Gold Price Trend In Delhi

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Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
Gold Rate on 1st December 2017 Rs.3,016 per gram
Gold Rate on 31st December 2017 Rs.3,020 per gram
Highest Rate in December Rs.3,036 per gram from 2 to 4 December
Lowest Rate in December Rs.2,910 per gram on 11 to 13 December
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 0.13%

December 2017 - Week 1 (1st - 10th)

  • The month began in Delhi with the precious yellow metal priced relatively lower at Rs.3,016 per gram as the safe-haven metal lost its appeal after the release of an optimistic US economic data resulted in a stronger dollar and firmer equities.
  • However, the dollar weakened after the Republican tax reform to overhaul the country’s tax system was stalled by the US Senate. This led to gold price in Delhi picking up to Rs.3,036 per gram on the 2nd.
  • Steady local demand coupled with a strong trend overseas led to gold rates remaining untouched at Rs.3,036 per gram over the next couple of days.
  • With investors focusing on the non-farm payrolls during the week and also the much awaited US Federal Reserve meeting next week, the dollar gained against other apex currencies. This led to rates plunging to Rs.2,998 per gram and 2,988 per gram on the 5th and the 6th.
  • Gold rate in Delhi dropped further to Rs.2,983 per gram on the 7th before hitting its lowest level of Rs.2,950 per gram on the 8th. This was due to the US Senate’s decision to set aside their internal differences narrowly voted to clear the landmark tax bill, boosting investor sentiments.
  • The rest of the week witnessed the precious metal trading slightly higher at Rs.2,955 per gram with a marginal increase in demand amid the ongoing wedding season.

December 2017 - Week 2 (11th - 17th)

  • In Delhi, when trade exchanges opened for the week, the yellow metal was priced at Rs.2,940 per gram.
  • Due to demand hovering 5-month lows, gold rate in Delhi were still holding at Rs.2,940 per gram on the 12th and the 13th of December.
  • News about a crashing dollar had positive impact on gold and the metal’s rates went up to Rs.2,960 per gram on the 14th of December.
  • The same demand couldn’t be sustained for longer periods of time. This led to gold price in Delhi dropping down to Rs.2,945 per gram the next day.
  • On the 16th, the metal’s rates pushed up to Rs.2,955 per gram and continued at the same rate till the end of the week.

December 2017 - Week 3 (18th - 24th)

  • In Delhi, gold opened trading at Rs.2,950 per gram on the 18th with a relatively lower demand for the metal amid the firm equity markets and stronger dollar value.
  • But with investors analysing the ultimate outcome of the US tax system overhaul on the country’s economic growth, the dollar lost its ground against a basket of emerging currencies.
  • Gold rate in Delhi were recorded at Rs.2,960 per gram on the 19th which continued on to the next day amid the strong trends overseas.
  • Though the gold price in Delhi surged to Rs.2,965 per gram on the 21st with the Asian markets muted by the US tax reforms, the dollar soon regained its lost sheen with firmer equities and gold was trading at Rs.2,960 per gram on the 22nd.
  • Positive trends overseas coupled with increased global demand resulted in the precious metal being priced at Rs.2,985 on the 23rd and the 24th.

December 2017 - Week 4 (25th - 31st)

  • In Delhi, gold rates increased gradually over the first four days of the week before consolidating for the remaining few days.
  • On the 25th of December, the yellow metal was priced at Rs.2,975 per gram. Rates went up to Rs.2,985 per gram as there was a surge in international demand.
  • Gold prices surged again to Rs.2,995 per gram on the 27th of the month, as gold was seen hitting the $1,300 and above mark in the global market.
  • Rates went up again on the 28th to Rs.3,015 per gram as a weak US dollar pushed gold to hit four-week high prices.
  • As demand toned down a little, the yellow metal traded at Rs.3,020 per gram on the 29th of the month.
  • The last two days of December saw gold rates remain at Rs.3,020 per gram as local demand remained steady despite there being a surge globally.
Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
Gold rate on 1st November 2017 Rs.3,006 per gram
Gold rate on 30th November 2017 Rs.3,026 per gram
Highest Rate in November 2017 Rs.3,060 per gram from 18 to 20 November
Lowest Rate in November 2017 Rs.3,006 per gram on 1 November
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 0.66%
Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Delhi October 2017

