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Petrol price in Punjab today is calculated under the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ method. Here, you can check the current petrol price in Punjab. Find today's petrol price with quarterly price trends in Punjab. New petrol prices in Punjab are updated by state-run oil firms daily at 6:00 am IST.

Know how petrol prices in Punjab are determined and how it compares to other states. Also, find the current Punjab petrol price and factors which influence petrol prices in India. Additionally, you can check the highest and lowest petrol prices recorded during a month.

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    ₹ 68.96
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    12 Apr 2019 ₹ 68.9
    11 Apr 2019 ₹ 68.84
    10 Apr 2019 ₹ 68.84
    09 Apr 2019 ₹ 68.84

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    Petrol Prices in Punjab

    BankBazaar is a comprehensive platform for petrol consumers from Punjab with a detailed analysis of the latest updates and trends. There are many online portals to check revised petrol prices in the Punjab. BankBazaar, a personal finance guide, has extended its products lines by recently introducing the most commonly used liquid fuel, which is petrol. It is not just the petrol rate as many of us would want to know, the fuel has several aspects to discuss. Let’s begin with the pricing mechanism of petrol with respect to the Punjab.

    How Frequently are Petrol Price in Punjab Reviewed?

    The revision is happening on a daily basis with the introduction of a new fuel pricing system called dynamic fuel pricing or the daily revision. The new pricing system was initiated by the central government of India in order to make fuel pricing more transparent from the viewpoint of end petrol consumers someone like you from the Punjab. The difference between the previous and current pricing mechanisms is the frequency of revision.

    What is the base to determine the current petrol rate in the Punjab? The daily revision will also take into intercontinental crude oil rates and the exchange rate of the Indian currency to the currency of the United States. The price what we pay for petrol today may not the same tomorrow. Why? When the petrol rate is assessed on the basis of the exchange rate and worldwide crude oil prices, it tends to vary every day slightly.

    The daily revision of petrol prices in the Punjab is beneficial for final consumers and retailers as well. The owners of diesel bunks across the state can practice the best inventory management principles. This was not the case in the previous revision system. Each diesel supply station throughout the state will display revised rates after 06:00 a.m. every day.

    For the benefit of petrol consumers, all state-run oil marketing brands including Shell Oil, Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, and Bharat Petroleum in the state will help you track the latest petrol price through an online service, an SMS service, and a customer care service. All brands have uniquely designed mobile applications to help consumers get revised fuel rates quickly and easily.

    Petrol Price in Punjab

    The average petrol rate in Punjab since the reduction of the central excise was Rs.68.54 per litre. The highest rate that was recently offered was Rs.71.02. In September 2017, petrol rates in Chandigarh, which is the capital city of the Punjab, have increased by 1.98%. In August 2017, they have accelerated by 5.41% and by 3.32% in July 2017. On the opening day of June, the cost of petrol was Rs.67.22 that was later decreased to Rs.63.51 on the closing day of the month. In May 2017, prices were almost consistent throughout the month.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Punjab Between October and December 2018

    October November December
    Opening date price Rs.80.67 a litre Rs.75.00 a litre Rs.68.60 a litre
    Closing date price Rs.75.16 a litre Rs.68.94 a litre Rs.65.06 a litre
    Highest price Rs.80.90 a litre booked on 4 October 2018 Rs.75.00 a litre booked on the 1 November 2018 Rs.68.60 a litre booked on the 1 December 2018
    Lowest Price Rs.75.16 a litre booked on the 30 and 31 October 2018 Rs.68.94 a litre booked on the 30 November 2018 Rs.65.06 a litre booked on the 31 December 2018
    Trend Downward Downward Downward
    % Change -6.83% -8.08% -5.16%

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab Between October and December 2018

