UTI Infrastructure Fund

NAV Date 05-01-2021
Fund Name Category NAV NAV Change 1 year %
UTI Gold ETF Equity - ETF 4516.99 37.5354 26.61
UTI Liquid Cash Plan(AD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1471.28 0.1110 04.24
UTI Liquid Cash Plan(FD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1211.81 0.0914 04.24
UTI Liquid Cash Plan(G)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 3345.43 0.2523 04.24
UTI Liquid Cash Plan(QD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1389.52 0.1048 04.24
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Discontinued-Reg(G) Debt - Liquid 3082.09 0.1808 03.60
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Reg(AD) Debt - Liquid 1467.81 0.1075 04.13
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Reg(FD) Debt - Liquid 1209.74 0.0886 04.13
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Reg(G) Debt - Liquid 3328.82 0.2438 04.13
UTI Liquid Cash Plan-Reg(QD) Debt - Liquid 1385.9 0.1015 04.13
UTI Money Market Fund(AD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1409.12 0.2283 06.09
UTI Money Market Fund(FD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1251.52 0.2028 05.70
UTI Money Market Fund(FLD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1217.16 0.1969 06.09
UTI Money Market Fund(G)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 2374.07 0.3847 06.09
UTI Money Market Fund(HD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1326.54 0.2150 06.09
UTI Money Market Fund(MD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1162.09 0.1883 05.77
UTI Money Market Fund(QD)-Direct Plan Debt - Liquid 1259.5 0.2042 06.11
UTI Money Market Fund-Discontinued-Reg(FD) Debt - Liquid 2991.55 0.4363 05.45
UTI Money Market Fund-Discontinued-Reg(PD) Debt - Liquid 2004.99 0.2924 05.19
UTI Money Market Fund-Reg(AD) Debt - Liquid 1402.31 0.2237 05.98
UTI Money Market Fund-Reg(G) Debt - Liquid 2354.36 0.3757 05.98
UTI Money Market Fund-Reg(HD) Debt - Liquid 1323.0 0.2074 05.97
UTI Overnight Fund(D)-Direct Plan Debt - Gilt Short Term 1516.96 0.1194 02.64
UTI Overnight Fund(DD)-Direct Plan Debt - Gilt Short Term 1371.66 0.0000 03.10
UTI Overnight Fund(G)-Direct plan Debt - Gilt Short Term 2797.61 0.2201 03.40
UTI Overnight Fund-Reg(D) Debt - Gilt Short Term 1477.93 0.1138 02.56
UTI Overnight Fund-Reg(DD) Debt - Gilt Short Term 1370.86 0.0000 03.03
UTI Overnight Fund-Reg(G) Debt - Gilt Short Term 2774.2 0.2137 03.33
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(B)-Direct Plan Debt - Ultra Short Term 2194.52 0.7653 07.32
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(D)-Direct Plan Debt - Ultra Short Term 1333.45 0.4654 07.32
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(FD)-Direct Plan Debt - Ultra Short Term 1191.7 0.4159 07.32
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(G)-Direct Plan Debt - Ultra Short Term 2626.54 0.9166 07.32
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund(QD)-Direct Plan Debt - Ultra Short Term 1408.27 0.4915 07.32
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(B) Debt - Ultra Short Term 2171.21 0.7535 07.23
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(D) Debt - Ultra Short Term 1325.02 0.4598 07.23
UTI Treasury Advantage Fund-Reg(G) Debt - Ultra Short Term 2597.8 0.9016 07.23
UTI Treasury Advantage-Discontinued-Reg(AD) Debt - Ultra Short Term 2511.47 0.8415 06.71
UTI Treasury Advantage-Discontinued-Reg(B) Debt - Ultra Short Term 3115.7 1.0440 06.71
UTI Treasury Advantage-Discontinued-Reg(B)-Bonus Units Debt - Ultra Short Term 3115.7 1.0440 06.71
UTI Treasury Advantage-Discontinued-Reg(G) Debt - Ultra Short Term 4674.07 1.5661 06.71
UTI Treasury Advantage-Discontinued-Reg(QD) Debt - Ultra Short Term 1703.14 0.5706 06.71
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund(FD)-Direct Plan Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 1681.97 0.2700 05.68
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund(FND)-Direct Plan Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 1324.83 0.2127 05.47
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund(G)-Direct Plan Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 3384.88 0.5435 05.77
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund(QD)-Direct Plan Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 1405.44 0.2257 05.78
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund-Discontinued-Inst(G) Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 2302.12 0.3518 05.39
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(FD) Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 1325.94 0.1954 05.09
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(FND) Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 1320.59 0.1947 04.94
UTI Ultra Short Term Fund-Reg(G) Debt - Floating Rate Short Term 3234.82 0.4769 05.21
UTI-Nifty ETF Equity - ETF 1514.46 7.1031 16.94
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The UTI Infrastructure Fund is an infrastructure sector-specific equity mutual fund. The portfolio includes companies that are involved in or benefit from the infrastructure segment. This fund has been operational since April 2004. UTI Asset Management Company is a public sector undertaking and is also the oldest mutual fund house in the country.

