How to Pay and Check e Challan Status in Delhi

E-challans are issued by the traffic police in Delhi for any traffic violations under the Motor Vehicles Act. It is important to adhere by all the rules and regulations issued by the Government of India. If these rules are violated, you would have to pay the penalties, which are done through traffic challans that are issued by the traffic police.

How to pay e-challan online in Delhi

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the Delhi traffic police
  • Step 2: Click on ‘'Notice’'
  • Step 3: Under that, click on ‘'Pending Notices’'
  • Step 4: Enter your challan number or your vehicle number in the relevant field
  • Step 5: Click on ‘'Search Details’' and the information will be displayed on the page
  • Step 6: Click on ‘'Pay Now’' which will be available under all the pending challans
  • Step 7: Check the ‘'Amount’' and ‘'Payment ID’' tabs
  • Step 8: Choose your mode of payment
  • Step 9: Once your payment is successful, a message of confirmation will be sent to your registered mobile number
  • Step 10: A PDF version of the receipt can be downloaded for future reference or to confirm that the challan has been paid

How to pay e-challan offline in Delhi

You can make the payment for your traffic challan offline also in Delhi through any of the following ways:

  • Send a cheque, demand draft, or pay order by post or courier to the headquarters of the Delhi traffic police
  • Send a money order through the post office to the headquarters of the Delhi traffic police
  • Visit the headquarters of the Delhi traffic police with challan issued along with the required documents such as the driving licence
  • Pay the amount directly to any traffic police officer of the Delhi traffic police who has an e-challan machine in hand

How to check Delhi e-challan status online

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  • Step 1: Visit the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India’s e-challan web portal
  • Step 2: Click on the tab for ‘'Check challan status’'
  • Step 3: Enter your vehicle number or driving licence number
  • Step 4: The details of all the e-challans issued to you will be displayed
  • Step 5: There will be a ‘'Pay Now’' tab for challans for which payment is pending
  • Step 6: Click on the tab and complete the payment process using any of the payment modes listed

Objectives of e-challan

An e-challan has several objectives such as:

  • Enforce traffic regulations
  • Reduce traffic violations
  • Ensure safety of people on the road
  • Ensure that penalties are paid on time
  • Ensure that penalties are paid directly to the Government of India

Benefits of e-challan for drivers

A traffic challan has several benefits for drivers such as:

  • Makes it easier to pay the penalty for traffic violations
  • Makes sure that you don’t forget to pay the penalty
  • Saves time in paying as it can be done online
  • Ensures that penalty is paid directly to the Government of India
  • Reduces the incidence of duplicate or fake traffic challans

How does an e-challan work in Delhi?

E-challans are a digitized version of paper challans and are issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India through the traffic police in Delhi. CCTV cameras are installed along strategic points across the city of Delhi in order to detect traffic violations. When such violations are caught, an SMS is sent on the spot by a traffic police officer to the offender’s registered mobile number.

Traffic Violations that Attract e-Challans in Delhi

The following is the list of traffic violations that attract e-challans in Delhi as well as the revised penalties as of 1 September 2019, as per the Motor Vehicles Act:

Traffic Violation Revised Traffic Penalty
Odd-even penalty Rs.4,000
Not having driving license Rs.5,000
Not having vehicle insurance Rs.2,000
Driving without a copy of the PUC Rs.2,000
Minor individual driving or riding a vehicle Rs.25,000 and imprisonment for 3 years
Violation of air pollution standards Rs.10,000
Not following instruction of a police officer Rs.2,000
Dangerously driving, over speeding, and disobeying instructions of the police Rs.7,000
Driving over the speed limit Cars: Rs.1,000 Commercial vehicles: Rs. 2,000
Breaking a red light and driving dangerously Rs.5,000 and 3-month suspended licence
Driving through a red light Rs.1,000
Driving dangerously and over-Speeding Rs.5,000 and 3-month suspended licence
Not wearing a seat belt Rs.1,000
Rear seat passengers not wearing seat belts Rs.1,000
Rider or pillion rider not wearing a helmet Rs.1,000 and 3-month suspended licence
Riding a 2-Wheeler with more than 1 pillion rider Rs.1,000
Riding a 2-wheeler while wearing sandals or slippers Rs.1,000
Not letting an emergency vehicle pass by Rs.10,000
Driving while using a mobile phone Rs.5,000 and 3-month suspended licence
Driving and simultaneously taking selfies Rs.2,000
Driving when intoxicated Rs.10,000 and a court challan
Using the high-beam when night-time driving Rs.500
Not switching on headlights after dark Rs.500
Driving in the opposite direction in a one-way Road Rs.500
Using a faulty or fancy number plate Rs.500
Not having a high-security number plate where applicable Rs.2,000
No bumper in the front or rear Rs.1,000
Using private vehicles for commercial uses Rs.2,000
Parking in an obstructive manner Rs.500
Encroaching on the zebra crossing at an intersection with red light Rs.500

