You need health cover regardless of what you take two at a time - pills or stairs.
  • Reliance HealthGain Health Insurance Plan

    Reliance Health Insurance

    The Reliance HealthGain health insurance policy comes in 2 variants Plan A and Plan B. The two plans are almost identical except in a few features related to the cover provided. The plan can also be taken as an individual plan or a family floater policy.

    Features & Benefits of Reliance HealthGain Plan:

    Entry Age
    • 5 Years and above.
    • For children 91 days to 4 years if at least one member is above 21 years of age
    Basis Individual / Family floater
    Policy Period 1 year or 2 years
    Renewability Lifelong
    Sum Insured
    • Plan A: Rs. 3 lakhs, Rs. 6 lakhs or Rs. 9 lakhs
    • Plan B: Rs. 12 lakhs, Rs. 15 lakhs or Rs. 18 lakhs
    • 5% discount is offered if a girl child or a single woman is insured under this policy
    • 5% discount when family members are covered individually under this policy
    Co-Payments 20% of the claim amount
    Family Floater - applies to all insured if the eldest member is 61 years or older
    Individual - applies if the insured is above the age of 61 years at the time of taking the policy
    • Pre hospitalisation expenses covered up to 60 days before hospitalisation
    • Post hospitalisation expenses covered up to 60 days after hospitalisation
    • Hospitalisation for covered injuries or illnesses if hospitalisation is for longer than 24 hours
    • Day care treatments for specified procedures or surgeries when hospitalisation is not required
    • Ambulance charges up to Rs. 1,500 under Plan A and Rs. 3,000 under Plan B
    • Medical expenses incurred by organ donors will be covered up to 50% of the sum insured subject to a limit of Rs. 5 lakhs
    • Medical expense for domiciliary treatment
      Pre-existing conditions will be covered after a waiting period of 3 years
    • Specific ailments will be covered after a period of 2 years
    • Only accidental injuries will be covered in the first 30 days of the policy
    • Room rent for single occupancy room
    • Every claim free year increments the base sum insured by 33.33% subject to a maximum of 100%
    • If there is a delay in issuing the policy Under Plan A
    • The policy can cover up to 6 people individually (4 children and 2 adults)
    • If no claims are made for 4 consecutive years the base sum insured can be double twice in your life
    • Delays in settling cashless claims will entitle you to 1% (subject to a limit of 6%) of the claim amount
    • If there is a delay of more than 10 days in issuing the policy then you get an additional sum assured of Rs. 10,000 under Plan A and Rs. 20,000 under Plan B
    • Under plan B the insurance can be renewed for free once if the insured is diagnosed with a specified critical illness
    • Discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on medicines, consultation and investigations at specified outlets
    • Access to general physicians or specialists to discuss health issues over the phone
    Add-ons Accidental death cover of Rs. 1 lakh under Plan B. Valid for 1 year and provided for every claim-free year
    • Cosmetic surgeries
    • Intentional harm done to self which includes substance abuse like drugs and alcohol
    • Treatment outside India will not be covered
    • Stem cell treatments will not be covered
    • Dental procedures or surgeries will not be covered
    • Non-allopathic treatment including experimental or unproven treatment will not be covered

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