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17 Oct 2021 LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is one of the most versatile of substances. From powering vehicles to being used as a cooking gas in homes as well as commercially, it has myriad uses. LPG is made using a mix of petroleum products such as butane and propane and is usually found in a gaseous state. It is stored in pressurized containers for most purposes.

Key Uses of LPG Gas Connection

LPG is used for a number of purposes, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Cooking
  • As a fuel replacement for petrol and diesel
  • Industrial use- cutting glass, confectionery industry, steel industry

What Makes LPG the Most Favoured Cooking Fuel?

LPG is favoured as a source of fuel for a number of reasons, with one of the main reasons being is:

  • It is non-toxic when burned.
  • It is also easy to transport in pressurized containers
  • It does not release soot when burned, making it ideal for an enclosed cooking space.
  • LPG does not have any harmful effects on the environment, making it a good cooking fuel source and alternative to traditional cooking fuel like coal or wood.

Major LPG Cylinder Providers

There are three major LPG cylinder providers, all of which are state run companies. They are as follows:

Indane Gas (Run by Indian Oil Corporation)

If you are looking to get a gas connection for your house, one of the choices you will have is to take it from Indane. The Indane gas connection is available to everyone and even participates in various government schemes to provide subsidised gas connections to those who qualify for them. The registration for this connection can be done online and they even allow customers to book cylinders and refills over the internet, via the phone or using mobile applications. The connection is also8 transferable and can be transferred to different locations within a city or even outside it. Read on to know more about Indane gas connection.

Bharat Gas (Run by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited)

Bharat Gas is another company that provides gas connections to domestic use in India. The company has even provided its customers with an online portal that can be used to apply for a new connection along with the traditional offline methods as well. To get a new connection, customers are expected to provide certain document that determine if they are eligible for any subsidies or not. The connection is also transferable to any part of the country and is available to everyone. There are however, certain procedures that need to be followed while applying for a transfer or a new connection. Read on to know more about Bharat Gas Connection

HP Gas (Run by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)

HP or Hindustan Petroleum, is one of the many companies in India that provides people with gas connections. The connections themselves are available to everyone in the country and are also eligible for subsidies provided by the government, should the applicant prove to be eligible for it. As with other gas connections, HP gas connections can be transferred from one place to another within a city and across the country as well. To apply for a new gas connection or to transfer an existing connection, there are some formalities that will have to be completed. Read on to know more about HP Gas Connection procedures and formalities.

In addition to these, there are some smaller private companies that also provide LPG, such as Total Gas, Super Gas among others.

Book LPG Gas Cylinder Online

For those looking at acquiring an LPG cylinder for their homes, the process has been simplified and streamlined. All LPG cylinders are sourced through the 3 government-owned gas companies, namely Bharat Gas (BPCL), HP Gas (HPCL) and Indane Gas (IOC).

These three networks supply LPG to households across the country through their large distributorship networks.

While PLG is a very environment-friendly fuel, it is subject to the vagaries of the fuel price, with the market rate for an LPG cylinder quite high. The LPG suppliers in India subsidize the cylinders for households, providing 12 subsidized cylinders every year. Balance cylinders applied for by the consumer would be charged at the market rate.

Procedure to Book A LPG Gas Cylinder

  • To receive an LPG cylinder, a consumer would first have to submit an application to any of the three LPG suppliers.
  • The application process can be completed either offline or online, depending on the customer's convenience.
  • Those who wish to register for an LPG connection offline can simple visit one of the distributorships in their locality and collect the application form.
  • The same form is to be filled in and submitted to the same distributorship along with identity and address proof documentation.
  • This is to ensure that each household receives only one LPG connection and to regulate the number of LPG cylinders in the market.
  • Once the application has been processed and is accepted, the consumer will receive a notification regarding the same and will receive the first cylinder.

Subsequent cylinders can be booked through IVRS, SMS or online.

Register for a New Gas Connection

With the online LPG registration and booking facilities, now consumers can book a gas cylinder or register for the LPG service without leaving their home.

  • As a consumer, all you have to do is visit the website of the LPG provider whose service you wish to opt for and follow the instructions to register for a new connection.
  • Consumers will have to register themselves on the portal and fill in the online form.
  • The initial payment can also be made online, and the consumer will be notified by email/SMS when the application is accepted.