FAQs on E Challan Status in Delhi

  1. What happens if I don’t pay the e-challan?

    If you don’t pay the e-challan within 60 days of it being issued to you, a traffic police will visit your address to collect the payment. If you are not available or are unable to make the payment, you will be issued a court summons to appear in court and make the payment. If you fail to do that also, your driving licence can be revoked.

  2. Who can collect traffic challans in Delhi?

    On the Delhi traffic police is authorised to collect the payments for traffic challans in Delhi.

  3. How will I know if the payment I made for the e-challan has been successful or not?

    An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number when your payment has been successful for the e-challan.

  4. What modes of payment are available for paying the e-challan online?

    You can pay the e-challan online using either your debit card, credit card, or internet banking credentials.

  5. How will the e-challan be sent to me?

    The e-challan will be sent to you through an SMS to your registered mobile number.

News About How to Pay and Check E-Challan Status in Delhi

  • 3,037 applications received by Delhi govt. For registration of e-autos

    Delhi government has so far received 3,037 applications for registering electric auto-rickshaws. A campaign was launched on October 18 by the government with the aim of having the highest number of e-autos in the country. A total of 4,261 e-auto permits are up for grabs out of which at least 1,406 are reserved for women. Of the total number of applications received till 21st October, only 93 are frim women. With the application window open till November 1, the state transport department is planning to spread the word by organizing an ‘e-auto mela’ between 25 and 31 October. At the exhibition, people will get to see and even test drive the models of e-autos available in the Indian market and be advised about the available loan financing schemes.

    It needs to be mentioned that transport minister Kailash Gahlot had stated that the government will provide a subsidy of Rs.30,000 on the purchase of an e-auto. In addition, a 5% interest relief on the loan for purchase of an e-auto will be provided by banks, empaneled with the government.

    22 October 2021

  • Online registration for e-auto starts in Delhi

    The transport minister, Kailash Gahlot, said that Delhi has started online registration for e-auto and has reserved 33% of the quota for females. The application can be made through Delhi government's official transport website and a total of 4,261 e-auto permits will be sent out in the first phase, said the transport minister. The transport minister also added that the launch of registrations for e-auto permits is a positive step by the Kejriwal government in making Delhi the electric vehicle capital.

    Under the Electric Vehicle policy, the Delhi government is giving financial assistance of Rs.30,00 to purchase an e-auto to those in need. The applicants would be required to have an Aadhar card with Delhi address mentioned and a driving licence to register for e-auto permit. The date for making an e-auto permit application is 1 November 2021 and the agencies empowered by Delhi government would be giving out loans at 5% interest rate.

    19 October 2021

  • Over 3 lakh challans for flouting Covid norms issued by Delhi police

    Delhi Police has issued over three lakh challans between April 19 and September 28 this year for violations of various COVID-19-related guidelines. As per the latest data, 3,00,692 challans have been issued since the announcement of lockdown in the national capital on April 19. Of all the challans, 2,65,258 were issued for violation of the mask rule. 29,982 challans were issued for not adhering to social distancing norms, 2,365 for consumption of liquor, pan, gutkha, tobacco etc. while another 1,624 challans were issued for spitting. The data showed that 1,463 challans were issued for holding large public gatherings and congregations.

    29 September 2021

  • Issuance of challans for drunk driving resumes in Delhi

    With increasing number of road accidents and deaths on the roads of Delhi, Delhi Police has decided to resume the practice of issuing challans for drunk driving. On Thursday, Special CP (Traffic) informed that the people will be checked on drunk driving and if found guilty will be issued challans by the police personnel. He added that the testing will be done by following all Covid – 19 protocols. It needs to be mentioned here that because of the pandemic, Delhi police had stopped the process of checking people for drunk driving and issuing challans.