November 2017 - Week 1 (1st - 5th)

  • Gold rate in Delhi started relatively poorly at Rs.3,006 per gram on the 1st of the month.
  • However, a significant surge from investors in the city saw rates go up to Rs.3,020 per gram on the 2nd of November.
  • But, as the US dollar strengthened and global cues weakened, gold rates in the city fell to Rs.3,015 per gram on the 3rd.
  • On the 4th, gold price in Delhi went further down to Rs.3,010 per gram as domestic demand fell again to remain in line with the international demand.
  • When the week came to an end, gold rates were recorded at Rs.3,010 per gram.

November 2017 - Week 2 (6th - 12th)

  • Gold rate in Delhi opened relatively low at Rs.3,005 per gram, when trading commenced for the week in Delhi.
  • The 7th witnessed gold price in Delhi surging to Rs.3,025 per gram - an increase of Rs.20 per gram from the previous day - with geopolitical tensions rising in the Middle-East, and concerns between the US and North Korea supporting safe-haven investments globally.
  • The downfall of the US dollar amid possible delays in the US tax reform resulted in gold rates rising to Rs.3,035 per gram on the 8th.
  • Steady global demand amid strong global cues led to prices remaining unchanged at Rs.3,035 per gram the next day as well.
  • With the bullion trade marking a three-week high on the 10th, the yellow metal prices surged to Rs.3,045 per gram on account of the dollar declining against other apex currencies.
  • The next two days witnessed gold rate in Delhi remaining unchanged at Rs.3,045 per gram, as a strong trend overseas pushed demand higher for the metal.

November 2017 - Week 3 (13th - 19th)

  • When trade exchanges commenced business on the 13th, gold was priced at Rs.3,035 per gram.
  • Gold rate in Delhi jumped to Rs.3,045 per gram as local demand surged considerably. Prices went up again on the 15th to Rs.3,050 per gram as domestic purchasing trend remained strong in spite of weak global cues.
  • However, gold price in Delhi fell to Rs.3,040 per gram on the 16th as the US dollar value improved due to high yield from treasury bonds.
  • Gold prices fell again to Rs.3,030 per gram on the 17th before seeing a significant rise on the 18th of November.
  • The yellow metal traded at Rs.3,060 per gram on the 18th and continued at the same rate on the 19th as demand from local investors remained strong.

November 2017 - Week 4 (20th - 26th)

  • Gold opened strongly in Delhi before falling over the next two days due to factors concerning the Federal Reserve and its latest meeting.
  • On the 20th of November, the yellow metal traded at Rs.3,060 per gram.
  • However, gold rate in Delhi fell to Rs.3,035 per gram - a Rs.25 decline - as local demand dropped in all major Asian and European markets.
  • Gold price in Delhi went down further to Rs.3,026 per gram on the 23th as US Fed minutes was expected to be revealed to the media.
  • Once investors found the Fed rhetoric wasn’t as bad, gold rates surged to Rs.3,046 per gram on the 24th of the month.
  • Demand fell on the 25th and prices went down to Rs.3,036 per gram, which continued on till the closing hours of the 26th.

November 2017 - Week 5 (27th - 30th)

  • Gold opened at Rs.3,045 per gram when the fifth week of November began in Delhi.
  • Gold rate in Delhi dropped to Rs.3,040 per gram the next day because of a poor demand brought about by the Fed chair speech. Rates dropped all over the the world and consequently in India as well.
  • A steady demand saw gold price in Delhi remain at Rs.3,040 per gram on the 29th of the month.
  • The final day of this week saw a significant decrease in gold rates with the metal’s rates falling by nearly Rs.20 to trade at Rs.3,026 per gram.
  • The main reason for this drop was the positive data from the US stock market.
Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Delhi September'17
Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
Gold Rate on 1st October 2017 Rs.3,063 per gram
Gold Rate on 31st October 2017 Rs.3,026 per gram
Highest Rate in October 2017 Rs.3,072 per gram from 12 to 16 October
Lowest Rate in October 2017 Rs.3,026 per gram on 27, 30 and 31 October
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -1.20%

