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  • ICICI Lombard Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    Travelling abroad, no matter how exciting and thrilling, does involve a fair bit of risk. To begin with, medical expenses or hospitalization in a foreign country can burn a deep hole in your pocket. Keeping this in mind, a comprehensive travel insurance policy can be your best bet for travelling with peace of mind. To fulfill this purpose, ICICI introduces the Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy, put together especially for travelers aged between 71 to 85 years. Not only does this travel insurance policy protect you but also takes care of a number of likely risks and emergencies which may occur during your travels abroad.

    Features & Benefits of ICICI Lombard Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    Elderly parents traveling abroad? Find out how this Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy might just be the protection you are looking for to get them.

    • There is no requirement to undergo a medical test, unless the applicant is above 85 years of age.
    • Medical cover between US$25,000 to US$50,000 is offered by the plan. This includes medical evacuation costs as well.
    • Repatriation of mortal remains is covered under the policy. The coverage amount is US$7,500.
    • The plan offers coverage for delay in receiving the checked-in baggage. The coverage amount is US$100.
    • Loss of passport coverage worth US$300 is provided by the plan.
    • Personal liability coverage under the plan is US$100,000
    • The plan offers Personal Accident coverage worth US$2,500.
    • Hijack distress allowance under the plan is US$125 for each day. This amount is offered up to a maximum of 7 days.
    • The plan offers emergency cash advance up to US$1,000.
    • Trip interruption and cancellation cover is up to US$500.
    • The plan offers coverage for missed flight connection, up to US$500.
    • Trip delays are compensated up to US$500 as well.
    • Enjoy the convenience of availing cashless medical services across the globe.
    • Political Risk & Catastrophe Evacuation – In case of any political upheaval or catastrophe, due to which the insured has to pay to be evacuated back to his/her country of residence, the company shall cover the expenses incurred towards the evacuation. The coverage for catastrophe and political risk evacuation is US$7,500.
    • This policy covers you against Total Loss of Checked in Baggage, including handbags. Coverage for total loss of checked-in baggage is US$500.
    • Compassionate Visit – In case the insured is hospitalized during their visit abroad, the company will cover the cost of lodging, and boarding of a family member or relative, provided the insured is hospitalized for a duration of more than 5 days.
    • On your travels abroad, you can rest assured of receiving the best medical care as a result of ICICI’s tie-up with United Health Care International, one of the foremost US based healthcare provider.

    Policy Exclusions – ICICI Lombard Senior Citizens Travel Insurance

    Following are the exclusion under this policy:

    • Claims arising due to drug or alcohol addiction.
    • Claims arising due to depression, anxiety or mental disorders which the insured might be suffering from.
    • Claims arising from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDs, etc.
    • Venereal diseases
    • Claims arising due to or induced by radiation or nuclear weapons.
    • Sporting activities
    • Any claims / expenses arising from loss of money, valuables, tickets or securities.
    • Claims arising due to any ayurvedic / homeopathic or naturopathic treatments or therapies.
    • Cost of any treatment or claims arising from any cosmetic treatment or plastic surgery done to remove physical flaws.
    • Any cost incurred for recuperation or rest taken at a spa or health resort.


    1. What modes of premium payment can be used for the senior citizen travel insurance?
    2. ICICI Lombard offers 5 payment options using which customers can pay premiums online:

      Credit Card


      Debit Card

      Bill Pay

      Cash Card

    3. If I need to avail medical treatment, do I need to get a pre-approval before hospitalisation?
    4. A. You need to contact the ASP of ICICI Lombard and they will arrange for the cashless claim facility for your treatment.

    5. Once the policy is purchased online, how long does it take to receive the policy documentation?
    6. After you make an online purchase, you will receive the hard copy of the policy within 7 working days. In the meanwhile, you can get a printout of the policy right after it is purchased online. The printout will serve as a legally valid document during claims.

    7. If I cancel my senior citizen travel insurance policy, what are the charges incurred?
    8. The fee that you will have to pay for policy cancellation is Rs.300.

    9. After I cancel my policy, will I receive a refund?
    10. A. After cancellation of the policy, the amount is refunded on a proportional basis. This is subject to the customer not having raised any claims under it and a minimum of 30 days being left for the policy to expire.

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