BHARTI AXA Car Insurance

Bharti AXA offers car insurance policies to protect you from unplanned expenses in case of an untimely eventuality. The insurer also offers cashless services in over 2,500 garages, a robust claims settlement process, and many other benefits.

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, a leading Indian business group and AXA, a world leader in financial protection. The joint venture company has a 74% stake from Bharti and 26% stake of the AXA Group. The organization commenced national operations in August 2008 and currently has 59 branch offices across the country.

Bharti Axa Car Insurance Policy Highlights Updated on 23 Jan 2022

Features Specifications
Third Party Cover Upto 7.5 L
Cashless Network Garages 2500+
Incurred Claim Ratio* 81.74%
Net Earned Premium* 1010.07
Covers Provided Basic Cover, Road Side Assistance

*For Year 2017-2018

Bharti AXA Car Insurance Overview:

When it comes to car insurance, the offering from Bharti AXA is counted amongst the very top options in India. is designed to help you stay protected on the road, while also ensuring that the option is in line with your specific requirements and common limitations. The highlights of the Bharti AXA Car Insurance policy includes cashless servicing in 2500+ network garages across India, robust 24x7 claim assistance, hassle free claim settlement process and No Claims Bonus (NCB) amounting to 50% on car insurance renewal from Bharti AXA or any other insurance provider. Additionally, the company offers its car insurance products in two attractive formats for online purchase- Basic Cover & Basic Cover + Roadside Assistance.

The parent company, Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, a premier Indian conglomerate and AXA, a leading international financial protection company. This ambitious company started its operations in India as of August 2008 and currently boasts of 59 branches across India. Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd has the distinction of being India’s first general insurance company to receive the dual certifications of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005 within the first year of operations in 2009. Counted amongst India’s leading insurers, Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Ltd offers offers the whole gamut of insurance products.

Benefits of Bharti Axa Car Insurance

Bharti AXA Smart Drive Private Car Insurance Policy:

This product is geared to meet the comprehensive needs of motorists. As a private car insurance plan it looks after protection requirements of cars used by individuals for private use.

Bharti Axa Car Insurance Cover:

This plan comes with two levels of cover for the car and passenger’s i.e. basic cover to meet comprehensive liabilities arising from accidents and an enhanced cover which includes assistance during breakdowns and other unfortunate on-road incidents. The details are outlined below:

  1. Basic Cover:
    • Comprehensive - includes theft, damage by fire/accident/earthquake/flood etc. as specified in the contract.
    • Third-party liability - includes damage to another person’s vehicle/property or for loss of life/injury caused to another.
    • Personal Accident - Rs.2 lakhs in case of death/total permanent dismemberment.
  2. Basic + Roadside Assistance (within 25km radius)
    • Basic cover as mentioned above
    • On road repairs (breakdowns)
    • Towing services
    • Change of tyre
    • Lost key/lockout
    • Emergency fuel

Add-On Covers:

There are situations wherein the loss that arises is beyond the terms of the base plan for which the company provides the following covers (at additional an additional cost):

  • Coverage up to 5 years from registration date.
  • 100% repayment on replaced items.
  • Repair costs for batteries, airbags, nylon, plastic parts, fiber glass and tyres.
  • Payment of depreciation amount which is the value deducted on replaced parts up to 2 years of admissible claims.
Invoice Price In case of loss,
  • Compensation = Insured Value + registration + road tax + insurance
Medical Expenses Up to Rs.10, 000 for treatment of injuries (driver + passengers).
Personal Accident Up to Rs.1 lakh for passengers in case of total permanent dismemberment or death.
Hospital Cash Daily limit up to Rs.10, 000 subject to a maximum of 30 days of hospitalization.


There are certain claims for loss/damage that are not compensated for by the company.

  1. Depreciation
    • General wear and tear
    • Loss or damage
  2. Breakdowns - Electrical/Mechanical
  3. Events occurring outside specified area limits (i.e. outside India)
  4. Driving under intoxication / Driving without valid driver’s license / Unauthorized driver
  5. Vehicle used beyond authorized usage limits
  6. Nuclear damage

In addition to the above mentioned features, Bharti AXA’s policy also includes the following benefits:


  • On premiums for installation of anti-theft devices and voluntary deductibles
  • No-Claims Bonus : Up to 50% on renewal

Garage Network:

  • 2,500+ associated garages for cashless servicing


  • Cashless (at network garages)
  • 24 hours assistance

The IDV i.e. the Insured Declared Value of the car is fixed as follows:

Based on the manufacturer’s selling price, the following amount (depending on the age of the car) is deducted as depreciation to arrive at IDV.

