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  • PSK Passport - Processing, Issue, Dispatch

    With your passport application appointment in hand, you can visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) to complete the rest of the passport application procedure. The PSK is where your passport application gets processed , verified and finally cleared for issue.

    • Report to the PSK ahead of time. Carry the ARN receipt and all required documents.
    • Your documents will be screened.
    • You will be called into the PSK in batches and will have to pass through security check.
    • Once inside, if all is in order, you will be issued a token number. You will have to wait in the waiting area where token numbers are displayed. Applicants are called in sequential order based on the token number.
    • Once your number is displayed, proceed inside.
    • Inside the passport center (PSK) you will find different color coded counters
      • Counter A – Citizen Service Executive (CSE) / TCS personnel carries out document verification, fee collection and photographing applicants
      • Counter B – Verification Officer (VO) / Government personnel carries out document verification
      • Counter C – Granting Officer (GO) / Assistant Passport Officer carries out document verification and decides on issuance.
    • Counter A / Section A’ – Document verification, scan, upload, photograph, fingerprints and verification of personal details by Citizen Service Executive
      Token Number for Passport Application at PSK
      • Once you enter, enter the booth according to the monitor displaying your token number.
      • Your documents will be reviewed. Unnecessary documents will be returned. Necessary documents will be scanned and uploaded on the Passport Seva (PSP) Portal .
      • You will then be given a print-out of your uploaded personal information which you will have to review and sign. This verified information is also scanned and uploaded on the portal.
    • Counter B / Section B‘ - Document verification by Verification Officer
      • As with counter ‘A’, you will have to look out for your token number on the monitor.
      • At this counter, your original documents will be verified once again.
    • Counter C / Section C’ Passport issuance approval by Granting Officer
      • This is where approval for the passport is granted or denied.
      • ‘Granted’ status indicates that the passport has been approved.
      • Police verification status is determined here i.e. passport to be granted based on No Police Verification or After Police Verification
    • Exit Counter - Acknowledgement Letter
    • Acknowledgement letter of passport application at PSK
      • This is given to you at the exit counter. Ensure this letter is kept safely as it will contain details which you can use to track your application status.
      • It will indicate whether your passport application has been approved or not.
      • It will indicate the mode for police verification viz. pre / post / no PV.
        • Pre Police Verification is usually marked out for fresh/new passports. It also applies to certain passport reissue cases like those pertaining to lost passports/duplicates/change of full name/other important details. In this case, a passport police verification Report (PVR) is issued by the police and physical verification is carried out. Once this is successfully done, the passport will be issued.
        • Post Police Verification is the mode set for specific applicants e.g. government employees providing Identity Certificate or minors where his/her parents have valid passports. Also applies to some cases of passport reissue where adequate information of the applicant exists in the system. In case of post verification, the passport is issued before the PVR and verification is carried out.
        • No Police Verification is whereby the passport is issued without a PVR and no verification is required. Again, this applies to specific applicants as mentioned with Post PV cases. Also, applies to some passport reissue cases.

    From the PSK, the application process moves to the Passport Office (PO) where all the back-end processing will take place. The PO will communicate with the State Police for Police Verification (PV). The PO will also take care of issuing, printing, laminating and dispatching approved passports.

    Issue, Printing and Dispatch of Passport

    After your application has been successfully processed, issuing, printing and dispatching your passport is initiated. How long it takes for the passport to be dispatched depends, largely, on the type of Police Verification (PV) required.

    • Pre PV – (Normal) Within 3 working days from the date of successful update from the main police office. (Tatkaal) Update from main police office is not counted in days taken to dispatch the passport. Lengthier processing times for compulsory cases of Pre PV i.e. applicants of J&k and Nagaland
    • Post PV – (Normal and Tatkaal) 3rd working day. This does not include the application submission date.
    • No PV – (Normal) 3rd working day. (Tatkaal) Within 1 working day. In both cases, the application submission date is not included.
    • Complex applications – About 30 days for Duplicate passport / Document issues / Name change / Single parent applying for minor / Adoption
    • Other cases – If there is some anomaly in the data you provided or additional checking / verification required or there is a glitch in the system, additional time, over specified timeframes, may be required.

    Passports are dispatched via India Post through Speed Post which you can track on the India Post website. It is sent to the applicant’s current address. You, as an applicant, should preferably be the one receiving the passport from the postman.

    In case you encounter delays or want to get an update on your passport application, you can Check / Track Your Passport Application Status’.

    News About Passport Applications

    • Kolhapur’s First Passport Office to be Set Up On March 25, 2017

      Individuals who reside in Kolhapur have been going all the way to Pune in an effort to acquire a passport. This will no longer be the case as passports will now be issued in the city’s head post office starting from the 25th of March this year. The Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, Dnyaneshwar Mulay, inaugurated the facility recently. One of the Kolhapur district MPs who was attending the event, Dhananjay Mahadik, revealed, "I have received a letter from Sushma Swaray, Minister for External Affairs, stating that the facility of passport service will be made available at the head post office, Kolhapur, which is located at Kasba Bawda, from March 25." People who live in Kolhapur will find this to be a welcome relief which saves them plenty of time and money, added Mahadik.

      22nd March 2017

    • Belagavi to receive a post office passport Seva Kendra

      Out of the five areas that the Ministry of External Affairs has recognized for opening of the Post Office Passport Seva Kendra, Belagavi is one of them. The other locations are Hassan, Bengaluru, Kalaburagi and Davangere. This came after the first two projects--one in Dahod in Gujarat and the other in Mysuru witnessed triumphant operations on January 25. The government took a decision to increase the number of kendras by launching 56 of them, according to an announcement made by the MEA.

