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    A home is one of the most valuable possessions of one’s life. It is the one place which houses your family, a safe haven where you look forward to returning after a hard day’s work, where you know you will get the warmth and peace you require to rejuvenate yourself. However, in today’s times, with mishaps like burglaries, break-ins and damage caused by natural disasters occurring rather frequently, safety has become a major concern of every homeowner.

    Keeping these unforeseen dangers in mind, it’s only wise to secure your home against all these threats and many more such with the help of a comprehensive insurance policy. To ensure your peace of mind, the ICICI Home Insurance policy could be the perfect answer as it offers multiple key benefits in order to provide all round coverage.

    Key Features & Benefits of ICICI Bank Home Insurance

    The ICICI Bank Home Insurance policy offers excellent protection and cover to your house against any unforeseen dangers or risks, natural or man-made. Some of the key benefits of this home insurance policy are listed below for quick reference.

    Comprehensive Cover

    This home insurance policy covers not only the structure of your of house but also the contents of the house.

    Long Term Coverage

    With the ICICI Home Insurance policy, the structure of your house shall be insured for period of up to 10 years and the contents inside for a period of up to 5 years.

    Coverage Against A Variety Of Dangers / Risks

    With this home insurance policy, not only is your house covered but also its contents, against damage/loss/destruction caused due to theft, burglary, fire and other allied perils.

    Choice of Optional Cover

    You may also opt for additional cover against damage caused due to terrorism, and, additional expenses of rent if you have to shift to an alternative accommodation incase your home is destroyed or damaged.

    Flexibility To Suit Your Need

    Choose your cover as per your need. You may opt to cover only the structure of your house, only the contents of the house or both.

    Instant Policy Availability

    It’s easier than ever to get your home insured. You can purchase the ICICI Home Insurance Policy online in just a few simple steps.

    ICICI Home Insurance Coverage

    The ICICI Bank Home Insurance provides cover against a variety of risks and dangers, man-made and natural. For quick reference, listed below are some of the special and fire related perils covered under this policy.

    • Fire, explosion or implosion.
    • Lightning, tornado, tempest, hurricane, storm, cyclone, typhoon, flood, inundation, bushfire and landslide/rockslide.
    • Damage caused by an aircraft.
    • Malicious activities like riot or strike.
    • Overflowing / bursting of pipe, water tanks or apparatus.
    • Missile testing operations.
    • Damage from impact.
    • Earthquake cover.
    • Burglary & Theft cover- Only for the contents of the house

    Add-on Covers (Optional)

    Enhance the protection of your home insurance policy with additional covers. Choose from two optional covers available with this insurance policy.

    1. Terrorism Cover

      This optional cover protects against any loss or damage caused to your house (the structure and/or contents) due to any terrorist activity.

    2. Additional Expenses Of Rent For Alternative Accommodation

      This cover provides for any additional rent which you may have to give towards an alternate accommodation, in case your own house is damaged or destroyed due to any uninsured peril. The maximum cover provided in this case is Rs 1 lakh for a period of up to 6 months. Please note that this cover only available if you are insuring the structure of your house.

    Claim Process

    Filing for claim is a simple and quick process with ICICI. In order to file for a claim, you need to furnish the following documents.

    • Duly filled and signed Claim Form
    • Copy of your home insurance policy
    • Any other documental evidence indicating occurrence of the event, extent and nature of loss:
      • Rent Agreement
      • Estimate of the repairers
      • First Information Report (FIR)
      • Fire Brigade Report
      • Final Report from the police
      • Copy of all invoices, price lists, repair estimates
      • Transport details for baggage loss


    1. What are the exclusions under the ICICI Home insurance policy?

      The exclusions of this home insurance policy are as follows:

      • Works of art, antiques, bullion, cash and paintings.
      • Intentional destruction of property.
      • Any damage / loss destruction resulting from wear & tear or war.
      • Any loss occurring due to the house lying vacant for a period of more than 30 days, without prior notice being given to ICICI Lombard.
    2. What happens if I sell my property while during the insurance period?

      In case you do sell your property during the insurance period, you may cancel the policy and will get the premium back on a pro-rata basis.

    3. In case of loss of jewelry, how shall the value of the jewelry calculated?

      In case of loss of jewelry, the maximum value of the jewelry which will be covered shall be either 25% of the total contents of the house or Rs 1 lakh, whichever is lower.

    4. What is the basis on which the company assess my Claim?

      Your claim shall be assessed on the basis of the policy conditions, claim documents and the report given by the surveyor.

    5. How will you calculate the value of the contents of the house?

      The value of the contents of your house is assessed in terms of the market value of the items. Therefore, in the event of a loss, the claim would be determined on the basis the current purchase value of a similar new item, after deduction of depreciation for usage.

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