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    Personal Loan for Home Redecorate

    Planning to Redecorate your Home this Diwali? Take a Personal Loan

    Diwali is the season of decorations and renovations, when we want our houses to look the best, along with ourselves. Some of us would like to give our house a complete makeover during the festival season.

    You may have already taken a home loan for building your house. Therefore, for decorating purposes, you can consider a small personal loan. There are many financial institutions offering personal loans for home improvement that are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Taking a personal loan for home redecoration or improvement is a great way to ensure fast cash that can be easily repaid in monthly instalments.

    Taking a Personal Loan for Home Redecoration

    Taking a personal loan, despite its high rate of interest is still a better option than other type of loans. Using personal loans for paying of home renovation bills is more economic and hassle-free.

    Reasons why a personal loan should be considered for home redecoration or renovation are:

    No collateral:

    When you take a personal loan for purposes such as decorating your home, or buying furniture for your home, you are not required to take a collateral. While if you were taking a home improvement loan, you would have to give your property as collateral. In case you fail to pay the EMIs or repay the loan on time, the lender eventually seizes your property and forecloses your loan. In such cases, the lender has the right to sell the property to get the money back as the property is considered as a collateral towards the loan. Therefore, taking a home improvement loan comes with a risk towards your home. Not that defaulting your personal loan will not come with risk, however in this case, your house is untouched.

    Lesser amount as interest:

    Although the interest rates are higher in case of personal loans, you would still pay a lower amount as interest in comparison to a home loan or a home improvement loan. It mostly depends on the loan tenure as personal loans are usually for shorter tenures than home loans which sometimes run up to 20 years or more.

    No limit on loan amount:

    In case of personal loans, you can borrow according to your need. Although, the loan amount depends on your monthly salary, it is independent of the property’s value. You can borrow a personal loan for home redecoration purposes, irrespective of the loan amount.

    Shorter time under debt:

    Personal loans allow you to get debt free sooner than home improvement loans. Longer loan tenures mean longer periods of financial liability.

    No verification required:

    Diwali decorations, purchase of new furniture, or any renovation can be funded by taking a loan. If you take a home improvement loan, lenders need to verify the property before approving the loan. While, a personal loan has no such requirement as it can be used by the borrower for any purpose, which could cover festival redecoration or modification of the house.

    Diwali is a time when some of us plan to purchase a new house, while some redecorate, renovate or make the necessary repairs in our house. With all the expenses during the festival of lights, financing a home improvement plan may require you to take financial assistance and that is where taking a personal loan may be a good idea.

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