Schengen Visa In India

Indian passport holders are required to apply for a Schengen Visa in order to visit, stay or transit through one or more Member States of the Schengen Zone. Depending on the type of the visa, a visa holder will be allowed to stay up to a specified number of days in the Schengen Zone. Applicants can either apply for a visa under the short-stay and long-stay duration available under the single or multiple entry schemes. For the application of Schengen Visa, Indian passport holders are required to understand various factors pertaining to the eligibility criteria, fees, and the application process.

Schengen Visa permits access to 26 member states or countries of the Schengen Zone. The Schengen Zone consists of 22 members from the European Union Member States and the remaining from the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). As per the Schengen Agreement, the member states do not carry out individual border checks as they follow the common rules for crossing the borders. People, goods, services, and capital moves freely within the Schengen Zone as the members share the common travel and movement rights. The members also share common judicial system and the entire zone is controlled by police cooperation from all the members. Following are the members of the Schengen Zone:

Austria Hungary Poland
Belgium Iceland Portugal
Czech Republic Italy Slovakia
Denmark Latvia Slovenia
Estonia Lithuania Spain
Finland Luxembourg Sweden
France Malta Switzerland
Germany Netherlands Liechtenstein
Greece Norway  

Security System of the Schengen Zone

The security system of the Schengen Zone consists of Visa Information System (VIS), Schengen Information System (SIS), and European Dactyloscopy (EURODAC). The security system helps the members in developing and sharing a common database for fighting crime, terror, and other negative elements. The database is shared by all the members which help in accessing information about people visiting the Schengen Zone. The Visa Information System (VIS) Collects and exchanges information of short-stay visa applicants. The Schengen Information System (SIS) safeguards the citizens of Schengen Zone by collecting and exchanging information of suspected criminals, stolen/lost assets, and missing people. It also allows collaboration of Border Control and Law Enforcement agencies across the entire zone. European Dactyloscopy (EURODAC) is a fingerprint database to identify asylum seekers and illegal border-crossers.

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All Indian Passport holders, as well as other nationalities who are residing in India, can apply for a Schengen in India. All the citizens of the following countries are required to obtain a visa prior to their travel to the Schengen Zone:

Afghanistan Chad Jamaica Mozambique Sri Lanka
Algeria China Jordan Namibia Sudan
Angola Cuba Kazakhstan Nauru Suriname
Armenia The Democratic Republic of the Congo Kenya Nepal Swaziland
Azerbaijan Djibouti Kuwait Niger Syria
Bahrain Dominican Republic Kyrgyzstan Nigeria Tajikistan
Bangladesh Ecuador Laos Pakistan Tanzania
Belarus Egypt Lebanon Palau Thailand
Belize Equatorial Guinea Lesotho Papua New Guinea Tunisia
Benin Eritrea Liberia Philippines Turkey
Bhutan Ethiopia Libya Qatar Turkmenistan
Bolivia Fiji Madagascar Russia Tuvalu
Botswana Gabon Malawi Rwanda Uganda
Burkina Faso Gambia Maldives Samoa Uzbekistan
Burma/Myanmar Ghana Mali Sao Tome And Principe Vanuatu
Burundi Guinea Marshall Islands Saudi Arabia Vietnam
Cambodia Guinea-Bissau Mauritania Senegal Yemen
Cameroon Guyana Micronesia Sierra Leone Zambia
Cape Verde Haiti Mongolia Somalia Zimbabwe
The Central African Republic India Morocco South Africa Kosova

The nationalities of the following countries must obtain a transit visa in order travel through the Schengen Zone to another destination country:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Congo (DRC)
  • Eritrea
  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka

Schengen Visa Application

The Schengen Visa applications require the applicants to fill in the application form, provide the necessary documents, and pay the visa fee to qualify for the Schengen Visa. Applicants of certain categories may be required to appear for a visa interview at the Schengen Embassy/Consulate. The application can be carried out online as well as offline through a Visa Application Centre.

