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    Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. (Max Bupa) is a standalone health insurance company. A joint venture between Max India Limited and the UK based Bupa Financial PLC. Bupa has six decades of experience in the healthcare industry and a 11.3 million customer-base in over 190 countries. Max Bupa Health Insurance offers individual, couple, Nuclear family and Extended family health insurance plans.

    Max Bupa Health Insurance at a Glance

    Coverage for your most loved ones

    Total members covered

    Coverage for a maximum of 4 family members with up to 2 adults and 2 children

    You get a choice of coverage tenure

    Pre and Post Hospitalization cover

    Medical expenses covered for 30 days before your hospitalization and 60 days for post hospitalization for related medical expenses

    The next best thing to having a doc in the family

    Health Check-ups

    Free health check-up every second year

    * For a family health cover product.

    Critical Factors of the Plan

    Not a paisa goes from your own pocket!


    20% applies to all insured older than 65 years.

    You?re covered for any future medical expenses

    Life long renewable

    Plans are lifelong renewable and covers you for your entire lifetime.

    Get essential cover for existing ailments

    Pre-existing Diseases

    Any pre-existing condition will be covered after a waiting period of 4 year

    Hospital room rent determines your treatment bill

    Room Rent

    No sub-limits on room rent

    *These Features may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.

    Additional Features of Max Bupa Health Insurance

    Good health offers multiple rewards

    Reimbursement in case of non network hospitalization without to co pay.

    The world is your healthcare oyster

    You can access cashless facility at your nearest hospital.

    So you have time to focus on more important stuff

    Increased sum insured on every claim free year

    *These add-ons may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.


    Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Ltd. (Max Bupa) is a collaboration between Max India Limited and Bupa- the UK based healthcare services pioneer. Bupa boasts of an experience of over 6 decades in this competitive industry and has over 11.3 million customers from 190 countries to show for it. Meanwhile, Max India Group is considered a leader in the Indian health and insurance segment that includes hospitals, life insurance and health related clinical research. At Max Bupa, the vision to be India's most preferred health insurance company is the principal driving force, backed by the commitment to form lasting relationships with their cherished customers.

    Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans

    Why Compare Max Bupa Health Insurance Plans on BankBazaar?

    Health Insurance Plans for Individuals & Nuclear Families (You, Spouse and 2 Children)

    Heartbeat at Max Bupa, it?s all about simplifying the complexities associated with health insurance. The aptly named Heartbeat is an easy plan to understand, to buy, and provides comprehensive health coverage for you and your family, to the tune of Rs.1 Crore.

    Note that the Heartbeat Health Insurance Plan can also be applied to the traditional Indian joint family wherein upto 14 relationships are covered, with individual sum insured for each member of the group and a floater sum insured that can be used for any of the insured family members.


    It's all about simplifying the complexities associated with health insurance. The aptly named Heartbeat is an easy plan to understand, to buy, and provides comprehensive health coverage for you and your family, to the tune of Rs.1 Crore.

    Entry Age Right from birth to 65 years
    Right from birth to 65 years Individual / Family floater
    Policy Period One or Two Years
    Grace period 1 month
    Renewability Lifelong
    Sum Assured Rs.2 Lakhs to 2 Crores
    Cashless Treatment 3500+ hospitals
    Health Check Up Free health check-up upon renewal of insurance policy.
    Option to Scale Higher If you think that your current insurance is inadequate, topping up is definitely a simple option that hikes your coverage at a very nominal cost.
    Insurance Cover for Maternity & New Born Child After 2+ years of continuous coverage, the plan provides you maternity benefits for upto 2 deliveries.
    Health Relationship Loyalty Program- Irrespective of claims raised, we offer you two reward programs to choose from- A) Earn & Redeem, B) Increase Sum Assured.
    Discount on Policy When you purchase a policy for two years, a discount of 12.5% is applicable on the second year premium.
    Optional Co-Payment If you are aged lesser than 65 years, then you can choose between a 10% - 20% co-payment plan to avail discount on premium.
    Tax Savings Under Sction 80D of the Income Tax Act.
    Medical expenses Up to 30 days before and 60 days after hospitalization are covered under this policy.

    Health Companion

    It's difficult to predict the various ups and downs in life. Especially, when it comes to illness and health scares, a badly timed ailment could completely deplete all your hard earned savings and maybe, push you into debt as well. Max Bupa?s [email protected] plan is designed for all such eventualities- keeping you and your family protected with a robust health insurance, while also safeguarding your savings against the onslaught of unexpected medical expenses.