Up to 6 months 5%
6 months to 1 year 15%
1. - 2 years 20%
2 - 3 years 30%
3 - 4 years 40%
4 – 5 years 50%

Why Choose Bharti AXA Car Insurance Policy?

In today’s world of incrementing vehicular accidents and settlements amounting to an insane amount of money, a heavy-duty Car Insurance policy isn’t just a value added addition but a definite prerequisite. Car Insurance is also mandated by the Motor Vehicle Laws effective in India, and is often the first line of defense between your involvement in an accident that might have led to self and/or third party damage, injuries or death and the prospect of settling the damages for the same. In this regard, Bharti AXA Car Insurance offers a comprehensive plan that combines rich features with the convenience and simplicity as expected from a good car insurance plan. What features are in store? Read on...

Hassle Free Process Subscribing to the Bharti AXA Car Insurance policy, or renewing it, is a simple, stress free process that involves limited documentation. Faster, when done online.
Buy Insurance Online Save time and conserve your energy and patience by purchasing the policy online. This plan is offered in two formats- Basic Cover & Basic Cover + Roadside Assistance, to match the customer’s specific requirements.
Cashless Claims Avail cashless claims at 2500+ network garages across India.
No Claim Bonus You can transfer up to 50% of your current NCB over to Bharti AXA from any other insurance provider.
Additional Covers Add-ons like Depreciation cover, Invoice Price cover, Medical Expenses cover, Personal Accident cover for Passengers and Hospital Cash gets you more for your money’s worth.
A+ Customer Support Robust 24x7 customer support to ensure that all your queries and concerns are taken care of as and when they arise.

Thus, in light of the highlights listed above, Bharti AXA Car Insurance is worth your undivided attention.

Key Benefits of Applying Bharti Axa Car Insurance Online:

The keywords are ‘simplicity and convenience’. Why purchase Bharti AXA Car Insurance online? The answer is exemplified by the following reasons-

Fast, Reliable and Easy Completing the car insurance application online is simpler and quicker. Plus, there are no documents to submit or verifications to affect immediately. Thus, within a very limited number of steps, you can purchase the Bharti AXA Car Insurance online.
Specific Plans Bharti AXA offers two levels of protection exclusive to online purchase- Basic Cover & Basic Cover + Roadside Assistance, to match the customer’s specific requirements.
24x7 Coverage Afraid about your protection level between the time when your current policy expires and the renewed policy takes effect? With the purchase or renewal of the Bharti AXA , get instant policy issue with e-copies of the policy that can be accessed anytime and printed out.
24x7 Support Avail Bharti AXA’s renowned customer support, applicable 24x7, to answer all your queries and concerns.

The bottom line- When all these conveniences are available online, why take the harder route?

How to claim Bharti Axa Car Insurance Policy?

Raising a claim on your Bharti AXA motor insurance is very simple and involves the following three well coordinated steps-

Intimating your Claim- First, intimate Bharti AXA about the accident or loss by calling them or emailing. Your claim will be registered and a claim registration number will be provided to you to facilitate all future interactions with regards to this claim. When raising the claim, the following details must be kept handy-

  1. Your contact number.
  2. Policy number/ Cover note no. or Vehicle no., Chassis no. and Engine no.
  3. Exact location of the accident or loss, accurate date and time.
  4. Brief description about the nature and extent of loss.
  5. Brief description about injury sustained (if any).

Send your Vehicle for Repairs- Next, the damaged vehicle must be sent to the nearest garage of your choice or from Bharti AXA’s approved list of network garages. Remember that, the damaged vehicle’s survey can only be completed at the workshop. Herein, kindly keep the following documents handy-

  1. Completely filled in claim form with signatures from the insured.
  2. One copy of R/C Book (self attested) along with the original (for verification).
  3. One copy of driver’s license (self attested) along with original (for verification).
  4. FIR copy in case of major damage incurred/ third party injury/ death/ theft of vehicle/ damage due to malicious acts, riots etc.
  5. Satisfaction letter if you intend to avail the cashless facility at any of the network garages.
  6. Additional documents as and when required.

