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  • ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance

    ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

    A lot of students put in a ton of hard work and dedication to realize their dream of studying abroad. After you gain admission, scholarships, part-time jobs and accommodation are not the only thing to be taken care of. Even though studying abroad is a great achievement in itself and is a very exciting journey, it can bring its share of emergencies and uncertainties. The diversity in culture and environment can prove to be daunting if you do not have proper assistance in case of emergency. Certain accidents like a medical emergency and theft of passport and travel documents can strike anytime. Hence, it is very important that you are covered under a comprehensive student travel insurance policy.

    A trailblazer when it comes to general insurance especially travel insurance, ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance Policy will let you follow your dreams in peace. With customer-centric features including easy claims settlement process and worldwide assistance, ICICI Lombard student travel insurance policy is a comprehensive scheme that covers all major risks.

    Features and Benefits of ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance

    Here are some of the unique advantages offered by ICICI Student Travel Insurance policy which makes it one of the most-sought after product when it comes to overseas student travel insurance.

    • The policy costs almost 1/3 of the cost of purchasing a similar insurance policy abroad.
    • Up to $500,000 of sum insured options are offered by ICICI Lombard for student travel insurance policy.
    • Customers can extend the policy easily using the online portal.
    • Quick and efficient cashless claim settlement policy which is made possible through tie-ups with a wide network of hospitals across the globe.
    • To offer the best health care benefits and services in the United States, ICICI Lombard has partnered with UnitedHealth International.
    • The overseas student travel insurance policy offered by ICICI Lombard provides comprehensive coverage against unexpected non-medical and medical expenses during the study period.

    Types of ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance Plans

    ICICI Lombard offers three carefully designed schemes to give the student, the flexibility to choose a scheme that is best suited for the requirements. Here are the plans offered by ICICI Lombard for overseas student insurance.

    • Gold Plus

      This plan is specially crafted to offer complete medical cover and to cater to university requirements.

    • Gold Plan

      This scheme covers all medical emergencies including stay and trip related contingencies.

    • Bronze Plan

      This plan offers trip related coverage excluding medical cover benefits.

    Coverage offered by ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance

    Here are some benefits that come with ICICI Lombard overseas student travel insurance.

    • Cashless medical treatment facility and settlement in case of hospitalization through Third Party Administrator (TPA).
    • Expenses incurred for evacuating student to India for a treatment or for transportation to the nearest hospital.
    • Reimbursement for medical expenses if a student falls sick. This policy covers in-patient, out-patient charges, prescribed treatment charges, medical aid and costs for diagnostic tests.
    • Under select plans, compensation for life-saving treatment for a pre-existing medical treatment is also covered.
    • If the insured suffers a loss or disability of a limb function/organ, compensation will be provided according to the nature of disability.
    • In case of loss of passport and baggage, emergency purchases and cost of items lost will be reimburses.
    • In case of detention for a billable offense, specific bail amount is also offered. In case a student becomes legally liable to a third party, sufficient compensation is offered.
    • In case of discontinuation of studies due to hospitalization or death of an immediate family member, tuition fee paid will be sufficiently compensated
    • If the student is hospitalized for more than 7 days, financial aid for accommodation and expenses for travel of a family member will be offered. On similar compassionate grounds, student’s visit to India is also compensated by the insurance.
    • Tuition fee for the remaining study period will be reimbursed depending on the sum insured in case of unfortunate event of death of a sponsor.

    The policy coverage differs for Gold, Gold Plus and Bronze schemes of student insurance. Kindly refer to the policy wordings carefully to understand the inclusions and exclusions before purchasing the policy.

    Policy Exclusions

    Some of the major risks excluded in the ICICI Lombard student insurance policy are as follows.

    • Claims arising due to terrorism, war or nuclear radiation.
    • Any claim arising due to HIV infection and mental disorders.
    • Claims arising due to consumption of illegal drugs and alcohol.
    • Any claim based on sporting activity unless covered in the premium and specified earlier.

    Claims Process for ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance

    • To register a claim, contact ICICI Lombard through mail, fax or using the helpline numbers.
    • Depending on the type of claim, if it is a cashless settlement or a reimbursement settlement, a TPA would validate and authenticate the claim.
    • The policyholder would be required to submit all the supporting documents and a completed claims form as per TPA guidance.

    Documents Required for ICICI Lombard Overseas Student Travel Insurance

    Here are some of the documents that will be asked during the claims process.

    • Completely filled and signed claims form.
    • Policy copy
    • Copy of boarding pass and air ticket jacket
    • For Claims regarding delay of checked-in baggage – original receipts for emergency purchases, letter from airline regarding if any compensation was paid and when the baggage was returned back to the student.
    • For loss of passport, the student has to submit copy of new passport, receipts for obtaining duplicate travel documents and passport, certificate issued by the Indian Embassy and cost of professional solicitor.


    1. I have to file a claim regarding a medical emergency? What documents do I have to submit?

      You will have to submit an original statement from doctor mentioning the ailment and treatment, original hospital bills and receipts along with the claims form.

    2. What are the different modes of premium payment?

      You can make the premium payment using credit card, Net Banking, Debit card, cash card and bill pay.

    3. What is the maximum reimbursement offered by ICICI Lombard towards tuition fee in case of demise of the student’s sponsor?

      ICICI Lombard will reimburse up to $10,000 tuition fee in case of the unfortunate event of sponsor’s death.

    4. What extra cover is offered by the ICICI Lombard student travel insurance plus plan?

      It covers the treatment cost for nervous disorders, alcoholism, medical expenses related to pregnancy, inter-collegiate sports injuries, mammography, and cancer screening and childcare benefits. It is essentially an add-on cover to fulfill the criteria of universities abroad.

    5. Will the student be covered during his visits to India in the policy period?

      This policy is an overseas student travel insurance policy and thus, does not offer medical and travel cover to the student’s trip to India.

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