The Luxury of Instant Health Insurance

One can opt for instant health insurance policies now. These plans offer multiple benefits including lower premiums, immediate policy issuance, elimination of complicated paperwork, simplicity in comparing premium quotes, etc.

The true significance of the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’, is felt when you fall ill. It is only when we don’t have it is when we realize its significance. Given the hectic lifestyles we live these days, it has become difficult for one to not just live healthy, but also stay healthy. The ever-increasing rise in the cost of medical treatments provides enough evidence of the increase in health related risks. In the past few years, incidents of life threatening diseases have gone up drastically as compared to earlier times. All these changes have made it almost necessary for one to be covered under a health insurance policy.

When it comes to the question of purchasing a health insurance policy, many people are still apprehensive about making the purchase online which also translates to getting an instant health insurance policy. However, with the help of online media, much awareness has been created about the safety and convenience which accompanies the online purchase of health insurance, or any other insurance, for that matter. Almost all major insurance companies offering health insurance policies have commenced their operations online as well with the help of websites which allow customers to not only find out about the various plans being offered, but also compare and purchase a plan of their choice. Thanks to the internet, one no longer has to depend solely on the suggestions and recommendations of an insurance agent to purchase the right plan. One can find all the information they need to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of health insurance. If you are still not convinced about buying a health plan online, here are some of the most important benefits that you stand to gain by doing so.

A Matter of Convenience:

Convenience is something that will always sell. Online health insurance purchase is something that does provide you with convenience. It is the convenience of not having to trudge all the way to the insurer’s branch office, waiting in line to talk to an executive who will then sit and explain to you the different plans on offer. You can skip all that effort and simply go to the insurer’s website and read up on the different plans that are available, compare different plans on a third party website, calculate your approximate plan premium using a premium calculator, and buy the plan which suits your needs best! Voila! That’s how simple it is now. to do all this, you needn’t even get out of your house, or office, or deal with pushy agents. You can take your time to do your research and look at multiple plans. Purchase the plan only after you are fully convinced that it will suit your needs.

Saving Precious Time:

When it comes to buying health insurance the conventional way, it is undoubtedly very time consuming. Making trips to the insurer’s branch, waiting your turn to talk to a branch executive who will then redirect you to the concerned department member who will then sit you down to explain the different plans that the company offers. If you don’t like the plans being offered by one insurer, you have to repeat the same process with the other insurers, which can easily take a few days. Instead, go the online way and save yourself a lot of precious time. Not only is the process of purchasing insurance drastically faster, it also rids you of the hassle of purchasing health insurance via agents. With agents, the risk of mis-selling runs high and one can often end up getting a plan that may not be suited to their needs. Insurance websites will clearly list out the terms and details of each plan they offer for online purchase in order to eliminate any chances of doubt. If you still do have doubts, you can always contact the customer care team of the insurer who will help you with all your queries.

Ease of Comparing Quotes:

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing health insurance online is the ease it provides when it comes to comparing between different policies. Comparison is necessary when buying health insurance as it allows you to compare between multiple policies on various parameters such as premium, benefits provided, scope of coverage, sub-limits on expenses, caps on treatments, etc. only after you have compared between policies can you pick out the one which fits all your requirements. Comparison of health insurance policies can be done very easily and in little time when done online. There are many third-party websites which allow you to choose multiple policies for comparison, giving the details of each, making the whole process much simpler and hassle-free.

Instant Policy Issuance:

In case of getting a policy from an agent, you have to wait for them to bring the paperwork to you and complete the required formalities. But, in case of online purchase, it is issued instantly, which helps you to get the print -outs of your papers as soon as you click the button and complete the proceedings. This hassle-free process is designed keeping in mind today's demands. It makes the process instant as the policy gets issued on the spot. The coverage process begins immediately after the submission of the application online. It also gives instant confirmation to ensure the coverage to the insured.

Benefit of Lower premiums:

The other important benefit that comes from online purchase of health insurance is that you get a health plan at lower premiums. The logic behind this is simple. When an insurer offers you a plan online, they bypass the middlemen and agents, who charge a commission for every policy that they sell. The agent’s commission cost is added to the price of the plan which you end up paying when purchasing the plan offline. However, in the online purchase process, the agent’s commission is eliminated, thereby bringing down the cost of the plan, which automatically lowers the plan premiums as well. Besides this, when you purchase health insurance online, you also get to bypass the extensive paperwork that you have to fill out. You can submit your application online, give scans of the documents required to process the application and will also receive the policy document online as an e-policy. Skipping all that paperwork helps lower the administrative costs of the insurer who is then able to offer you a plan at reduced premium rates.

No Need For Extensive Paperwork:

As the previous point mentions, when you purchase a health insurance plan online, you also get the convenience of not having to provide physical copies of documents that the insurer requests for to process your application. Not only can you fill but also submit the application form online. Moreover, you can also send scanned copies of documents that the insurer requires instead of taking out photocopies of documents and wasting paper. Once you have decided on the policy you want, and have made the payment for the same, you will receive your policy document online, in the form of an e-policy, which is fully valid for all policy related and claim-related purposes.

Instant Policy Issuance:

Another important benefit which you get on purchasing a health insurance policy online is almost instant policy issuance. The online process of purchasing a health plan drastically cuts down on the time that is taken to process your application and issue the policy. Under traditional methods of policy purchase, you would have to wait a day or two before the policy document is given to you. However when you purchase the plan online, the policy document is mailed to you within just a few hours after you have made the payment.

Helping Remove Geographical Boundaries:

One of the greatest advantage that online purchase platforms offer is blurring geographical boundaries and giving everybody equal access to health insurance. Thanks to the internet, online websites have eliminated the hassle of one having to physically visit the insurer’s office. The website alone will let you view different health plans, calculate your plan premiums, buy a particular plan, renew the plan when it expires, calculate your policy premiums, get in touch with the customer care team to resolve any issues or queries, and much more.

Considering that instant gratification is something that is highly sought after in today’s times, online health insurance is a step in the right direction. Taking into account all the benefits that one stands to gain on purchasing a health insurance policy online, it is definitely a win-win for the customer. Given our fast-paced lifestyle, an online health insurance policy is a step in the right direction. The availability of health insurance online has empowered millions of people get access to quality healthcare. By helping cover costs for medical treatments, health insurance is definitely a must-have.

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