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  • Why Is Travel Insurance Necessary

    To most of us, travel insurance seems like an unnecessary expense. It is something which, more often than not, is not considered as part of one’s travel plans. Travelers have for years, underestimated the significance of travel insurance, as its purpose only comes to fore when things go wrong. But then, after all, isn’t it better to be safe than be sorry, especially when you’re away from home and help can be difficult to get by.

    While travelling may take us to the most exciting, exhilarating, colorful and vibrant corners of the planet, it also comes with a fair share of risks and dangers of the unforeseen. There is absolutely no telling as to what might happen when you embark on your trip as there are simply hundreds of circumstances which can bring your trip to a halt. Political unrest, a natural disaster or a medical emergency can force you to cut your trip short and return home earlier than planned. However, travel insurance is special type of insurance designed to cover the individual from a variety of travel related perils.  Wish to know why travel insurance is so important? Read on and you’ll find out why.

    Flight Cancellation

    It’s late at night and you’ve just arrived at the airport to catch your connecting flight, only to find out that the flight has been cancelled due to bad weather. Who will you call to help you book your flight back home?

    Loss of Belongings

    You’re on your trip when your bag containing all your medicines is misplaced. You must find your bag as soon as possible in order to take your medication. Who can you possibly call to help you locate your lost bag or perhaps get the required medicines?

    Loss of Passport / Wallet

    Just 2 days into your trip to Europe, you realize one fine morning that your wallet and passport are missing. Now, this can be a very nasty surprise for any traveler as a passport the most widely accepted form of personal identification, without which you may very well be deemed a criminal as travelling without one is largely considered illegal. A missing wallet, as is obvious, can spell doom on all your travel plans. You will need cash or your credit / debit card to buy food, pay for your hotel, pay from getting a duplicate passport issued, in short, for everything. Whom can you call to help you get a duplicate passport issued or wire you some emergency funds?

    Baggage Loss

    You have arrived in Ibiza, super excited about all those glorious beaches and the amazing nightlife, waiting for your luggage to arrive. It’s been 15 minutes, still no sign of your bags. Upon enquiring, you find out the airline has, mistakenly, mixed up your luggage with that of a fellow traveler. You are in urgent need for a change of clothes and carry out your morning routine. Except, you don’t have your luggage. Who do you call for immediate assistance to recover your lost luggage? Or who will reimburse you for the additional set of clothes and toiletries which you will now have to purchase?  

    Medical Emergency

    On your holiday ski trip abroad, you happen to slip and dislocate a joint. You require immediate medical attention but the cost of hospitalization, leave alone the treatment, is very expensive. Who will you contact to help you obtain access to adequate medical care and also reimburse you for the cost incurred towards the treatment?

    Evacuation Due To Political Unrest

    Right in the middle of your trip to Jordan, riots break out in several parts of the country due to political unrest. You must evacuate immediately for safety reasons but the cost of flight tickets has just rocketed due to the sudden exodus of travelers. You have no choice but to pay for the inflated air fares in order to get back to safety. Who will reimburse you for the cost of air-fare which you had to incur due to an unforeseen emergency evacuation?

    Evacuation Due To Natural Calamity

    You’ve finally made it to Bali for this year’s vacation. The trip is going as planned or even better when the news of an approaching typhoon has everybody in a state of panic. If you stay, you might be stranded. It’d be wisest to leave, you decide. But you’ve already paid the return fare for your trip. Who will reimburse you for the cost of the preponed ticket which you had to take under emergency?

    Evacuation Due To Medical Emergency

    You’ve decided to take an off-beat family vacation to Bhutan. Halfway through your trip, you ailing mother has taken seriously ill. There is no adequate medical facility available in and around the city you’re staying in. You have only one option, head back home as soon as possible so that timely medical assistance may be provided to the patient. Who will assist you in carrying out an emergency medical evacuation?

    Reimbursement of Prepaid Expenses Emergency Evacuation

    While planning a holiday, it so often happens that we book not only our flights but also our hotel in advance, simply for the reason that it helps one save substantially. Travel plus accommodation deals are a common offering from travel and booking websites. However, due to an emergency situation having arisen, you must evacuate the country you’re visiting to get back to safety. But, you’ve already paid your return flight as well as for a full two weeks at the hotel, out of which a good full week remains. You must leave but you will lose out on the money which you’ve paid for your hotel as well as for the travel. Who will reimburse you for those pre-paid costs?

    From the list of reasons mentioned above, it is quite clear, that travel insurance can, indeed, rescue you from a variety of unpleasant situations, which can not only lead to monetary loss but in some medically severe cases, irreparable damage or loss of life. So, the next time you decide or plan for a trip, don’t forget to take a travel insurance policy. Not only can it save you from lot of unforeseen and unnecessary trouble, but also, provide assistance in case you find yourself stranded at any point of your travel.

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