A "low interest" loan shouldn't mean you have very little interest in paying it back!
  • Citibank Home Loan Calculator

    Using the Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator, you can find out the EMI that needs to be paid for the home loan you availed or is planning to avail. The minimum EMI per lakh you get with Citibank is Rs.785 for a tenure that ranges 25 years.

    To use the calculator, you need to know the Citi bank Home loan interest rates, loan amount, and tenure. Enter the values and you’ll get a full break-up of your monthly repayments.

    Citibank COVID-19 Home Loan EMI Moratorium

    In adherence with RBI's COVID-19 regulatory measures, Citibank is currently offering up to 3 months of moratorium to its existing home loan customers. So, if you are an existing customer with the bank, you can defer your home loan EMIs for up to 3 months. However, note that the interest accrued during the deferred period will be charged later and due to compounding interest, you may end up paying more later on.

    You can do your EMI calculations with the help of a home loan EMI calculator to check how much you have to pay after the moratorium period is over. You also have the option to opt out of this facility and continue paying your EMIs as before.

    Citibank Home Loan EMI Calculator 2020

    Calculate Your Citibank Home Loan Monthly Repayment

    The table below gives you an idea of the EMIs for various tenures and loan amounts:

    Rs.10 Lakh Rs.20 Lakh Rs.40 Lakh Rs.50 Lakh
    10 years Rs.12,239/month Rs.24,477/month Rs.48,955/month Rs.61,193/month
    20 years Rs.8,489/month Rs.16,979/month Rs.33,957/month Rs.42,446/month
    25 years Rs.7,851/month Rs.15,702/month Rs.31,404/month Rs.39,256/month

    The table listed above provide the EMIs for a loan amount of Rs.10 lakh, 20 lakh, 40 lakh, and 50 lakh that has a repayment tenure of 10, 20 and 25 years respectively. The interest rate is taken as 8.20% p.a. with the processing fee being nil.

    CitiBank Home Loan EMI Calculator Formula EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]

    Where, P: Principal amount, n: Number of monthly instalments, r: Interest rate associated with your home loan

    CitiBank Home Loan Interest Rates: The rate of interest associated with CitiBank home loan as of 11 Jul 2020 starts at 8.20% p.a. The interest applicable can be changed by the bank depending on the risk factor of the applicant.

    CitiBank Home Loan Processing Fee: CitiBank charges no fee for the processing of the home loan.

    CitiBank Home Loan Amount and Tenure: Eligible borrowers can avail CitiBank home loans starting from Rs.5 lakh and up to Rs.10 crores. CitiBank also extended loan tenures up to 25 years to its customers.

    Example of CitiBank Home Loan EMI: Let us consider an example where you are availing a home loan of Rs.30 lakh from CitiBank for a term of 25 years. Let us assume that the interest rate associated with your home loan is 8.20% p.a. and no processing fee is levied on the principal amount. Click on ‘Calculate’ once you have entered all the required input on the BankBazaar Home Loan EMI Calculator.

    As per the values you have entered, the EMI calculated on your home loan would be Rs.23,553

    The break of the total amount payable on your home loan will be as follows:

    Year Interest Amount Paid (A) Principal Amount Paid (B) Total Amount Paid (A + B) Outstanding Loan Balance
    2020 Rs.31,486 Rs.2,04,044 Rs.2,35,530 Rs.29,68,514
    2021 Rs.40,724 Rs.2,41,912 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.29,27,788
    2022 Rs.44,193 Rs.2,38,443 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.28,83,594
    2023 Rs.47,958 Rs.2,34,678 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.28,35,637
    2024 Rs.52,039 Rs.2,30,597 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.27,83,596
    2025 Rs.56,473 Rs.2,26,163 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.27,27,124
    2026 Rs.61,280 Rs.2,21,356 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.26,65,843
    2027 Rs.66,500 Rs.2,16,136 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.25,99,344
    2028 Rs.72,161 Rs.2,10,475 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.25,27,182
    2029 Rs.78,308 Rs.2,04,328 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.24,48,875
    2030 Rs.84,975 Rs.1,97,661 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.23,63,901
    2031 Rs.92,209 Rs.1,90,427 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.22,71,690
    2032 Rs.1,00,064 Rs.1,82,572 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.21,71,627
    2033 Rs.1,08,582 Rs.1,74,054 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.20,63,044
    2034 Rs.1,17,830 Rs.1,64,806 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.19,45,215
    2035 Rs.1,27,863 Rs.1,54,773 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.18,17,352
    2036 Rs.1,38,751 Rs.1,43,885 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.16,78,601
    2037 Rs.1,50,564 Rs.1,32,072 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.15,28,035
    2038 Rs.1,63,386 Rs.1,19,250 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.13,64,647
    2039 Rs.1,77,302 Rs.1,05,334 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.11,87,347
    2040 Rs.1,92,396 Rs.90,240 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.9,94,949
    2041 Rs.2,08,780 Rs.73,856 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.7,86,168
    2042 Rs.2,26,560 Rs.56,076 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.5,59,609
    2043 Rs.2,45,852 Rs.36,784 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.3,13,757
    2044 Rs.2,66,787 Rs.15,849 Rs.2,82,636 Rs.46,971
    2045 Rs.46,971 Rs.483 Rs.47,454 Rs.0

    CitiBank Home Loan EMI Calculator FAQs

    1. What is the purpose of a Home Loan EMI Calculator?
    2. The Home Loan EMI Calculator is a simple tool that helps you get an idea of how much your Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) can be by taking various components such as the principal amount, tenure of your home and interest rate into account.

    3. What are the home loan EMI tax benefits?
    4. Under Section 24 B of the IT Act, you can avail tax benefits up to Rs.2 lakh on the interest paid against your home loan. Under Section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, taxpayers are eligible for tax deductions up to Rs.1.50 lakh on the principal repayment on the loan.

    5. Is making partial pre-payments beneficial?
    6. Yes, you can make prepayments on your loan during the tenure. This will allow you to bring down the outstanding principal which you can either choose to reduce the tenure of your loan or lower the rate of interest, resulting in reduced EMIs.

    7. How is Pre-EMI different from EMI?
    8. Pre-EMI is the interest paid on the loan amount disbursed until the complete disbursal of your home loan. The pre-EMI is to be made on a monthly basis until the final disbursal is made. Only after the last disbursement is made will the regular EMIs commence.


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