    Direct & Simple Claim Settlement- We have in place a simple system of claims settlement that allows you to talk directly to us and not some third party.
    Cashless Treatment Avail cashless treatment at a wide network of quality hospitals across India.
    Assured Policy Renewal for Life Guaranteed policy renewal for life, at no extra loading based on your claims history.
    Try It before You Buy It After purchasing the Max Bupa health insurance, and in the super rare condition of not being completely impressed by it, you can return the policy back to us with a simple explanation and your investment will be promptly returned back to you.
    Tax Savings Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
    24x7 Access to your Policy Our customer support team and helpline are at hand to address all your queries and concern

    Health Assurance

    This is a unique fixed benefit plan that helps you financially through sudden eventualities like accidents, illness (both general and critical) and other instances that require hospitalization. Peace of mind guaranteed!!

    Choose a Combination that Works for You
    • Critical Illness + Hospital Cash
    • Critical Illness + Personal Accident
    • Hospital Cash + Personal Accident
    • Critical Illness Only
    • Hospital Cash Only
    • Personal Accident Only
    Lots of Benefits
    • 2 year Policy Tenure Option
    • Accidental Death
    • Assured Plan Renewal for Life
    • Child Education Benefit
    • Direct Claim Settlement
    Option to Cover Entire Family The family cover option allows you to extend the Health Assurance to your entire family inclusive of yourself, your spouse and two children.
    Sum Assured per Health Assurance
    • Level 1- Critical Illness: Rs.3 Lakhs, Hospital Cash: Rs.1000/Day, Personal Accident: Rs.5 Lakhs
    • Level 2- Critical Illness: Rs.5 Lakhs, Hospital Cash: Rs.2000/Day, Personal Accident: Rs.10 Lakhs
    • Level 3- Critical Illness: Rs.7.5 Lakhs, Hospital Cash:Rs.3000/Day, Personal Accident: Rs.20 Lakhs
    • Level 4- Critical Illness: Rs.10 Lakhs, Hospital Cash: Rs.4000/Day, Personal Accident: Rs.25 Lakhs

    Max Bupa Health Insurance FAQs

    1. Why is it important to buy health insurance policy?
    2. A health insurance policy helps you to save money by paying off all your medical expenses. With the rising medical expenses, it is a wise move to insure you and your family’s health by buying health insurance policies. You can get cashless hospitalization for more than 24 hours with the help of these policies.

    3. What is a health card?
    4. A health card is a part of your health insurance policy. This card enables you to enjoy the benefits of your health insurance policy.

    5. How do I get cashless hospitalization?
    6. You can get cashless hospitalization only in the network hospitals of Max Bupa by showing your health card to the hospital authority.

    7. What the difference between a network and non-network hospital?
    8. A network hospital is a hospital with which your health insurance provider has an official connection. You can enjoy cashless hospitalization in a network hospital. In a non- network hospital, you cannot avail cashless hospitalization and with this hospital, your health insurance provider does not have any tie up.

    9. As I already have health insurance for myself and my wife from my employer, do I need to buy a separate policy?
    10. It’s good to buy an alternative health insurance policy to be on the safe side. Because, once you leave or change your present job, your company insurance policy will not cover you and your wife’s medical expense. Beside, a separate policy can be an added advantage in case your medical expense is higher than your existing coverage level.

    11. What is a family floater plan?
    12. It is a plan under which you can include the hospitalization expense of your entire family.

    13. How can I buy Max Bupa Health Insurance Policy?
    14. There are many options of buying Max Bupa health insurance policies. You can buy them online.Then you will get your policy instantly. But online facility is available for those people only, who do not need any medical examination. You can also buy Max Bupa health insurance policies over phone or by visiting your nearest branch.

    15. Do I need to undergo medical examination to buy Max Bupa health insurance policies?
    16. You need to undergo medical checkup, if you are buying a new health insurance policy offered by Max Bupa. But for the renewal of your existing policies, you need not go for medical examination.

    17. What is the duration of health insurance policies offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance?
    18. Ideally, you can buy a policy for a period of 1 or 2 years. If you purchase a policy for two years, you will get discount. This offer is applicable for Heartbeat and Health Companion Health Insurance plans only.