    • Petrol and diesel rates in India are based on the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism and are revised daily by State-owned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).
    • Petrol was priced at Rs.80.67 per litre when the month began on 1 October – a record high in the back of rising crude oil prices in the global market.
    • Prices continued to rise when it touched a monthly high of Rs.80.90 per litre on 4 October – also a record high of petrol prices in Punjab.
    • The Centre announced a cut in excise duty of Rs.1.50 per litre and asked OMCs to subsidise Rs.1 per litre to ease the burden on consumers.
    • Post the reduction, prices declined during the month to record the lowest price for the month when a litre of petrol in Punjab was sold at Rs.75.16 per litre on 30 October, down by 6.83% for the month.
    • On 1 November, the petrol price in Punjab stood at Rs.75.00 per litre – the highest price recorded for the month.
    • With crude oil prices showing signs of decline, petrol prices in Punjab reduced during the month. The fluctuations in oil prices was attributed to the geopolitical tensions between the US and China.
    • On 30 November, petrol recorded its lowest price for the month when a litre was available at Rs.68.94 per litre.
    • Overall, the petrol price trend in Punjab during the month dropped by 8.08% mainly due to the decline in oil prices as well as a marginal rise in rupee’s value.
    • In December, petrol opened the month at Rs.68.60 per litre, which was also the highest rate recorded for the month in Punjab.
    • Prices continued to drop to touch the lowest on 31 December when petrol was priced at Rs.65.06 per litre as crude oil prices fell from $80 per barrel early October to $56 per barrel late December.
    • By the end of the month, petrol rates in Punjab for the month declined by 5.16% influenced by the significant drop in oil rates and the appreciation of the rupee over the US dollar.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Punjab between July and September 2018

    July August September
    Opening date price Rs.72.66 a litre Rs.73.48 a litre Rs.75.76 a litre
    Closing date price Rs.73.52 a litre Rs.75.65 a litre Rs.80.36 a litre
    Highest price Rs.74.01 a litre recorded on the 14th Rs.75.65 a litre recorded on the 31st Rs.80.36 a litre recorded on the 30th
    Lowest Price Rs.72.66 a litre recorded on the 1st Rs.73.48 a litre recorded on the 1st Rs.75.76 a litre recorded on the 1st
    Trend Upward Upward Upward
    % Change +1.18% +2.95% +6.07%

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab in July 2018

    • Fuel prices including that of petrol are revised on a daily basis by State-owned oil companies based on the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism.
    • Oil companies include the global crude oil price and the exchange value of the Indian currency over the U.S. dollar before arriving at the selling price of petrol in a city.
    • On the 1st of July, the petrol price in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, stood at Rs.72.66 per litre - the lowest price for the month.
    • Prices were kept unchanged until the 5th of the month before it was hiked by 16 paise per litre on the 6th in accordance with the global crude oil price rise.
    • From then on, petrol prices in Punjab increase significantly to touch the highest petrol price in Punjab when a litre was sold at Rs.74.01.
    • Oil companies dropped petrol prices; however, they were not lower than the opening price of the month.
    • On the 31st of July, the petrol price in Punjab stood at Rs.73.52 per litre, a difference of 86 paise compared to the opening price.
    • For the month, petrol prices in Punjab moved upwards of 1.18% marked by the rise in crude oil prices in the global market.

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab in August 2018

    • On the 1st of August, oil companies reduced the petrol price in Punjab by 4 paise per litre to stand at Rs.73.48. This was also the lowest price of the month in the state.
    • Prices were kept unchanged from 6th to the 15th when a litre of petrol was sold at Rs.74.25 in Chandigarh.
    • Offering no respite to consumers, petrol prices were increased on the 16th by 8 paise per litre to stand at Rs.74.38.
    • Due to geopolitical tensions, the crude oil price increased prompting oil companies to pass on the increase to consumers.
    • Despite record levels, taxes levied on the sale of petrol were not revised or reduced to offer any sort of relief to customers.
    • The closing price of petrol in Punjab in August stood at Rs.75.65 per litre, which is also the highest petrol price of the month.
    • Overall, petrol prices in Punjab during the month grew by 2.95% influenced by the significant rise in the global crude oil prices.

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab in September 2018

    • A litre of petrol in Punjab on the 1st of September stood at Rs.75.76 - the lowest petrol price in Punjab for the month.
    • The global crude oil price rose to touch a four-year high when a barrel of oil was trading at $80 leading to a rise in the petrol prices.
    • Additionally, the rupee fell to its lowest during the month as it breached Rs.72 mark which prompted fuel prices in the country to increase significantly.
    • Despite record levels in petrol prices in the country, the taxes levied by the Centre or the State were kept unchanged offering no respite to the common man.
    • Except for states such as Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, which announced a cut in the Value Added Tax levied on the sale of petrol offering some relief to consumers of the said states.
    • On the last day of the month, a litre of petrol rose to touch Rs.80.36, which was the highest price of the month.
    • The petrol price trend in Punjab in September inclined significantly by 6.07% attributed to the increase in oil prices and the drop in the exchange rate of rupee over the U.S. dollar.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Punjab Between April and June 2018