October 2017 - Week 1 (1st -7th)

  • The prices of gold in the national capital was steady as the week began but fell sharply due to a gradual decline in demand due to fluctuating markets as well as a rising dollar rate.
  • Gold was priced at Rs.3,063 per gram on 1 October and remained steady the subsequent day.
  • Gold rate in Delhi dropped to Rs.3,043 per gram on 3 October as the dollar recouped earlier losses following strong trading and a rise in equities.
  • Local demand also suffered due to the rise in the dollar rate as imports became more expensive, as gold traded at Rs.3,033 per gram on 5 October.
  • Continued political turmoil in the United States did not appear to affect markets as they remained high, staving off demand for bullion.
  • Gold price in Delhi dropped to Rs.3,028 per gram on 6 October as U.S. employment data was better than expected.
  • Demand for gold rose as the week ended over renewed fears of North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, leading to gold prices rising to Rs.3,046 per gram on 7 October.

October 2017 - Week 2 (8th -14th)

  • Gold trading in Delhi was also in tune with the trend seen in other major cities.
  • On the 8th of October, gold was priced at Rs.3,046 per gram. With the North Korea- US conflict resurfacing, gold rates in Delhi rose to Rs.3,057 per gram on the 9th.
  • Gold price in Delhi increased on the 10th as well to hit Rs.3,062 per gram, thanks to uncertainties in the US economy.
  • A steady demand saw gold prices remain unchanged in Delhi on the 11th, before increasing to Rs.3,072 per gram on the 12th.
  • The final two days of this week, i.e., the 13th and 14th saw gold rates stabilise and remain at Rs.3,072 per gram as the US dollar regained some of its lost sheen.

October 2017 - Week 3 (15th - 21st)

  • In Delhi, gold opened at Rs.3,072 per gram when the trading for October week 3 commenced.
  • Gold price in Delhi remained steady on the next day before declining to Rs.3,067 per gram as favourable returns from US treasury bonds saw the greenback hold its own against other currencies.
  • An improving dollar caused gold rates in Delhi to drop again on the 18th to Rs.3,056 per gram.
  • A less than desirable demand during the pre-Diwali days saw the yellow metal trading at Rs.3,057 per gram on the 19th and the 20th of the month.
  • Due to demand slowing down because of subdued demand in domestically, gold rates fell to Rs.3,047 per gram on the 21st of October.

October 2017 - Week 4 (22nd -28th)

  • Gold was recorded trading at Rs.3,047 per gram on the 22nd, when trading commenced for the week in the national capital.
  • Global demand declined as the dollar dominated over other apex currencies after the US-North Korean conflicts settling down. This resulted in gold prices declining to Rs.3,041 per gram the next day.
  • However, gold rates in Delhi rebounded to Rs.3,046 per gram on the 24th with an increase in domestic purchases by local jewellers, retailers and investors, but prices soon dropped the next day to Rs.3,036 per gram as speculations of an early announcement on the next Federal Reserve chairman resulted in the US dollar rising.
  • Gold price in Delhi plunged to Rs.3,031 per gram on the 26th, which further dropped to Rs.3,026 per gram on the 27th as dollar gained against euro after the ECB decided to extend its bond-buying programme.
  • Positive global cues resulted in an increased local demand for the precious metal. This resulted in the yellow metal prices rebounding to Rs.3,036 per gram on the 28th.

October 2017 - Week 5 (29th- 31st)

  • Gold rate in Delhi opened at Rs.3,036 per gram on the 29th of October before dropping to Rs.3,026 per gram as investors played a cautious game with regards to their purchases.
  • The main reason for this was the two-day FOMC meeting, which led local investors to reduce their investment for the time being.
  • On the 31st, when the month ended, gold was priced at Rs.3,026 per gram, with investors still waiting for the Fed Reserve meeting’s outcome before investing.
Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Delhi August'17
Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
September 1 Rate Rs.3,024 per gram
September 30 Rate Rs.3,063 per gram
Highest Rate in September Rs.3,130 per gram on 8 September
Lowest Rate in September Rs.3,024 per gram on 1 September
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 1.29%

September 2017 - Week 1 (1st to 10th)

