• Chandigarh RPO (Regional Passport Office)

    The Chandigarh RPO (Regional Passport Office) was established in September 1969 and is one of the major Passport Seva Kendras in India. It issued 4.45 lakh passports to its applicants during 2016. It handles with the issuance of passports and other travel documents to the citizens living in 13 districts in Haryana state, 11 districts in Punjab state, and the Chandigarh Union Territory.

    Historical Background Of The Chandigarh RPO

    In 1979, on divergence from the Chandigarh RPO, an individual Passport Seva Kendra was established in Jalandhar. However, in 2008, the Amritsar passport office was carved out and since then, the Chandigarh Regional Passport Office has been providing its services to the increasing demand of the 3 states. Later in 1996, the National Informatics Centre computerized the Chandigarh RPO. Earlier, the building was rented but since 2004, it operates in its own building covering an area of 972.708 Sq. yds.

    Hierarchical Structure Of The Organization

    As of March 2017, the Chandigarh Passport Office has totally 82 employees working there, which includes 67 staffs and 15 officers against the sanctioned strength of about 127 employees, which includes 90 staffs and 37 officers.

    The hierarchical structure of the employees working in Chandigarh office is divided into different stages, which are as follows:

    • Regional Passport Officer (RPO)
    • Deputy Passport Officer (DPO)
    • Assistant Passport Officer (APO)
    • Senior Superintendent (SS)
    • Superintendent
    • Assistant Superintendent (AS)
    • Senior Passport Assistant (SPA)
    • Junior Passport Assistant (JPA)
    • Stenographer/Steno
    • Chauffeur
    • Office Assistant (OA)


    As said earlier, the Chandigarh PSK serves different regions, which are:

    District Names of Haryana District Names of Punjab Union Territory
    Ambala Bhatinda Chandigarh
    Ambala Rural Barnala  
    Bhiwani Ludhiana (Rural)  
    Fatehabad Ludhiana (City)  
    Jind Sangrur  
    Hisar Rup Nagar  
    Karnal Fatehgarh Sahib  
    Kaithal Mansa  
    Kurukshetra Khanna  
    Panipat Patiala  
    Panchkula SAS Nagar  

    Functions And Responsibilities Of The Chandigarh PSK

    • Issuance of diplomatic passport
    • Issuance of official passport
    • India International Regular Passport Booklet
    • India International Jumbo Passport Booklet
    • Surrender Certificate
    • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
    • Apostle & Attestation of Certificate

    The Regional Passport Officers are designated as the Office Heads and for better functioning, specific financial powers are given to them. The powers of other employee categories are mentioned clearly on the official website.

    For correct decision-making and passport issuance, the Chandigarh PSK follows the guidelines that are indicated in the 2010 Passport Manual. The officers belonging to the superintendent level are designated as PIAs (Passport Issuing Authorities) and they take complete responsibility for issuing passports to the applicants. According to the Indian Passport Act, they cannot take a decision all alone. In fact, they take specific action/decision conjointly with Assistant Superintendent, Junior Passport Assistants, and Senior Passport Assistants.

    Work Flow Of The Chandigarh Passport Office

    All passport applications are processed at the Chandigarh office based on the date and time slots allotted while booking online. The locations of various passport offices are given below:

    • Plot No: 50, Adarsh Lifestyle Mall, Industrial Area Phase II, Chandigarh
    • Plot No: 2014 A, Chandigarh Road, Ambala City
    • Akash deep Complex, Gyan Singh Rarewalla Market, Ludhiana
    • POPSK at Head Post Office, Parijat Chowk, Hisar
    • POPSK at Head Post Office, Kunjpura Road, Karnal
    • POPSK at Head Post Office, Bhatinda

    Other than processing and renewal of passports, applicants can also arrive at the above-mentioned offices with their ARN sheets for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) issuance.

    As soon as an applicant comes to the passport office, he/she is assisted with the following steps:

    1. Counter A
      • A TCS staff checks the passport application and verifies everything if they are legitimate.
      • Once all the details are correct, the staff further verifies all the data and scans them.
      • The applicant then pays a fee for which the staff gives a receipt.
      • Once the above process completes, the applicant has to give his fingerprints and photograph.
    2. Counter B
      • The passport application is further verified by a Verifying Officer (appointed by the Indian government).
      • If necessary, the verifying officer may ask for additional documents as a proof.
    3. Counter C
      • An officer (Superintendent/Senior Superintendent/Deputy Passport Officer-DPO) again grants and checks the index of the application for verification. If there is something wrong with the documents, the file will be kept on hold until they receive proper confirmation from the issuing authorities.
    4. Police Verification Request
    5. Once an applicant completes all the procedures at the three counters, the issuing authority sends a request for police verification to the respective district electronically.

