Franklin Build India Fund

NAV Date 06-12-2019
Fund Name Category NAV NAV Change 1 year %
Franklin Build India Fund(G) Equity - Infrastructure 41.1 0.6379 09.25
Franklin India Bluechip Fund(D) Equity - Large Cap 37.54 0.4202 06.05
Franklin India Bluechip Fund(G) Equity - Large Cap 463.72 5.1903 07.15
Franklin India Corp Debt Fund-A(G) Debt - Income 70.15 0.0558 10.26
Franklin India Corp Debt Fund-B(G) Debt - Income 70.15 0.0558 10.26
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund(G) Hybrid - MIP 58.29 0.1001 08.94
Franklin India Debt Hybrid Fund-B(G) Hybrid - MIP 58.29 0.1001 08.94
Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund(G) Debt - Income 69.04 0.0553 07.57
Franklin India Dynamic Asset Allocation FOFs(D) Equity - FOF 36.23 0.2441 04.82
Franklin India Dynamic Asset Allocation FOFs(G) Equity - FOF 85.99 0.5794 07.38
Franklin India Equity Advantage Fund(G) Equity - Multi Cap 78.22 0.5172 03.67
Franklin India Equity Fund(D) Equity - Multi Cap 35.52 0.3436 04.08
Franklin India Equity Fund(G) Equity - Multi Cap 581.64 5.6270 04.99
Franklin India Equity Hybrid Fund(G) Hybrid - Equity Oriented 122.46 0.4819 08.85
Franklin India Feeder - Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund(D)-Direct Plan Equity - FOF 35.97 0.2152 21.28
Franklin India Feeder - Franklin U.S. Opportunities Fund(G)-Direct Plan Equity - FOF 35.97 0.2152 21.28
Franklin India Focused Equity Fund(G) Equity - Multi Cap 41.75 0.5268 14.34
Franklin India G-Sec Fund(G) Debt - Gilt Medium and Long Term 43.46 0.1305 08.80
Franklin India Index Fund-NSE Nifty(D) Equity - Index 94.38 0.7459 11.53
Franklin India Index Fund-NSE Nifty(G) Equity - Index 94.38 0.7459 11.53
Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-20(G) Equity - FOF 83.06 0.6590 05.77
Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-30(G) Equity - FOF 60.89 0.4100 06.64
Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-40(G) Equity - FOF 49.38 0.2678 07.11
Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-50 Plus(G) Equity - FOF 36.93 0.1834 06.86
Franklin India Life Stage FOFs-50s +FR(G) Equity - FOF 39.18 0.0942 07.69
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Inst(DD) Debt - Liquid 1000.65 0.0000 04.66
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Inst(G) Debt - Liquid 2954.86 0.4406 06.57
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Inst(WD) Debt - Liquid 1055.39 0.1611 04.53
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Reg(DD) Debt - Liquid 1512.3 0.0000 04.47
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Reg(WD) Debt - Liquid 1245.08 0.1771 04.35
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Super Inst(DD) Debt - Liquid 1000.71 0.0000 04.98
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Super Inst(G) Debt - Liquid 2914.85 0.4689 07.04
Franklin India Liquid Fund-Super Inst(WD) Debt - Liquid 1021.84 0.1643 04.85
Franklin India Opportunities Fund(G) Equity - Multi Cap 72.06 0.3901 05.41
Franklin India Pension Plan(G) Hybrid - Debt Oriented Conservative 132.76 0.3061 09.47
Franklin India Prima Fund(D) Equity - Mid Cap 54.87 0.3875 05.03
Franklin India Prima Fund(G) Equity - Mid Cap 952.32 6.7253 06.13
Franklin India ST Income Plan(G) Debt - Short Term Income 4073.11 1.6822 05.82
Franklin India ST Income Plan(MD) Debt - Short Term Income 1174.54 0.4851 03.42
Franklin India ST Income Plan(QD) Debt - Short Term Income 1231.45 0.5086 03.51
Franklin India ST Income Plan(WD) Debt - Short Term Income 1056.4 0.4363 03.40
Franklin India ST Income-Inst(G) Debt - Short Term Income 3369.97 1.3627 06.17
Franklin India Savings Fund(G) Debt - Ultra Short Term 36.3 0.0079 08.75
Franklin India Smaller Cos Fund(G) Equity - Mid Cap 48.83 0.2721 -04.05
Franklin India Taxshield(D) Equity - Tax Saving 40.69 0.2759 05.39
Franklin India Taxshield(G) Equity - Tax Saving 564.78 3.8294 06.48
Franklin India Technology Fund(G) Equity - Technology 161.83 0.0108 05.20
Templeton India Equity Income Fund(G) Equity - Multi Cap 45.46 0.2817 03.30
Templeton India Value Fund(D) Equity - Large Cap 57.05 0.6544 -00.93
Templeton India Value Fund(G) Equity - Large Cap 238.07 2.7308 00.22
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The Franklin Build India Fund is an open ended fund which invests in companies which are either directly or indirectly working in infrastructure related activities. The policy adopted by this fund is not concerned about short term volatility with a focus on structural themes and is suitable for investors who are not averse to risk, with a patience level of at least 3 years.

Type or nature of fund

Franklin Build India Fund is an Open ended equity fund which invests either directly or indirectly in companies which are into the infrastructure domain.

Investment objective

The main objective of Franklin Build India Fund is to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in companies which focus on infrastructure, financial services, social development, resources and agriculture to take advantage of their diverse experience.

