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  • Tips to get Good Credit Score before Applying for Diwali Personal Loan

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  • Get a Good Credit Score this Diwali before Applying for a Personal Loan – Check in 10 Easy Tips

    Diwali, the festival of lights is the time to shower your loved ones with countless gifts. It is the time to clear your bucket list and go on a shopping spree. While you may have some savings, a credit card with a decent balance to use or a recurring deposit account that you can break anytime, taking a personal loan will help you meet all your festival related expenses without disturbing your savings regime. Taking a personal loan during Diwali is very common in India. Festival observers prefer paying one lump sum EMI rather than breaking all their savings which can be used later during a financial crisis. So, if you have already made your mind to avail a personal loan this Diwali, your credit score is very crucial. It is the deciding factor for the personal loan to be sanctioned. How to get a good credit score before applying for a personal loan? Read on.

    1. Check your credit score:

      The first step in improving your credit score is to know where you stand right now. Credit Bureaus in India give you a copy of your credit history for a nominal fee. Check your credit score and go through every entry made carefully.

    2. Figure out why your credit score if low:

      If your credit scoring is not up to the mark, find out why and make a note of those transactions. The next step is to eliminate the transaction by resolving it with the respective lender or biller. Few entries that is pulling your credit score down may be errors like mismatch in the name, identity theft or a bill your ex-spouse had to pay. You can rectify all these error and bring your credit scores up.

    3. Close your existing loans:

      Closing your existing loan can boost your credit history almost immediately. Existing debt, especially a higher amount is a hindrance is the loan sanctioning process. If you have a running loan, check if you can pay it in full or bring down the loan amount considerably.

    4. Pay off your credit card outstanding balance:

      Credit card is an unsecured form of loan. High outstanding balance on your credit card means that you are barely paying the monthly minimum due amount. If you are unable to pay off any running loans on your name, consider paying the outstanding balance on your credit card. This will make you look responsible in the eyes of the lender.

    5. Think about a co-applicant:

      Loan amount is generally granted based on the net monthly income you draw. If the banks are granting a very less loan amount as your credit score is not excellent, try adding a co-applicant on the loan. Jointly applying for personal loan means double income and great repayment capacity. This will kick your credit score up.

    6. Before applying for credit, think about it:

      When you apply for credit frequently, lenders might have a negative opinion about your account. This will also make the lenders think that your financial situation has changed negatively in the recent past. Apply for loans only when you need it and try avoiding multiple loans even when you have the capacity to repay it. Reduce the number of credit cards

    7. Rectify financial errors:

      Get a copy of your credit history and check each negative transaction carefully. If you think there is a possible error and you are marked down for that, dispute it with the credit bureaus without any hesitation.

    8. Negotiate with your previous lender:

      Mistakes happen. Every one of us have defaulted on bills at least once in our lifetime. It is not a crime. If you are tagged as a defaulter, then talk to your lender or Credit Card Company and request them to grant you grace period and not to report you as a defaulter as this will affect your credit scores considerably. Usually lenders mark such transactions as “Paid as agreed” or “Paid on time”.

    9. Raise your credit limit:

      This is a tricky way to increase your credit score. When you have raise your credit limit and have not used the total amount extended to you, it indicates that you have are responsible and do not swipe your credit card on the drop of the hat. You will have to be extremely careful as this gives you extra purchasing power.

    10. Pay your bills on time:

      Paying your bills on time may sound very simple but this has a great weightage on your credit scores. If you are someone who forgets the due dates of your bill, please set up standing instructions and pay every bill religiously on time.

      Take some time out to research the best personal loan available in the market and once you have selected, make sure your credit score are excellent before applying. This Diwali, many banks have rolled out offers on personal loans. Don’t jump into an ocean of information and confuse yourself. Consider researching on third party websites like BankBazaar.com for detailed information on various financial products.


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