    April May June
    Opening date price Rs.70.90 per litre Rs.71.77 per litre Rs.75.33 per litre
    Closing date price Rs.71.77 per litre Rs.75.39 per litre Rs.72.66 per litre
    Highest price Rs.71.84 per litre recorded on 24th Rs.75.46 per litre recorded on 29th Rs.75.33 per litre recorded on 1st
    Lowest price Rs.70.90 per litre recorded on 1st Rs.71.77 per litre recorded from 1st to 11th Rs.72.66 per litre recorded from 27th to 30th
    Trend Upward Upward Downward
    %Change +0.95% +3.91% -2.77%

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab in April 2018

    • The petrol price in Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab, on 1 June 2018 stood at Rs.70.90 per litre – the lowest price recorded in the month.
    • With a marginal increase in the global crude oil price, State-owned oil companies such as Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum revised petrol prices accordingly.
    • During the second and third week, petrol prices in Punjab gradually increased in tandem with the global crude oil rate.
    • The highest petrol price in April 2018 in Punjab was recorded on 24 June 2018 with petrol priced at Rs.71.84 per litre.
    • From 25 April, fuel companies kept the petrol price unchanged at Rs.71.77 per litre with the 2018 Karnataka State Election around the corner.
    • Overall, petrol prices grew by 0.95% during the course of the month. The rise in trend is attributed to a slight incline in the crude oil rate.

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab in May 2018

    • Oil companies kept the petrol price steady till the 11th in the backdrop of the Karnataka Elections, which is also the lowest price petrol was sold in Punjab.
    • With the elections concluded on the 11th, fuel companies reverted to the daily revision in petrol prices under the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism.
    • The cost of petrol rose significantly in the second and third week as the global crude oil rate continued to climb upwards.
    • Petrol prices touched an all-time high on 29 May 2018 with the fuel being retailed at Rs.75.46 per litre, nearly Rs.4 a litre compared to the opening price of the month.
    • The considerable rise in the petrol price is attributed to the significant incline in the global crude oil prices even as the US-China trade war erupted.
    • Petrol prices reflected an upward trend of 3.91% largely due to the crude oil prices touching $80 per barrel.

    Petrol Price Trend in Punjab in June 2018

    • With the crude oil rate reaching record highs, the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries popularly known as OPEC along with its key ally Russia decided to meet in Vienna on 22 June 2018 to address the concern over the rise in oil prices.
    • The petrol price in Punjab on the first day of the month stood Rs.75.33 per litre continuing its rising trend in prices.
    • With an ease in geopolitical tensions, crude oil rates relented and fuel companies decided to reduce fuel prices accordingly.
    • During the Vienna meeting, the OPEC and Russia agreed to increase the output to ease the cost of petrol as it began to trouble the common man.
    • Petrol prices continued to decline significantly to record its lowest for the month at Rs.72.66 per litre, down by Rs.2.67 compared to the opening day’s price.
    • Overall, the month reflected a downward trend of 2.77% in petrol prices in Punjab which is largely due to the fall in oil prices.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend In Punjab between January and March 2018

    January February March
    Opening date price Rs.67.30 per litre Rs.70.25 per litre Rs.68.83 per litre
    Closing date price Rs.70.13 per litre Rs.68.77 per litre Rs.70.73 per litre
    Highest rate Rs.70.13 per litre booked on 06 January Rs.70.57 per litre booked on 6 February Rs.70.73 per litre booked on 26 March
    Lowest rate Rs.67.30 per litre booked on 01 January Rs.68.77 per litre booked on 25 February Rs.68.83 per litre booked on 01 March
    Trend Upward Downward Upward
    % Change 4.04% up 2.15% down 2.69% up

    Trend in Petrol Price in Punjab in January 2018

    • The leading oil companies in India, namely HPCL, BPCL and IOC declared the average opening price of petrol of Rs.67.30 per litre as on 01 January 2018. This was also the lowest petrol price recorded for the month.
    • During the first week of January, the prices of petrol slightly increased as the oil-producing countries have slightly accelerated the price Brent Crude oil.
    • The highest petrol price of the month of Rs.70.13 per litre was booked on 06 January.
    • By 20 January, petrol prices had hit Rs.69.14. The increase in petrol rates was mainly because the value of USD fell for three consecutive days on 17, 18, and 19 of January by 0.2%, 0.03%, and 0.06%, respectively.
    • The fuel price closed at Rs.70.13 on 31 January 2018.
    • The overall incline in the fuel price for the month of January was 4.04%.

