How To Protect Yourself From Distracted Driving

Road accidents in India are becoming more frequent nowadays, owing to factors such as over-speeding, driving under the influence of intoxicants and distracted driving. Sometimes, you may not be at fault, as other aggressive drivers on the road could pose a threat to your safety.

Today, accidents related to distracted driving result in a large number of injuries and deaths. This can hence, be referred to as an emerging epidemic on our roads. As a driver, every time your focus shifts from the road, you are putting your life and those of others in danger.

Distractions on the road can be segregated into three types,

  • Visual distractions that could attract your attention while driving.
  • Manual distractions are the ones that prompt you to move your hands away from the steering wheel, intentionally or not.
  • Cognitive distraction happens when the driver does not focus completely on the road, and his mind is preoccupied by external factors such as an interesting talk show on the radio.

What you can do to remain focussed

Listed below are some tips to stay attentive and drive safer.

  • Driving while you are tired is very dangerous. In case you feel sleepy or tired enroute, pull off the road and rest for a while before resuming.
  • Kids and pets should be well secured in the backseat before you begin driving. If they require attention, move towards the side of the road cautiously. If you reach back towards the passengers in the backseat, you could lose control of the vehicle.
  • Refrain from drinking or eating while you drive.
  • If you are planning to depend on the GPS, enable it before you start driving.
  • Multitasking makes the driver lose focus on the road. So, this should be clearly avoided.
  • Reducing activity and the number of passengers in the car help in avoiding chaotic driving.
  • Keep your mobile phone in silent mode before you start driving and use it only in the case of an emergency.
  • Dressing up and grooming should be done before you start driving.
  • Loose possessions and gear could roll around on the car floor and distract the driver. Hence, these should be well-secured before the drive.
  • It is good to inculcate defensive driving and adhere to safe driving practices such as keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror, viewing the entire road occasionally, etc. This also keeps your mind focussed on the driving.
  • If there is any other activity that takes your attention away from the road, stop your vehicle in a safe place and attend to it before you restart driving.
  • Preparing your playlist and managing the music should be done in advance.

It is important to remember that your car is vulnerable to damages caused by unforeseen events while driving. Hence, it is prudent to protect your car with a comprehensive auto insurance plan. Co-passengers can also purchase personal accident insurance for their safety.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Plan

The your own car, as well as damages to third party. It is also optimum for people who want to secure the vehicle from unforeseen incidents such as,

  • Natural disasters
  • Robbery
  • Fire
  • Objects falling on the car
  • Damage to the car from animals
  • Civil disturbances

Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident insurance offers compensation if the beneficiary is involved in a violent external event that leads to an injury or demise. Events can be accidents caused by fire or drowning, or travel through rail, road or air. These plans can also be conveniently renewed online.

In a nutshell, when people are completely aware of the risks on the road, safety management techniques can be used to keep these risks at bay and work towards safer roads for one and all.

GST Update: GST of 18% is applicable on car insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017 

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