• Benefits of Equifax ePort

    Features and Benefits of Equifax ePort

    An online portal that can be used by banks, lenders, and other financial institutions – Equifax ePort portal provides access to a massive database of individual consumer credit information. It also has the following features, benefits, and functionalities:

    • Credit histories and behavioural patterns with debt are recorded, analysed, and presented as either a Credit Information Report or an Enhanced Credit Information Report.
    • The ePort offers one stop online access to a range Equifax products and services.
    • Individual consumer analytics are provided and a scoring system is in place to rate different borrowers based on past performance with debt.
    • The portal provides access to an ID Verification service.
    • Ensures regulatory compliance.
    • Helps mitigate fraud through the use of secure tokens and other role & location based logins, etc.
    • Individual User IDs are monitored, and data of deviations from previously recorded logins by time and user are computed to help detect fraud.
    • Sessions are automatically timed out after a certain length of inactivity to prevent hijacking.
    • Complete control of the application is given to the end-user.
    • Functions as a browser based application, and does not require specialised training.
    • Fully scalable design to grow with businesses.
    • Offers information and data readily in order to optimize the efficiency of customer support efforts.
    • Direct downloads help save time.
    • 24 / 7 accessibility to the entire range of services through the portal.
    • Fast and intuitive system that can help reduce response time to new applicants.

    The B-2-B design of the ePort allows for it to be used as a versatile tool for maximizing the efficiency of all credit-business operations as it makes useful information available fast, and through a simple process.

    Banks can choose the right applicant based on historical credit information, and can in this way minimize the risk they expose themselves to.

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