    Trend in Petrol Rate in Punjab in February 2018

    • Petrol was valued at Rs.70.25 per litre on 01 February 2018.
    • As oil exporting countries a steady growth in the demand for unrefined oil during the first week of the month, petrol prices did not fluctuate much.
    • The highest petrol price of Rs.70.57 per litre was recorded on 6th of the month.
    • Though the Union Budget was introduced in india, it did not have any impact on the oil and natural gas industry. Therefore significant increase or decrease in petrol prices was not seen.
    • On 25 February, the lowest petrol price of Rs.68.77 per litre for the month was recorded.
    • Apart from the drop in the value of the USD, no other factors have impacted the fuel rate except the crude oil price of Indian Basket, which declined to $63.54 a barrel.
    • An overall declining trend was noticed in petrol prices as the fuel fell by 2.15%.

    Trend in Petrol Prices in Punjab in March 2018

    • On the first day of the month, petrol was priced at Rs.68.83 per litre which was an increase of 6 paisa from the previous day. This was also the lowest petrol price tracked in this month.
    • On 2 and 3 of the month, petrol was booked at Rs.Rs.69 and Rs.69.24 respectively.
    • No significant changes in petrol prices was noted throughout the month of March as the crude oil price did not fluctuate majorly and the drop in URD rate was ignorable.
    • On 21 and 22 March, petrol price stood at Rs.69.44 and Rs.6949 respectively.
    • The highest petrol prices was noted on 26 March when the fuel was sold at Rs.70.73 per litre.
    • As mentioned earlier the crude oil’s demand was stable throughout the month and the unrefined oil price stood at $63.80 a barrel.
    • Overall, petrol prices declined by 2.69% for the month of March.

    Petrol Costs in Punjab and Other States

    Petrol prices cannot be the same across the country. In some states like Maharashtra, the tax that is imposed on petrol by the local government is comparatively high amid all states. The average prices of petrol per litre were Rs.68.54, Rs.70.89, Rs.68.40, and Rs.71.71 in the Punjab, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, and West Bengal. The lowest price is being offered by New Delhi. The highest price is being offered by Maharashtra followed by Tamil Nadu.

    Procedure to Compute Petrol Prices in in Punjab

    The current petrol rate Punjab is assessed using the following formula:

    RSP= Cost of crude oil (including freights) + Refinery Transfer Price + OMCs’ profit margin + the central excise + VAT + commission charged by dealers + pollution cess

    Over 80% of the country’s crude oil requirement is met through importing crude oil from overseas oil-producing nations. Indigenous production only suffices the remaining 20%. The cost incurred by Indian oil marketing companies to buy crude oil is called COB (including freight charges). Oil marketing companies also incur the refinery transfer price (RTP), which is charged by refineries to convert crude oil into petrol.

    Pump owners charge a certain percentage of profit margin for supplying petrol. The percentage of profit margin may vary within the cities of the Punjab. The commission charged by petrol bunks, which are nearer to supply stations, is less compared to that of petrol pumps that are far from supply stations. Amid all Indian states, the central excise duty charged on petrol is the same, but VAT varies from one state to another. As on 1 September 2017, the state government of the Punjab taxes petrol by 36.04%.

    Elements Impacting Petrol Prices in Punjab

    Petrol prices in the Punjab are influenced by the cost of crude oil, which is traded transnationally, the fluctuations in the currency conversion rate, customs duty, excise duty, and VAT. Similarly, the purchasing cost of crude oil is impacted by changes in weather and seasons, the equation of supply and demand, the percentage of reserves and supplies, demand for crude oil from developing economies like India, and transnational political events.

    The retail selling price of petrol will increase if the cost of crude oil, customs duty, excise duty, and VAT increase. It will fall down if the cost of crude oil, customs duty, excise duty, and VAT decrease. The tax component can be domestically administered, but factors like the exchange rate and crude oil rates cannot be domestically managed.

    How are Petrol Prices in Punjab Responding to GST?

    In India, there is no other tax form except Goods and Services Tax (GST). GST is in practice since 1 July 2017. It is applicable to all types of goods and services, which are transacted throughout the nation, except petroleum derivatives including petrol. Currently, petrol is not taxed under the regime of GST. Therefore, petrol rates are not impacted by present tax slabs. In a broader picture, the entire oil and natural gas industry has been kept outside the GST purview.

