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    Nagpur Credit Cards

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    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
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    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Paperless approval option available

    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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    Looking for a Credit Card in Nagpur? Compare various Credit Card offers online at for Nagpur city

    The orange city, Nagpur is the commercial and political centre in the state of Maharashtra. The third largest and the third most populous city in the state with a population exceeding the 20 lacs mark; Nagpur is indeed a city that deserves attention. The city has been rated best in terms of liveability, greenery, public transport, and health care indices. One of the fastest growing cities in the country, Nagpur is a tough competition to all the other metropolises, as the city is here to set top global standards. The fact that the city has a literacy rate of 93.3% goes to show the kind of progress that is happening here. Presented with the title of Tiger Capital of India, the city is also home to major industries like Information technology, banking, real estate etc. It is particularly known for the market reach it enjoys in the banking field. The regional office of the banking authority in India, Reserve Bank of India is located here. So, in terms of activity, there is a lot happening here. And, if you want to be part of the big march towards urbanization, you can do so by applying for a Nagpur Credit Card. What is so special about applying for a credit card here? It is the slew of benefits you will get. It is not just about the freedom to indulge in assets but, also the chance to get the most competitive pricing on the market.

    On, there is plenty to choose. For those who have never shopped for Nagpur Credit Card, this is the perfect place to start as it has comprehensive information on the kinds of credit cards offered, service charges, reward programs, late payment fees etc. It is in short, the manual to getting a credit card that sits well with your requirements. Here, let us first look at some of the prominent benefits of credit cards offered by banks in Nagpur.

    • Free Credit period
    • Availability of cobranded cards
    • Facilitate online shopping
    • Cash advancements
    • Extensive reward programs with attractive cash back offers
    • Fuel Surcharge Waiver


    1. What are the different kinds of Nagpur Credit Cards I can choose from?

      The Nagpur Credit Card offers are essentially divided into these three categories

      • VISA International
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      Depending on the bank you select, you can make use of any of the following cards. Some banks also carry all three variants, and then the choice depends on the variant you select within each category.

    2. What are the steps involved in the process of owning a credit card?
    3. A credit card is a very useful financial tool that can be used in a number of instances in ones personal as well as professional life. The good news is that you dont have to go through elaborate steps to own a credit card. The most standard protocol followed by banks to issue a credit card involves:

      • Filling up application
      • Submitting the application
      • Submission of required documents
      • Credit check/appraisal
      • Approval
    4. What are the main benefits of owning a Nagpur Credit Card?
    5. There are many benefits that you can experience at various levels when you own a credit card. More than anything the fact that you can make a purchase even without taking cash out from your wallet stands to be the winner. Also, with a credit card you can delay payment of the bill as banks extend a grace period assigned. If you use your card extensively you can also seek discounts on travel, dining, leisure etc.

    6. What is a late payment fee?
    7. Every bank presents the cardholder with an interest free period during which time the use of the card will not attract any interest. That said once the billing date arrives and the minimum outstanding payment requirements are not met, the bank can charge you up to 15% or 2.5% of the total outstanding balance. It is therefore; wise to make sure you honour your payments on time.

    8. What is a cash advance facility?
    9. Cash advance facility is a special feature offered by banks. Using this feature you can withdraw cash from an ATM using your credit card. This is a good option to use when you are in desperate need of funds. But, make sure it is your last resort as the service fee and the interest charged can be very high

    10. What do I do if I lose my credit card or when it is stolen?
    11. Loss and theft of a credit card must be immediately reported to the bank. The bank will ensure the card is deactivated and protected from any abuse. You have to check with your bank to inquire about your liability in such cases and how much you have to pay in order to replace the card.

    12. What is an ad on card and how many add on cards can I get?
    13. An ad on card is a special benefit offered to cardholders who can share the credit limit they enjoy with a loved one or a family member. The minimum number of ad on cards one can get is 1 and the maximum can go up to a 4. The cardholder has to check with the bank to see how many cards he can get and what the terms of bringing in a family member are.

    Get the BankBazaar advantage when applying for credit cards
    • works with the top banks and credit card companies in the country. Hence we can guarantee you best offerings from these financial institutions that will hit the right notes with you. Some of the well known credit card offers we bring you include
      • Axis Bank Credit Cards
      • HDFC Bank Credit Cards
      • CitiBank Credit Cards
      • ICICI Bank Credit Cards
      • IndusInd Bank Credit Cards
    • You can then fill out a simple form so that your eligibility can be assessed. Its important to do that at the onset so that you can get offers that you are eligible for. This simple step will save you a lot of hassle in the future.
    • Once you have received different offers from reputed credit card companies, will help you choose the best one for your needs. You can do that by comparing these offers based on factors like interest rates, credit limits, cash withdrawal charges etc. You will have to remember what you are looking for from a credit card at all times when you are making these comparisons so that you can get the right solution for your needs.
    • then lets you make a simple online application and offers you important information along the way to keep your mind at rest.
    • Not only will you get objective credit card solutions, you can also be rest assured that your personal information is kept safe at all times.
    Credit Card Eligibility and Documentation
    • Card holder should be in the age bracket of 18 years to 70 years.
    • Should have a fixed monthly income.
    • Should have a good CIBIL credit score.

    Documents required for Credit Card:

    • Pan Card Photocopy OR Form 60
    • Latest Salary Slip, Form 16, Income Tax return copy as income proof
    • Passport, driving license, ration card, etc. for residence proof.
    Features & Benefits of Credit Cards
    • To fulfill dreams which cant wait, apply for credit cards and live your dreams.

    Credit Cards Charges

    • Annual Fee - NIL-Rs.3500
    • Joining Fee - NIL-Rs.25,000
    • Interest Rate - 3.05%-3.4%
    • Other Features - Revolving Credit, zero cost liability, free ad on cards, vouchers, lifestyle and merchandise discounts, travel vouchers, complimentary membership
    • Fuel surcharge waiver - 0-2.5% on a specified amount and higher across major petrol pumps in India
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