  • In national capital, Delhi, gold rates started off on a low for the week because of muted demand from investors and jewellers alike.
  • When the week commenced on the 1st, gold was priced at Rs.3,024 per gram.
  • Prices surged up slightly to Rs.3,029 per gram on the 2nd and remained unchanged on the 3rd on account of stable purchases.
  • News about North Korea’s latest nuclear weapon testing sent world markets crashing, which pushed up safe-haven investments. Gold rate in Delhi went up to Rs.3,105 per gram within a day as investors flocked the trade unions.
  • As the markets remained volatile, gold price in Delhi were holding above Rs.3,100 per gram levels for the remainder of the week.
  • On the 5th, prices surged to Rs.3,115 per gram as more investors and jewellers ramped up their purchases. Rates remained the saw on the 6th the market saw demand sustain at the same level.
  • The 7th seemed to witness a slight drop in demand, which was evident with the precious metal’s prices dropping to Rs.3,100 per gram.
  • With confirmation arriving from North Korea about its ambitious — and potentially threatening — nuclear test, gold prices surged to Rs.3,130 per gram on the 8th.
  • The 9th and the 10th saw the yellow metal trade at Rs.3,125 per gram, thanks to prolonged demand from active investors.

September 2017 - Week 2 (11th to 17th)

  • The national capital saw little in the way of change in the price of gold in the second week of September since local markets were stable and shielded the metal from adverse changes on the global front.
  • Gold rate in Delhi was at Rs.3,105 per gram on 11 September, a slight drop in price from the previous week as U.S. markets strengthened over the weekend.
  • Demand for gold fell as local jewellers reduced orders, leading to the yellow metal trading at Rs.3,085 per gram on 12 September.
  • Overseas demand from industry, especially from countries like China rose briefly as markets braced for the economic impact of the hurricanes battering the U.S. coast.
  • Gold price in Delhi rose to Rs.3,094 per gram on 13 September but dropped to Rs.3,085 per gram on 14 September as demand stagnated.
  • Volatile markets overseas had little impact on the bullion rate in Delhi as gold prices remained unchanged for the remainder of the week, trading at Rs.3,085 per gram on 17 September.

September 2017 - Week 3 (18th-24th)

  • When trading started on the 18th, gold price in Delhi had fallen to Rs.3,073 per gram as opposed to Rs.3,085 per gram the previous day.
  • As demand fluctuated, gold rate in Delhi fell to Rs.3,056 per gram. Another reason for this was the strengthening US dollar.
  • The North Korea - US nexus pushed demand for safe-haven investments, which led to gold rates increasing to Rs.3,078 per gram on the 20th.
  • Uneven global cues and a poor local demand pushed gold rates back down to Rs.3,051 per gram on the 21st.
  • With the festive season bustle settling in, demand increased. This led to gold rate in Delhi going up to Rs.3,078 per gram on the 22nd.
  • The 23rd and 24th saw gold rates decrease and trade at Rs.3,058 per gram as the US dollar strengthened against other apex currencies.

September 2017 - Week 4 (25th-30th)

  • When the final week of September, gold was priced at Rs.3,051 per gram, a considerable decrease from the previous day’s prices.
  • However, the approaching festive season pushed demand for the metal up on 26th September. This led to the metal trading at Rs.3,110 per gram.
  • As the US dollar strengthened after news about a possible Fed rate hike, gold rate in Delhi went down to Rs.3,085 per gram on the 27th of the month.
  • Gold price in Delhi fell on the 28th and the 29th for the metal to trade at Rs.3,067 per gram and Rs.3,057 per gram respectively.
  • The last day of this week saw demand pick up slightly, which led to the yellow metal trading at Rs.3,063 per gram.
Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
August 1 Rate Rs.2,960 per gram
August 31 Rate Rs.2,999 per gram
Highest Rate in August Rs.3,017 per gram on 28 August
Lowest Rate in August Rs.2,930 per gram on 3, and from 5-7 August
Overall Monthly Performance Incline
Percentage Change 1.31%
Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Delhi July'17

August ‘17 - Week 1 (1st to 6th)

  • The national capital saw fluctuations in the price of gold due to demand vagaries as well as the U.S. Federal Reserve meeting.
  • Gold was priced at Rs.2,960 per gram on 1 August as prices rose from the previous month due to a weak U.S. dollar.
  • Gold price in Delhi fell marginally due to slow offtake from jewellers who were monitoring the U.S. Fed rate announcement on the possibility of an interest rate hike.
  • The yellow metal traded at Rs.2,950 per gram on 3 August as demand dropped following a recovery in the dollar price as well as renewed market stability.
  • Local demand also fell marginally, though gold prices rose to Rs.2,940 per gram on 4 August.
  • Gold rate in Delhi fell as the week ended, with gold priced at Rs.2,930 per gram on 5 & 6 August due to a decline in demand from jewellers.