    Diesel Rate vs. Petrol Rates in Punjab

    Like mentioned in the earlier section, the average price of petrol per litre in all cities of the state was Rs.68.54. The average price of diesel was Rs.57.73 as on the latest date, which 11 October 2017. The difference between two fuels does not fluctuate much compared to other states such as Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. The current petrol price is moving in an upward direction.

    Also Check Petrol Price in NearBy Cities of Punjab

    *Disclaimer: BankBazaar makes no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy of the data provided on this page, the prevailing prices are susceptible to change and provided on an as-is basis. We accept no liability for any loss arising from the use of the data contained on this website.

    News About Petrol Price In Punjab

    • Fuel Prices Hiked for the Sixth Day in a Row

      State-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) hiked petrol and diesel prices for the sixth day in a row across major metro cities of the country. While petrol rates have been hiked by 10-11 paise per litre, diesel rates have gone up by 6-7 paise per litre. After the price revision, petrol is being sold at Rs.76.64 per litre and diesel at Rs.69.30 per litre in the financial capital Mumbai. In the national capital Delhi, petrol costs Rs.71 per litre and diesel costs Rs.66.17 per litre. Petrol prices were at Rs.73.11 per litre in Kolkata and Rs.73.72 per litre in Chennai. Diesel prices in these cities stood at Rs.67.95 per litre and Rs.69.91 per litre, respectively. Over the past week, petrol prices have gone up by 68 paise per litre, while diesel prices have gone up 55 paise per litre. Petrol and diesel prices are proportional to the global crude oil price along with the rupee-dollar exchange rate. As per the daily ‘dynamic fuel pricing’ mechanism, fuel prices in India are based on the 15-day average of crude oil price and the exchange rate of the rupee over the US dollar.

      19 February 2019

    • Petrol prices remain unchanged in Delhi and Mumbai

      The rates of petrol in the national capital and the financial capital of the country i.e., Delhi and Mumbai remain unchanged as of Wednesday. Consumers residing in the two metro cities of the country had to spend Rs.70.20 and Rs.75.80 respectively for every litre of petrol. Among all the four metro cities only Kolkata had witnessed a change in the rates. The prices saw a hike of Re.1 from Tuesday and cost Rs.73.28 for every litre.

      On the international front, Brent crude prices have been trading around 60-62 dollars per barrel in the last one week, which has helped bring down the rates in the country further. The prices of petrol had been declining gradually in the last two months owing to the fall in the international oil prices along with the fact that rupee has fallen over 3 per cent in the last few days.

      13 December 2018

    • Petrol Prices are Likely to Decline Further

      Fuel prices dropped continually for 3 weeks as the price of crude oil per barrel fell below $72 and the INR remained stable. Over the last 20 days, the price of petrol has fallen by Rs.4.62 per litre. Petrol prices on Thursday stood at Rs.78.21 per litre in the national capital and Rs.83.72 per litre in the financial capital respectively.

      Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited will regularly reset the price of petrol considering the variations in the INR:USD exchange rate and the price of oil rate per barrel. Overseas fuel rates will follow the trend in crude oil prices. On October, the price of unrefined oil slid below $72 a barrel on the third of October 2018.

      13 November 2018

    • Petrol Price to Touch the Rs.90 a litre Mark for the First Time in Nagpur

      Petrol price touched the price mark of Rs.90 per litre for the first time ever in the city of Nagpur. It was up by 10 paise a litre to Rs.90.01 in Nagpur. In Delhi, a litre of petrol retailed at a price of Rs.82.72. In Chennai, it was just down by 1 paise per litre. Petrol was retailed at a price of Rs.84.54, up by 10 paise compared to the previous rates. When petrol had reached a price mark of Rs.79.52 a litre in the month of October last year, the government had cut excise duty by Rs.2 a litre.

      Petrol will retail at the highest price in Maharashtra since the sales tax on petrol per litre is the highest in Maharashtra. As per recent reports, the State Government of Maharashtra is considering hiking the central taxes on Indian-made foreign liquor in order to create some financial scope to cushion the effect of fuel rates. Liquor, diesel and petrol are presently outside the realm of Goods and Services Tax (GST). International unrefined oil rates increased on Monday, 24 September 2018, since the US marketplaces tightened a few weeks prior to the plan of Washington to levy fresh sanctions versus Iran.

