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  • ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance

    ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance

    Travelling is a refreshing experience which helps us break away from the monotony of our routine lives. Though it is a welcome change, it is not uncommon for travel plans to be rudely interrupted due to an unexpected illness or baggage mix-ups during transit. Such events can not only mar the excitement of the trip but also become a cause of concern for the people involved. There is, however, an easy solution which will let you forego all such worries which may arise while travelling.

    ICICI, one of the leading insurers in India, presents the International Travel Insurance policy, a single round trip travel insurance plan which allows you to travel worry free.  Also known as the Single Round Trip Plan, this travel insurance policy has been specially designed to protect you against any medical and non-medical emergencies which may arise while you are travelling abroad, be it for vacations or on business.

    Features & Benefits of ICICI International Travel Insurance

    Planning a trip abroad? Read on to know more about what this travel insurance policy offers and how you can benefit from.

    • Unlike other travel insurance policies, this travel insurance policy does not require you to undergo a medical test, until you are 85 years of age.
    • With this policy, you have the benefit of availing the facility of cashless hospitalization, anywhere across the world.
    • Lost your bags while in transit? Don’t worry, this policy will cover you for Total Loss of Checked in baggage which also includes your handbags.  
    • Want to get an extension on your travel insurance policy? It is not possible to do so, with the ICICI international travel insurance which allows you to extend your cover for an added duration of 180 days (on an original policy of 180 days).  
    • ICICI has associated with United Health International, a leading U.S based medical care provider, to provide you with the best quality health care services, if and when the need arises.
    • Worried about who will take your elderly mother for her routine medical checkup, while you are away? ICICI will take care of that. As a part of its International Travel Insurance Policy, ICICI provides Automotive Assistance, Medical Concierge and Lifestyle Services for your loved ones back home while you are travelling.
    • Travelling internationally can expose one to life-threatening diseases like Swine Flu. In the unfortunate event of hospitalization due to Swine Flu/H1N1 influenza, this travel insurance policy will cover the cost of your hospitalization for the same.
    • Compassionate Visit – During an illness, there is nothing more soothing than the loving care of familiar face. This insurance policy understands that need and hence, carries the provision of providing for the travel and lodging expenses for one family member or relative, in case the insured is hospitalized for a duration exceeding 5 days, while travelling.
    • Emergency Hotel Extension – Under this policy, you are covered for any additional accommodation expenses which you may incur in case your trip is delayed due to any natural calamity, medical emergency or acts of terrorism.
    • Trip Cancellation / Interruption – In case your trip abroad is cancelled or interrupted due to any natural calamity, medical emergency or acts of terrorism, this policy will cover you for all prepaid non-refundable payments which you have borne.
    • Political Risk & Catastrophic Evacuation – In the unfortunate event of a catastrophe leading to your evacuation and back to your country of residence, this insurance policy shall cover you for any charges which you may have incurred towards your evacuation process.  

    Policy Exclusions - ICICI International Travel Insurance Policy

    Following is the list of exclusions for the ICICI International Travel Insurance policy.

    • Any claims, declared or undeclared, made on / arising due to any existing medical ailment or condition shall not be covered under this policy.
    • Claims arising due to alcohol / drug addiction.
    • Claims arising due to anxiety, mental disorders or depression.
    • Any sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, AIDS etc.
    • Venereal diseases
    • Sports related activities.
    • Claims arising or induced due to radiation or nuclear weaponry.
    • Claims for any expenses arising due to loss of money, valuables, tickets or securities.
    • Any ayurvedic / naturopathy / homeopathic treatments / therapies.
    • Any expenses incurred towards plastic surgery / cosmetic treatments for removal of physical flaws.
    • Expenses incurred towards one’s recuperation / recovery at a health resort or spa.

    Common Claim Process

    Filing and registering a claim with the company is often the most harrowing part of the claim process. ICICI makes it a breeze with it hassle-free and fast-moving claims process. You can register a claim on your International Travel Insurance policy either via email, fax or phone. For any further details regarding the claims process, you can contact your nearest ICICI branch office.


    1. Are there any sublimit plans available for travel to Schengen countries under the International Travel Insurance policy?

      No. this policy does not have any sublimit plans for travel to Schengen countries.

    2. What is the Pay Per Day feature listed under the ICICI International Travel Insurance policy?

      Under the Pay Per Day feature, you can get an extension on your existing insurance policy by simply paying an amount as is pre-decided under the slab rate for the first 7 days. After the 7th day, you only need to pay for the number of days for which you have extended the policy.  

    3. Does this travel insurance policy provide cover for claims made on / arising due to any pre-existing medical conditions?

      No, any such claims arising from existing medical conditions, declared or undeclared are not covered under the insurance policy.

    4. Who is eligible to avail this travel insurance policy?

      Individuals between the ages of 3 months up to 70 years are eligible to apply for the ICICI international travel insurance policy.

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