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    15 Apr 2019 ₹ 70.35
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    13 Apr 2019 ₹ 70.23
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    Petrol Prices in Ahmedabad

    This page gives you the most sought-after information related to petrol. Let’s begin the process in which fuel rates (the current diesel rate and the current petrol rate) in Ahmedabad are priced.

    How are Petrol Prices in Ahmedabad Determined?

    The government of India has recently introduced a fresh fuel pricing mechanism called ‘dynamic fuel pricing or the daily revision’ on 16 June 2017. It is a streamlined version of the earlier fortnightly-based revision. As per the new system, all state-run oil marketing companies will update petrol prices in Ahmedabad at 06:00 a.m. every day. It is not twice a month! With the introduction of the daily revision, India joins the United State of America (USA) and Australia that also revise fuel rates regularly.

    Fortnightly-based Revision vs. Daily Revision

    The fundamental difference between the daily revision and the fortnightly-based revision is the frequency of revision. Despite the frequency, both the fuel pricing mechanisms determine the cost of petrol on the basis of overseas Brent Crude oil and the value of the USD. The earlier fortnightly-based revision was not believed to be transparent whereas the current daily revision ensures transparency in fuel pricing.

    Dealers were facing issues related to stock management with the fortnightly-based revision. This is no more a complexity with the daily revision. The new system will augment the capabilities of oil marketing companies to transfer the rates into the economy competently. For instance, if the currency conversion rate fluctuates today, the same will be replicated in the next day’s petrol rate. An exchange rate is the quantum of one currency you can exchange for another.

    Trends in Petrol Price in Ahmedabad

    Let’s look at weekly reports. Petrol rates in Ahmedabad were up by 0.8% between 14 August 2017 and 21 August 2017. The growth rate was decreased to 0.56% from 0.8% between 21 August 2017 and 28 August 2017. In the next week, the growth rate was again decreased to 0.51% from 0.56%. Between 04 September 2017 and 11 September 2017, petrol prices in the city were up by 0.66%. The cost of petrol in the first week of October 2017 was down by Rs.2 per litre due to a cut in the excise duty.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad Between October and December 2018

    October November December
    Opening date price Rs.82.90 a litre Rs.76.49 a litre Rs.69.93 a litre
    Closing date price Rs.76.66 a litre Rs.70.27 a litre Rs.66.31 a litre
    Highest price Rs.83.14 a litre booked on the 4 October 2018 Rs.76.49 a litre booked on the 1 November 2018 Rs.69.93 a litre booked on the 1 December 2018
    Lowest Price Rs.76.66 a litre booked on 30 and 31 October 2018 Rs.70.27 a litre booked on the 30 November 2018 Rs.66.31 a litre booked on the 31 December 2018
    Trend Downward Downward Downward
    % Change -7.53% -8.13% -5.18%

    Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad Between October and December 2018

    • Petrol prices in Ahmedabad are updated daily by state-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) based on the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism, which considers the 14-day average price of crude oil along with the rupee-dollar exchange rate.
    • Under this method, petrol was priced at Rs.82.90 per litre on 1 October and rose to touch the highest price of Rs.83.14 per litre on 4 October.
    • With fuel prices on a significant rise, the Union government announced a reduction of the excise duty levied on fuel Rs.1.50 per litre, while it asked OMCs to further subsidise Rs.1 per litre.
    • Prices of petrol in Ahmedabad began declining over the next couple of weeks as crude oil prices started to fall marginally.
    • By the end of the month, petrol prices in Ahmedabad declined by 7.53% on the back of the cut in excise duty.
    • On 1 November, the petrol rate in Ahmedabad stood at Rs.76.49 per litre – the highest price recorded for the month.
    • Over the next couple of weeks, prices declined significantly as the geopolitical tensions between the US and China declined which led to a fall in the price of crude oil in the international market.
    • On 30 November, petrol recorded its lowest rate in Ahmedabad when it was retailed at Rs.70.27 per litre.
    • Overall, the petrol price trend in Ahmedabad during November declined by 8.13% attributed to the significant fall in crude oil rates in the international market.
    • The petrol price on 1 December stood at Rs.69.93 per litre, which was the highest rate registered during the month.
    • While crude oil was trading around $80 per barrel early October, it declined to around $56 per barrel late December which prompted fuel prices in the country to fall.
    • The decline in crude oil prices was attributed to decline in geopolitical tensions between the US and China.
    • By the end of the month, the petrol price trend in Ahmedabad declined by 5.18% influenced by the significant fall in crude oil prices in the international market as well as due to the slight appreciation of the rupee over the US dollar.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad between July 2018 and September 2018

