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  • Aviva Wealth Builder


    We work hard with an aim to double our money, to ensure that we have enough of it to help us lead a stable life. Doubling money is a hard task no doubt, requiring smart thinking and planning, but it is not impossible. One simple way to double your money is to invest in Aviva life Wealth Builder Plan, a non-linked non-participating insurance plan which gives you twice the premium amount on maturity. This plan is ideal for those wishing to savour every moment of the future without having to worry about financial needs.

    Eligibility Criteria of Aviva Wealth Builder

    Entry Age

    Minimum – 5 years

    Maximum – 50 years

    Maturity Age

    Policy Term

    Minimum Age

    Maximum Age










    Sum Assured


    Sum Assured


    2 x single premium

    5 years

    10 x annual premium

    10 years

    20 x annual premium

    Minimum and Maximum Sum Assured


    Minimum Sum Assured in Rs

    Maximum Sum Assured in Rs




    5 years



    10 years



    Minimum Annual Premium

    Single Premium – Rs 1,50,000

    Regular Premium – Rs 50,000 per annum

    Key Features of Aviva Wealth Builder


    Non linked non participating insurance plan


    Death Benefit – In the event of unfortunate demise of life insured, his/her nominee will receive the Sum Assured. This is twice the premium amount.

    Maturity Benefit – Policyholders will be paid the Sum assured at maturity. This amount is twice the premium amount paid.



    Premium paying term (PPT)

    Single premium for 13 year policy term

    5 PPT for 15 year policy term

    10 PPT for 17 year policy term

    Premium paying frequency

    Annual or Single


    Lapsed policies can be renewed within 2 years of first unpaid premium by clearing all outstanding dues, including an annual interest of 9% and a reinvestment fee of Rs 250

    Grace period

    30 days


    No loan facility under this plan

    Free Look Period

    Policyholders get a 15 day Free Look period

    Surrender Value

    Surrender option available, with the surrender value depending on the time of surrender and premiums paid.

    Advantages of Aviva Wealth Builder

    Tax Benefits

    Policyholders are entitled to tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. They can avail IT concessions on premiums paid and any benefit amount received.

    Assured Income

    Policyholders get double their investments at maturity.


    Policyholders have flexibility in terms of choosing policy terms and payment modes.

    Family protection

    Policyholders can be rest assured that their family is protected financially in case something happens to them.

    How the Plan Works

    Aviva wealth Builder Plan is a simple scheme, which is explained by means of the example below.

    Miss Kripa, aged 25 years opts for the Aviva Wealth Builder plan with a policy term of 15 years. She decides to pay a premium of Rs 1,00,000 per annum for the premium period term of 5 years. On maturity, Miss Kripa will be entitled to an amount which is 10 times her annual premium. This amount will be payable to her at the end of 15 years, which is her policy period.

    In the event of the untimely demise of Miss Kripa, her nominee would receive the death benefit, which is double the premium paid.The table below indicates how the plan works.

    Premiums Paid (Rs)

    Amount at Maturity (Rs)

    5 x 1 lakh = 5 lakhs

    10 x 1 lakh = 10 lakhs

    Premium Payments

    One can opt to pay the premium amount either in a single shot or spread over a specific period. Policies with a term of 13 years require a single premium payment, whereas those with a 15 year term require 5 payments. Policy terms with a 17 year term require 10 payments. Payments for 15 and 17 years are to be made annually.


    Policyholders do not have the option to choose riders under this plan.

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    GST of 18% is applicable on life insurance effective from the 1st of July, 2017

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