August ‘17 – Week 2 (7th to 13th)

  • In Mumbai, gold prices remained on a subdued note for the first half of the week before going up significantly during the second half.
  • On the 7th, gold in Mumbai was trading at Rs.2,988 per gram, but as local jewellers were cautious with their investment, rates went down to Rs.2,978 per gram.
  • After some positive cues from the global market made its way to Mumbai, gold prices went up to Rs.2,998 per gram on the 9th.
  • The 10th saw gold rate in Mumbai remain at Rs.2,998 per gram before increasing by Rs.46 to trade at Rs.3,044 per gram on the 11th of August.
  • As demand remained steady despite falling international demand, gold prices were seen holding at Rs.3,044 per gram over 12th and the 13th of August.

August ‘17 - Week 3 (14th to 20th)

  • The price of gold in the national capital echoed trends seen in other major Indian cities, with prices fluctuating towards the middle of the week before recovering marginally.
  • Gold was priced at Rs.2,994 per gram on 14 August and remained the same on 15 August as commodity markets did not trade on Independence day.
  • Gold price in Delhi fell to Rs.2,979 per gram on 16 August as the U.S. dollar rate was on the increase following weeks of poor performance.
  • The ongoing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea led to fluctuating U.S. markets and an unstable dollar, which helped gold rose to Rs.2,994 per gram on 17 August.
  • A rise in Asian demand led to gold rising to Rs.2,999 per gram on 18 August before prices dipped to Rs.2,982 per gram on 19 August.
  • Stable demand from domestic as well as overseas markets led to gold ending the week at Rs.2,982 per gram on 20 August.

August 2017 – Week 4 (21st - 27th)

  • Gold trading in the national capital reflected the global trend with regards to the prices.
  • On the 21st of August, gold price in Delhi were recorded at Rs.2,972 per gram.
  • As the US-North Korea issue dominated the market on the 22nd, dollar plummeted, which lead to gold trading at Rs.2,982 per gram.
  • The 23rd saw demand go up slightly which led to gold price in Delhi reaching Rs.2,987 per gram.
  • Domestic demand was considerably better despite some weak global cues and gold rates in Delhi reached Rs.2,992 per gram on the 24th.
  • Due to sustained demand, rates remained unchanged over the course of the next three days.

August 2017 – Week 5 (28th - 31st)

  • Reflecting trends seen in other Indian cities, gold prices in the national capital appreciated due to higher demand and favourable market conditions.
  • Gold was priced at Rs.3,017 per gram on 28 August, its highest rate for the month as the geopolitical crisis in the Korean peninsula led to higher demand for bullion.
  • Markets were volatile due to the threat of aggression from North Korea and the flooding in Texas, which led to increased overseas demand for gold.
  • Prices dipped marginally as the week progressed, trading at Rs.3,009 per gram on 29 August as local demand diminished.
  • The gold rate in Delhi dropped to Rs.2,999 per gram on 31 August as the dollar rate stabilised and industrial demand slowed.
Parameters Gold price (24 karat)
July 1 Rate Rs.2,992 per gram
July 31 Rate Rs.2,950 per gram
Highest Rate in June Rs.2,992 per gram on 1 and 2 July
Lowest Rate in June Rs.2,843 per gram on 12 and 13 July
Overall Monthly Performance Decline
Percentage Change -1.4%
Comparison for 24 K Gold Rates for Delhi June'17

July 2017 - Week 1 (1st to 9th)

  • Due to sustained demand for gold from domestic markets, gold was priced at Rs.2,992 per gram on 1 July in the national capital. On 2 July as well, gold traded at the same rate.
  • The value of the U.S. dollar was quite low due to global central banks’ decision regarding monetary tightening.
  • This yellow metal was priced at Rs.2,972 per gram on 3 July before falling even further the next day.
  • On 4 May, gold traded at Rs.2,942 per gram and this price was noted until 6 July. This was due to a rise in the value of the U.S. dollar.
  • The price of gold fell even further on 7 July to trade at Rs.2,922 per gram before falling to a monthly low of Rs.2,902 per gram on the last two days of the first week of July.