    July August September
    Opening date price Rs.74.57 per litre Rs.75.66 per litre (As of 2 August 2018) Rs.77.73 per litre
    Closing date price Rs.75.53 per litre Rs.77.73 per litre Rs.82.40 per litre
    Highest price Rs.76.00 per litre Rs.77.73 per litre Rs.82.40 per litre
    Lowest price Rs.74.57 per litre Rs.75.66 per litre Rs.77.73 per litre
    Trend Upward Upward Upward
    % Change +1.28% +2.73% +6.00%

    Petrol Price Trend in July in Ahmedabad

    • Dynamic fuel pricing has been used throughout the month of July in order to review the rate of petrol in Ahmedabad, which is the largest city in Gujarat.
    • Dynamic fuel pricing requires oil marketing companies to consider the preceding day’s exchange rate and the price of unrefined oil a barrel to determine the price for tomorrow.
    • Under this mechanism, petrol prices remained constant for the first, second, third and fourth days of the month.
    • The price of petrol per litre increased by 31 paise per litre on the 5th and 14 paise per litre on the 6th compared to the previous day. It increased in the week 2 and started dropping towards the month’s completion.
    • Petrol prices increased noticeably in the week three and dropped in the fourth week slightly. Interestingly, on 16 July, the highest fuel price was registered at Rs.76.00 per litre in Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat.
    • Considering the deviation between the closing and opening date prices, the growth rate worked out to be 1.28% this month.
    • In other parts of Gujarat also, the growth rate in the prices of petrol was above 1%, caused by a weakened rupee primarily.

    Petrol Rate Trend in August in Ahmedabad

    • The price of petrol was on the rise in the first few days of the month. Slowly, it increased to Rs.76.28 per litre on the 7th.
    • In the second week, the trend was steady even though there was a deviation in the price structure of crude oil and the currency ratio.
    • From the 7th August to the 15th August, the fuel price remained steady at Rs.76.28 per litre. In the third week also, fuel was sold at a price of Rs.76.41 per litre between the 16th August and the 19th August.
    • As per the price notification released by Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum, petrol prices were steady on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th of August at all the retail petrol distribution centers in Ahmedabad.
    • Between the 27th August and the 31st August, the price of petrol per litre in the city of Ahmedabad increased by 61 paise per litre.
    • Except for a falling rupee and the marginally raised unrefined oil rates, no other forces influenced the price revision of petrol throughout the month of August 2018.
    • From 1.28%, the growth rate this month soared to 2.73%. The lowest and highest petrol prices were observed at the beginning and end of the month.

    Petrol Rate Trend in September 2018 in Ahmedabad

    • The trend in petrol prices in Ahmedabad were interesting to notice this month. Unlike the previous two months, they were highly volatile.
    • The month started with a positive trend since the opening date price was slightly up against the previous day’s price.
    • For the first week, the fuel was retailed at an average price of Rs.78.41 per litre in the largest city of Gujarat.
    • The average fuel price for the second week has increased from Rs.78.41 per litre to Rs.79.89 per litre. Similarly, for the third and fourth weeks of the month, the average fuel rates continued to increase.
    • For a majority of the days of September, the fuel was sold at a constant price. Over a span of 30 days this month, the fuel rate increased above Rs.5 per litre.
    • The revision of the excise duty, also called the central tax, and the Value-added Tax (VAT), also called the sales tax, also matter a lot while releasing the daily update.
    • The excise duty was imposed at the same price on petrol. Even the Value-added Tax was not changed by the State Government of Gujarat.
    • While the lowest price for the whole quarter was reported to be Rs.74.57 per litre, the highest rate for the entire quarter stood at Rs.82.40 per litre.

    Quarterly Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad Between April and June 2018

    April May June
    Opening date price Rs.73 a litre Rs.73.98 a litre (As on 14th) Rs.77.43 a litre
    Closing date price Rs.73.81 a litre (As on 24th) Rs.77.49 a litre Rs.74.72 a litre (As on 26th)
    Highest price Rs.73.81 a litre recorded on 24th Rs.77.57 a litre recorded on 29th Rs.77.43 a litre recorded on 1st
    Lowest price Rs.73 a litre recorded on 1st Rs.73.98 a litre recorded on 14th Rs.74.72 a litre recorded on 6th
    Trend Upward Upward Downward
    %Deviation +1.10% +4.74% -3.49%

    Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad in April 2018

    • Petrol prices depend upon the changes of global crude oil rates and the currency exchange value on a daily basis. While the crude oil price and the currency exchange rate are external factors, domestic factors include taxes and operational costs of oil companies.
    • State-run oil companies revise petrol and diesel prices daily under the ‘Dynamic Fuel Pricing’ mechanism. Prices are updated every day at 6:00 am IST.
    • On 1st, petrol was available at Rs.73 a litre in Ahmedabad - the lowest price for the month.
    • Petrol prices remained steady during the first and second week in Ahmedabad as the global crude oil price remained stable except with slight variations.
    • The highest petrol price in Ahmedabad in April stood at Rs.73.81 per litre on the 24th. The increase in prices was attributed to the marginal incline in crude oil rates.
    • Overall, petrol price trend in Ahmedabad grew by 1.10% largely due to the rise in the global crude oil rate and the incline in the currency exchange value.

    Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad in May 2018

    • Petrol prices in Ahmedabad were kept unchanged until the 11th of the month as crude oil prices reflected a steady rate.
    • The lowest price registered during the month was registered on the 14th with petrol being sold at Rs.73.98 a litre.
    • The global crude oil price continued to rise sharply over the next two week due to tensions over possible sanctions on Iran by the US administration after the latter pulled out the nuclear deal.
    • With the apprehension of a potential shortage in supply of oil, fuel prices grew significantly. Petrol prices rose to touch an all-time high of Rs.77.57 a litre on the 29th.
    • As per Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell, the cost of crude oil per barrel in this month grew by $6 and the reason behind petrol being sold at an all-time high.
    • The trend in petrol prices during the month reflected an upward trend of 4.74% influenced by the significant rise in crude oil prices in the global market.
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    Petrol Price Trend in Ahmedabad in June 2018

    • With crude oil prices on the rise, the members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its key ally Russia decided to meet on the 22nd of the month to find ways to tackle the high crude oil price in the market.
    • On 1st, petrol was available at Rs.77.43 per in Ahmedabad, this was also the highest for the month.
    • The crude oil market was sluggish due to which prices of petrol fell over the first and second week of the month in the city.
    • By mid-June petrol prices in Ahmedabad had fallen by Rs.1.92 per litre compared to the opening date price.
    • During the meeting, the OPEC and Russia agreed to increase production of oil in order to ease the rising oil prices in the market.
    • Similar to other cities, petrol prices in Ahmedabad during the month reflected a downward trend of 3.49% impacted by the fall in crude oil prices.

    Petrol Rates in Ahmedabad and other Prime Cities of India

    The petrol rate across the city is the same except a few minute variations. In other words, there is no noticeable difference in the prices offered by all state-run oil marketing brands. Just to make a comparative study, it can be inferred that the petrol rate is cheaper at Hindustan Petroleum followed by Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, and Shell Oil in Ahmedabad. The same goes with other prime cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Between 4 October 2017 and 13 October 2017, the average prices of petrol in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata were Rs.69.90, Rs.69.50, Rs.70.87, Rs.68.42, Rs.75.55, and Rs.71.20 respectively.

    Computation of Petrol Costs in Ahmedabad

    The following steps are followed to compute petrol prices in Ahmedabad:

    Step 1: Calculation of the Cost of Crude Oil

    The cost of crude oil is the first component of the price structure of petrol and can be computed by taking into account the previous day’s Brent Crude oil price and the value of the USD. Let’s assume that the cost of a barrel of crude oil (159 litres) is $47 and the value of the USD against the INR is Rs.64. The cost of a litre of crude oil works out to be Rs.20.10.

    Step 2: Calculation of operational and transportation costs incurred by oil marketing companies

    Oil marketing companies incur both operational costs (including freight charges) and transportation costs. Operational expenses will remain unchanged for a period of six months whereas transportation costs are reviewed once a year. Let’s now assume that the operational cost is Rs.5.65 and the transportation cost is Rs.2.68. After the second step, the petrol cost per litre Rs.28.43.

    Step 3: The Central Government’s Excise Duty

    Let’s assume that the central government's excise duty is Rs.19.48 per litre. The price of a litre of petrol will now increase to Rs.47.91.

    Step 4: Commission charged by dealers

    Let’s now consider that petrol dealers in Ahmedabad charge 7% commission on a litre of petrol. 7% of Rs.47.91 works out be Rs.3.35. The cost of a litre of petrol now increases to Rs.51.26 after the fourth step.

    Step 5: VAT

    This the final step where the tax on petrol imposed by the government of Gujarat and pollution cess are added. Petrol is taxed at 28.96% by the Gujrat government. Therefore, 28.96% of Rs.51.26 works out to be Rs.14.85. The cess on pollution charged by the local government is assumed to be 25 paise. Now, the retail price of petrol in Ahmedabad will be Rs.66.36 per litre.

