How to remove name from CIBIL Defaulter list?

Since your credit report makes a big difference in your life when it comes to applying for new credit like a credit card, loans of all kinds like home, auto and even personal. It’s important that you always are aware of your credit report and how you stand against others in terms of your score. Making sure your name never comes on their Defaulters List, should be a priority for you, if you are on the on the list then how do your get off it.

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Here are some tips to keep in mind when your want to remove yourself from the Defaulters List:

  1. The first thing you need to do is check your credit report, there could be a human error causing your name to come on the Defaulters List, so it’s best to always check on the report and make sure all your details are correctly mentioned, like date of birth, your name, your PAN, your address, etc.

  2. There could be an error in reporting, the details provided could be wrong, like credit card details, the details of the credit will be yours but the ownership could be another individual's. You can also end up being a victim of identity theft and can have a report for late repayments despite making all payments on time.

  3. Another strong reason your name could appear on the Defaulters List, could be due to settling of a credit or defaulting on payments towards as credit, even late payments have an impact on your credit.

  4. To get your name removed for the reasons mentioned in the points 1 and 2 you would need to provide CIBIL with documented valid proof and this would be fixed.

How to improve your score and not get on the Defaulters List?

The most effective way to keep your credit score at 750 point high if not above it, is to use ensure that you use your credit very carefully and also ensure you make timely payments.

  1. Try to not have multiple credits, try to have one single credit card, instead of having multiple cards, making yourself look credit hungry.

  2. When it comes to repayments, ensure to make all your payments related to your credit outstanding in an effective and timely manner, this will improve your score even if it's currently not in a very good bracket.

  3. Don’t look credit hungry or than you need a loan of sorts to survive, avoid applying for loans and credit cards multiple times, from various banks and lending institutions. Each and every inquiry and loan request is recorded by CIBIL and in turn lowers your score.

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