Claim Settlement- Herein, the settlement procedure depends on if you chose a garage from the company’s approved list of network garages or chose a workshop of your own choice. In each case, the claim settlement is effected as follows-

For repairs conducted at a network garage,

  1. Within 24 hours, a surveyor from Bharti AXA motor insurance will inspect your damaged vehicle. Next, spot approval will be issued after the detailed analysis.
  2. Post repairs, the garage will release the vehicle to you after confirming that the vehicle has been fixed in line with your express satisfaction.
  3. Kindly pay only the amount that isn’t recoverable under the policy such as deductible / policy excess or fees for any additional repairs that are not directly related to the current accident. Bharti AXA will settle the remaining payment with the garage on your behalf. Simple as that!!

For repairs conducted at a garage of your choice,

  1. A certified surveyor as appointed by Bharti AXA will visit the garage and inspect your damaged vehicle.
  2. When the repairs are completed and the vehicle is released to you, kindly pay the incurred cost in full and take possession of your vehicle.
  3. Next, submit the original repair invoice and payment receipts via post or in person at the nearest Bharti AXA branch.
  4. You will be reimbursed for the repair costs incurred (minus the amount that isn’t recoverable under the policy such as deductible / policy excess or fees for any additional repairs that are not directly related to the current accident) within the span of 7 working days from the date of submission of the requisite documents.

Buying the Policy:

Apart from the features and benefits mentioned above, the plan also offers customers the added advantage of being available for purchase online. By submitting required information customers can apply for the policy by making payment via net banking or credit cards.

Bharti AXA Customer Care Service:

The customer care number of Bharti AXA General Insurance is 080-49010222. Customers can dial this number to request for a quote or buy a new car insurance policy. In order to renew your car insurance, you can dial the number, 1800 103 2292. The claim assistance cell can be reached at the number, 080-49123900. Customers can send emails to the customer care team at For recording grievances, the toll-free number of 1800 103 2292 can be used.

The website of the insurance company enables customers to request for a call back. You will have to fill up an online form with your name, number, email ID, and message and submit it to receive a call back.

The branch locator facility on the insurer’s website enables you to locate the branch office nearest to you. You will have to select your locality from the drop-down list to see the branches closest to you. The website also enables you to identify the network garages affiliated to the insurer where you can get cashless claim settlement service. You will have to select the type of vehicle, the make, the state of registration, and the city. On submitting this information, the garages in your locality will be listed.

FAQs for Bharti AXA Car Insurance:

  1. What are the benefits of applying for Bharti AXA car insurance?

    Bharti AXA car insurance is custom made for the specific needs of its customers and it covers safety of the vehicle as well as its passengers. It has 2,500+ cashless network garages all over the country, around the clock claim assistance, quick and efficient claim settlement process, a maximum of 50% No Claim Bonus on car insurance renewal and attractive add on covers with unique features.

  2. What protection does this provide for its customers?

    Bharti AXA car insurance policy provides coverage for personal and third party damages/ injury. Passengers in the car that is driven by the insured, paid drivers, property of a third party, pedestrians as well as the insured himself is offered coverage under this scheme. Is also covers damages in case of theft or accidents.

  3. Is there any refund on the policy?

    Premium can be refunded only when the customer cancels his/her policy. It also depends on some conditions such as the company’s take on the short rate period and provision of alternate copy of theft protection risks for cancellation of the existing policy.

  4. What are not covered under Bharti AXA car insurance policy?

    The Bharti AXA motor insurance policy does not provide coverage in case of : breakdown due to mechanical or electrical problems, wear and tear of the vehicle and ageing of vehicle, depreciation, loss through staged or deliberate accident, driving while intoxicated, contractual liability, damage to/ by a third-party driving the vehicle without a valid license.

  5. What all documents have to be submitted in order to register a claim?

    In order to register a claim, the following information is to be provided :

    • Contact details
    • Details such as policy number or Vehicle no., Chassis no. and Engine no., etc.
    • The time when the loss occurred.
    • Location of incident
    • The details regarding nature and extent of damages.
    • Details of injury if any.