Fund information

Inception dateSeptember 4, 2009
CRISIL rankFranklin Build India Fund has a CRISIL ranking of 1
  • Growth
  • Dividend
  • Direct Growth
  • Direct Dividend
Entry loadNil
Exit loadFor redemptions within 2 years of allotment : 1%
Minimum investmentRs 5,000
SchemesHigh Risk product designed for investors looking for long term capital appreciation.
Entry loadCNX 500 + CNX Nifty
  • CNX 500 is a broad based benchmark of the Indian capital market representing 95.77% of free float market capitalization stocks on the NSE.
  • CNX Nifty is a diversified stock index which accounts for 23 sectors of the economy based on certain criteria.
Exit load
  • Rs 500 (subject to a minimum of 12 SIP investments of Rs 500 each)
  • Rs 1,000 (subject to a minimum of 6 SIP investments of Rs 1,000 each)
Minimum investment

Yes, SWP facility is available to those who have a minimum account balance of Rs 25,000.

Individuals can choose between a Monthly or quarterly mode, with an option to choose between fixed amount or capital appreciation.

Product label – Risk and target investorsYes, STP facility is available on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The transfer requires that any redeemed units need to be reinvested in another scheme.

Minimum Redemption Amount – Rs 1,000.

Redemption proceeds will be sent to unitholders within 10 business days.

Taxation (on investment and on redemption)Investors need to consult their tax adviser to get a clear picture of tax implications under this scheme.

Fund managers

The Franklin Build India Fund has two fund managers Mr. Anand Radhakrishnan and Miss Roshi Jain.

Mr. Anand Radhakrishnan

Designation and Work
  • Mr. Radhakrishnan is the current Chief Investment Officer of Franklin Equity India and has over 20 years of experience in investment management. In his current position, he is responsible for all local equity funds and also doubles as a mentor for other portfolio managers.
  • He currently manages Franklin India Bluechip Fund, Franklin India Taxshield, Franklin India Prima Plus and Franklin India Infotech Fund.
  • He was previously the fund manager for Sundaram Mutual Fund for 8 years and a deputy manager at SBI Funds Management Limited.
  • Mr. Radhakrishnan holds a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad and a BTech Degree in Chemical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai.
  • He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder.

Ms Roshi Jain

Designation and Work
  • Ms Roshi Jain is the Vice President of Portfolio Management Equity at Franklin Templeton India. She is also the portfolio manager for different funds including Franklin India Flexi Cap, Franklin India High Growth Companies Fund, Franklin Asia Equity Fund and Franklin Build India Fund, apart from being a co-portfolio manager for other funds.
  • Ms Jain has over a decade of experience in the investment field, having worked at Goldman Sachs before joining Franklin Templeton.
  • Ms Jain is CFA Charter Holder, having earned it from the CFA Institute of USA.
  • Ms Jain also holds a PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad.

Investment philosophy or strategy

The investment strategy followed by Franklin Build India Fund is pretty simple and clear, with the main idea to invest in companies which are into infrastructure related activities. The fund aims to capitalise on innovative businesses and ideas and on stocks which have lost favour but have high potential for growth. It believes in orienting itself towards structural themes rather than cyclical themes in a bid to access companies across different ranges of market capitalization.

Portfolio – Sector / Top 10 holdings

Maruti Suzuki India LtdAutomobile5.54
TVS Motor Company LtdAutomobile3.73
Axis Bank LtdBanks5.81
State Bank of IndiaBanks5.52
HDFC Bank LtdBanks5.49
ICICI Bank LtdBanks3.65
Whirlpool India LtdConsumer Durables3.56
Sanofi India LtdPharmaceuticals3.28
Idea cellular LtdTelecom Services5.07
Bharti Airtel LtdTelecom Services4.45

Risk measures – Last three years

The risk measures for various criteria are mentioned below. These are for the last three years.

Standard Deviation5.13


AUMRs 409.31 crore (as of May 29, 2015)
NAV (as of 01/09/2015)

Dividend – 20.64

Growth – 27.55

Direct Dividend – 21.23

Direct Growth – 28.28


The returns provided by Franklin Build India Fund in comparison to market returns are shown in the table below.

PeriodScheme returnsCNX 500CNX Nifty
March 2012 – March 201310.82%5.13%7.31%
March 2013 – March 201424.69%17.72%17.98%
March 2014- March 201584.95%33.56%26.65%

Expense Ratio

The Expense ratio of Franklin Build India Fund is mentioned in the table below.

Daily Net AssetsExpense ratio
First 100 crores2.83%
Next 300 crores2.58%
Next 300 crores2.33%
Remaining Balance2.08%

Expert view of the fund

Franklin Build India Fund has managed to hold its own over the last few years, performing better than most other similar funds. It is a high risk fund with portfolio in infrastructure companies which might boost its performance on the back of a developing India. The Fund Managers have managed to invest smartly, without any major setbacks till now. This is not a short term fund and it would pay to stay invested for the long run, with returns expected to grow after 4-5 years. The future of this fund looks stable, if it continues to perform the way it currently is.

How to apply – online + distributors

One can invest in Franklin India Build Fund either through the online medium or through distributors. Anyone who wishes to invest in the fund could log onto the official website of Franklin Templeton India and follow the basic steps mentioned. One needs to provide his/her PAN details, mobile number, email id, and bank details in order to register online.

Individuals can also apply through registered distributors like the MF branch or banks which are allowed to deal in such transactions. They are required to fill in an application form and enter relevant data about their scheme and then submit the form.

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