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Allahabad Bank IFSC Code:

Decoding Allahabad Bank IFSC Code:

Decode Allahabad Bank IFSC Code

Allahabad Bank, like every other bank in India, makes use of IFSC code to route the right amount of money to the right account. IFSC code is an 11-character, alphanumeric code that is unique for each branch of each bank. The first four characters of the IFSC code are usually alphabets and denotes the name of the bank. The fifth character is “0” and is reserved for future use. The last six characters are usually numeric, denoting the bank branch. For example, the IFSC code for Allahabad Bank branches is ALLA0xxxxxx where “ALLA” denotes the bank name, followed by a ‘0’ which is the digit reserved for future use. The last six characters refer to the bank branch. The IFSC code ensures that there is no confusion or errors when one transfers funds. It also saves time and makes processing faster.

How to Search for Allahabad Bank IFSC and MICR codes?

It is very simple to get the IFSC codes once you know the name of the bank and branch. One can find IFSC codes and MICR codes on cheque books/leaflets that is issued by Allahabad Bank or on the official website of the bank. One can find a comprehensive list of IFSC codes on the Reserve Bank of India website. Other than these, one can look at third party financial websites like BankBazaar for the complete list of IFSC codes for Allahabad Bank branches in India, as well as other banks and their branches.

Following are the steps you should follow to get the IFSC or MICR codes that you require by logging onto the BankBazaar website:

  1. Visit the BankBazaar website, scroll down the homepage, find the ‘Bank IFSC Code’ tab and click on it.
  2. This will open a second page where there will be a few drops down menus from which you will have to choose the ones that you are looking for.
  3. There will be a ‘Select Bank’ drop down options will show you a list of banks that you can choose from. You must click on ‘Allahabad Bank’, followed by the appropriate option for ‘Select State’, ‘Select District’ and ‘Select Branch’. BankBazaar will generate the codes as soon as you select the mentioned information.
  4. You can also choose to browse through the list of banks which are provided on the same page and find the bank manually to get the IFSC code.

The generated table will not only provide you with the IFSC code but also the MICR code, phone number, address of the branch, name, branch code etc.

Using NEFT or RTGS services at Allahabad Bank to make online transactions are simple, quick and safe.

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT):

The NEFT facility can be used by all Allahabad Bank customers to make fund transfers from one bank to another. You can choose from over 2700 Allahabad Bank branches which are enabled with NEFT facilities to make your transactions. You can visit the official website for the complete list of branches that are NEFT enabled.

Basically, NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfers) works based on Deferred Net Settlements. If you have debited the amount within the time-frame that is stipulated by the bank, it will be credited to the beneficiary on the same day. If not, the amount will be credited on the following working day.

Allahabad Bank carries out eleven settlements during the day by RBI on weekdays. This is between 9.00AM and 7.00 PM. On Saturdays, settlements are carried out between 9.00AM and 1.00 PM.

You will need the following information to use NEFT service at Allahabad Bank:

  • The name of the receiver
  • The name of the receiver’s bank and branch
  • The receiver’s account number
  • The IFSC code of the receiver’s bank branch
  • The amount to be transferred

Following are the Service Charges on NEFT transactions at Allahabad Bank:

Range Transaction Charge
Rs. 2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh Rs. 25/- per transaction
Rs. 5 lakh and above Rs. 50/- per transaction

Inward transactions will not be charged.

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS):

Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), unlike NEFT, involves transfers being completed on an individual transaction basis which means that the clearance of funds are scheduled individually and not batch-wise. If you are looking for the quickest way to transfer funds, RTGS may be the perfect option. Not only is it one of the quickest modes of fund transfer, but it is also one of the safest.

Allahabad bank ensures that all the transactions will be completed on the same day that the customer debits the fund, unless it has been done after the indicated time frame. You can choose from over 2700 Allahabad Bank branches which are enabled with RTGS facilities to make your transactions. You can visit the official website for the complete list of branches that are RTGS enabled. As long as the branch that you are transferring money to is RTGS enabled, this facility is available to you.

You will need the following information to use RTGS service at Allahabad Bank:

  • The receiver’s name
  • The receiver’s bank and branch name
  • IFSC Code of the receiver’s bank
  • The transfer amount
  • The receiver’s account number
  • A remark for the receiver, if any

The following are the charges for availing the RTGS service (for outward transactions) at Allahabad Bank:

Range Transaction Charge
Rs. 2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh Rs. 25/- per transaction
Rs. 5 lakh and above Rs. 50/- per transaction

These are the charges only for Outstation Outward Remittance. Inward Remittance and Local Outward Remittance is not charged.