July 2017 - Week 2 (10th to 16th)

  • Gold price in Delhi saw a few fluctuations during the second of July.
  • On the 10th of July, gold was priced at Rs.2,902 per gram but went down to Rs.2,872 per gram on the 11th as international demand went down.
  • The US job data brought about further decrease in bullion prices which was then compounded by a significant drop in local demand.
  • When trading began on the 12th, gold price in Delhi had further dropped by Rs.29 to hit Rs.2,843 per gram.
  • However, as president Trump’s scandal came into the fore gold prices picked up over the latter half of the week.
  • Prices were recorded at Rs.2,843 per gram on the 13th but jumped to Rs.2,863 per gram on the 14th.
  • Gold rate in Delhi remained unchanged on the 15th and 16th to remain at Rs.2,863 per gram as demand in local circles consolidated.
  • There was a Rs.39 drop from the start of the week to the end despite an increase in the international demand due to poor domestic sales.

July 2017 - Week 3 (17th to 23rd)

  • Prices in the capital city reflected trends seen across the country as gold was highly sought after.
  • Gold was priced at Rs.2,863 per gram on 17 July as demand was high owing to a weak U.S. dollar as well as fluctuating stock markets.
  • Gold price in Delhi rose to Rs.2,873 per gram on 18 July on the back of renewed interest from investors due to poor returns from falling markets.
  • Local demand rose marginally due to positive cues from overseas demand, resulting in gold rate in Delhi was Rs.2,883 per gram on 19 July.
  • Demand from Asia also boosted prices, as a low U.S. dollar led to increased buying and pushed gold prices to Rs.2,908 per gram on 21 July.
  • The week ended with gold trading at Rs.2,944 per gram on 22 & 23 July.

July 2017 - Week 4 (24th to 31st):

  • In national capital Delhi, gold prices started at Rs.2,944 per gram when the week began on 24th July and remained unchanged on the 25th, thanks to steady demand.
  • However, prices fell by Rs.15 on the 26th to Rs.2,929 per gram as demand took a hit and investors pulled away from investing in the metal.
  • The 27th, however, saw gold prices increase by Rs.21 to hit Rs.2,950 per gram as investors seemed to capitalise on US dollar’s poor performance.
  • Gold prices in Delhi went down marginally to Rs.2,945 per gram on the 28th as demand subsided briefly.
  • But, as North Korean conflict with the US took centre stage, dollar fell to 13-month lows, which prompted local jewellers to invest in the metal more.
  • As a result of this, gold prices went up to Rs.2,955 per gram and traded at the same rate on the 29th and the 30th of July.
  • Prices declined to Rs.2,950 per gram on 31st July as local demand hit saturation point.

Gold investments are available for consumers in forms as discussed above which are primarily as physical gold or as gold contracts. While physical gold in Delhi sells mostly in the form of jewelry and ornaments, gold bullions and coins are also quite popular with the residents of the city.

Physical gold: Gold jewelry is the choice item for people in Delhi. The city has a large number of dealers specializing in gold jewelry and ornaments. Some of the largest gold dealers in the country are based out of Delhi. Gold coins can also be purchased from various banks and private institutions in the city.

Gold contracts: Gold contracts can be purchased from any of the commodity exchanges operating in India. The contracts are available in differing quantities of gold such as 8 grams, 10 grams, 100 grams or kilos. The contracts can also be purchased for gold of varying purities such as 995 purity and 999 purity.

Gold is generally sold in units such as grams, sovereign, kilograms, tonnes, troy ounces, metric tonnes etc. The base price of gold is generally calculated for either 1 gram of gold or 10 grams of gold.