Type of fund

This is an open ended infrastructure thematic equity mutual fund.

Investment objective

The objective here is to provide income generation and/or mid to long term capital appreciation through investments primarily in equity and equity related instruments of companies which are the direct or indirect stakeholders in the growth of infrastructure sector in India.

Fund information

Inception date 07/04/2004
CRISIL rank Rank 4 in Infrastructure sector funds
  • Direct – Growth Option
  • Direct – Income Option
  • Growth Retail
  • Income Retail
Entry load 0%
Exit load
  • Existing – 1% if redeemed within 1 year
  • Revised – 1% if redeemed within 548 days
Minimum investment
  • Rs.5,000 for new investors and Rs.1,000 subsequent minimum investment thereafter.
  • Multiples of Re.1 with no upper ceiling after minimum investment criteria is met.
SIP Available.
Product label – Risk and target investors High risk. Meant for long term investors looking at capital appreciation and income distribution through sector specific equity based investments. Diversified large-mid cap oriented fund having moderate style funds is ideal for regular equity investors.
Benchmark S&P BSE 100. This index was compiled in 1989 and uses the same methodology of computation of Free-Float index and determination of free-float factors as the more commonly known BSE Sensex index.
SWP Yes. Minimum withdrawal amount of Rs.1,000.
STP Available
Redemption Proceeds to be dispatched within 10 days
Taxation (on investment and on redemption) As per applicable sections under the Income Tax Act.

Fund manager(s)

Mr Sanjay Ramdas Dongre has a bachelor’s degree in B.E. (Instrumentation) and PGDM from IIM Calcutta. He has previously worked with Reliance Petrochemicals limited and has been associated with UTI AMC since 1994 starting out as a debt analyst. He is currently a Senior Fund Manager at UTI AMC and handles other funds from UTI AMC such as UTI – MEPUS.

Investment philosophy

This is a themed scheme wherein investments are made in equities or equity related instruments of companies that are directly or indirectly involved in the growth of infrastructure sector in the country. As the sector looks towards fresh impetus from the newly-elected government, the fund aims to capitalize on this in the long run through long term investments predominantly in large and mid cap companies.

Portfolio – Sector / Top 10 holdings*

Name Sector Class Allocation (%)
Axis bank Ltd Financial Equity 7.38
Larsen & Toubro Ltd Diversified Equity 6.95
State Bank of India Ltd Energy Equity 6.46
Shree Cement Ltd Construction Equity 6.06
Cummins India Ltd Engineering Equity 5.49
ICICI Bank Ltd Financial Equity 4.77
Bharat Forge Ltd Auto Equity 4.35
Ultratech Cement Ltd Construction Equity 4.07
NCC Ltd Construction Equity 3.89
Adani Ports and SEZ Ltd Services Equity 3.78

As on 31st July 2015

Risk measures

Standard Deviation 19.0%
Sharpe Ratio 0.52
Alpha 0.41%
Beta 1.08


AUM* Rs.1,546 crores (Growth)
  • Direct – Growth Option: Rs.40.525
  • Direct – Income Option: Rs.23.032
  • Growth Retail: Rs.40.052
  • Income Retail: Rs.22.766
Expense Ratio
  • 2.50% on first Rs.100 crores daily net assets
  • 2.25% on next Rs.300 crores
  • 2.00% on next Rs.300 crores
  • 1.75% on remaining daily net assets

As on 30th June 2015

As on 4th September 2015

Benchmark comparison

Compounded Annualised Returns Scheme Returns (%) Benchmark Returns (%)
Returns for last 1 year 12.80 9.32
Returns for last 3 years 17.74 17.04
Returns for last 5 years 4.15 9.09
Returns since inception 14.91 14.81

As on 30th June 2015

Expert view of the fund

Being a sector specific fund, the UTI Infrastructure Fund can show volatility in the short term due to market cycles. However, the infrastructure segment in the country is in focus again with the government touted to invest heavily in it in the coming years. As such, the fund can be a good option to investors if they are willing to wait out the volatility in markets and look at the long horizon. Returns have more or less matched the benchmark except for a few time frames. You should consult with your financial advisor before investing in any mutual fund scheme.

How to apply

Online and offline means are available to invest in UTI Infrastructure Fund.

  • Online

    The official website of UTI has an online application portal which can be used to fill and submit forms and related documents. You can also register for mobile transactions by giving ECS/Standing Instructions which will be processed within 25 days. Alternatively, you can use third party website for applying to mutual fund schemes, however it is advisable to perform background checks on the dealer before making any investment decision.

  • Offline

    For offline investors, there are many UTI AMC branches located conveniently throughout the country. You can approach any of the branches and fill up relevant forms and submit related documents for processing. You can also download the forms online and fill and submit to respective branch. You can also use the services of third party vendors after due consideration.

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