• Passport Reissue

    What is passport reissue?

    When issuing passports, the Passport office has two main issuing processes issuing a new passport, and reissuing an old passport.

    If an Indian has ever held a passport in India before (regardless of at what age, or how many years ago, or even if the passport was used or not), he or she must only apply for a passport booklet under the reissue category.

    All passports have a specific time period for which they are valid, and after the expiry date, the passport is considered invalid for the purposes of travel, or as a recognizable, legal identification.

    How can I apply for a passport to be reissued?

    What are the documents necessary in order to apply for a reissue of passport?

    How can I apply for a passport reissue online?

    Police verification on cases of application for reissue of passport

    Why do I need to apply for a reissue of passport?

    An expired passport isn't the only way a passport is rendered invalid, possible reasons a person may want a passport reissued are:

    Change in personal details:

    Any change in the personal details printed on the passport such as:

    • Name: Due to marriage, or a spelling error, or a misprint.
    • Date of birth: Due to any mistake, misprint, or mismatch in the passport and the birth certificate.
    • Address: Due to change of address, mistake, misprint, spelling error, etc.

    Exhaustion of pages:

    • Once all the pages in the passport booklet are filled in with stamps, inoculation certificates, etc. the booklet can no longer be used for the purposes of travel.
    • Once the passport booklet's pages are all full, the passport holder must apply for the reissue of the passport, and can opt for a 60 page booklet.

    Damaged passport:

    • If the passport booklet has been damaged or disfigured in any way due to any reason, the passport holder must apply for a reissue of the passport and return the old one to the passport office.
    • Even if the embossed logo on the cover or the printed details / stamps / certificates inside the passport have not been damaged in a way that impedes their readability, it is recommended that the passport holder apply for a reissue.
    • Damaged passports can cause a lot of hassles while travelling or using it as identification.
    • Damage also includes spillage of any liquid material onto the passport booklet that hinders readability and / or obscures any information.

    Lost Passport:

    • If the whereabouts of the passport booklet are unknown to the passport holder, he or she must first file an FIR at the local police station and submit that FIR with an application for reissue at the Passport Office.
    • A huge amount of damage can be done to the passport holder because of the dangers of identity theft.
    • Missing or stolen passports are also treated as a matter of National security as they can be used for the false identification of foreigners as Indian citizens.
    • If a passport has been misplaced or stolen, the first course of action for the passport holder must be to inform the police department and then the Passport Office.
    • If the passport has been lost / stolen overseas, the passport holder must approach the Indian Mission, or Post, or Embassy and report the situation.

    Validity due to expire / or has expired within 3 years ago:

    • If the passport has expired less than 3 years ago, or is due to expire within a year or so, it is recommended that the passport holder apply for a reissue.
    • Passports re-issued close to their expiry date will be renewed to be valid for a longer period of time.
    • If the passport has expired already, but 3 years have not yet passed, the passport holder can apply for a reissue through this same process.
    • If over 3 years have passed since the passport has expired, the passport holder must apply for a passport under a different process, which is:

    Validity expired over 3 years ago:

    • If the passport has been invalid for over 3 years, the passport holder must apply for a reissue through a slightly different process.
    • Reissue will essentially serve the same purpose which is to extend the period of validity in which the passport can be used for travel / identification purposes.

    How Can I Reissue My Passport ?

    You can download the form for reissue on the passportindia.gov.in website, through the link that says Download e-form under Forms and Affidavits on the left of the screen. This link will route you to a page where you must select whether you require a new (fresh) passport or require a reissue of a passport. Most cases will select reissue, as new passports are only for those who've never held an indian passport before in their lives.

    One can download the PCC or Police Clearance Certificate here as well.

    These forms can then be filled in with the appropriate details like name, age, date of birth, address, old passport booklet number, the specific reason for reissue, etc. and submitted along with the relevant identity proof / address proof / old passport booklet to the Passport Office as necessary. The filled out form can also be uploaded onto the official passport website through your account for processing.

    Passport Reissue Documents

    Below is a list of general documents required to apply for a passport reissue, but the PSK or Passport Office may communicate the need for additional documentation depending on the case in question.

