GPS Tracking System And All You Need To Know About It

We have immense love for our vehicle. We spend our hard-earned money to buy a vehicle for ourselves and use them for various purpose. Did you ever feel the need to keep track of your vehicle? Maybe you parked your car in a huge car park and now you are having a hard time finding it. Technology has made it possible for you to track your vehicle immediately. With the help of GPS tracking system, now you can get to know the real-time position of your vehicle, no matter where you are.

What is a GPS Tracking System?

GPS Tracking System

A GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system consists of a portable device which allows you to monitor and track your vehicle’s location. High-end trackers are capable of providing real-time stats of the speed and location of a vehicle. Cheaper trackers offer the option of recording these data for future reference. Some GPS trackers also provide real-time alerts whenever your car exceeds the set speed limit or deviates from a specific geographical area.

How Does A GPS Tracking System Function?

The trackers used for GPS tracking are designed in such a way that a network of satellites can ascertain the location of the device and thus the vehicle. A GPS tracker uses geometry of circles, spheres or triangles to determine absolute or relative locations of points on the basis of their distance from the network of GPS satellites. This is the same technology that is used by GPS navigation systems.

Difference Between GPS Tracking Systems and GPS Navigation Systems:

  • A GPS navigation system provides you with information related to your location and driving direction. It is used to navigate.
  • On the other hand, a GPS tracker system is responsible for keeping track of the vehicle’s physical position and monitoring it’s speed and direction. These information are either saved in the tracker for future usage or broadcasted in real-time.

Benefits of a GPS Tracking System:

The benefits of GPS tracking systems are manifold. These systems are beneficial for both individual vehicles as well as for fleets of vehicles like car rentals, bus/taxi services, logistic companies and freight companies. The benefits are listed below:

  • Benefits for individual vehicles:
    • Tracking: You can easily track your car if it has a GPS tracker installed in it. Whether you lend your car to somebody or you want to find your car in a huge parking lot, the GPS tracker will lead you to your car.
    • Theft: In the case of vehicle theft, you can locate your car with the help of the GPS tracker in your car and inform the police.
    • Parenting: Many a times, authoritative parents install GPS trackers in the cars of their teenage wards. This helps them to pull out the location of the car in real-time or view records of where the car has been. It also lets them know if the speed limits were breached.
    • Monitoring: You can monitor the statistics of your car in terms of speed, direction, and geographical location of the car.
  • Benefits for commercial cars:
    • Keeping a check on the running costs: You can track if one of the drivers are speeding unnecessarily and wasting fuel. Keeping a track of these things will significantly reduce your overall running costs by slashing off the fuel and maintenance bills.
    • Customer satisfaction: Using GPS trackers for your fleet ensures up-to-date status of the items which are out for delivery. That allows you to keep your customers updated with the estimated time of arrival of their packages. Satisfied customers will result in a better relationship with them and thus, increase the profits.
    • Productivity of workers: You can judge the productivity of the drivers of your fleet with the help of GPS trackers. You can keep a track of their lunch break timings and unauthorised breaks. It also helps you evaluate the overtime done by your driver. These factors help to judge the productivity of your drivers.
    • Better business operations: Having access to detailed whereabouts and functioning of your vehicles will give you better control over the business operations.
    • Improved communication: If you have installed GPS trackers in your fleet, it gives you real-time updates about a vehicle’s arrival or departure at a particular place. That saves you time and money as you do not have to call your executive or the driver to know if the assignment has been completed or not.

Mentioned above are some of the most important benefits that an on-board GPS tracker will provide you with. There are many other features as well which vary in different kinds of trackers.

Which are the best GPS Tracking Systems in India?

The features of a GPS tracker are very important to judge its worth. The features on which the productivity of a tracker is judged are as follows:

  • Tracking capacity (passive and real-time)
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Mapping quality
  • Compatibility with mobile phones

Based on these features, the best vehicle GPS tracking systems in India has been listed below:

  • Trak Tracker
  • AutoWiz Tracker
  • LAMROD Tracker
  • Hastaka Tracker
  • DYTECH Tracker
  • ZAICUS Tracker
  • Garmin GPS
  • GF-07 GPS Tracker
  • Coban GPS Tracker
  • Jenix Mini Tracker

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