IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance Claim Process


If you have a car insurance policy from IFFCO TOKIO, you can claim the insurance money in the event of car loss or damage. The claims process of the company is easy and IFFCO TOKIO provides every kind of assistance along with other benefits to their policyholders when they make a claim.


  • Cashless facilities - IFFCO TOKIO provides cashless claim facilities to people who have purchased a car insurance policy from them. The company has tie ups with multiple garages and hospitals that provide cashless service to their policyholders
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service – IFFCO TOKIO offers 24 x 7 customer service to their motor insurance customers. People can contact on their toll free number at any time in case of an accident
  • Towing facilities – The insurance company provides towing facilities to their policyholders in case of accident
  • Medical assistance – IFFCO TOKIO provides medical assistance to their policyholders in case they require urgent help and the insured car is not working. In such a situation, the treatment cost is to be paid by the insured

Claim Process of IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance

As per IFFCO TOKIO Motor Insurance Policy

  • IFFCO TOKIO holders must notify the company in case of an accident that involves third party. Such accidents have to be reported to the police as well. The law allows third party victims to directly file a case against the insurance company. So, if the policyholder fails to inform the company about an accident, the victim of which proceeds to the court against the company, then it will considered as violation of the policy. In such a situation, the insurance company will recover the compensation amount they have to pay as per the court from the policyholder
  • Policyholders should not admit any claim or make any compromise without the approval of the insurance company
  • If a major claim is made by a policyholder, then the company might try defending the driver in court. In such cases, the compensation amount will be decided in the civil court

Steps for making a claim

  • Step 1 - In case of accidents, inform IFFCO TOKIO by contacting them on their toll free number. If it is a major accident, inform the company about it before the car is removed from the location so that the damage inspection can be done on the spot
  • Step 2 - To get an estimate of the cost of repairs, the car has to be taken to an authorized workshop
  • Step 3 - When you submit the claim form and the estimated cost of repairs, the company will assess the damage
  • Step 4 - The insurer will confirm if the driver had a valid license at the time of accident or not. They will also check if the damaged vehicle was the insured car or not. They will do so by verifying the RC Book and driving license of the driver
  • Step 5 – If everything is in order, then the insurance company will allow the car to be repaired and they will settle the bills directly with the garage. If the policyholder pays the garage bill, then the company will reimburse the money to him or her

IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance Personal Damage Claim Process

Follow the steps mentioned below to claim insurance in case of personal damage –

  • If the insured car meets with any accident or if you lose your insured car, then you must inform the company immediately about the same
  • When an accident occurs, medical assistance must be arranged for anyone who is injured. If there are other vehicles or people involved in the accident, their details should be noted down and you should not be negligent and not make any compromises on you own without consulting the insurance company
  • You must inform the police immediately in case of theft, burglary, riots, strikes, terrorist attacks, etc. Police report is mandatory in case of death or injuries caused to a third party or if their property is damaged by the insured car
  • In case of major accidents, where the car cannot be moved from the location, you have to ensure that it is protected at the location and you should not try starting the engine or driving the car. Otherwise you have to move the vehicle to the nearest garage and prepare a detailed estimate of the cost of repairs. You should not make any repairs or dismantle the vehicle before it has been assessed by a surveyor. You also have to ensure that the parts or accessories of the car are not misplaced
  • You have to submit the claim form to IFFCO TOKIO and you can contact them to get more information about their cashless facilities
  • Along with the claim form, you have to also submit a set of documents for the purpose of verification and return
  • All types of losses or damages caused to the car will be first assessed by the company’s surveyor and based on the assessment the claim and the settlement mode will be decided

Documents Required IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance

While making the claim, IFFCO TOKIO Motor Insurance policyholders have to submit a few documents along with the claim form. Some of these documents are –

  • RC book (Registration Certificate) of the insured car.
  • Fitness certificate, if available
  • Driving license
  • Copy of FIR
  • Estimate cost of repairs

If the policyholder is called to the court in relation to an accident caused by their car, then they should contact IFFCO TOKIO and submit a copy of the court petition

IFFCO TOKIO Theft Claim Process

Follow the steps mentioned below to claim insurance in case of theft –

  • The first thing to do when you discover that your car has been stolen is to make a police complaint
  • As soon as you file the police complaint, inform IFFCO TOKIO about the theft. This will help in case any damage is caused to the vehicle by the thief to other people. If you inform the company without filing a police complaint, they will not process your claim
  • Give all the loan related details of your car to IFFCO TOKIO along with the police FIR and a list of your personal items that were stolen along with the vehicle
  • Provide details related to your car such as description, mileage, servicing records, etc.
  • Inform your RTO about the theft as well
  • In case of car loan, inform your bank or lender about the theft immediately. To speed up the claim process, ask your bank or lender to directly contact the insurance company. The insurance company will settle the car loan amount with the bank or lender. This settlement amount will be the IDV for the car (Insured Declared Value) and is based on the market value of the car and its usage
  • In case the police finds your car, inform your car insurer immediately as they are supposed to pay for the damages incurred to your vehicle after it was stolen. They will also compensate you in case any of your personal items were stolen from the car
  • In case the police is unable to find your car, they have to give you a NTC (Non – Traceable Certificate) and the court has to give a final report under section 173 Crpc

FAQs on Claim Process

Where can I find the claim form?

You can find the claim form on the website of IFFCO TOKIO. Also, when you inform them about the damage or loss of your car, they will send the claim form to you.

Does IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance allow me to make a claim online?

Yes, IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance allows you to make a claim online. To do so, you have to visit their website and click on ‘Claims’ and select ‘Register a Claim’.

Can I track the status of my car insurance claim online?

Yes, you can track the status of your car insurance claim online on the website of IFFCO TOKIO. To track the status, you have to first visit the website, click on ‘Claims’ and select ‘Claim Status’.

If I made a claim in 2015, do I have to pay extra premium for my Motor Insurance in 2016?

If you made a claim in 2015, you do not have to pay extra premium for your Motor Insurance in 2016. Only if the claim experience was not good then the company might charge some loading as per their policy.

Can I make a claim in case my car meets with an accident when someone else is driving it?

You can make a claim in case your car meets with an accident when someone else is driving it provided the following conditions are met –

  • You should have an insurance policy for the concerned car
  • If you permitted the other driver to drive your car and have paid the premium amount, then you can make a claim for the damages. The premium amount is calculated by the company depending on the seating capacity of the car, which includes the driver’s seat
  • The concerned driver must have a valid driving license

GST Update: GST of 18% is applicable on car insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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