      The Department of Posts (DOP) and the MEA had joined hands to use head post offices in a number of states so that more and more people get to utilize services related to passport delivery. The MEA declared the ones opened in Dahod and Mysuru were acknowledging around 100 appointments on a daily basis.

      Bodies such as the Belagavi District Small Scale Industries Association, the Belagavi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, different social organizations as well as the residents of the area, had been asking for the setup of a kendra in the city as the office rendering passport related services was shut around two years ago.

      16th February 2017

    • POPSKs to open across all districts

      The Government of India is contemplating opening Passport Processing Centres in all the 750 revenue districts across the country through a network of 650 Head Post Offices the new Passport Processing Centres will be Post Office Passport Seva Kendras (POPSKs). In a pilot project the government has opened two POPSKs in Mysuru, Karnataka and Dahod, Gujarat. The POPSKs will provide all Passport-related services except the printing and dispatch of Passports, the services will include receiving of applications, processing of applications, processing of documents and forwarding applications to the Regional Passport Offices for further processing. This project has been undertaken to ensure the timely disbursal of Passports and to reduce the processing time for Passport applications. The POPSK in Mysuru will service citizens from Mysuru and Chamarajanagar and the people of Dahod will now be able to visit the Head Post Office to apply for fresh Passports, renewal of Passports or with any Passport-related queries. The respective Regional Passport Offices will assign Passport Officers to these Post Officer to train Postal Department employees on processing of Passports.

      3rd February 2017

    • Passport Office in Udaipur to be ready by Mid-Feb

      Vivek Jeff, Regional Passport Officer, undertook a field trip to assess the work still to be done to set up the passport office at Udaipur. Jeff will present a report to the External Affairs Ministry based on his assessment of the progress.

      The passport officer directed the Municipal Corporation staff to make sure that all the required amenities are in place by the proposed date of inauguration of the Passport Seva Kendra on the 15th of February, 2017.The Corporation assured Vivek Jeff of their team’s progress and said the facility would be ready by the agreed upon date.Once the report is submitted and the necessary preparations are done, the Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is anticipated to inaugurate the new PSK.

      6th January 2017

    • The post office in Bhuj will have the Laghu Seva kendra set up for passport application

      The people of Bhuj are at relief knowing that soon there will be a Laghu Seva Kendra in the local post office. The Regional Passport Office (RPO) of Ahmedabad will soon have the Laghu Seva Kendra that won’t only accept the passport application but also take care of further processing including passport printing. This will help the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in processing more passport applications. Considering the fact that there are many passport applications in pending status, the government is taking necessary measure to offer a speedy passport service. This initiative will also allow students to produce their identical card in order to apply for a passport. The availability of Laghu Seva Kendra in post office will make the passport application process more convenient for the people in Bhuj.

      27th December 2016

    • Mundhwa PSK passport applicants now get next-day appointments

      People who apply for a passport at the Mundhwa Passport Seva Kendra, will now be allowed for next-day appointments under the regular and Tatkal categories. This upgrade has occurred after a long wait. Also, this has lead to another advantage. The Tatkal or premium service for passport issuance has also seen decline in demand, relating to the fact that people do not require faster services than the usual services, since the current pace is good enough.

      28th November 2016

    • Address Column Confusing for Passport Applicants

      In the recent years passport application in India has become a fairly simple process with the outsourcing of most of the work to the Passport Seva Kendras (PSK), but one of the more confusing sections of the application form is still the permanent address column, students studying away from their permanent address and employees working away from their homes face problems of address verification as they cannot be present at the provided address during verification, leading to a lot of passport rejections and resubmissions, which has caused a lot of confusion for the applicants. In Nagpur approximately 200 such cases get rejected every month. In such cases the applicant is levied a fine of Rs.500, in case of students and Rs.5000 in case of employed persons which is accompanied by a show-cause notice for an explanation regarding suppression of physical facts. In case of students staying in a hostel within the institution they are studying in, they may show the hostel address in the form with a bona fide certificate from the institution, failure to do so will result in the rejection of the application.

      3rd November 2016

    • Nagpur Passport Office issues 3.64 lakh passports in 4 years

      The Nagpur Passport Office received 3.80 lakh applications in the past four years. It has issued 3.64 lakh passports in the normal and tatkal categories and initiated police verification for 3.32 lakh which has seen a total revenue of Rs.63 crore as fees from passport applicants. This information was released by the Public Information Officer of the Nagpur Passport Office in response to a question posed by activist Abhay Kolarkar under the RTI act. The Passport Office has not commented on the duration of time for issuance of passport from the time of application.

      26th October 2016

    • MOEA to Consider the Possibilities of Opening a PSK in Belgaum

      Ministry of External Affairs is expected to open a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. In its official communication to the city corporation Mayor, the ministry had informed that Belgaum is in the list of prospective PSKs. Prior to 2006, the city had a passport seva kendra which was later shifted to Hubballi. MOEA has now directed passport offices in Bengaluru to conduct passport seva camps in Belgaum. As per reports, there are more than 2800 pending applications of Belgaum residents with the PSK in Hubballi.

      17th October 2016

    • Passport Seva Kendra inaugurated by VK Singh in Arunachal Pradesh

      General(retd) VK Singh, Union Minister of State for External Affairs, inaugurated the PSK or Passport Seva Kendra in Itanagar. He said that the Centre has been focusing on streamlining services for the public and that a major part of that initiative is the Passport Seva Kendra.

      Customers can now procure passports within Arunachal Pradesh instead of going to places like Guwahati said the General. Kiren Rijiju, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs also attended this function.

      General Singh said that there were more than 700 police districts operating throughout the country, out of which 638 of them have the online police verification facility so as to ensure that passports are provided faster. He also said that as of now,28 days are needed for the police verification of passport to be completed and that they are trying to reduce this time.

      5th October 2016

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