    1. Identity proof: A legal and recognized document that contains your full name as it should appear on official records, and as it should appear on your passport.
    2. Age proof: A legal and recognized document that confirms the applicant's name as well as his / her date of birth. A birth certificate serves this purpose.
    3. Address proof: A legal and recognized document that confirms that the applicant actually resides at the address mentioned in the application.
    4. Photographs: Most PSKs are equipped with cameras designed to take passport sized photographs of applicants, but you may be required to produce 2 recent passport sized photographs of yourself.
    5. Old passport booklet: In cases of reissue of passports, the passport office will demand that the applicant submit his / her old /expired / damaged booklet.
    6. Self-attested copy of first and last pages of booklet: The first two and last two pages of the old booklet being submitted along with the application for reissue must be self-attested by the applicant.
    7. Appointment application receipt: If an appointment with the PSK has been booked online, the passport office will require a print out of the final page on the website that confirms the payment, time, and date of the appointment.

    How To Reissue Passport Online ?

    Log on to the passportindia.gov.in website and register and account for yourself.

    Next, click on Passport Type and proceed to fill out the online checklist:

    • Applying for: Reissue of passport.
    • Type of application: Normal or Tatkaal, as the case may be.
    • Type of passport booklet: 36 pages or 60 pages as required.
    • Applicant's name: Fill out your first name and middle name in the first column, and then your surname in the second column.
    • The rest of the form is pretty self-explanatory and easy to fill out with relevant details.
      • Click Next.
      • Schedule an appointment with the PSK online.
      • For this, you need to click on View saved / submitted applications.
      • Select the relevant application, and click Pay and schedule appointment.
      • Choose the method of payment.
      • Choose the required PSK in the region, authenticate and click Next.
      • Pay and book your appointment.
      • An Application Receipt will be auto-generated and you will be given the option to print this out take a print out and carry it with you on the specified date and time of the appointment.

    Reissue Of Passport Police Verification

    Once the application has been submitted, the Passport Office takes a call on whether the case requires Police Verification, and if it does, whether it requires pre or post police verification in passport.

    For example, if the applicant's name, address, and personal details have not changed in the application for reissue, the Passport Office may only require a post-Police Verification.

    If the application contains a different address, name, etc. the Passport Office will require a pre-Police Verification to ensure that the applicant has furnished correct details in the application.

    This is decided depending on the Passport Office's own records, and the availability of resources to conduct the necessary checks (depending on how many applications the PO has received).

    The exceptions for the different types of Police Verification chosen by the Passport Office for reissue are on the basis of applications for:

    • Re-issue in the case of lost / misplaced / stolen passport.
    • Re-issue in the case of complete name change.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Damaged/Lost Passports

    1. What is a damaged passport?
      • There are two classifications of damaged passports. They are as follows:
      • Passport is damaged but the number can still be read, photograph is intact and name is legible.
      • Passport is damaged beyond recognition.
    2. What to do if my passport is lost and I need to come back to India due to some emergency?

      You can travel to India with ‘Emergency Certificate’, for which you need to contact the post/mission of the country you are in at that point.

    3. If my old passport is damaged or lost, what are my responsibilities while applying for another one?

      If you lose your passport, the same must be reported to the Police Station and the Passport Office. In case you are abroad, you will have to report it to the Indian Mission. For reissuance of passport, you will have to contact the nearest PSK (Passport Seva Kendra).

    4. How can I apply for a duplicate passport if the passport I have is damaged or lost?

      Apply for reissuance of passport if your passport is lost or damaged.

    5. I have been sent to India on EC (Emergency Certificate) as I lost my passport in the United States of America. What are the documents that I must provide in order to get a new passport?

      The documents that you need for the reissuance of passport are as follows:

      • Proof of date of birth.
      • Address proof.
      • Affidavit that states how you lost or damaged your passport.
      • Police report in original.
      • Photocopy of last two pages and first two pages including the ECNR/ECR page, if available. The photocopies must be self attested.


    News About Passport Reissue

    • Delhi High Court: Father's Name Cannot be insisted upon by Authorities

      According to the Delhi High Court, Passport officials cannot insist upon individual's mentioning their father's name in the document as this is not legally required. This was said by the court while dealing with a youth's petition. His passport renewal request was rejected as he did not mention the name of his father. His earlier passport was also cancelled. His mother had divorced his father on account of neglect and desertion.

      During arguments in the court, the authority said that providing father's name was mandatory as the software rejects applications otherwise. He also mentioned that since the applicant was not disowned by his father legally, he cannot delete the name of the father from the application. The court observed that the applicant's father's name was not mentioned previously as well and asked for the software to be modified, while directing the authorities to provide the passport within three days.

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