    19. Can a non- Indian person buy Max Bupa Health Insurance policy?
    20. Yes, a non – Indian or a foreigner living in India can also buy health insurance policies offered by Max Bupa. But, the person can claim coverage only within India.

    Examples of Network Hospitals in Major Cities

    Kolkata Columbia Asia Hospital
    DELHI Action Cancer Hospital
    BANGALORE Columbia Asia Hospital
    CHENNAI Fortis Malar Hospital
    Mumbai Hinduja Hospital

    *Disclaimer - This is not an exhaustive list but an indicative representation of hospitals that form a part of the company's wider network.

    News About Max Bupa Health Insurance

    • Health Insurance company Max Bupa offers cashless claim settlement in 30 mins

      Innovating their approach and realizing the need of the hour, Health Insurance company Max Bupa launched their new initiative - cashless claim settlement in 30 minutes. While most health insurance companies take 2 to 4 hours, and some even days to finalize an insurance claim settlement, Max Bupa looks to go ahead of the pack with their latest initiative. Understanding the need, in the case of hospitalization, the health insurance company thought it necessary to roll out such a claim settlement procedure that would come to the aid and benefit of the person hospitalized immediately.

      13th March 2017

    • Health Insurance company Max Bupa offers cashless claim settlement in 30 mins

      Innovating their approach and realizing the need of the hour, Health Insurance company Max Bupa launched their new initiative - cashless claim settlement in 30 minutes. While most health insurance companies take 2 to 4 hours, and some even days to finalize an insurance claim settlement, Max Bupa looks to go ahead of the pack with their latest initiative. Understanding the need, in the case of hospitalization, the health insurance company thought it necessary to roll out such a claim settlement procedure that would come to the aid and benefit of the person hospitalized immediately.

      13th March 2017

    • Max Bupa Conferred with “Technology Maturity” Award

      During the 6th Indian Insurance Awards organized by Fintelekt recently, Max Bupa has been conferred the “Technology Maturity” award. This highly coveted award has been rewarded for the innovative technology offered by the insurance provider to enhance the service experience of its customers. Some of the customer centric technology offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance includes CRM solutions, ISO compliant data centres, etc. The combination of technology and process re-engineering permits high service standards.

      29th June 2016

    • Walk for Health with Max Bupa

      In its ongoing mission to urge Indians to lead healthier lives by incorporating walking into their daily routine, health insurance firm Max Bupa is organizing the fourth edition of its leading event, the Max Bupa ‘Walk for Health’.

      The event is scheduled to be held in Mumbai on the 10th of January 2016 and will be a one-of-a-kind 33 day walkathon from Mumbai to Delhi that will touch upon 15 cities. Leading the 1600 kilometre walk will be famed Olympic walkers Manish Rawat, Sandeep Kumar and Khushbir Kaur among others. Interested participants can log on to to register for the walk in their respective cities.

      4th January 2016

    • Max Bupa Health Insurance appoints new MD, CEO

      Max Bupa Health Insurance appointed Ashish Mehrotra as its managing director and chief executive officer. With over 22 years of extensive experience in banking, Ashish will be responsible for building the company's position, enhancing its brand, strengthening distribution channels and creating long-term value, growing its customer base, products and services.

      Prior to Max Bupa, Ashish was working as the managing director and head-retail bank at Citibank.

      20th November 2015

    • UK’s Bupa to Increase Shareholding in Health Insurance JV Max Bupa

      Bupa, the UK-based foreign partner of the joint venture Max Bupa Health Insurance Co., is set to enhance its stake from 26% to 49%. Max India, the Indian partner and major shareholder of the health insurance company will see it shareholding reduced from 76% post the stake sale.

      This move comes barely day after the government approved the Insurance Ordinance. Under the new Insurance Bill, caps on FDI in the Indian insurance industry have been raised from 26% to 49%. This allows many foreign participants like Bupa to strengthen their position in India by infusing much required capital for expansion.

      16th March 2015

    • Max Bupa Health Insurance Launches ‘All Fact no Myth' - A New Customer Education Initiative

      As the financial year comes to a close and people prepare to purchase fresh health insurance plans, Max Bupa Health Insurance has launched a new campaign that is meant to drive customer awareness to new heights. The plan is to run the campaign, titled ‘All Fact no Myth’, for the coming six weeks across platforms like radios, social media, print media and digital media. Another aim of the campaign is to educate consumers about health insurance in general and the advantages of Max Bupa’s health insurance products in particular.

