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Check Your Free Experian Credit Score

  • How to Check Equifax Credit Report

    Equifax aims to provide comprehensive data to benefit both borrowers and lenders, ensuring that deserving individuals get the financial assistance. Among the many services on offer, a popular one is the Credit Information Report, which could have a great impact on your financial future.

    What does a Basic Credit Information Report contain?

    A Basic Credit Information Report typically contains five parts, as mentioned below:

    • Details about a consumer, including his/her age, name, address and Identification
    • A summary of the credit of an individual, providing an overview of the basic credit traits
    • Details of all recent financial activities of a consumer
    • The repayment history of an individual which is segmented into different accounts
    • Information about all credit inquiries made by an individual

    How to check your Equifax Credit Report?

    Checking the Equifax Credit Report is a simple process, but an individual should complete a few formalities before he/she receives a report, with these steps highlighted below.

    • KYC formalities: A consumer is first expected to complete the KYC formalities by filling the KYC request form in order to be eligible for a credit report. A prospective consumer can get the KYC form by either mailing Equifax or sending them a letter, requesting for the same
    • Documents: Relevant documents should be provided with the form to confirm identity. These documents could be either self-attested ID or address proof
    • Payment: An Equifax Credit Report is not free and a consumer will have to pay the necessary amount in order to receive it. The cost to receive a score is Rs.400 while it is Rs.138 to have access to the basic report, with the amount to be paid via a DD in favour of Equifax
    • Submission: The money along with all relevant documents should be sent to the Equifax office either through courier or post

    Eligibility to check your Equifax Credit Report

    A consumer should fulfil certain basic eligibility criteria in order to receive a credit report, submitting the following documents along with an application form.

    • Copy of self-attested ID proof. This can be either a Driving License, Voters ID card, Aadhar card, Passport or PAN card.
    • Copy of valid address proof. This can be either a telephone bill, ration card, driving license, registered rent agreement, bank statement or electricity bill.
    • An individual should ensure that the document in question is not more than 3 months old, with a clear picture and address details.

    The amount to be paid in order to receive a report can be paid only through a Demand Draft, which should be crossed, containing the name and phone number of a consumer. This DD should be addressed to “Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited, Mumbai” only and no other address can be mentioned. Cheques or cash cannot be used as mode of payment to receive a report.

    Access to Equifax Credit Report

    An Equifax Credit report contains personal financial information and is not open for public viewing. Only registered individuals have access to their report, with the report of an individual not provided to any other third person. On the other hand, institutions registered with Equifax as members have access to credit reports of individual members in order to gauge their creditworthiness and provide finance.

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