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  • ICICI Lombard Gold Multi Trip Plan

    Travelling exposes us to a world full of wondrous experiences, but it also exposes us to a world of risks as well. Baggage mix-ups, contracting an unexpected illness while travelling, being held-up in another country due to ongoing political unrest are among some of the most likely emergency situations which you may find yourself in. When faced with situations like these, having the protective cover of a travel insurance policy can make all the difference in the world. For frequent international travelers, it becomes a tedious task to buy a travel insurance policy, each time you have to make a trip.

    To save you this recurring effort and bother, ICICI presents a unique offering. The ICICI Gold Multi Trip Plan is a travel insurance policy specially designed for those who have to travel frequently across international borders. This comprehensive insurance policy has been designed with care to cover a variety of probable risks which accompany international travel. Interested? Read on to know more about how this might be the policy you are looking for.

    Features & Benefits of ICICI Lombard Gold Multi Trip Plan:

    • Worldwide Cashless Hospitalization – As a frequent traveler, you must be well aware of the prohibitive cost of medical care in foreign countries. However, with the ICICI Gold Multi Trip Plan, you can avail the facility of cashless medical services and hospitalization, no matter where you are in the world.
    • Secure Multiple Days per Trip – One of the primary benefits of this plan is that it allows you to secure as many as 30, 45 or even 60 days for each trip which you have to take internationally.
    • Assurance of Quality Health Care – ICICI has associated with UHI (United Health International), a leading US based health care provider, to ensure that you get the best quality medical services, whenever the need arises.
    • Assistive Services For Your Loved Ones – While you are away, it is only natural to worry about the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. With the ICICI Gold Multi Trip, you can let go of that worry, for good reason. This policy provides assistive services like Medical Concierge, Automotive Assistance and Lifestyle assistance services to your loved ones back home, when you are away from home.
    • Emergency Hotel Extension – It often happens that a trip abroad might be delayed due to unavoidable reasons like a terrorist activity, a natural disaster having struck, a sudden illness, etc. This policy will cover you for any additional boarding / lodging expenses which you might incur which force you to extend your stay.
    • Trip Cancellation & interruption – Often while travelling abroad, payments for lodging are usually made in advance. So in, case you do have to cut your trip short due to reasons like a sudden illness or terrorist activity having broken out, you stand to lose the money which you have paid towards your living and boarding. However, this policy takes care of that by reimbursing you for the any prepaid non-refundable payment which you may have made.
    • Compassionate Visit – We all crave the tender love and care of a familiar face at times we are ill. But that isn’t always possible, especially while travelling. However, this policy comes with a provision where, in case the insured is hospitalized for a duration of more than 5 days, the policy will cover the cost of travel, boarding a lodging of visiting family member or relative.
    • Political Risk / Catastrophe Evacuation – In the event of any political upheaval or catastrophe, the policy will cover the insured for any charges incurred towards his/her evacuation to the country of residence.
    • Easy Policy Extension – In case you wish to get your policy extended, it can be done without any hassle. All you have to do is make the payment as per the slab rate for a minimum of 7 days and following that, you can make the payment for the policy on a per day basis.
    • Hospitalization for Swine Flu / H1N1 – With rising instances of swine flu, one can never be too careful. In case the insured does contract swine flu / H1N1 virus, the policy will cover them for the cost of hospitalization of the same.

    Policy Exclusions – ICICI Lombard Gold Multi Trip Plan:

    1. No claims arising out of existing medical ailments or conditions will be covered under the policy, whether declared or undeclared.
    2. No claims arising out of any pre-existing diseases shall be covered, with the exception of life-threatening situations.
    3. Claims arising out of an alcohol or drug addiction.
    4. Claims arising due to a mental disorder, anxiety or depression which the insured may be suffering from.
    5. Claims arising due to any sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, AIDS or from any venereal diseases.
    6. Claims for any naturopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic treatments or therapies.
    7. Claims for any cosmetic / plastic surgery treatments carried out done pertaining to Treatment relating to removal of physical flaws-cosmetic or plastic surgery
    8. Claims for any cost borne towards recovery or recuperation a health center or spa.
    9. Claim for any damage induced by radiation or nuclear weaponry.
    10. Claims arising from any damage caused by any sporting activity.
    11. Claims for any expenses arising due to loss of money, tickets, valuables or securities.
    Benefits Sum Insured Deductibles In $/Hrs
    Repatriation of Remains (Including in medical sum insured) US$ 7,500 NA
    Personal Liability US$ 1,00,000 5% of Actual
    Medical Cover (includes medical evacuation cost) US$ 7,500 US$100
    Dental Treatment US$ 300 US$ 100
    Total Loss of Checked-in Baggage US$ 500 NA
    Delay of Checked-in Baggage US$ 100 NA
    Emergency Cash Advance US$ 1,000 NA
    Loss of Passport US$ 300 US$ 50
    Personal Accident US$ 15,000 NA
    Trip Cancellation and Interruption US$ 500 NA
    Missed Flight Connection US$ 500 NA
    Hijack Distress Allowance US$ 125 per day for max. 7 days NA
    Trip Delay US$ 500 NA
    Political Risk and Catastrophe Evacuation US$ 7,500 NA
    Accidental Death (Common Carrier) US$ 5,000 NA

    Policy Sublimits:

    Sub limit A: For policies with sum insured of US$100,000 for medical expenses, the liability of ICICI Lombard is limited to US$100,000 for each disease or accident. The disease/accident should be incurred within the insurance period on the trip.

    Sub limit B: This sub limit is applicable to all plans for people aged 51 years and above.

    Disclaimer: The Gold Multi Trip policy offers coverage all throughout the world. But according to the latest insurance requirements of Schengen countries, the multi trip policy is not valid for customers who wish to get a Schengen visa, and are above 50 years of age. In case you fall into this age bracket, then it is optimum to get a Single Trip policy with ‘Schengen countries’ as the location of travel.

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