:

    1. Trinity Arcade Private Limited: Trinity Arcade Private Limited is a private undertaking incepted in 2005. Categorized as a non-government firm, it is registered at administrator of companies in Ernakulam. Its lawful share capital is INR 1 Cr with the same paid up capital.
    2. Joy Alukkas Lifestyle Developers Private Limited: The Joy Alukkas Group is a multi-billion dollar international corporation with an authoritative presence in more than ten nations. They have literally struck gold with every undertaking including real estate business.

    PNB Approved Housing Projects in Delhi:

    Delhi: Delhi is not the Indian capital for no reason; it is the best place to enjoy everything that makes India. Not only it’s a hodgepodge of history, ethos, dining culture, mysticism, lunacy and so on, but is also a city of hi-tech and blue-chipped opportunities. Real estate entrepreneurs have made a mint from a few projects in Delhi alone.

    Project name Developer Name
    Ahinsa Vatika Ahinsa Builders
    DLF Capital Greens DLF Limited

    Top Builders in Delhi (NCR):

    1. Ahinsa Builders: With more than 25 years' of familiarity in the development of diverse realtor projects, the managements of Ahinsa Builders Private Limited are well known for their devotion to work ethics and robust management abilities. The multi-gifted group stands resilient over the solid pillars of zeal, willpower, novelty and uniqueness. Their all-inclusive solution has aided them in comprehending their strong suits in the business.
    2. DLF Limited: DLF has more than seven decades of experience and has 284 MSF of scheduled projects with 41 MSF of building projects being currently under construction. DLF’s prime business is developing housing, business and retail complexes. The firm has an inimitable business prototype with great proceeds rising from growth and rent payments.\

    List of PNB Approved Projects in Agra:

    Agra: Agra is tantamount with that memorial of eternal love and romance: the spectacular Taj Mahal. The town is jam-packed and overfilled, but once you feast your eyes on the incredible marble edifice, decorated with exquisite stones, cloaked in anecdotes of love and gallantry, it grows on you. Over the years, the city has changed drastically and the real estate field is responsible.

    Project name Developer Name
    Nalanda Crown Nalanda Pride Sanskar City Nalanda builder & developer
    Padam Pride Padam Eternity Padam Pride Phase II Shree Riddhi Siddhi Buildwell. Private Limited

    Top Builders in Agra:

    1. Nalanda Builder & Developer: Nalanda Builders and Developers is a premier realtor firm based in the city of the regal Taj Mahal, Agra. The enterprise was incepted by visionary pals, Radhey Shyam Sharma, Santosh Katara and Dr. Sharad Bhadauria in 2003 with a vow to transform the urban scape of the city.
    2. Shree Riddhi Siddhi Buildwell Private Limited: Shree Riddhi Siddhi has materialized as India’s most capable and swankiest realtor brands. Over time, they have built a reputation for themselves as a chief provider in top real estate projects concentrating on quality, consistency and client gratification.

    List of PNB Approved Projects in Bhiwadi:

    Bhiwadi: Bhiwadi, a quaint town located in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, has grown into a new city. This is thanks to the many business (hospitality) centres and subsequent real estate projects sprung up there. Bhiwadi is fast-paced industrial town on the borders of Delhi comprising of three industrial regions.

    Project name Developer Name
    Avalon Rangoli Avalon Plaza Avalon Garden Avalon Royal Park Avalon Regal Court Avalon Group
    Terra Castle Terra Heritage Tera Group

    Top Builders in Bhiwadi:

    1. Avalon Group: Avalon Group specializes in creating excellent yet reasonable lifestyles. The group employs cutting-edge technologies and expertise to deliver all contemporary conveniences and premium construction qualities. Avalon Group boasts of prolific experience spanning over thirty years in the realtor arena and quite capably makes use of their skill and expertise.
    2. Terra Group: The relatively new and self-motivated Terra Group has more than two decades of expertise behind its inception. It is resolute in setting a new structure in the realtor field by not merely assembling blocks of bricks but by providing distinctive solutions to their clients. The Group is moving forward by the spirit of fineness and proficiency. Terra Group has a stimulating, well-knit team of the best from all areas required.

    List of PNB Approved Projects in Kolkata:

    Kolkata: Easygoing and vivacious, content yet ambitious, ethically charged but oddly apathetic, the capital of West Bengal negates itself at every twist and turn just as its legendarily meandering lanes. Kolkata is the city with denser populace than any other. So you can imagine the demand for realtors there.

    Project name Developer Name
    Sanjeeva Town Duplex Vedic Projects
    Element Birati Gangotri Group

    Top Builders in Kolkata:

    1. Vedic Projects: When other realtors are delivering assembly line, mediocre concrete assemblages, Vedic Realty bravely took a step out of that box. In a city packed with people and buildings, they managed to redefine extravagance and fashioned lifestyles to wish for. Ground-breaking concepts such as lifestyle clubs and a spa, Vedic Realty familiarized Bengalis to globally designed housings.
    2. Gangotri Group: Reinventing the real estate business in Kolkata, Gangotri Group calls itself as a housing developers where you shall anticipate beyond what is commonplace. A topnotch real estate expert, the firm is registered in Kolkata. The Group hopes to attain high design structural superiority within a less timeframe at good prices.

    List of PNB Approved Projects in Jaipur:

    Jaipur: Jaipur, the state capital, is one of the oldest planned city in our country. It is an enchanting blend of avant-gardism and folklores. It is common to spot camels unhurriedly pulling their loads smoothly interspersing with vehicular traffic flow. With its soaring fortresses and imposing city palace, Jaipur is a fine gage of Desert culture as well as the realtor arena. This influence can be seen even in the most modern constructions there.