    6. Police Verification Receipt
    7. Once the request has been sent, the police constables arrive at the mentioned address for confirming the details of the applicant. If this is successful, a notification is sent to the passport authorities electronically.

    8. Passport Printing
    9. The applicant’s file is then processed for printing, followed by lamination and signature of the PIAs on the passport.

    10. Passport Delivery
    11. Once the passport has been printed, it is then dispatched to the given address. In rare cases, the applicant might be asked to receive it from the office counter.

    There might be cases, when Passport Issuing Authorities might find something suspicious with the application or if there is an administrative matter involved, a Dealing Assistant rechecks and submits the records to the Superintendent.

    The Superintendent goes through the file carefully and submits further to the Passport Officer. In certain cases, the case might be referred to the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) and CPV (Consular, Passport, and Visa) division for a final approval.

    Passport Rules And Passport Act

    As far as the administrative part is concerned, the files and records of applicants are maintained relating to:

    • Passport appointments
    • Court-associated litigation files
    • Water and electricity bills
    • Procurement of furniture and stationery
    • Service book and personal files of employees
    • Circulars
    • Maintaining confidential annual reports
    • Continuing temporary posts

    The Chandigarh passport office holds the following documents:

    • India International Regular Passport Booklet
    • Statements of committees, councils, boards, and a few other bodies

    Officers And Other Employee Information

    Officer’s Category Level Of Pay As Per The Seventh CPC Matrix
    Regional Passport Officer (RPO) 14
    Deputy Passport Officer (DPO) 11
    Assistant Passport Officer (APO) 10
    Senior Superintendent (SS) 8
    Superintendent 7
    Assistant Superintendent 6
    Senior Passport Officer (SPO) 4
    Stenographer of Grade-D 4
    Junior Passport Officer (JPO) 2
    Chauffer 4
    Office Assistant (OA) 1

    The budget allocated to every agency, indicating the details of plans, expenses, and reports on the proposed disbursements are as follows:

    Head of the Accounts Approved Budget 2017 - 2018 Actual Expenses Incurred Until 30.9.2017
    Salaries 4,50,00,000 2,77,25,443
    O.T.A 0 0
    Wages 1,00,000 91,147
    D.T.E 50,00,000 12,48,375
    Medical Treatment 5,00,000 3,90,311
    R.R.T 1,50,000 69,563
    O.E 1,10,00,000 60,04,320
    Minor Works 15,00,000 0
    Postage Office Expenses 1,30,00,000 1,16,02,353
    Infotech 5,50,000 5,23,065
    Professional Services 0 0
    Total 7,68,00,000 4,76,54,577

    Note: No travel agent is allowed to submit an applicant’s passport application. The applicant himself/herself as to be present at the concerned passport office to submit the application and have other things processed.

    Also, keep in mind that an applicant can meet an officer on all the working days from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. except Wednesdays.

    Designations And Names Of Officers In Chandigarh PSK

    1. First Appellate Authority
    2. Sh. Sibash Kabiraj (RPO),

      SCO 28-32, Sector 34 A,

      Chandigarh 160022.

      Contact Number: 0172-2624988, 2624987, 2624989

      E-mail address: rpo.chandigarh.nic.in

    3. Nodal Officer for Grievances
    4. Sh. Munish Kapoor (DPO),

      SCO 28-32, Sector 34 A,

      Chandigarh 160022

      Contact Number: 0172-2624988, 2624987, 2624989

      E-mail address: rpo.chandigarh.nic.in

    5. Central Public Information Officer
    6. Munish Kapoor (DPO),

      SCO 28-32, Sector 34 A,

      Chandigarh 160022

      Contact Number: 0172-2624988, 2624987, 2624989

      E-mail address: rpo.chandigarh.nic.in


    News About Indian Passport

    • Patna Passport Office awarded for outstanding performance in 2017-18

      External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on the occasion of Passport Seva Diwas awarded Parveen Mohan Sahai, the Regional Passport Officer of Patna Passport Office. The officer was awarded as the office was included among the six best performing passport offices in the country for the year 2017-18.

      Sahai while speaking on the occasion said the recognition of the passport office was a matter of great pride and pleasure. He added that the office managed to be one of the best performing in the country due to all the initiatives taken to achieve the set targets. Steps like reducing the number of days taken to issue passports, disposing of pending cases quickly, expanding passport services, speedy completion of police verification and less time taken for submission of passport applications were instrumental in getting the award as per Regional Passport Officer Sahai.

      It needs to be mentioned that the time taken by Patna Passport Office for completing the process of passport application was 35 minutes while the number of days taken for police verification was 24 days as of May 2018. The office currently takes around three to four days for issuing a passport under normal category after the police verification is carried out while tatkal applications are processed within a day. The office had also opened 15 Passport Seva Kendras (PSKs) on the instructions of the Ministry in the state through which speedy disposal of grievances received from social media and other channels are done.

      11 July 2018

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