• Remove Virus from your Smartphone Quickly

    How to Remove Virus from Smartphone

    Phones are often not affected by virus attacks in this day and age when compared to desktops and laptops. However, this does not mean that phones are not affected by virus attacks at all. Many a time, you may have complained about your phone hanging continuously or your contacts getting deleted automatically. These are all due to viruses attacking the software of your phone.

    There are several ways by which a virus can enter your phone. It can be through malicious code, an app or even malware. Almost every day, there are news articles which detail how a hack has resulted in the leaking of personal information along with financial information.

    Types of Malware that can affect Phones

    Any kind of malware which can affect all electronic gadgets, mainly laptops and phones. Malware can include computer worms, viruses, Trojans, spyware and ransomware. Among all of these, viruses are the most common type of malware which affects electronics.

    Viruses are that malware which makes its way to your phone or computer and can harm its programs. These viruses can insert new and malicious code to your phone which can track all kinds of activity which you perform on your phone. This malware can steal all your information, including your financial information, along with sending SMSes to a random group of people without your knowledge.

    The virus can affect your contact list, messages, history of activity, track your location and access all your passwords. Viruses can not only provide access but also gives the ability to manipulate all kinds of data.

    Signs that your Phone is affected by a Virus

    There will be many times when you do not realise that your phone has been affected by a virus. Physical or external damage can be seen, however, since damage by the virus is internal, we often don’t pay any heed to it. However, it must be controlled and then fixed to prevent further damage to the phone and your data.

    Here are the signs that your phone is affected by a virus:

    • Applications slowing down.
    • Battery draining faster than normal.
    • The phone has slowed down.
    • Too many pop-up advertisements.
    • Any random download of applications.
    • Extensive data usage.

    Removing viruses from your Phone

    There are several steps which you can take to remove the virus from your phone. If you have noticed that there might be some malware in your phone, it is important that you fix the phone and remove the virus as fast as possible, before the damage becomes irreversible.

    Some of the steps which you can take to remove the virus from the phone are:

    • Most Apple phones do not need any kind of anti-virus since the operating system of an iPhone, iOS is specifically made in a way and updated often to prevent any kind of malware from entering the phone.
    • However, for Android phones, since many phones are third-party users of stock Android and have additional operating systems working as well, they come with a built-in Safe Mode. You can long-press on the Power Off button to restart the phone and select the option of restarting the phone in Safe Mode.
    • Once your phone is in Safe Mode, if you notice any application of suspicious nature, visit the Settings option and click on the ‘Force Stop’ option for the app. However, this does not ensure that the virus has been removed. It will prevent the virus from doing further damage on your phone.
    • After you identify the malicious apps on your phone, you must research and install a premium antivirus software for your phone. Premium antivirus software by Norton or McAfee has dedicated mobile antivirus applications which can be used to prevent any virus attack on your phone.

    Apart from installing antivirus software, there are many basic steps which can be taken to prevent viruses from harming your phone. Some of these steps are:

    • Always keep your applications updated.
    • Do not click on any kind of unfamiliar messages or links sent by unknown numbers.
    • Always use strong passwords for all your apps and accounts.
    • Downloading applications from trusted and verified sources is highly important.

    Even though, often, we do not pay heed to our phones and a minor issue such as a lag or slowing down does not affect daily life, it is important to keep gadgets safe. Since most of our information is online and is easily accessible through our mobile phones, keeping the phones under safeguard and its information under security is what prevents your information from being affected.

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