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    Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest is an online, unit-linked, limited pay endowment insurance plan that offers protection as well as capital growth to policyholders for their premiums paid. Today’s lifestyle needs require you to grow your money apart from just saving it. The plan offers life cover for 10 policy years with premium payment options as 5 years or one-time payment. The most unique feature of this insurance policy is that this insurance scheme can be bought and managed online without the hassle of visiting the Bharti AXA Life Insurance office.

    Eligibility Criteria for Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest:

    Listed below are the minimum and maximum entry age for the Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest

    Age at entry, Minimum

    18 years

    Age at entry, Maximum

    60 years

    Maximum Maturity Age

    70 years

    Key Features of Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest

    The table below depicts some of the key features of the Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest.

    Plan type

    An online, unit-linked, endowment plan

    Plan basis


    Premium paying terms

    5 years and single pay

    Policy term

    10 years

    Premium payment Mode

    Yearly, Half-yearly, Quarterly and Monthly

    Where, Quarterly and Monthly payments can only be made through ECS

    Grace period

    30 days from the expected date of payment of premium (for yearly, half-yearly and quarterly modes)

    15 days from the expected date of premium payment for monthly mode

    Free Look Period

    15 days from the date of availing the policy

    Policy revival

    Revival of policy can be done if the pending premium amount is paid off within 2 years from the date of inception of policy


    Nomination facility is available under section 39 of the Insurance Act, 1938

    Sum Assured

    Sum assured depends upon the premium payment option availed.

    • Single Pay Option

    125% of single premium

    • 5 year payment term

    Higher of 10 times the annual premium or (0.5* Policy Term* annualized premium)

    Policy coverage

    Death benefits and maturity benefits.

    Death Benefits: In case of death of the policyholder, higher of the three listed below is paid to the beneficiary:

    1. Sum assured applicable

    2. 105% of all premiums paid

    3. Policy Fund Value at that point in time

    Maturity Benefits:

    Maturity benefit depends upon the policy fund value at the time of maturity. One out of the following three options can be chosen by policyholders as maturity benefit.

    1. Lump-sum amount of the policy fund value at that point in time
    2. Withdrawal of policy fund value at regular intervals as chosen by the policyholder at the time of policy inception
    3. A combination of the above two options

    Discontinuation of premium

    Any discontinuation needs to be communicated to Bharti AXA and decision regarding surrender or revival of policy needs to be made within 2 years from the inception of policy

    Surrender of Policy

    Two conditions arise:

    1. Surrender the policy after completion of lock-in period: Current fund value is paid out to policyholder

    2. Surrender the policy before completion of lock-in period: Current fund value less discontinuance charges are paid out to policyholder

    Charges Applicable

    1. Premium Allocation Charges: Nil
    2. Mortality Charges: Depends on entry age and sum assured
    3. Discontinuance Charges: Depends on fund value and premium payment term
    4. Fund Management Charges: Depends upon the type of fund availed out of the 6 available options

    Name of Fund

    Management Charges

    Grow Money Plus Fund

    1.35% p.a.

    Growth Opportunities Plus Fund

    1.35% p.a.

    Build India Fund

    1.35% p.a.

    Save’n’grow Money Fund

    1.25% p.a.

    Steady Money Fund

    1.00% p.a.

    Safe Money Fund

    1.00% p.a.

    Discontinued Policy Fund

    0.50% p.a.

    1. Policy Administration Charges:

    Policy Year

    5 year payment term

    Single premium term

    1 - 5



    6 and above



    Benefits/Advantages of Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest

    Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest offers some great advantages to policyholders. Listed below are a few of these benefits.

    • Tax benefits: Tax benefits can be availed for premiums paid towards Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest
    • Easily available, affordable insurance scheme: The policy can be availed easily via a single click from the comfort of your home.
    • Zero Allocation Charges: The policy does not charge any allocation fee from policyholders
    • A host of fund options to choose from: Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest offers an option to choose from six investment funds.
    • Extendable Investment Time: Policyholders can choose to extend their fund holdings even after the policy period is over.
    • Partial withdrawal option: Once the policy completes 5 years, you can choose to make partial withdrawals.

    How Does the Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest Work

    Bharti AXA Life eFuture Invest is an online available investment cum insurance plan that offers returns as well as cover for times of financial needs. The policy offers a bouquet of 6 investment fund options to choose from. Depending upon their risk appetite and the cover amount that customers are looking for, they can choose their most suitable fund option. Below is a summary of the various fund options along with their objective and their corresponding risk profile.

    Fund Name


    Asset Allocation

    Risk-Return Profile

    Growth Opportunities Plus Fund

    Investment across all market size stocks, large, mid and small in order to diversify and achieve long-term capital appreciation. It is a high-risk, high-return fund option.

    Equities: 80% - 100%, Cash & Money Market Instruments: 0% - 40%


    Grow Money Plus Fund

    This investment fund too invests in companies across all sectors and sizes. This fund is suitable for policyholders with a high risk appetite and for those who are looking to reap greater benefits.

    Equities: 80% - 100%, Cash & Money Market Instruments: 0% - 40%


    Build India Fund

    Majorly invests in infrastructure stocks and aims to provide long-term capital appreciation.

    Equities: 80% - 100%; Corporate Bonds and Bank deposits: 0% to 20%; Cash & Money Market Instruments: 0% -20%


    GST of 18% is applicable on life insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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