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    Petrol Price in Gurgaon - Last 10 Days Data
    Date Petrol ( / litre)
    19 Feb 2020 ₹ 71.97
    18 Feb 2020 ₹ 71.97
    17 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    16 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    15 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    14 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    13 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    12 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    11 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.01
    10 Feb 2020 ₹ 72.13

    Petrol Rate Trend

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    • 6 Months

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for January 2020 (rates per litre):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st January Rs.74.59
    31st January Rs.73.13
    Highest Rate in January Rs.75.29
    Lowest Rate in January Rs.73.13
    Overall Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -1.95%

    Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Gurgaon for January 2020:

    • The petrol price in Gurgaon opened the month of January at Rs.74.59 per litre. Compared to the previous month’s closing price, the rates of the fuel didn’t see any change in the city.
    • Petrol prices were on an incline over the first 10 days in Gurgaon due to tensions between Iran and the United States after an Iranian military general was killed in a drone attack. The constant increase in the prices saw a litre of petrol being retailed for Rs.75.29 per litre on 11 January, the highest recorded price for the month.
    • The rates began to slip in the city from the next day onwards as global crude prices receded as tensions in the Middle East began to ease. The outbreak of coronavirus in China also had an impact in the prices of global crude.
    • Petrol prices continued to fall till the end of the month as the cases of coronavirus and deaths due to it increased and the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring a global health emergency. The rates closed the month at Rs.73.13 per litre, the lowest for the month with the overall performance showing a decline of 1.95%.

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for December 2019 (rates per litre):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st December Rs.74.43
    31st December Rs.74.59
    Highest Rate in December Rs.74.59
    Lowest Rate in December Rs.74.19
    Overall Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 0.21%

    Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Gurgaon for December 2019:

    • The petrol price in Gurgaon opened at the rate of Rs.74.43 per litre for the month of December 2019.
    • The prices were affected by the increasing price of crude oil in the international market as well as the talks related to the US-China trade deal.
    • The price of the fuel closed at Rs.74.59 per litre for the month of December which was the highest recorded rate for the month. There was an incline of 0.21% in the overall performance of the fuel in Gurgaon.

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for November 2019 (rates per litre):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st November Rs.72.77
    30th November Rs.74.35
    Highest Rate in November Rs.74.35
    Lowest Rate in November Rs.72.56
    Overall Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 2.17%

    Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Gurgaon for November 2019:

    • Petrol price in Gurgaon stood at Rs.72.77 per litre on 1st November. The rates were down by 9 paise per litre when compared to the rates charged on the previous day.
    • Over the first week, the rates of petrol slid as crude oil prices were relaxed across the globe keeping in mind the upcoming US and European economic data. Petrol prices closed the week at Rs.72.56 per litre.
    • From the second week of November, the prices of petrol in Gurgaon started to climb gradually and touched the mark of Rs.73.82 per litre on 21st November.
    • In the final week of the month, petrol prices increased further and closed at Rs.74.35 per litre, the highest recorded price for the month. Petrol’s overall performance in Gurgaon for the month of November was 2.17%, trending upwards.

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for October 2019 (rates per litre):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st October Rs.74.19
    31st October Rs.72.86
    Highest Rate in October Rs.74.19
    Lowest Rate in October Rs.72.86
    Overall Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -1.79%

    Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Gurgaon for October 2019:

    • Petrol price in Gurgaon opened the month of October at Rs.74.19 per litre. The rates charged on the opening day of the month for a litre was the highest recorded price for the month.
    • After staying constant for a day, the rates of petrol witnessed a gradual decline due to ongoing global economic crisis and seemingly weak demand for fuel.
    • The drop in the prices saw petrol close the second and third week of the month at Rs.73.18 and Rs.73.14 respectively in Gurgaon.
    • The rates slipped further in the final week of October as there was an unprecedented rise in US inventories. The rates closed the month at Rs.72.86 per litre. It was the lowest recorded price for the month. Petrol’s overall performance in Gurgaon was -1.79%, trending downwards.