    Factors Impacting Petrol Prices in Ahmedabad

    As mentioned in the earlier section, the petrol rate is determined by considering global crude oil prices and the value of the USD. These are the two important factors affecting the retail price of petrol in any Indian city including Ahmedabad. The cost of crude oil is likely to increase when global crude oil rates and the value of the USD increase. Similarly, the cost of crude oil will decrease when the value of the USD and overseas crude oil prices decrease. VAT and the central excise duty also influence the petrol price.

    Let’s now look at the factors that influence the cost of Brent Crude. The primary influencers are the exchange rate, weather conditions, seasonal variations, political moves in oil-producing companies, the supply and demand pattern, and increase demand for crude oil from developing economies. For instance, the cost of crude oil will gain when all activities related to oil extraction get interrupted by undesirable weather conditions.

    Impact of GST on Petrol Prices in Ahmedabad

    Does GST impact the current petrol rate? Certainly, it does not impact. Along with five petroleum products, petrol has been kept outside the regime of GST that was rolled out by the government of India in July 2017. As we all know, the highest tax rate set by the GST Council till date is 28%. Even though petrol is taxed at this rate, the petrol rate in Ahmedabad will drop by 30-35%. It may not be a feasible option from the perspective of the state and central governments, which stand to lose the major source of income. Consumers will benefit.

    Petrol Price vs. Diesel Prices in Ahmedabad

    The average prices of diesel and petrol in the city after the recent reduction in the excise duty were Rs.63 and Rs.69.92 respectively. With the daily revision in place, petrol and diesel rates are expected to increase slightly over the next 30-60 days.

    *Disclaimer: BankBazaar makes no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy of the data provided on this page, the prevailing prices are susceptible to change and provided on an as-is basis. We accept no liability for any loss arising from the use of the data contained on this website.

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    News About Petrol Price In Ahmedabad Today

    • Petrol Prices: Petrol Price Slashed Again in Delhi and Mumbai

      On Friday, the petrol prices received a cut for ninth day in a row. The oil marketing companies have slashed the prices owing to a stronger rupee and also due to the correction in the international crude prices. The price of petrol were slashed by around 25 paise per litre for the four metro cities in India. Post the price reduction, the cost of 1 litre petrol in Delhi is Rs.80.85 while that in Mumbai is 86.33. Meanwhile, 1 litre petrol in Chennai and Kolkata is now available at Rs.84.02 and Rs.82.71 respectively. At the beginning of this month, the central government had cut down the excise duty on petrol by Rs.1.50 per litre. In addition, the government had also asked oil marketing companies to subsidise fuel by Rs.1 per litre. At the same time, the government urged all the state governments to cut taxes on petrol by Rs.2.50 per litre. A number of states like Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh slashed petrol price following the request from the central government. However, the Delhi government did not reduced the state VAT on both petrol and diesel.

      29 October 2018

    • Petrol Prices Reduced by 8 Paise Per Litre in Delhi

      Petrol prices were reduced by 8 paise per litre in top cities on Tuesday. Petrol was sold at Rs.76.27 a litre in Delhi, Rs.84.06 in Mumbai, Rs.78.94 in Kolkata and Rs.79.15 a litre in Chennai as per India’s largest fuel retailer Indian Oil. Petrol price in Bengaluru stands at Rs.77.51 a litre. After touching an all-time high of Rs.78.43 a litre in the National Capital on 29 May 2018, petrol prices have been reduced gradually as global crude oil prices have fallen and the rupee gained against the US dollar. Petrol prices have been reduced by Rs.2 a litre in Delhi since then. Saudi Arabia and Russia have announced an increase in the production of crude oil which has impacted the crude oil price in the global market.

      19 June 2018

    • Petrol Prices Hiked by 15 Paise per litre

      Petrol prices in the country were raised again on Tuesday by the state-owned oil companies. This is second successive day that the prices have been increased after the 19-day freeze ahead of the Karnataka assembly elections. Oil companies raised the price of petrol by 15 paise a litre after raising it by 17 paise on Monday. It needs to be mentioned that oil companies had on April 24 freezed the prices of petrol by stating that the current hike in the global oil prices was not supported by market fundamentals. However, as the prices of international crude oil kept going up during the freeze the companies have been compelled to hike the prices. It is noteworthy that as per the price buildup at BPCL’s Delhi filling station, the cost and freight of petrol globally has increased by 4.15 dollars per barrel between April 25 and May 14.

      15 May 2018

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