    Project name Developer Name
    Unique Towers My Haveli Unique Builders
    Bhawya tower Aradhana Build Tech

    Top Builders in Jaipur:

    1. Unique Builders: Unique Builders, the prize undertaking of the Mannat group, has commenced its business from Jaipur, the desert capital of India, more popularly known by the name ‘Pink City’. With an impeccable dedication to exceed clients’ hopes and generate a reputation, Unique Builders has managed just that in the past 13 years. Now they have also ventured to other areas like NCR and Mumbai.
    2. Aradhana Build Tech: Aradhana Buildtech Builders & Developers, is a well-known name in the realtor sector in India; for good reason. With a robust presence in Jagatpura and a high-rise project under its kitty, this group is certainly a force to reckon with. They have constructed over 500 units. Appropriate designing, utilizing first-rate construction material and their efficient use are their strong points.

    PNB Approved Projects in Mumbai:

    Mumbai: Mumbai has endless monikers like India’s financial capital, city of dreams, city that never sleeps and the maximum city and many more. All these captures the vigor and bedlam of this cosmopolitan. In this extensive and well-developed coastal city, realtors have always struck gold. The unbelievably rocketing property prices by the second alone stands testimony to that.

    Project name Developer Name
    Rashmi Residency Rashmi Classic Rashmi Heights Rashmi Regency I & II Rashmi Dhruvita Park Rashmi Housing Private Limited
    Gaurav Valley Gaurav Woods II Poonam Estates Ravi Developers Private Limited

    Top Builders in Mumbai:

    1. Rashmi Housing Private Limited: Rashmi Housing is a recognized land developing firm, operating predominantly in Mumbai. But now it has quite a few evolving projects in other cities in its kitty. Present property prowess and delivery rate has put Rashmi Housing in the top list in realty field in our country.
    2. Ravi Developers Private Limited: Ever since its beginning, Ravi Group has successfully boarded on a path built on robust ethics and excellence, while prioritizing the interests of their clienteles. It is at the front position of bringing a positive and practical change in the realtor sector. Their grand projects are constructed with advanced machinery in some of the prime areas.

    PNB Approved Projects in Ahmedabad:

    Ahmadabad: Just like any city worth its name and history, it is nearly impossible to comprehend Gujarat-capital which the natives lovingly call ‘Amdavad’. One of the greenest cities in India, it can be found in camel-carts as well as youngsters dashing in swanky cars. Real estate projects over the years have transformed the city completely. All one can say is, it is no more a mere old walled city.

    Project name Developer Name
    Atuulyam Nila Infrastructures Limited
    Altuis III Altius Living Synthesis Infratech

    Top Builders in Ahmedabad:

    1. Nila Infrastructures Limited: Nila Infrastructures Limited is an advanced infrastructure firm that keeps complete confidence in altering the model of the real estate arena by implementing ground-breaking technologies, superlative quality, strong production and obdurate trade ethics. Every opportunity to give solid infrastructure to add to the development of Gujarat has been successfully met with sheer commitment and resolve.
    2. Synthesis Infratech: It is a distinguishing construction enterprise with a new and high-tech outlook to the real estate business. Even though Synthesis has only started its journey, it has imbibed forty years of business wisdom from its parent company. Gems created range from profligate living spaces to new age business porticos; from vacation homes to commercial apartment houses and many more.

    PNB Approved Projects in Bhopal:

    Bhopal: Sliced across neatly by a couple of lakes, Bhopal is endowed with two blatantly divergent cityscapes. As northern part of the city is mostly inhabited by Muslims, it is an enthralling zone of mosques, minars and teeming souks. And the other side says a totally different story. Realtors in Bhopal too retain this diversity in their housing projects.

    Project name Developer Name
    Alpine Greenage Himanshu Infrastructure Private Limited
    Fortune Soumya Heritage Fortune Kasturi Fortune Soumya Atlantis Fortune Signature Fortune Soumya Housing

    Top Builders in Bhopal:

    1. Himanshu Infrastructure Private Limited: Himanshu Infrastructure Private Limited is a Private integrated and was established in October 2009. It is categorized as a non-government firm and is recorded at Registrar of Companies, situated in Gwalior. It boasts of an official share capital of INR 2.5 Cr and its paid up investment is INR 50 lacs.
    2. Fortune Soumya Housing: Since its initiation, Fortune Soumya Housing has been involved in offering excellent lifestyle to its clientele and generating greater price for their undertakings. It now has a massive and varied corporate outlook as a result of their stout integrity and confidence from buyers and partners alike.

    PNB Approved Home Loan Projects In Indore:

    Indore: The Holkar era has left behind a few amazing pieces of architecture in this city, and you will spot quite a lot quaint coffee houses thanks to the Indore’s die-for-coffee culture. But did you know that Indore is also the business powerhouse of Madhya Pradesh as much as its capital Bhopal? Yes, predominantly used as a hopping point Mandu or Maheshwar, it is now a thriving realtor’s paradise in the state.

    Project name Developer Name
    Sahaj Residency MGR Developers
    Singapore Nest Sarthak Developers

    Top Builders in Indore:

    1. MGR Developers: MGR has never left a stone unturned in building a reputation for itself with timely launch of residential projects. Offering two to four bedroom apartments including duplexes, they are known for picking areas close to amenities such as schools, hospital, market etc. MGR Sahaj Residency is one of the favoured housing cum commercial projects in the city.
    2. Sarthak Developers: According to Sarthak Developers, ‘a home is more than a shelter’ and they are known for coming up with up-to-date designs. Keeping in mind the diverse prospective buyers, they help people meet their dream of owning a house styled to the customers’ taste and affordability.

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