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for August 2019 (rates per /litre ):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    August 1 Rate Rs.72.74
    August 31 Rate Rs.72.10
    Highest Rate in August Rs.72.74 on 1 August
    Lowest Rate in August Rs.71.97 on 19,20,21,22 and 23 August
    Overall Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -0.87%

    Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Gurgaon for August 2019:

    • Petrol prices in Gurgaon opened at Rs.72.74 for the month of August. This was the highest price recorded in the month as the rates fell in the next few days. International oil prices fluctuated in the first week due to the ongoing trade war between the United States and China.
    • The petrol rate in Gurgaon continued to fall in the second week of the month as international oil prices continued to tumble. The rates charged for a litre fell to Rs.72.09 by the end of the week. The fall in the prices was also accounted to concerns of an economic slowdown due to the US – China trade war.
    • In the third week of the month, price of petrol remained constant for the first few days before declining further to Rs.71.97. This was the lowest rates charged for a litre in the month. The mentioned price was charged on 19, 20, and 21 August. Disappointing economic data from Europe and China as well as mounting fears of recession played its part in the prices coming down.
    • Petrol prices in Gurgaon jumped slightly in the final week of the month before declining again. The prices increased slightly to Rs.72.15 from Rs.71.97 before closing at Rs.72.10 as US crude prices gained due to US stockpiles declining by more than what was expected. The jump in the prices helped ease some of the concerns regarding economic growth due to the US–China trade tensions.

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for July 2019 (rates per /litre ):

    Parameters Rates/litre
    1st July Rs.70.86
    31st July Rs.72.79
    Highest Rate in July Rs.73.19 on 23 and 24 July
    Lowest Rate in July Rs.70.86 per litre on 1 July
    Overall Performance Incline
    Percentage Change 2.72%

    Monthly Petrol Price Trend in Gurgaon for July 2019:

    • Petrol was priced at Rs.70.86 per litre when the month began - the lowest price recorded during the month – and rose by the end of the week amid additional imposition of excise duty of Rs.2 per litre on petrol announced by the Centre in the 2019 Budget.
    • During the second week of July, petrol prices in Gurgaon rose marginally amid inclining crude oil prices in the oil market due to escalating tensions in the Middle East despite supply cuts led by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies to keep prices stable.
    • While prices of petrol during the third week were stable initially, it increased by the end of the week to close at Rs.73.15 per litre amid rising tensions between the US and Iran after the US Navy shot down an Iranian drone.
    • The fourth week of July witnessed a significant rise in petrol prices to touch a monthly high of Rs.73.19 per litre on 23 and 24 July as crude oil prices in the market inclined amid declining US inventories and rising tensions in the Middle East after the US Navy may have shot another Iranian drone.

    Trend of Petrol Price in Gurgaon for June 2019 (rates per /litre )

    Parameters Rates/litre
    2nd June Rs.67.58 per litre
    30th June Rs.66.52 per litre
    Highest Rate in June Rs.67.58 per litre on 2 June
    Lowest Rate in June Rs.66.10 per litre from 16-23 June
    Overall Performance Decline
    Percentage Change -1.57%
    • Petrol opened at Rs.67.58 per litre in June – the highest price recorded for the month amid volatile crude oil market impacted by the ongoing US-China trade war.
    • Prices continued to decline during the first and second before incline marginally during the third and fourth week even as crude oil prices moved downwards due to supply cuts led by the OPEC and its allies despite geopolitical tensions in the Middle East.
    • Petrol prices were kept unchanged from 16 to 23 June when a litre of petrol in Gurgaon was sold at Rs.66.10, which is also the lowest price recorded during the month.
    • Overall, petrol prices in June declined by 1.57% marked largely by the drop in crude oil prices in the international market even as investors awaited the outcome of the G20 summit and expectations of an interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve to boost the global economy.

    Petrol Rate in Gurgaon:

    Petrol was sold at an average price of Rs.69.80 per litre in November 2017. The price comprises of crude oil prices, taxes and OMC expenses. Oil marketing companies (OMCs) will revise fuel rates every day at 06:00 a.m. The price once revised will be uploaded in the websites of OMCs. Be advised to check the latest price in Gurgaon before you buy.

    Petrol Prices in Gurgaon 2017 (Price per litre)

    October September August July June
    Opening Date Price Rs.70.71 Rs.69.22 Rs.65.38 Rs.63.10 Rs.67.11
    Closing Date Price Rs.69.09 Rs.70.62 Rs.69.11 Rs.65.26 Rs.63.35
    Highest Rate Rs.70.83 Rs.70.62 Rs.69.11 Rs.65.26 Rs.67.11
    Lowest Rate Rs.68.23 Rs.69.22 Rs.65.38 Rs.63.08 Rs.63.35

    The highest rate over the last five months was Rs.70.83 per litre and the lowest price was Rs.63.08 per litre. Petrol prices have increased in September, August and July by 1.98%, 5.40% and 3.31% respectively. They have decreased in June and October by 5.94% and 2.34% respectively.