Online application - The Schengen visa application form requires the following details of the applicants:

  • Surname/family name as per the passport.
  • Surname/family name at birth, if different from the current name.
  • First Name(s) as per the current passport.
  • Date of Birth in MM.DD.YYYY format.
  • Place of Birth as mentioned on the passport.
  • Country of Birth.
  • Current Nationality, if different from nationality at Birth.
  • Gender.
  • Marital status.
  • If the applicant is a minor, then details such as full name, address, and nationality of the person holding legal guardianship or parental authority are required on the form.
  • National Identity Number, if applicable.
  • Travel Document Type with options ranging from Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport, Official Passport, and Special Passport to Other types of travel documents.
  • Travel Document Number along with, date of issue, valid until, and issuing authority.
  • Applicant mailing address along with the email address and Telephone Number.
  • Details of residence in another country, if the applicant lived in a country other than the current nationality.
  • Current Occupation.
  • Details of Employer or Educational Institution.
  • Purpose of the trip whether its Tourism, Business, Official Visit, Medical Treatment, Study, Transit, visit Family/Friends, Cultural, Sports, Transit/Airport Transit, or any other.
  • Destination Member State.
  • Member State of first entry.
  • Number of Entries required.
  • Duration of the intended stay or transit indicates the number of days.
  • Details of Schengen Visas Issued during the past three years.
  • Fingerprints.
  • Details of Entry Permit for the Final Destination Country, if applicable.
  • Arrival Date.
  • Departure Date.
  • Details of the invitation.
  • Details of Travel and Living Expenses.
  • Personal details of a Family Member who is residing in the European Union, EEA, or Swiss National.
  • Signature along with Date and Location.

Get the Required Documents For Schengen Visa Application

  • Two photographs of the applicant as per the specifications.
  • Applicant's passport with at least three months of validity after the return date from the Schengen Zone along with the copies of the previous visas, if any.
  • A €30,000 travel insurance coverage which should be valid across the Schengen area.
  • The itinerary and a cover letter stating the purpose of the visit.
  • Details of flight itinerary including flight numbers and dates of travel along with entry and exit details.
  • Details of accommodation of the entire visit.
  • Details of marital status.
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds to support the visit.
  • Additional documents for applicants who are:
    • Employed - Employment contract, current bank statement of latest 6 months, leave permission from your employer, Income Tax Return (ITR) form, etc.
    • Self-employed - A copy of your business license in India, company bank statement of the latest 6 months, and Income Tax Return (ITR).
    • Students - Proof of enrolment and no-objection certificate from school or university.
    • Retired - Pension statement of the latest 6 months

Schengen Visa Fees for Indian Passport holders

All applicants are required to pay the applicable visa fee in order to process the application. The non-refundable mandatory visa fee varies for applicants based on the type of the visa, the nationality of the applicant, entry scheme, duration of stay, and other factors. Following visa fees are applicable for Indian Passport holders:

Type of Visa Cost of Visa (Euro)
Airport transit visa 60
Short stay Schengen visa, less than 90 days 60
Long stay visa, more than 90 days 99
Visa for Children between 6 – 12 years of age 35

The visa fee is not applicable for:

  • Indian children between the age of 6 - 12 years
  • For students travelling for educational training and study purposes
  • Representatives of NGOs who are under the age of 25 years and participating in sports, seminars, conferences, cultural or educational events by another NGO, and conferences,
  • Researchers travelling to/through the Schengen Zone for scientific research

Schengen Visa Types


Schengen Visas are issued under Uniform Schengen Visas (USV), Limited Territorial Validity Visas (LTV), and National Visa.

Uniform Schengen Visas (USV) - Applicants can apply for ‘A’ (Airport Transit) and ‘C’ (Short-term stay) under the USV. The visa is valid for six months and allows the visitors to stay up to a maximum of 90 days. The ‘C’ category allows applicants to choose either single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry based on their requirements. The USV is only available to the following countries:

Belgium France Italy Netherlands Slovenia
Czech Republic Germany Latvia Norway Spain
Denmark Greece Lithuania Poland Sweden
Estonia Hungary Luxembourg Portugal Switzerland

Limited Territorial Validity Visas (LTV) - With an LTV, the visitor can only enter a specific country of the Schengen Zone. The visitor won’t be allowed to visit any other part of the Schengen Zone.

National Visas - Issued under the single-entry and multiple-entry schemes, the National Visas are issued to professionals and students who need to reside for a longer duration of time. The following types of visas are available under the National Visa category:

  • Tourist Schengen Visa
  • Business Schengen Visa
  • Student Schengen Visa
  • Transit Schengen Visa
  • Working Schengen Visa


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