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  • Why CIBIL Score/Report is Important

    A CIBIL score is a three-digit figure that ranges from 300 to 900 and is used to assess your creditworthiness. In this article, you will learn about the importance of your CIBIL score/report.

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  • As kids, the only report we were worried about was our school reports that illustrated our academic performance, not much has changed since then. Report cards have been replaced by CIBIL report/score and it does have the same effect on us. Like we already know a CIBIL score or report determines your financial history. We all know that the score or report plays a very important role in one’s financial journey. But just how important is your CIBIL score is the question here. How much does it matter? How does it matter to your bank? We’ll explore the importance of it right here.

    Who Prepares the CIBIL score or Report?

    We are all aware of our CIBIL scores. But who calculates it and how exactly is it calculated? CIBIL score or report is prepared by Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited which plays an imperative role in the financial system of India. CIBIL prepares your report or score based on your financial data acquired. This data contains your payments records of loans and credit cards. The member banks of CIBIL submit these reports every month. Based on the reports submitted by the bank the CIBIL score and report is prepared.

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    How Does Your CIBIL score/Report Matter?

    So how much does CIBIL report or score matter? CIBIL score/report plays a very crucial role in your financial journey. Credit lenders rely on your cibil score/report to determine if you are worthy of availing credit. If your CIBIL score is below average the lenders will be hesitant to advance loans and credit cards. If an individual has a score above 750, they have a better chance at getting loans and credit cards with the best rates. CIBIL score and report helps the lender and the borrower in identifying their credit history better.

    The Bank and CIBIL Report

    Banks and financial institutions collect information about the borrowers to ensure that they are eligible enough to be granted a loan or credit card. From statistics, about 70% of the information collected by the banks about borrowers matches with their CIBIL report and CIBIL score. This proves how accurate CIBIL report is. The banks and financial institutions don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to collecting information about the borrower and the fact that 70% of the CIBIL report matches to the collected data proves that CIBIL report is accurate and gives a detailed information about the individual’s credit history. Banks more often than not bank on CIBIL report to check an individual’s credit history despite after collecting information about the borrower. Banks check on your CIBIL score to analyse if you’ve ever defaulted in your financial journey in the past as it would have been recorded on your CIBIL report. Your CIBIL score or report will determine your eligibility to avail loans and credit cards.

    Where Else Does it Matter?

    Your CIBIL score shouldn’t be taken lightly as it plays a crucial role in your financial journey. Given below is a list of things that are affected by your CIBIL score or CIBIL report.

    1. Loan approval-Your CIBIL score shows the lender just how creditworthy you are. If you have a good CIBIL score or report, the lender won’t hesitate before granting a loan. But a bad CIBIL score might lead to loan rejection as the lender is unsure of your creditworthiness.
    2. Credit card approval-Low or a bad CIBIL score can hamper your chances of getting a credit card. If you’ve defaulted previously on any of your credit cards, it would have been recorded on your CIBIL report and this does not hold well with the banks and financial institutions. Banks/financial institutions are more likely to approve your application for a credit card when you have a decent CIBIL score.
    3. Interest rates-Higher the CIBIL score, lower the interest rates. If you hold a good CIBIL score/report you have a better chance at getting lower rate of interest on your loans and credit cards. A good CIBIL score will grant you the power to negotiate.
    4. Housing-A good CIBIL score will ensure that you get a housing loan without any hassles whatsoever and the same things holds true for availing a place on rent.
    5. Approval for higher limits-Banks and financial institutions are favorable to individuals with a good or high CIBIL score. This will ensure that you get approval for higher limits from the bank or financial institutions.

    Is Your Financial Life Doomed if you Have a Bad CIBIL score?

    A bad or poor CIBIL score does not put an end to your financial journey but it will slow you down. There is no need to fret if you have a bad CIBIL score, you can always change it before it’s too late. It is important to check your CIBIL report for errors if you notice that you have a bad report. If your CIBIL report is not updated or if it has errors you need to get it corrected immediately. The individual can address the concern with CIBIL’s “dispute resolution” if there is an error in the report. But if the bad score is due to poor financial decisions, it is important to improve your CIBIL score by making payments on time and not defaulting. Because at the end of the day CIBIL score does play a very crucial role in determining how easy your financial journey is.

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    TransUnion CIBIL is one of the leading credit information companies in India. The company maintains one of the largest collections of consumer credit information in the world. CIBIL Score plays a key role in the lives of consumers. Banks and other lenders check the CIBIL Score of the applicants before approving their loan or credit card application. Consumers can visit the official website of CIBIL to check their CIBIL Score and Report.

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