Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan

Launched in July 2015, Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan is the first comprehensive health insurance in India that aims to provide coverage for medical expenses for inpatient or outpatient treatment for dengue. It does not require the life insured to undergo any medical examination in order to

Key Features of Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan:

The Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan is a policy with pretty simple requirements and adds a lot of value as a healthcare option. The key features of Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan can be mentioned as below-

  1. Single premium rate applicable to all admissible age ranges
  2. No medical examination irrespective of age required for availing the policy
  3. The waiting period of the policy is only 15 days
  4. Non-medical expenses coverage during hospitalization
  5. Lifelong renewal

Benefits of Apollo Munich Dengue Care Policy:

Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan’s benefits are applicable and similar for every individual under the policy, regardless of the age. The benefits offered by the policy can be outlined as follows -

A. Inpatient Benefits -

  1. Inpatient Hospitalisation - This covers the treatment of dengue for the person insured and if the hospitalisation occurs for more than 24 hours
  2. Pre-hospitalisation - Coverage of medical expenses for immediate 15 days prior to hospitalisation
  3. Post-hospitalisation - Coverage of medical expenses for immediate 15 days post to hospitalization
  4. Shared Accommodation - If the insured has been hospitalised in a shared accommodation in a Network hospital, some exclusions for non-payable items can be waived off

B. Outpatient Benefits - In case the non-structural protein 1 test is found positive within the policy period, the insured will be allowed the following benefits subject to a maximum of Rs. 10,000 -

  1. Outpatient consultations - This covers the consultation by a general medical practitioner for treatment of dengue
  2. Diagnostic Tests - Coverage of any diagnostic tests taken for dengue by the insured at any diagnostic centre
  3. Pharmacy - Coverage of expenses on prescribed medicines purchased by the insured
  4. Home nursing - Coverage of expenses incurred while undergoing treatment through an empanelled medical practitioner at home

C. Wellness Offers - Apollo curates products or offers specifically meant for prevention of dengue. The same will be provided to the insured at a discounted price.

D. Cashless Service - In case of admissions to the hospital, pre-authorization at least 48 hours prior to actual admission must be done. Else, in cases of emergency, proper documentation and processes are to be followed to regularize the admission. Following any of the above basically allows a cashless service to be availed with over 10,000 doctors at 4500 hospitals in over 800 cities.

E. Renewal Terms - Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan is a lifelong plan wherein there is no cap on the age criteria for providing cover. There is a grace period of 30 days for renewing the policy if it has lapsed or been cancelled.

F. Tax Benefits - Tax benefits can be availed for the premium amount under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Eligibility Conditions for Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan:

Apollo Munich Dengue Care Policy is subjected to a few eligibility criteria. They are -

  1. Age -
    1. Minimum entry - 91 days for a minor, 18 years for an adult
    2. Maximum entry - 25 years for a child, 65 years for an adult
    3. Being a lifelong plan, there is no maximum cover ceasing age for this plan
  2. Individuals and Relations - An individual and his/her immediate family as well as parents are can apply for this policy
  3. Sum Insured - Sum insured is limited to individual and not a group. Every individual under this policy must have a discrete sum insured. The mentioned amounts are the only ones allowed. No multiples ranging from the minimum to the maximum are acceptable.
    1. Minimum sum assured - Rs. 50,000
    2. Maximum sum assured - 1,00,000
  4. Term - The policy term is on an annual basis
  5. Premium payment term - The premium payment term for the policy will be the same as the policy term
  6. Insured Lives per Policy - Every policy can have a maximum of 6 members, which is limited to 4 adults or 5 children per policy

Payment of Premiums for Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan:

Premiums for Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan can be paid in one go annually. As per the sum assured, the annual premium policy could vary per individual, not including taxes. If more than one individual is being included in the policy, the premium amount shall increase by an equal number of multiples.

Additional Information about the Plan:

Portability - An insured has the option to migrate to a similar indemnity health insurance policy available with the insurer at the time of renewal subject to specific terms and conditions.

Change in Sum Assured - The sum assured can be changed only during the renewal time and if enhanced, the waiting period will be applied afresh.


Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan has the following exclusions which can withhold benefits from the insured -

  1. Treatments for diseases or ailments other than dengue
  2. Vitamins and tonics unless verified and required by the medical practitioners
  3. Specific healthcare providers (hospitals/practitioners)
  4. Treatment by a medical practitioner not licensed for offering such treatment
  5. Unreasonable charge of a treatment
  6. Overhead charges by a hospital which are not explicitly mentioned in the bill
  7. Non-medical expenses as defined by the insurer

Premium Rates for Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan:

With two discrete amounts that are allowed as sum assured, the premium amounts also vary and are of two sums. They are -

  1. For sum assured Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 444
  2. For sum assured Rs. 1,00,000 - Rs. 578

These amounts are not inclusive of taxes and are payable in one go per year.

How does Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan Work?

Apollo Munich Dengue Care Plan has a pretty simple modus operandi. Upon payment of Rs. 444 plus taxes, and providing the necessary information through the documentation available from Apollo Munich, Mohan (aged 25) gets his father Harish (aged 58) enrolled in the policy. As per the premium rate, Mr. Harish is entitled to a medical coverage worth Rs. 50,000.

Unfortunately, Mr. Harish faces a dengue attack just 20 days later, but the policy has already been in effect 5 days earlier. Based on the location, Mohan can either get his father treated at home through an empanelled doctor or rush him to the hospital, providing all the necessary details to Apollo Munich at the same time. Including diagnostics and medical bills, the total claim comes up to 25,000, for which Apollo Munich could provide a cashless service or reimburse the amount to Mohan.

Mohan considers enhancing the policy, but has to wait for the next renewal date for doing the same. In addition to that, he decides to avail the policy himself and get his mother Susheela included in the same. Mohan and Mrs. Susheela can easily be accommodated in the same policy that includes Mr. Harish’s health insurance. That can be done immediately, by providing information about the additional members and paying a premium of Rs. 888 (Rs. 444 per individual) + taxes or Rs. 1156 (Rs. 578 per individual) + taxes.

Dengue can be a serious issue if not treated immediately. With the lowest waiting period of 15 days, Apollo Munich’s Dengue Care Plan can be a godsend for those trying times.

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