Tips For Staying Safe While Driving Through Fog

Fog is among the most dangerous weather conditions in which you can drive. It reduces the visibility and brings trouble to both new and experienced drivers alike. The best approach would be to stay off the roads when there is fog. Check the weather forecasts and delay your trip in case there is a fog warning. However this may not be possible at all times.

In case you have to drive through fog, remember that such severe weather conditions require the driver to stay completely focussed. Hence, distractions such as talking over the phone or listening to music should be avoided at all costs. Follow these simple steps to stay safe while driving through fog.

  1. Monitor Your Speed
  2. It is best to go slower than usual when driving in extreme weather conditions. When you slow down you will have more time to react to situations like roadblocks and other such hazards. If the visibility is very poor, it is crucial that you park your car at a safe place until it gets better.

  3. Use Low-Beam Headlights
  4. Since fog consists of water droplets that reflect light and even spread it, you should refrain from using high-beam when driving through fog. For other drivers to see you, low-beam headlights are the best option. Your tail-lights and blinkers should ideally be on for other drivers to spot you.

  5. Roll Down Your Windows
  6. As indicated previously it is best to avoid distractions while driving in such conditions. If you roll down your windows, you can hear the traffic on the road as well.

  7. Use Fog Lights (If Equipped)
  8. Fog lights, as the name suggests, are specifically developed for driving through thick fog or other conditions in which visibility is heavily reduced. These lights extend the driver’s visibility as far as possible.

  9. Keep Safe Distance
  10. You should keep a good distance between your vehicle and that in the front. In case the distance is too less you will not have enough time to react if things go wrong.

  11. Switch On The Heater
  12. If there is fog on the outside and your windows are closed there could be condensation inside. It is best to turn on the heater to avoid this.

  13. Do Not Drift
  14. When driving through fog there is a tendency to move towards the middle of the road. Keep a check on this and ensure that you are in your lane throughout.

  15. Ask For Help
  16. If needed, you can ask the passengers in your car to help you in seeing the obstacles on the road or oncoming cars.

  17. Use The Indicator
  18. It is important to indicate your intentions to the drivers at the back. So, if you are making a turn you should turn on the indicator for a minimum of 10 seconds, so that the cars behind you can slow down.

  19. Do Not Overtake
  20. When driving through extreme weather conditions, patience is the key. Hence, trying to overtake is something you should never attempt to do. You could unintentionally catch the driver in front unaware, resulting in a collision.

  21. Make Sure You Are Adequately Insured
  22. It is crucial to have adequate car insurance at all times. This is very important when you are driving through extreme weather conditions, as there are higher chances of collisions.

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