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    SBBJ Personal Loan EMI Calculator

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    Overview about SBBJ Personal Loan EMI Calculator

    State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur or SBJJ was formed by merging two subsidiaries of State Bank of India – State Bank of Bikaner and State Bank of Jaipur. As of last year, SBBJ spread all across the country with 1,360 branches, majority of it located in Rajasthan itself. SBBJ offers an all-purpose loan that can be used to meet all financial expenses such as dream holidays, education expenses, medical expenses, home improvement or wedding expenditures.

    How to Use BankBazaar SBBJ Personal Loan Calculator to Understand Your Personal Loan Repayment

    Taking a personal loan from SBBJ can make your financial life a lot more stable. When you take a personal loan from SBBJ, you can make the repayment through EMIs. An EMI comprises of various components such as the principal, interest rate and the processing fee. Deciding on a personal loan involves selecting an affordable EMI, which depends on the rate of interest being offered by the bank as well as the processing fees being charged towards the loan.

    Manual calculation of EMI takes a long process as you are required to try various combinations to finalise on the EMI amount that fits your budget. This is usually done by modifying the borrowed amount, rate of interest or loan tenure. The calculation also changes with the change in lender.

    The BankBazaar SBBJ Personal Loan EMI Calculator is an online tool that can be used to find the monthly installment that you are required to pay towards the loan. The calculator also displays a detailed breakup of other components such as interest rate, processing fee, etc. The BankBazaar’s loan EMI Calculator can be used by following some simple steps given below:

    • Visit the BankBazaar homepage.
    • Navigate to the extreme right of the page and click on the drop down menu.
    • From the list, select ‘Finance tools’ followed by ‘EMI Calculator’.
    • The page then displays various tab spaces where you are required to enter information about the loan such as the principal amount, loan tenure, rate of interest, etc.
    • The page also prompts you to choose whether or not you will make any pre-payment.
    • Click on ‘Calculate’ to generate the monthly EMI that you will incur towards that particular loan.

    How does the SBBJ Personal Loan EMI Calculator Work?

    The online Personal Loan EMI Calculator prompts you to enter loan details in order to use in the formula given below:

    E = P x r x (1+r)^n/[(1+r)^n-1]

    Where, EMI is denoted by E, Principal amount is denoted by P, loan tenure by n (in months) and monthly interest rate by r.

    These EMI calculators are customised to incorporate processing fees and other factors such as pre-payments in order to generate an accurate EMI amount. With processing fees anywhere between 1% and 3%, the EMI may also vary.

    Features and Benefits of SBBJ Personal Loan EMI Calculator

    Personal loan EMI calculator can be used for calculation of EMI towards SBBJ personal loan. The benefits of the personal loan EMI calculator that distinguishes itself from manual calculation of EMI are:

    • It Is Convenient:

      What better way to calculate that to just input all the details and get the answer in seconds. The EMI calculator does just that with its automated formulae. This helps in easy and hassle-free comparison of loan schemes being offered by various banks.

    • It Is Fast And Accurate:

      The online tool is more accurate than manual calculations. When EMI is calculated on paper, you are required to carry out various calculations with varying loan tenures, loan amounts or lenders. Multiple calculations carry the chances of high rate of error. Also, calculations on paper are time taking, while the loan EMI calculator takes mere seconds.

    • It Uses Amortisation Tables:

      Amortisation table is nothing but an EMI table that extrapolates and calculates the EMI amount for the future as well. Use of this table in the loan EMI calculator, allows you to know the progress of your loan repayment over the tenure.

    • It Represents Data Graphically:

      Personal loan EMI calculators not only give you the monthly EMI to be paid towards a said loan, it also graphically presents them via pie diagrams. Through a graphical representation, the loan EMI calculator displays the total amount repaid, also representing the principal amount, and interest, along with the processing fees.

    SBBJ Personal Loan Calculator FAQs

    1. Are loan EMI calculators more accurate in their calculation than excel sheets?

      As they are automated, loan EMI calculators tend to be faster and more accurate than excel sheets, where the calculation needs to be manually programmed.

    2. Will the loan calculator be of any use if I want to pre-close my loan with State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur?

      Yes, it is easier to calculate and plan your loan pre-closure using the loan EMI calculator.

    3. Can I find out different EMI loan amounts that I would incur if I change my loan tenures towards SBBJ personal loan, using the loan EMI calculator?

      Yes, the loan EMI calculator can be used to calculate different EMI amounts based on different loan tenures chosen.


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