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  • Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO)

    Visa processing conjures up images of cumbersome paperwork and serpentine queues. However, with increasing digitisation and streamlining of procedures adopted by many countries including Australia, the process of getting visas approved is getting less time consuming and more cost efficient.

    What is VEVO?

    Australia currently follows an electronic visa system which obviates the need for visa labels in the passports of visa holders for them to enter and live in Australia. In other words, immigration officials can check the status of visas online courtesy VEVO.

    Visa entitlement verification online (VEVO) is a free facility provided by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Government of Australia, to help visa holders check details of their visas online without any hassles.

    Visa holders can access details of their visas on VEVO by logging on to the official website at https://online.immi.gov.au/evo/firstParty?actionType=query. Visa holders can, therefore, confirm essential details related to their visas without having a visa label in their passports. A Result of Entitlement Check can be printed after checking the details online, as evidence of the confirmation. Visa holders are provided a unique identification number which is connected to their visa records (electronic).

    To check the details of your visa through the VEVO facility, you should have details of your passport in addition to the following (any one):

    • Grant Number (included in the email sent on visa approval)

    • Password

    • Evidence Number (unavailable on the app) (found in the visa label of your passport)

    • Transaction Reference Number (unavailable on the app). This is a reference number which is provided to every application online.

    In case you do not have the aforementioned information, you can use VEVO Request for Reference Number Form which requires you to fill in the following details:

    • Date of birth

    • Given name

    • Family name

    • Email address

    • ImmiCard country

    • ImmiCard number

    • ImmiAccount Logon

    • Type of visa and when was it granted?

    • Passport bio-page (scan)

    Details provided by VEVO

    As a visa holder, you can make use of the VEVO facility to check the status of your visa. What’s more, a mobile app - myVEVO, is also available which can be downloaded on your smartphone (Android or iOS) for ready use. Upon entering your passport number and grant number, you can check your visa type, travel conditions, work rights, expiry date, validity and study rights among others. To use the myVEVO app effectively, you need details such as your date of birth, visa Grant Number and Passport details.

    The details provided by VEVO include the following:

    1. Visa description

    2. Visa Status

    3. Visa Expiry Date

    4. Family Name

    5. Visa grant Number

    6. Visa grant date

    7. Visa class/sub-class

    8. Entry date (must enter before date)

    9. Expiry date

    10. Entries allowed

    11. Period of stay

    12. Visa type

    13. Names of dependants

    Registered Organizations with VEVO

    It is important to note that Australian visas are open to verification by third parties. Visa holders need not register to gain access to VEVO as they can check their visa details in the aforementioned procedures or via the VEVO app. However, organisations will have to register with VEVO by creating an ImmiAccount. Organisations need a valid Australian Business Number (ABN). Organisations need to access information about your visa status and related information. VEVO will provide the relevant information to them, subject to your approval.

    Organisations may typically enquire about your visa status with VEVO to check if you can undertake specific activities in the country without any legal hassles. It is important to note that organisations are not provided detailed information on you by VEVO.Also, information can only be provided by VEVO if your details are already available in an electronic format.

    The types of organisations which register for VEVO include the following:

    • Registered Migration Agents (RMAs)

    • Real estate agents

    • Education providers

    • Employers

    • Financial institutions

    • Telecommunication companies

    • Labour suppliers

    • Government agencies

    You can provide your visa entitlement details to organisations by sending them an email from VEVO (login to VEVO to check entitlements) following which, you can print a PDF copy.


    In case you have some queries regarding the use of VEVO, you can fill out the VEVO enquiry form and send it to the concerned department.

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