      They even plan on educating customers about the range of services they offer, including their promise to honour cashless claims within 30 minutes and their schemes that allow consumers to provide health insurance for up to 19 family members under one plan. These plans even include those that are aimed at helping customers avail medical treatment in other countries.

      The digital campaign sees two characters, Satya and Mythya, who have been introduced to help educate people. These two characters drive conversations about health insurance in the form of comic strips and videos where Mythya talk about myths in the industry and Satya busts them.

      9th February 2015

    • Max Bupa Health Insurance to Separate From Parent Max India

      This week, Max India announced its decision to restructure its business, through a demerger, which will see a three-way split between its current verticals. The new structure will comprise Max Financial Services, Max India and Max Ventures and Industries.

      Post the split, the company’s health insurance business will come under the purview of the newly formed entity Max India, which will also take care of Max Healthcare and other allied health activities of the company. Max Bupa, through its new holding company, will be listed on the stock exchange. Analjit Singh (founder of Max Bupa Health Insurance Co.) and his family will continue to have a 40.5% share in the new holding company.

      News of this demerger comes in soon after Max Bupa’s decision to alter its ownership pattern in favour of its foreign stakeholder Bupa. Bupa, the company’s UK-based insurance partner, currently has a 26% stake in the company which will soon be enhanced to 49%. This is a direct outcome of reforms incorporated in the recently passed Insurance Ordinance which allows greater foreign participation in insurance companies in India.

      30th January 2015

    • UK’s Bupa To Up Its Stake in Industry Major Max Bupa Health Insurance

      Foreign capital infusion is evidently a much-needed catalyst to fuel growth plans of many insurance companies in India. Not long after the Insurance Bill was passed as an ordinance, insurers have been executing plans to capitalise on growth opportunities in the coming year.

      Max Bupa is the first insurance company in India to announce proposed changes to its shareholding pattern with its partner, Bupa of UK, set to formally increase its stake in the company. This is a direct result of a key reform of the Insurance Laws Amendment Ordinance 2014, under which, the composite foreign investment cap in the insurance sector in India stands raised to 49% from 26%.

      Max Bupa, formed by Max of India and Bupa of UK, with shareholding of 74% and 26% respectively, is a specialised health insurer forming part of India’s private health insurance sector. The health insurance industry in India presents attractive growth opportunities in the coming year; Bupa’s primary motivation to enhance its investment in its venture here.

      Health insurance is one of the segments of the Indian insurance industry that is set to benefit greatly from recent reforms. With swift action from a leading insurer such as Max Bupa, it would be a fair assumption to expect more insurers to enter into or strengthen collaborations with foreign counterparts.

      9th January 2015

    • Rs.766 cr investment from LHC gave Max Healthcare a Real Boost

      Max Healthcare gets a whopping Rs.766 cr in its kitty from the South African firm Life Healthcare which brings it on equal footing with Max India, which now pegs at roughly 46 per cent ownership each in the Healthcare company.

      IFC Washington too wanted to maintain its existing stake of 7+ percent in view of the 31 crore cash coming in MHC. So the total figure would stand at close to 46 percent for Max India and LHC after IFC Washington’s re-investment. Apart from the financials, Max India has expanded its service portfolio from not just life insurance but also into health insurance and health care service as well. Max Healthcare has also added 12 hospitals in the desi market and looks to get a strong hold in the upper end of the health care treatment.

      On the business front, not much has changed in terms of the Sensex for the company. However, the company’s script closed 1.5 percent down from its previous day closing rate and ended a shade just under 400 rupees closing at 395.95 rupees.

      17th November 2014

    • Max Bupa Health Insurance Gears up for Third Edition of "Walk for Health"

      In a sense every health insurance is reactive to say. Nothing wrong in being prepared for an untoward health upset but just the way some healthy people look at health insurance. They feel it is the proponent of someone who is about to fall sick or is sick. In fact most health insurance companies use the same technique to promote their products by either telling about the sudden unforeseen expense or the trauma during a health scare.

      Meanwhile Max Bupa is silently, walking the talk about being healthy and not just selling health insurances. The company is in preparations for their third annual Walk For Health campaign. So this winter before you fall sick don’t just buy a health insurance but also join the walk this Sunday in Mumbai and Delhi (November 9) and be proactive as well.

      7th November 2014

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