News About BHARTI AXA Car Insurance

  • Bharti AXA General Insurance records a Rs.3 crore profit in FY 2018-19

    The private sector general insurance company, Bharti AXA, posted a profit of Rs.3 crore in the fiscal year that ended in March 2019. This is a significant rise in the revenue as the company had recorded a loss equal to Rs.92.6 crore in the previous fiscal. The gross written premium collected by the company has increased from Rs.1,772 crore in FY 2017-18 to Rs.2,285 crore in FY 2018-19. In terms of the overall industry performance, the company has seen a growth of 12.9% this fiscal and in terms of the private sector performance, the company has seen a growth of 25%.

    Fiscal year 2018-19 is a landmark year for Bharti AXA as it is the first time that the company has achieved a full-year profitability. This was done by increasing the distribution channels, diversifying products, and adding business alliances.

    21 June 2019

  • Sanjeev Srinivasan Appointed As New CEO & MD of Bharti AXA General Insurance

    Bharti AXA General Insurance, one of India’s leading insurance provider recently announced the appointment of Mr. Sanjeev Srinivasan as the new CEO and MD. Mr. Srinivasan, joined Bharti AXA as the chief commercial and principal officer in August, 2016. Mr. Srinivasan holds extensive experience spanning over 20 years in the life insurance and general insurance sector. Prior to joining Bharti AXA, he has worked with some of the leading insurers such as ICICI Lombard, his immediate last appointment where he was lead the marketing, banc assurance and e-business aspects of operations. Prior to ICICI Lombard, he has worked with several other big names in the insurance sector such as ING Life Insurance, Fullerton India Credit, Mahindra & Mahindra, DHL Worldwide and Xerox India Limited. At Bharti AXA, the primary focus of this role will be driving new distribution tie-ups, go-to-market strategy of creating a balanced portfolio, and creating a customer centric brand to drive profitable growth.

    23rd January 2017

  • Bharti AXA Makes Online Insurance Buying & Renewal Easy

    Internet and mobile portals have made only one percent of the entire insurance business in the last decade. This trend is changing as it has the potential to increase. The digital plunge isn’t motivated by the need to lower extra charges on commission and transport. It is just another attempt to get lasting clients.

    Insurance firms have recently discovered that people who buy vehicle and other insurance online continue to renew consistently and remain loyal customers. Though the number of policies sold on virtual platforms is less, more of those are coming back for renewal.

    For instance, Bharti Axa General Insurance witnesses half of their online customers coming back to renew their car insurance. The retention percentage of plans that are renewed consistently is found to be as high as 80 percent.

    It is much simpler and quicker to browse through Bharti Axa insurance products online and pick one that suits one’s requirements than listening to long explanation about each product. Simplicity wins, always!

    19th May 2015

  • Bharti AXA Decides To Go Online And Mobile To Reduce Office Cost

    Bharti AXA insurance company is planning to provide services online and on mobiles. With the advancement in technology, Bharati AXA is connecting better with its customers and agents, and are, thus, planning to cut down on the costs of office infrastructure. Not only can they reach their customers faster by going virtual, but are also able to reach smaller towns and cities easily. The insurance company claims that mobile applications are constantly automating many established claim settlement processes, which in turn, is saving a lot of time. The technological solutions offered by the Bharti AXA provide faster on-boarding for a customer and ensures efficient tracking of the applications.

    7th May 2015

  • Invalid License Leads To Denied Insurance Claim By NCDRC

    National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has denied vehicle insurance claim made by a man who was driving a commercial vehicle while holding a license for only light motor vehicles.

    The man, Mainuddin’s commercial vehicle had met with an accident post which he made an insurance claim with a leading insurance company, for Rs.2,79,983. The company denied paying up citing the reason of invalid license. Upon refusal of claim settling by the company, Mainuddin approached the district consumer forum which asked the insurance firm to pay the claim. However, the insurance provider took up the matter with the State consumer forum which again upheld the district forum’s decision.

    After the district and the state forums issued orders of paying up the insurance claim, the firm went and filed a petition with the NCDRC which denied insurance claim to Mainuddin owing to an invalid license. According to NCDRC, the man did not have a valid commercial vehicle license when his vehicle met with an accident and as such was not qualified to claim an insurance amount. NCDRC also admitted to errors on parts of the district and state forums in dismissing the appeals made the insurance provider.

    Commercial vehicle license is issued for three years, however, Mainuddin held a license issue on September 20, 2004 and was not permitted to drive commercial vehicles.

    19th January 2015

GST Update: GST of 18% is applicable on car insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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