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    ICICI Home Loan Eligibility


    A dream home can be much closer to actuality if you live a monetarily disciplined and a well-organized life. All that it needs, is to play it smart at the right time when you are doing well personally as well as professionally.

    Loan applicants can state their income, and most banks are prepared to allow short-term alterations based on those info. But to make these reforms permanent, the banks have to receive income papers like Income Tax Returns, bank statements etc. ICICI Home Loan Eligibility Calculator is a tool that will help you understand how much you can borrow and the tenure in which you can pay back that. This will help you strategize your finances accordingly without this loan affecting your other commitments.

    For ICICI Home Loan Eligibility:

    Firstly an ICICI home loan applicant should be of age 21 and above. The minimum income requirement for salaried applicant is INR five lakhs annually, and for self-employed or freelance professionals, it would be INR 7.5 lakhs per year.

    Why should one calculate home loan eligibility through ICICI Bank website?

    Eligibility Calculator for ICICI Home Loans offers you the most precise estimation of housing loan amount that you can mortgage from that bank. You can get immediate sanction even if you have not decided on which property to buy.

    ICICI Home Loan Eligibility Calculator:

    Home Loan eligibility is gauged after taking into consideration numerous factors like monthly income, stable monthly financial commitment, age, retirement age etc. Your home loan eligibility may also be considered a pointer of how much home loan you can afford to take. Your house loan eligibility can be further improved if you include your income details of your co-applicant (preferably spouse).

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    How to enhance your eligibility:

    • Clearing your existing loans before applying for a home loan: It might be a personal loan or that irksome credit card dues, but all these can serve as warning signals to the bank.
    • Ensure that you have a record of how many bonuses or benefits you receive as a salaried employee and show them at the bank.
    • If you have other properties from you which you earn a steady amount as rent.
    • With increased loan tenure (as long as it is not more than the maximum tenure allowed) comes enhanced eligibility.
    • If you show income of your spouse (if he/ she is earning), show those income proofs too.

    FAQs about ICICI Bank Home Loan:

    1. How can I change my EMI? Does ICICI levy penalty for that?

      This reduction from the current rate will definitely influence your EMI or tenure.

    2. What is the least part advance-payment sum that I should to pay?

      Minimum part pre-payment sum must at least be one EMI.

    3. How much should my EMI be?

      It is completely based on your annual income and expenditures. Frequently, the banks recommend you to limit your EMI to 35 to 45 percent of your earnings per month.

    4. What is refinancing of home loan?

      To refinance is to get loan from one bank to settle a loan availed from a different bank. This is usually opted if the rates in your bank are higher.

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