    State Levies – A Comparison

    Haryana Karnataka Uttar Pradesh Andhra Pradesh
    VAT on Diesel 17.22% 19% 20.19% 30.86%
    VAT on Petrol 26.25% 30% 32.90% 38.93%

    Source: Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC)

    Petrol Rate Comparison among Indian Cities

    The following table illustrates the Average Price of Petrol in November 2017:

    Gurgaon Bangalore Chennai Kolkata
    Petrol Price per litre Rs.69.00 Rs.70.80 Rs.72.35 Rs.72.55

    How are Petrol Prices in Noida Revised?

    India follows the dynamic fuel pricing system to revise fuel prices currently. What is dynamic fuel pricing? It is a fuel pricing system that reviews fuel rates on a daily basis on the basis of crude oil rates and the currency conversion rate. The system was introduced in June 2017 in India after running a 40-day pilot in five Indian cities. The United States of America (USA), Australia and Russia are other countries that follow the system.

    Features of Dynamic Fuel Pricing

    • The revision of petrol price is done at 06:00 a.m. every day.
    • All automated petrol stations will automatically revise the petrol price.
    • All non-automated petrol stations will manually revise the petrol price.
    • Dealers can manage working capital effectively.
    • The system enables dealers to better manage stock or inventory.
    • The fluctuations in crude oil rates and the INR/USD rate can be instantly shifted to end consumers.

    Petrol consumers in Gurgaon can track the current petrol price through downloading the mobile applications of oil marketing companies including Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum and Shell Oil. They can request the current price through SMS alerts and customer care support. Like mentioned earlier, oil marketing companies will update their websites after revising the price every day.

    How are Petrol Prices in Gurgaon Computed?

    The Retail Selling Price of petrol in Gurgaon consists of the following elements:

    Crude Oil Cost: Crude oil cost is the price charged by Indian oil marketing companies. As on 14 November 2017, the cost of crude oil per barrel was $62.85. One barrel of crude oil is equal to 159 litres. Freight charges are added to crude oil prices.

    Taxes: More than 50% of the retail selling price comprises of the central and state levies. The excise duty imposed on petrol as on 04 November 2017 was Rs.19.48 per litre. The local tax levied on the fuel as on the same date was 26.25% in Haryana.

    Refinery transfer price (RTP): Refinery transfer price (RTP) is charged by refineries. After importing crude oil, oil marketing companies will deliver it to refineries for further processing. RTP is paid by OMCs.

    OMC Expenses: Expenses incurred by oil marketing companies consist of entry levies, operational costs, marketing expenses, distribution expenses and profit margin of OMCs. The commission charged by dealers and pollution cess are other two components of the RSP.

    What are the factors affecting Petrol Prices in Gurgaon?

    The exchange rate, crude oil rates and taxes are the elements affecting the petrol price in Gurgaon. The exchange rate is the ratio between the value of the INR and the USD. The Central Bank of India, the Reserve Bank of India fixes the exchange rate. The exchange rate is impacted by several factors including interest parity rates, interest rates, exports and imports, the overall public debt of a country and the inflation rate. There are many factors that influence crude oil prices. The most common factors include seasonal variations, weather conditions, the capabilities of refineries, political moves in oil-producing nations and many more.

    The retail Selling Price of Petrol increases if:

    • The INR falls against the USD
    • Crude oil prices increase
    • The central excise duty increases
    • The local tax increases

    The retail Selling Price of Petrol decreases if:

    • The INR gains against the USD
    • Crude oil rates decrease
    • The local tax (state VAT) decrease
    • The central excise duty decrease

    Impact of GST on petrol prices in Gurgaon

    GST Impact on Petrol Costs in Gurgaon

    Let’s take a look at how much is taxed on petrol.

    Excise Duty Rs.19.48 per litre
    Commission Charged by Dealers Rs.2.5 per litre
    Gross Price before VAT Rs.51.48 per litre
    26.25% VAT on gross price Rs.13.51 per litre
    Pollution cess at 25p Rs.0.25 a litre
    Retail Price of Petrol (RSP) Rs.65.63 a litre

    21.5% of the retail price of petrol goes towards the state and 32% to the central government. How does GST affect petrol prices in Gurgaon?