Headquartered in Kolkata, Allahabad Bank is one of the oldest joint stock bank in the country. The bank was established in 1865 in Allahabad by a group of Europeans. Allahabad Bank has a rich history and many achievements under its belt. Today, the establishment has over 2,500 branches across the country. There is also a branch in Hong Kong.

News Related to Allahabad Bank IFSC Code
  • Net profit of Rs 75 crore for Allahabad Bank

    A net profit of Rs.75.26 Crore was recorded by Allahabad Bank in the third quarter of the fiscal that wrapped up in December 31, 2016. It is to be noted that the bank had reported a net loss of Rs.486.14 Crore in the same quarter of the previous fiscal. In the October-December period, the total income of Allahabad Bank fell to Rs.5,025.13 Crore from Rs.5,030.19 last year, the bank notified in a filing. There was also a decrease in the gross non-performing assets (NPAs) amounting to 12.51% of the total advances in the period of October-December. Last year's rate was 6.40%.

    There was an increase in the net NPAs that took the numbers from 4.23% last year to 8.65% in the period that is under review. By the end of December 2016, the gross NPAs were registered to be at Rs.19,091.89 Crore compared to Rs.9,802.10 Crore by the end of 2015. On the other hand, in comparison to last year's net NPAs of Rs.6,307.54 Crore, December 2016 finished off with net NPAs worth Rs.12,621.12 Crore. Meanwhile the stock of the bank, on the other hand, were sold at Rs.72.75, 1.56% lower, on BSE.

    13th February 2017

  • Allahabad Bank gets its ratings

    Allahabad Bank today announced that The India Ratings and Research Pvt. Ltd. (India Ratings) have allocated IND A : OUTLOOK STABLE rating to Allahabad Bank’s proposed BASEL-III complaint additional TIER I bonds, that aggregate to Rs.1,000 crore, the bank announced in a statement today.

    With its headquarters in Kolkata, Allahabad Bank is a nationalised bank with the single oldest joint stock bank in India. The day ended at Rs.66.20 per share for Allahabad Bank , with brings it up by 0.40 points, or 0.61%. In a time-frame of one year, the stock has delivered 24.79%.

    In the same time period, the stock has returned with underwhelming results with the BSE Midcap and BSE Bankex index. Allahabad Bank ended at Rs.66.25, which is up by Rs0.3 or 0.45% from the previous closing number of Rs.65.95 on the BSE. The scrip opened at Rs.65.7 and reached an alternative high and low of Rs.66.5 and Rs.65.35 respectively. An aggregate of 1479936(NSE+BSE) shares were traded on the counter. The present market cap of the company is set at Rs.4,904.63 crore.

    The BSE group 'A' stock of face value Rs 10 reached Rs.88.25 on 07-Sep-2016, which is a 52-week high and Rs.39.5 on 12-Feb-2016, which is a 52 week low. In the last one week , the high and low of the scrip stood at Rs.67.1 and Rs.64.9 respectively. The holding of promoters in the company remained steady at 65.92% while Institutions and Non-Institutions held 22.43% and 11.65% respectively. The stock traded above its 200 DMA.

    19th January 2017

  • AllBank Finance merges with Allahabad Bank

    All Bank Financial, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Allahabad bank has merged with its parent company. On 23rd December, 2016 a board meeting was held, where the merger was approved. All Bank Finance has debenture trusteeship license and takes care of merchant banking for Allahabad Bank.

    26th December 2016

  • Allahabad Bank plans business expansion through share sales worth Rs. 500 crores

    State-owned Allahabad Bank has made a proposal in mid-October to raise money for company expansion through share sale worth Rs 500 crore to QIB also known as Qualified Institutional Buyers. The bank will have shares worth Rs. 10 each. This will also ensure that the 52% of government holding remains uninterfered with.

    Capital infusion has been done by the Indian Government at the same time, that is worth Rs 33 crore, contributing to the 75% of the Rs 44 crore that has been allotted to the bank. The bank has to meet certain parameters in order to be provided with Rs, 11 crore by December this year.

    18th October 2016

  • Allahabad Bank intends to Raise Money Through Releasing Stocks worth Rs. 500 crores

    Allahabad Bank is sticks are at the moment around Rs 87.25, after rising by 2.35 points or 2.77% from their previous number at Rs 84.90 at the BSE. Allahabad Bank, with the current scenario and their well performing stocks in the market have decided to issue stocks intending to raise Rs. 500 crore through qualified institutional buyers (QIBs). The decision for the stock market issuance will be made by the bank’s Board of Directors, at their ‘Extraordinary General Meet’ on September 28. Allahabad Bank offers various banking options to its customers including online banking through IFSC and debit card transactions.

