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  • Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance

    Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance

    The potential for business and corporates in our country is huge. But getting the right partnerships and investments is more challenging than drawing customers. If you are one of the top players of any such enterprise, you will be aware of the wonders aggressive marketing, networking and branding can achieve. All these aspects point towards one thing – corporate travelling. Do the staffs of your organization need to travel on a regular basis? Save your business the expense and hassle with a simple and convenient online travel insurance policy.

    Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance is designed in such a way that establishments of all kinds and sizes can opt for their tailor-made schemes that can be bought under the corporate category. Your company will then be able to give out personal business trip certificated for professionals touring in support of it. With unbelievable flexibility offered on each product, you shall travel as much as you need to with the self-assurance of Chola MS Travel Insurance Carrier.

    Features of Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance

    • When you opt for Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance, you get a host of perks given below.
    • It is not mandatory to have medical check-up before buying this.
    • You can request for a tailored policy based on your precise requirements without any add-ons.
    • As the policy is quite flexible, you have the whole control and can give out online documents from your property.
    • The firm offers the most direct and quick claim procedure in association with Europe Assistance India Private Limited, a premier service provider for such situations.


    S. No. Covers Options for Insured Amount Deductibles
    1 Insurance for medical and hospitalization including medical evacuation 50,000 USD 1 lac USD 2 lacs USD 2.5 lacs USD 50 USD
    2 Deportation of remains (only if within the entire medical limit allowed) 7500 USD Nil
    3 Dental Cure 200 USD 300 USD 500 USD 50 USD
    4 If your checked luggage is lost 500 USD 1000 USD 1500 USD Nil
    5 If your checked luggage is delayed 100 USD 150 USD 12 hrs
    6 If you lost your passport 150 USD 250 USD 30 USD
    7 Individual Accountability 1 lac USD 2 lac USD Nil
    8 Personal Accident - Abroad 10,000 USD 15,000 USD 25,000 USD Nil
    9 Personal Accident – In India INR 2.5 lacs INR 5 lacs INR 10 lacs Nil
    10 If the trip is cancelled 250 USD 500 USD 50 USD
    11 Trip Curtailment 250 USD 500 USD 50 USD
    12 Trip Delay ($25 per 12 hours) 250 USD 500 USD 12 hrs
    13 Daily allowance for hospitalization 25 USD per day Up to 250/ 500 USD Nil
    14 Hijack relief & other related benefits 100 USD per day Up to 400/ 700 USD 12 hrs
    15 Emergency monetary assistance 250 USD Nil
    16 Emergency travel expenditures Replacing colleagues working overseas 2500/ 5000 USD Nil
    17 Emergency medical expenditures (Accidental hospitalization only within India from home to airport) INR 1 lac INR 2500
    18 Loss of your Global Driving License 100 USD 25 USD

    Inclusions and Exclusions

    Policy Covers Policy Exclusions
    Emergency medical expense cover: This includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains Dental treatment cover: This is available in addition to the above mentioned medical expense cover. Any treatment that might be the key reason or one of the reasons for the overseas travel. Any treatment that can be delayed, according to the attending doctor and the overseas administrator, till the policyholder returns to India.
    Total loss of checked-in baggage War (including war that has not officially been declared), invasion, civil war, act of foreign enemies;
    Cover for delay in checked-in baggage insurrection, rebellion, mutiny or revolution;
    Loss of passport and/or international driving license usurped power (military or otherwise), capture, seizure, restraint, arrest or detainment; nationalization, confiscation or requisition;
    Accidental death cover damage caused by or due to the order of any public local authority or government
    Permanent total disability cover Acts of terrorism, with the exception of Hijack Relief.
    Personal liability cover Any reckless, intentional or criminal activity, use or abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, or attempted suicide.
    Financial emergency and hospital daily cash cover Participation in air force, military or naval operations, either as a military exercise or as war games, or actual engagement with a foreign or domestic enemy.

    More Inclusions & Exclusions:

    Hijack relief, trip cancellation, trip curtailment and trip delay Losses caused by attempted or actual commission or participation by the policy holder in illegal activities or attempted or actual violation of the law, including resisting arrest.
    Cover for travel expenses if the travelling employee needs to be replaced by another employee HIV/AIDS and all concomitant health conditions.
    Door-to-door personal accident cover for employees from their residence to the airport or from the airport to their residence, within India
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