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  • Tata AIG Motor Insurance

    Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited has made a mark in the Indian insurance industry by introducing several innovative methodologies and products. The company has configured an extensive range of individual and commercial insurance products that cater to the varying needs of its customers. The products fall under the heads of home insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance, rural-agriculture insurance, and health insurance.

    The company has a reputed customer service department that assists consumers throughout their relationship period. The claim settlement process of the company is smooth and payouts are made within the shortest turnaround time.

    Why Should You Buy Motor Insurance From Tata AIG?

    The advantages of buying motor insurance from Tata AIG are described below:

    • Coverage for damages or complete loss of the vehicle through a large range of incidents
    • Coverage for third-party liabilities
    • Personal accident cover for the owner-driver
    • Availability of 13 add-on covers to enhance the protection offered by the motor insurance policy
    • Motor insurance cover is offered for private and commercial vehicles, including cars and two-wheelers

    Types Of Motor Insurance From Tata AIG

    Tata AIG offers the following types of motor insurance plans for its customers:

    1. Auto Secure - Private Car Package Policy
    2. This is a comprehensive motor insurance package configured for the benefit of customers opting to buy insurance for their private cars. The insurance plan safeguards the insured vehicle against a host of events, such as accidental damages, theft, losses from natural and man-made calamities, etc. The coverage of the policy can be enhanced by opting for riders based on the insurance needs of the customer.

    3. Auto Secure - Two Wheeler Package Policy
    4. This is a comprehensive motor insurance plan that safeguards two-wheelers from several unprecedented events such as accidents, theft, damages while in transit, natural and man-made disasters, etc. It is advisable to buy this insurance plan to protect your prized two-wheeler. The policy term for this type of insurance plan is usually 1 year. After this, the policyholder will have to get in touch with the insurance company to renew the coverage.

    5. Auto Secure - Two Wheeler Long Term Policy
    6. This is a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan with an extended policy term of up to 2 or 3 years. This is useful for individuals who do not want to go through the hassles of renewing their two-wheeler insurance policies every year. They can opt for a policy term of 3 years and rest assured that their vehicle will be adequately protected.

    7. Auto Secure - Commercial Vehicle Package Policy
    8. This insurance plan is specially configured for the protection of commercial vehicles. It offers extensive insurance coverage to the insured vehicle and the policyholder.

    9. Liability Only Policy
    10. This is the minimum level of insurance coverage required for any motor vehicle, as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This insurance plan is also the cheapest form of motor insurance offered by the company.

    Tata AIG Liability Only Plan - Inclusions

    This insurance scheme offers protection for accidental injuries/death of a third party and third-party property damages. The insurance cover does not safeguard the insured vehicle itself. The owner-driver of the vehicle and passengers can get personal accident cover on paying an extra amount towards the premium.

    Tata AIG Comprehensive Motor Insurance - Inclusions

    The coverage provided by the comprehensive motor insurance plan from Tata AIG includes the following:

    • The policyholder will receive reimbursement of expenses for repairing damages suffered by the insured vehicle.
    • Total loss instances such as vehicle theft and massive accidental damages are offered coverage.
    • The policy offers protection from damages to the insured vehicle through natural calamities such as landslides, floods, hurricanes, storms, and the like.
    • The policy provides coverage for losses due to man-made disasters such as terrorist acts, in-transit damages, malicious activities, etc.
    • Third-party liability coverage is an intrinsic part of the comprehensive motor insurance plan offered by Tata AIG. This protects the policyholder from legal liabilities to a third party in an accident.
    • Personal accident cover is offered to the owner-driver of the insured vehicle.
    • The coverage under the plan can be amplified by using any of the add-on covers offered by the insurer.

    Tata AIG Motor Insurance - Exclusions

    The coverage under the motor insurance plans offered by Tata AIG does not include the following events:

    • Losses or damages incurred outside the geographical limits specified in the policy document
    • Intentional damages
    • Accidents while the driver is under the influence of liquor or drugs
    • A claim arising from contractual liability
    • Expenses for consumables
    • Normal wear and tear of the motor vehicle
    • Repair of glass, plastic, fiberglass, and rubber parts
    • Damages to the wheel accessories or rim
    • Routine maintenance of the vehicle
    • Repair of the vehicle outside an authorised garage
    • Using the vehicle beyond limitations

    Tata AIG Motor Insurance FAQs:

    1. Is it possible to renew my Tata AIG motor insurance online?
    2. Yes, you can easily renew your Tata AIG motor insurance through the website of the insurance company. If the policy is already in expired status, within a period of 90 days from the expiry date you should request for a survey of the vehicle by calling the insurer’s toll-free number. If the policy has been in expired status for more than 90 days, you will have to apply for a fresh insurance policy. For this, you can visit the nearest branch of Tata AIG or call the toll-free number.

    3. Can I transfer my No Claim Bonus to another insurer?
    4. Yes, this is possible. You can procure an NCB transfer letter from your current insurance company to preserve the NCB for up to 3 months. This bonus can then be used on another motor insurance policy within this time.

    5. How can I pay for motor insurance renewal?
    6. Tata AIG allows you to make payments in the following ways for motor insurance renewal:

      • Online payment using debit/credit cards or the net banking facility
      • Free cheque pick-up facility can be requested for by calling the toll-free number of the insurer
      • The customer can also choose to pay through the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) facility offered by the insurance company
    7. How long does Tata AIG take for the settlement of a motor insurance claim?
    8. Tata AIG usually settles motor insurance claims within 7 working days of receipt of the required documents.

    9. Does the insurance company provide direct claim settlement facility?
    10. Yes, Tata AIG has tie-ups with a network of authorised garages across the country where you can get your vehicle repaired after it has been damaged. You can enjoy the benefits of cashless claim settlement service at these network garages.

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