    7th September 2016

  • Allahabad Bank Gains Rs 1,802 Crore From Real Estate Asset Revaluation

    With the recent easing of Tier-I capital computing norms of public sector banks by the Reserve Bank of India, many state owned banks have reported an increase in their reserves due to the RBI granting them permission to add part-revaluation gains on real estate investments to their core capital. Of the banks in the eastern zone, Allahabad Bank posted the highest gains, with an addition of Rs 1,802 crore from its revalued commercial and residential real estate investments. The bank's capital adequacy ratio also rose from 10.38 per cent at the close of the third quarter of the financial year 2016 to almost 11.02 percent at the close of the fourth quarter for the same year. The bank owns a number of properties in the business districts of Kolkata, and customers looking to make transfers to their Allahabad Bank accounts in the city can do so using the IFSC codes for branches in this region.

    6th June 2016

  • Shri Gautam Guha Appointed As Part Time Non-Official Director of Allahabad Bank

    In accordance with the Notification dated the 25th of April 2016, the Government of India, Ministry of Finance and Department of Financial Services have announced the nomination of Shri Gautam Guha as the ‘Part Time Non-Official Director on the Board of Directors of Allahabad Bank for a three year duration. The appointment will commence from the date of notification of his appointment of until any further order has been given, depending on which comes earlier.

    According to the BSE, shares of Allahabad Bank traded at Rs 58.6 at the close in comparison with the previous close of Rs 60.2. Allahabad Bank has branches in 34 states, which can be identified with their own IFSC codes.

    25th April 2016

  • Allahabad bank unveils new office in Kohima

    Allahabad bank launched its new branch at Kezekie central building in Kohima last week. The inauguration of regional office was graced by the presence of Mr. P K Satapathy (the Zonal Head of Dibrugarh), Mr. P K Mahapatra (Assistant General Manager of Dimapur branch) along with other notables. Imnawati was asked to assume charge as the manager. Assistant Manager proudly announced that this was the sixth branch in Nagaland. The state has already given the bank a business of over INR 580 crores as per the data reviewed at the end 2015. They offer cutting edge banking technologies and solutions as well as the old fashioned money transfer methods of NEFT and RTGS using IFSC Code. The manager also spoke about the bank’s staunch dedication to the financial upliftment of the north eastern and the importance of more civil participation at different District Level programs with clients.

    27th February 2016

  • INR 1000 Cr to be raised by Allahabad Bank

    The board members of Allahabad Bank has authorized to raise bank’s equity capital accumulating up to INR 1000 crore which entails premium via preferential issue of equity stocks to the Indian Government or Life Insurance Corporation or any other approved financial institution. A press release explaining this has been released. As a state-owned lender, it aims to make another INR 500 crore from debt during the present financial year. The board has sanctioned escalation of equity capital of bank amassing up to INR 1000 crore.

    9th February 2016

  • 19 New Branches in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh: Allahabad Bank

    Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will have 19 new Allahabad Bank branches opened in the near future. The new branches will be equipped with the latest technology to provide its customers with a smooth banking experience. The bank’s expansion comes in the wake of a 25.21% surge in its profits for a three-month period ending September 2015 compared to 2014.

    The bank also plans to build an e-lobby at its Hyderabad branch, which will be fully equipped with top of the line banking services. Money transfer services like NEFT and RTGS that make use of the IFSC and MICR codes will also be available at these branches.

    28th January 2016

  • Allahabad Bank to Merge AllBank to Itself

    Allahabad Bank has carefully considered the possible merger of the bank’s wholly owned subsidiary, AllBank Finance and the board has granted an in-principle approval to take this further. AllBank Finance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allahabad bank and is a merchant banker. AllBank finance has seen a massive income of a profit of Rs.827.7 crores versus Rs.554.3 crores the previous year. The company focusses on trusteeship, loan syndication activities, restructuring assignments, techno economic viability studies and project appraisal amongst the others.

    Allahabad Bank offers a suite of financial products to meet the banking needs of Indians. Having a knowledge of the IFSC code of Allahabad Bank branches will allow you to perform NEFT, RTGS and other fund transfer transactions.

    2nd September 2015

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Allahabad Bank Nawada BranchAllahabad Bank Hallomajra BranchAllahabad Bank Sitapur Branch
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Allahabad Bank Koramangala BranchAllahabad Bank Chennai Tondiarpet BranchAllahabad Bank Maskanwa Branch
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Allahabad Bank Hyderabad DD Colony BranchAllahabad Bank Paho Mirzpur BranchAllahabad Bank Thripunithura Branch
Allahabad Bank Ajwa Road Baroda BranchAllahabad Bank Virar Mumbai Branch

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