      1 October 2018

    • Petrol Costs Rs.89.44 in Mumbai

      The prices of petrol continued to move northwards in the country as the rates were once again hiked by Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs). As of Monday, the rates of petrol touched Rs.82.06 in Delhi and Rs.89.44 in Mumbai. The hike recorded in the national capital for every litre of petrol was 0.15 paise. The price of petrol was the highest in Mumbai among all the four metro cities of the country. On the global front, oil prices fell on the back of concerns that the United States may impose additional tariffs on Asian powerhouse China and outweighing supply fears from upcoming sanctions on Iran. Brent crude oil futures dipped 16 cents to 77.93 dollars per barrel. The prices of petrol have been hiked almost daily since August 1 and have been on record levels in many cities during the past couple of weeks. It needs to be mentioned here that the rates of petrol have gone up by 15.4% since January 1, 2018.

      19 September 2018

    • Fuel Prices Continued to Rise for the Second Consecutive Day

      Fuel prices continued to rise for the second consecutive day in Delhi and Mumbai after a brief gap of a day. Petrol prices have risen to Rs.79.99 per litre, up by 48 paise, in Delhi, while in Mumbai it costs Rs.87.39 a litre, up by 48 paise. Diesel prices have increased to Rs.72.07 per litre, up by 53 paise, in Delhi and in Mumbai its available at Rs.76.51 a litre, up by 55 paise. On 5 September, petrol and diesel rates were kept unchanged which was available at Rs.79.31 per litre in Delhi and at Rs.86.72 in Mumbai. Diesel was sold at Rs.71.34 per litre in Delhi, while in Mumbai it was available at Rs.75.74 a litre. Before the hike on 5 September, fuel prices were hiked for ten consecutive days. However, on Thursday, both the petrol and diesel price were increased. Fuel prices are revised based on the global crude oil price and the currency exchange rate of the rupee. Oil companies change fuel prices on a daily basis under the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism which is effective from 6:00 am IST.

      11 September 2018

    • Petrol Rates Kept Unchanged Today

      State-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) kept petrol rates unchanged today across four metro cities of the country. However, diesel rates were hiked by 6 paise per litre. As per the daily price notification issued by OMCs, petrol is available at Rs.77.23 per litre in New Delhi, while in Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai it is available at Rs.84.67, Rs.80.18 and Rs.80.23 respectively. Diesel is available at Rs.68.77 a litre in New Delhi, Rs.73.01 in Mumbai, Rs.71.61 in Kolkata and Rs.72.64 in Chennai. The new prices are effective from 6:00 am on 12 August 2018. Fuel companies revise petrol and diesel prices on a daily basis under the dynamic fuel pricing methodology. Oil companies fix fuel rates based on the global crude oil price and the currency exchange rate of the US dollar over rupee.

      14 August 2018

    • Petrol Rates Increased in Metro Cities for the Second Straight Day

      Petrol rates accelerated for the second straight day on Friday, 3/8/2018. As per Indian Oil Corporation Limited, a litre of petrol was priced at Rs.76.50 in Delhi, which is the capital city of India, Rs.79.42 in Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal, Rs.83.94 in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra and Rs.71.86 in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

      On Thursday, 2/8/2018, a litre of petrol was retailed at Rs.76.43 in the national capital, Rs.79.33 in the city of Kolkata, Rs.83.87 in the city of Mumbai and Rs.79.39 in Chennai. Brent crude futures decreased by 0.2% at $73.28 per barrel on Friday. It was up by 1.5% on Thursday. US West Texas Intermediate unrefined oil was down by 2 cents at $68.94 per barrel.

      6 August 2018

    • Checkout Petrol Rates in Metro Cities

      Fuel companies kept petrol rates unchanged on Wednesday, 25 July 2018 across the four Indian metro cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata. They are following the system of dynamic fuel pricing in order to revise petrol rates. The exchange rate and crude oil expenses are considered to revise the fuel rate. On 25 July 2018, a litre of petrol was priced at Rs.76.23 per litre in Delhi, Rs.79.10 a litre in Kolkata, Rs.83.68 a litre in Mumbai and Rs.79.18 a litre in Chennai respectively.

      27 July 2018

    • Petrol Rate Slid by 6 paise per litre

      Petrol rates continued to move downwards for the third consecutive day on Friday. Today, they were down by 6 paise per litre. With a reduction of 6 paise per litre, petrol in Delhi is now available at Rs.78.29 per litre as per a price announcement granted by state-run oil companies. Based on sales taxes, petrol prices will change from city to city. Yesterday, petrol rates were down by 7 paise per litre. The reduction in the petrol prices trailed prices reaching a previous high of Rs.78.43 per litre for petrol. Over the last 16 days, petrol rates have been increased by Rs.3.8 per litre.

      4 June 2018

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