    If GST is imposed at 12%, the cost per litre will be Rs.38.10.

    If GST is imposed at 18%, the cost per litre will be Rs.40.05.

    If GST is imposed at 28%, the cost per litre will be Rs.43.44.

    The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive tax system introduced in India in July 2017. It is imposed on various types of commodities and services at 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% currently. GST does not affect petrol prices in Gurgaon since petrol has not been included under the GST regime.

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    News about Petrol Price In Gurgaon

    • Petrol Prices Decline by Up To 45 Paise Per Litre

      Fuel prices witnessed another reduction in prices on Tuesday after which petrol rates dropped below the Rs.80 per litre mark in Mumbai. Petrol and diesel prices were cut by up to 40 to 45 paise per litre across four major metro cities of the country. After today’s revision in prices, petrol in Delhi costs Rs.74.07 per litre as compared to Rs.74.49 per litre on Monday, while the diesel price in Delhi was reduced to Rs.68.89 per litre as against Rs.69.29 per litre yesterday as per the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) website. In Mumbai, petrol now costs Rs.79.62 per litre compared to Rs.80.03 per litre recorded yesterday. Diesel prices in Mumbai declined to Rs.72.13 per litre, down by 43 paise. In Chennai, petrol was being sold at Rs.76.88 per litre and diesel at Rs.72.77 a litre, while in Kolkata, petrol is available at Rs.76.06 per litre and diesel at Rs.70.74 per litre. In November, so far, petrol prices have declined by nearly Rs.5.50 per litre, while diesel prices have come down by Rs.5 per litre across major metro cities of the country.

      27 November 2018

    • Petrol Sold at Rs.84 Per Litre in Delhi

      Petrol and diesel prices witnessed a hike on Thursday. In Delhi, the petrol price inclined by 15 paise per litre, while the diesel price was increased by 20 paise a litre. With the revision in prices, petrol now costs Rs.84, while diesel costs Rs.75.45 in Delhi. In Mumbai, petrol prices were hiked to touch Rs.91.34 per litre and diesel is being sold at Rs.80.10 per litre, an increase of 14 paise and 21 paise respectively. Fuel prices have been touching new highs since mid-August 2018, the petrol price has increased by Rs.6.59 a litre, while diesel by Rs.6.37 per litre. Fuel rates are the cheapest in Delhi due to its lower local sales tax or VAT, while its the highest in Mumbai. Oil companies revise fuel prices on a daily basis under the dynamic fuel pricing mechanism. They arrive at the final selling price of petrol and diesel by including the global crude oil price and the exchange rate of the Indian rupee over the U.S. dollar. While the crude oil price has gone up coupled with the drop in the Indian currency has led to the significant rise in fuel prices in the country.

      12 October 2018

    • The High Court of Delhi Discharges the Applications Seeking Formula of Petrol Pricing

      The High Court of Delhi rejected the petition seeking to reveal the formula of petrol pricing on Wednesday, 19 September 2018. The application sought track to the centre in order to reveal the formula based on which the prices of diesel and petrol are being determined. A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and justice V Kameswar Rao rejected to interfere with the policy of the government on revising petrol rates. A Maitri, who is an advocate of a Delhi-based designer sought the direction in order to call records from the Central Government, including fuel marketing companies.

      The court was hearing an application registered by a designer from Delhi, inquiring to reveal the formula and provide information based on which fuel prices are revised. The petitioner said “People were fronting challenges. The fuel marketing companies were retailing their previous stocks of diesel and petrol at enhanced rates” The application, which was registered on the pending public interest lawsuit, requested the pricing of petrol and diesel is a policy matter consisting bigger economic matters.

      20 September 2018

    • Crude Oil Rates Cause Economic Recessions

      Crude oil prices increased by 20% during the first six months of 2018. The next economic downturn will be triggered by the highest crude oil costs. This cannot be a surprise for an investor. A rise in crude oil rates followed the last 5 recessions occurred in the United States of America. Mark Zandi, who is a chief economist at Moody’s, said that rapidly growing crude oil rates are contributing to recessions since the Second World War. Chances of a 2020 US downturns have increased to 34% from 28% prior to the current year’s spike in unrefined oil. Zandi further said that the decision of Donald Trump to reduce tax, a deal on Capitol Hill to increase the spending of the government and the variation between long-run and short-run bank interest rates have also been contributing to the recession risk.

      27 July 2018

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