• How To Submit Passport Application At PSK

    Travelling around the world is gaining popularity day by day. Due to better connectivity, reliability of information available and due to the world growing closer by the day, more individuals are packing their bags and taking off to explore the world. However, even before plans can be put forth, one of the most important requirements is a passport. Without this document, it is impossible for applicants to travel outside their country. A passport is an official document provided by the government allowing its citizens to travel outside under the native country’s protection.

    Individuals can apply for a Passport online or offline through the Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) website or the office. Once the necessary forms are filled and submitted along with the respective documents, applicants will have to attend an interview at one of the PSKs, on the designated date. This article will take applicants through the processes they will have to go through, once their appointment is fixed.

    • Once the applicant has submitted his/her documents online/offline, he/she will have to choose a date and time for appointment at the PSK. On the designated date, applicant will have to arrive slightly early and await their turn.
    • After entering, he/she will be subjected to a security check, post which he/she will enter the pre-processing area. Over here, the applicant will be issued with a token which contains a number. This number will be used for sequential processing of all applications. Until his/her numbers are displayed on the screen, the applicant will have to await his/her turn. The table will also display the counter that each specific token holder will have to go to.
    • PSK Counter ‘A’
      • Once it is the applicant’s turn, he/she will have to go to the designated counter wherein a Citizen Service Executive(CSE) will upload the customer’s documents onto the passport seva System. The applicant’s photograph and fingerprints will also be taken.
      • Fees would be collected, if it has not already been paid before and personal details in the system will be printed and given to the applicant for verification and signature, which would then be uploaded into the system.
      • Applicant will have to then exit the counter and await his/her turn to move to the next counter.
    • PSK Counter ‘B’
      • Once his/her token number is called out, the applicant will have to go to the designated counter, where a Verification Officer (VO) will check all documents thoroughly. Again, the applicant will have to wait to enter the next counter.
    • PSK Counter ‘C’
      • Once the applicant enters this counter, a Granting Officer(GO) will take a call on whether all processes have been completed properly and if the Passport can be granted, or not. After this, the applicant will have to head to the Exit Counter.
    • The applicant will receive an Acknowledgement Letter from the Exit Counter. This document will have to be maintained carefully as it can be used to track the application status.
    • Individuals must note that, in case the application form has been successfully submitted and the final status is ‘Granted’, the printing of Passport would be done in case of no or post police verification.
    • If the status given is pre police verification, the Passport would be printed after a police report has been provided.

    Applicants can contact the Passport Seva Kendra or any of the helpline numbers in case of additional queries.

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