Gold prices often differ in Delhi when compared to other states and cities in the country because of a number of internal and external factors. Some of the factors for this apparent difference are as follows:

  • A number of taxes that are applicable only in the city.
  • Cost of transportation in and around the city.
  • Making charges.
  • Octroi charges, which is basically a charge levied on a variety of goods entering the city, in this instance, gold.

Importing gold can’t be done by everyone and is only possible for a number of designated importers such as banks, who sell it to various dealers at a margin in order to recoup the money they have spent. These dealers, in turn, sell the gold to retail outlets (goldsmiths), who basically fix a rate depending on the work they have had to carry out.

The issue of storing gold a few years earlier would have been a problematic thing as crime rates seemed to be high. So, a vast majority of people would choose to keep it in their own locker or in that of a bank. But as times have changed, so have the options for storing gold. For instance, there are plenty of private locker facilities in and around the country, which come with high-tech security features to prevent break-ins from happening. These lockers can be hired by people provided that they pay a subscription charge for a time period as specified by the storage facility.

There are a number of factors which influence the way gold is priced in the capital city. These may range from small domestic concerns to important international events. Some of the factors are as follows:

  • US Federal Reserve: As gold is traded in dollars, any change to the actual value of the currency will bring about a change in gold prices. For instance, if the Federal Reserve decides to hike its interest rate even by the slightest of margins, gold prices will go up significantly. Basically, any positive or negative development with regards to the US dollar will influence how gold is priced around the world. Central banks from other key countries also play a part in gold prices, however with some of them opting for quantitative easing, chances of a major impact is relatively smaller.
  • Geopolitical concerns: Gold has been lauded as a safe haven by million of investors around the world and rightly so, because people tend to invest in the metal whenever the market turns exceedingly volatile. The reason why markets fluctuate is largely due to geopolitical issues, like for instance, the US attack on Syria. As market thrives on volatility, demand for gold surges when such events occur. Another classic example is of the Lehman Brothers crash, which decimated the world economy in a short span of time. When the crash happened back in 2008, gold price was the first thing that hiked, as compared to other commodities,
  • Local factors: Factors like transportation of gold in and around the city will also determine how gold likely to be priced.

While it is a popularly held belief that gold investments are often profitable, things aren’t so clear-cut when you consider the returns. When you buy or sell gold, you will also be required to pay taxes. For instance, buyers have to pay sales tax, service tax and the like while the sellers have to pay capital gains tax. Keeping them into account, gold investments for the short term will result in losses than profits. Especially, in the current scenario where gold prices aren’t climbing by much, gold investments just for the sake of getting good returns would be a bad idea.

However, if you are tempted to buy gold, make sure to do so when the metal is selling at its lowest and sell it when there’s more demand, so as to get positive returns.

Gold can be purchased in Delhi in various retail outlets like jewellery stores and the like all around the city.Before buying, however, you should compare rates from multiple outlets and also their making charges so that you get the best deal possible.

There are plenty of ways to track gold rates in Delhi. For instance, you can do so with a broking account, wherein you can track gold future, which gives a clear indication of the path the metal is going to take.Another way to track rates would be through the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX). If you want simple updates on all things gold, you can check’s updates, which are updated on a daily basis.

Gold Prices in Delhi in 2015

Gold can be purchased in both 22 karat and 24 karat varieties in Delhi. While 24 karat gold is termed as pure gold, 22 karat gold is also quite popular with residents in Delhi. Price trends for gold in Delhi during this year have been detailed below.`

  • 24 karat gold prices in Delhi

24 karat gold price per gram at the start of this year was Rs.2,690. Prices increased over the next 3 weeks to reach a peak of Rs.2,859 on 21st January. This was followed by a general slide of gold prices in Delhi over the next two months, before reaching a low of Rs.2,617 on 18th March. Prices then gradually increased over the next two months to peak at Rs.2,791 on 18th May, before ending the month at Rs.2,727.

  • 22 karat gold prices in Delhi

22 karat gold per gram was priced at Rs.2,516 at the start of the year. Prices peaked at Rs.2,672 on 21st January, before sliding to Rs.2,438 by 18th March. This was followed by a short rally to Rs.2,612 by 18th May, with the month ending at Rs.2,549.

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