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    HDFC Plot Loan

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    8.5% - 8.55% Floating
    Up to 0.5% (max. ₹11,500) One time fee
    5L - 10Crs
    1-30 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Overview of HDFC Plot Loans:

    A leading provider of housing finance in the country, HDFC provides financial solutions to customers, since it came into existence. Trusted by millions, HDFC is very popular amongst its wide customer base because of the impeccable service, lucrative features and benefits, and credibility. Currently, HDFC boasts of a wide network of 378 interconnected offices, inclusive of 103 HDFC sales offices. The company also houses one office each in Dubai, Singapore, and London with the purpose of providing home loans to Non Resident Indians.

    Owning a plot of land gives you the liberty to construct a structure, on it, which is uniquely yours. Construct a house or building to cater to you needs and taste. Also referred to as land loans, plot loans are a one of its kind product offered by banks to provide financial assistance to customers for buying a plot/piece of land. Most people often confuse plot loans with home loans. This is quite prevalent mostly because home loans provides financial assistance for the purchase of a house or flat. The house or flat could either be a pre-existing one or can be constructed newly. Though the purpose of offering plot loans is similar, but the primary difference, between the two, lies in the fact that plot loans are availed for the purchase of the land on which the house or apartment is eventually constructed.

    HDFC offers innovatively designed plot loan scheme with various lucrative benefits, and affordable rates of interest. This type of loan enables borrowers to buy a plot of their choice to construct a structure, on the same, according to their requirement.

    Features and Benefits:

    What sets HDFC plot loans apart from the similar type of loan offered by its counterparts is that the loan comes with special features which have been designed keeping in mind the needs and convenience of borrowers. The same have been listed below -

    • The loan is provided with the aim of fulfilling the following purposes -
      1. Purchase of a resale plot
      2. Purchasing a land through direct allotment
      3. If you have an outstanding loan, which has been availed from another bank/financial institution, then you can transfer the same to HDFC.
    • The loan is bereft of any hidden charges.
    • Affordable and attractive interest rates. The same has been levied to make sure that availing plot loans becomes easy for customers without burning a hole in their pockets.
    • HDFC has introduced customized repayment options, for customers availing plot loans, to suit their needs.
    • The bank provides borrowers with expert legal and technical counselling regarding availing of plot loans.
    • Loan tenure can be spread out to a maximum period of 15 years. The tenure depends on various factors like age of the borrower during the time of loan maturity, age of the property at loan maturity, the repayment scheme and other terms based on the plan chosen by the customer, and as per the norms of HDFC.

    HDFC offers the 3 types of plot loans:

    Adjustable Rate Loan:

    Linked to HDFC's Retail Prime Lending Rate (RPLR), plot loans availed under this type undergoes a revision on the interest rate (once in 3 months), if there is a change in the bank’s RPLR. The change in interest rate also depends on the date of your first disbursement, with or without a change in EMI. The interest component in an EMI increases if the interest rate increases. But this also leads to the reduction of principal component, which consequently results in an extension of term of the loan.

    TruFixed Plus Loan – 2 Year Fixed Rate Variant:

    This type of plot loan provides borrowers with a part fixed rate term and a part adjustable rate term. The loan enables customers to avail a fixed rate for a maximum term of 2 years. On the expiry of this term, the loan will automatically converts to an adjustable rate.

    TruFixed Plus Home Loan – 3 Year Fixed Rate Variant:

    This type of plot loan provides borrowers with a part fixed rate term and a part adjustable rate term. The loan enables customers to avail a fixed rate for a maximum term of 3 years. On the expiry of this term, the loan will automatically converts to an adjustable rate.


    • Applicants can either avail the loan individually or jointly.
    • Proposed owners of the property need to be co-applicants of the plot loan. It is not must for every co-applicant to be a co-owner of the property (for which the loan has been availed).
    • Usually co-applicants are spouses or close family members of the primary applicant.

    Further Reading: Check Home Loan Eligibility .

    Fees and Charges:

    • The processing fee for HDFC plot loans is Rs. 2000 or 0.50% of the loan (whichever is higher).
    • Conversion fee for HDFC plot loans ranges from a minimum of 0.50% (plus taxes), of the principal outstanding, to 1.75% (of the principal outstanding in addition to the undisbursed amount and applicable taxes).
    • If the loan applicant is an individual, then no prepayment charges shall be levied on part of full prepayments.


    The documents required to avail a plot loan from HDFC are as follows -

    • Valid identity proof issued by the government - passport, aadhar card, voter ID card, driving license
    • Valid copy of buyer agreement or allotment letter.
    • Passport size photographs of primary applicant and co-applicants.
    • Proof of income - salary slips of last 3 months, bank statements of last 6 months, form 16/IT returns, PAN card.

    HDFC Plot Loan FAQ

    1. I want to avail plot loan from HDFC, how can I apply for the same? 

      Firstly, you need procure a plot loan application form from the nearest HDFC branch. The same can also be downloaded from the bank’s official portal. Fill the form duly and submit it along with the required documents and processing fee cheque at any HDFC branch.

    2. I want to repay my loan earlier than the schedule. Is that possible? 

      Yes, HDFC gives an option to borrowers to repay their loans ahead of the repayment schedule. Pay a lump sum towards part or full prepayment. Please note that this will be subject to the applicable prepayment charges. HDFC also offers a loan repayment scheme called ‘Accelerated Repayment Scheme’. This is a free-of-charge facility, provided by the bank, to speed up the process of your loan repayment. This option enables borrowers to repay their loan faster by providing them flexibility to increase the EMIs every year in proportion to their increase in income.

    3. What is the procedure to repay my HDFC plot loan?

      To ensure enhanced convenience of customers, HDFC provides multiple modes for repayment of loans. Customers can choose to issue standing instructions to ensure the payment of installments via ECS (Electronic Clearing System). Borrowers also have the liberty of choosing direct deduction of monthly installments (by the bank). The same can also be done by issuing post-dated cheques from the borrower’s bank account.

    4. What are the determining factors, taken into account by HDFC, for deciding my loan amount eligibility?

      HDFC determines the loan eligibility of each customer primarily by taking into account his/her income and loan repayment capacity. Various other crucial factors are the borrower’s age, qualification, number of dependents, assets & liabilities held, savings history, income of spouse (if applicable), and stability the borrowers of job/profession.


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