    23 September 2021

  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notify Bharat series of ‘BH’ series of registration

    In order to free vehicle owners from the hassle of getting an NOC from the current state and then re-registering the vehicle in the next state where the vehicle will be relocated, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has notified Bharat series of “BH” series of registration. The new series of registration is for those who are in transferable jobs, like in Defence, Railways, other government employees or even private sector employees whose companies are present in multiple states. The new system of allotting BH series registration to vehicles will be completely online. It shall come into force from September 15. Vehilces bearing the BH registration will be required to be re-registered in a new state even if the owner relocates to a new state. The new system has been brought in by the government after amending Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

    To apply for BH registration, applicants will need to fill up Form 60 and furnish valid employment ID or proof online. The registration number will be randomly generated by computer. Under the BH system, road tax will be levied for two years and in multiple of two thereafter. After completion of the fourteenth year, the motor vehicle tax shall be levied annually which shall be half of the amount which was charged earlier for the vehicle. The road tax for a BH registration vehicle will be charged at 8 percent if the cost of the vehicle is below Rs.10 lakh while for those costing between Rs.10-20 lakh it shall be 10 percent. Vehicles costing more than Rs.20 lakh will be charged 12 percent. Diesel vehicles will be charged additional 2 percent while electric vehicles shall be charged 2 percent less tax.

    1 September 2021

  • Delhi RTO opens up 33 services in faceless mode

    The Delhi Regional Transport Office has offered the public up to 33 services in faceless mode that can be accessed from their homes, thus eliminating the need to visit the RTO. Some of these services include submission of application for driving licence, learner's licence, duplicate driving licence, and new conductor licence, replacement of driving licence, updating a change in address on the licence, termination of hypothecation, certificate of vehicle registration certificate, NOC, insurance NOC, industrial driving permit, vehicle Registration Certificate (RC), road tax, renewal of permit, surrender of permit, fresh permit for goods vehicle, transfer permit, and duplicate permit.

    18 August 2021

  • Delhi cuts driving licence test slots by 50% to ward off spread of COVID-19

    The Delhi government's Transport Department has decided to cut driving licence test slots by 50% and allowed applicants with permanent licence to take the test at any automated track. This decision was taken in order to curb the further spreading of Covid-19 in India. Earlier, around 1,000 slots were assigned for driving license tests everyday. However, to curb the spreading of the virus, the slots were reduced by half. 50% of the available slots will be reserved for candidates who booked for test during the lockdown and were required to reschedule.

    16 June 2021

  • Govt to launch 16 transport-related services

    The central government is soon going to launch 16 transport-related services online which includes applying for a learners’ license and provisional registration of vehicles. The move will ensure that Aadhaar card holders need not stand in queue when it comes to applying for a learners’ license or getting their vehicles registered.

    To avail the benefit the applicants will have to carry out Aadhaar authentication by logging onto It needs to be mentioned here that the government had earlier made Aadhaar authentication mandatory for various welfare schemes.

    3 February 2021

  • Glitches take over online renewal of driving licences

    There seems to be a lukewarm response to the system of renewing driving licences online. This was a facility was introduced by the transport department and now it looks like a lot of people were facing technical issues with the same.

    A few motorists have said that the process of licence renewal is getting delayed. This is because as they are unable to download their certificates. The medical certificate is a cause of concern to a lot of the motorists.

    According to the rules, the holder of the driving licence needs to provide a medical certificate from a registered practitioner. If this application does not match the rules, it will be rejected and then returned to the concerned RTO.

    21 December 2021

  • Driving licence of riders not wearing helmets to be suspended in Odisha

    The transport department Odisha will be strictly implementing the rules which states that the driving licences will be suspended if the rider or the pillion rider are riding without helmets. The licence of the rider will be suspended if the pillion rider is found to be without a helmet.

    According to Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act 2019, every person above the age of 4 must wear a helmet on a two-wheeler vehicle.

    8 December 2020

  • Suspension of driving licence in Karnataka increases demand for kids' helmets

    The transport department and the traffic police department had previously stated that driving without helmet could lead to the suspension of the driving licence. Due to this, the demand for helmets have increased in the state of Karnataka, especially for kids.

    The transport department had stated that helmets will be compulsory for pillion riders as well including for children above the age of 4. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, riding without a helmet will lead to a fine of Rs.1,000 and a licence suspension for 3 months.

    29 October 2020

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