Documentation Required for Getting a New LPG Connection

When applying for a new LPG connection, consumers have to submit a set of documents along with their application form. The documents to be submitted are mentioned below:

  • Proof of Identity Documents:

Any one of the following documents can be used as proof of identity for obtaining a gas connection:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar card
  • Driving Licence
  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Address Documents:

Any one of the following documents can be submitted as proof of address for obtaining a new gas connection:

  • Passport
  • Driver's Licence
  • Ration card
  • Aadhar card
  • House Registration Document
  • Recent Utility Bills (Electricity/Telephone/Water Bill)
  • Bank passbook
  • Credit or debit card statement)
  • Passport sized photographs

Best Ways Consumers Can Submit Their Documents

LPG consumers can submit their documents in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Uploading the documents on the respective LPG supplier's website when filling out the new connection application
  • Submitting the documents to the LPG distributor in person

List of Gas Connection Forms for Indane Gas, Bharat Gas and HP Gas

HP Gas, Bharat Gas and Indane Gas are three of the most commonly procured LPG connections in the country. The introduction of LPG has completely redefined the usage of fuel in India households. Previously, most Indians, especially those in rural areas would use coal and other products for their household needs, but these fuel options would only cause a lot of wastage and health issues. LPG is safe and healthy, apart from being economical. In order to procure an LPG connection, individuals will have to contact the nearest dealer and provide the necessary documents.

Applicants will have to provide proofs for identity and address. Additionally, the Aadhaar number must also be given as this is essential for applicants to receive their subsidy through the DBT or Direct Benefit Transfer method. In addition to the above, there are a number of forms that the applicants will have to provide, regardless of the dealer, in order to receive their connection. These forms are to be given, based on the applicant’s requirement. Forms include Unified PAHAL joining form, for those who wish to avail their subsidy through Direct Benefit Transfer, Ujjwala KYC form for availing loan, and so on. These forms can be downloaded in both Hindi and English, by clicking here.

Cost of an LPG Gas Connection

  • Consumers who are registering for a new LPG connection will be required to pay not just for the LPG cylinder but also for the regulator as well as the processing fees.
  • Consumers have to pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 1450 for a 14.2 kg cylinder, except for the 7 states that make up North east India.
  • They will also have to pay Rs. 1500 for the regulator and an additional Rs. 150 “ Rs. 190 for the pressure valve, depending on the LPG supplier.
  • For consumers who are looking at buying a 5 kg cylinder, the security deposit amount for the cylinder would be Rs. 350.
  • The cost for installation by a mechanic would cost Rs. 75 per visit, with one mandatory visit every 2 years.

New Gas Connection Eligibility

Every household, both urban and rural, are eligible for an LPG connection. Every household can have only one connection from either Bharat Gas / HP Gas/ Indane Gas for personal use. Establishments such as restaurants and industry have different eligibility criteria that are subject to government rules.

How to Refill An LPG Gas Cylinder

  • Consumers who have an LPG gas connection are allowed to have a maximum of 1 cylinder in use and one spare cylinder with them at any point of time.
  • Once a cylinder has been exhausted, the consumer will have to book another cylinder by either calling on the LPG provider's number through the IVRS system or sending an SMS.
  • A gas cylinder can also be booked online by visiting the gas company's website and making a booking. The consumer will have to sign in to the website with his/her user ID and consumer number and follow the instructions provided.
  • Consumers can also choose to visit the gas agency from where they receive their LPG cylinders and book a cylinder in person.
  • The gas companies have recently started a mobile app through which a new cylinder can be booked, with the consumer allowed to choose the date the cylinder would be delivered to their home.

Linking Aadhaar With Gas Connection

In an effort to regulate the number of LPG connections and keep a tab on the subsidized cylinders in the market, the government is urging consumers to link their Aadhaar cards to their LPG connections.

  • Consumers will have to link their Aadhar card to their bank account.
  • After this, they will have to link the Aadhar card to their LPG connection.
  • By linking the two, consumers will receive the subsidy amount directly into their bank accounts.

This is being done to make it easier for consumers to receive their subsidy directly into their bank accounts. It also helps the government identify the usage of each household and ensure there is no selling of subsidized cylinders in black.

Applying for a Gas Connection With an Aadhaar Card

When it comes to cooking at home, there really is no better fuel for the job than LPG. However you need to first get yourself a connection before you can start using it. If you don't wish to take a proper gas connection, you might approach private sellers for gas cylinders but that can get ridiculously expensive. Should you decide to take the connection you could take advantage of lower prices and participate in government schemes related to distribution and sale of cylinders. However, in order to take advantage of the subsidy, you are often asked to have an Aadhaar card.

What you should know is that not having an aadhaar card does not mean that you will not be allowed to take a gas connection or take advantage of government schemes. You will still be able to do both and you can even do it using your bank details. There are many methods, both online and offline, made available to you to apply for gas connections. They range from handing over applications to certified deals along with bank details to applying for connection online.

Why You Need to Be Careful With LPG

While LPG is a fuel that works better than many other sources of energy, there are certain things that one needs to be careful about when dealing with it. The fuel has been used to cook at home and to power vehicles which we use to get around on a daily basis. All of this is possible because LPG burns in a more efficient and clean way than things like petrol, wood or kerosene. The problem however is that with its efficiency come certain dangers like it being rather explosive if not burned in a contained environment. Most accidents involving LPG can take place due to a neglect of proper safety procedures being followed while handling the gas.

So what are these safety measures? There are many and some of them are specific to the environment that it is being used in. For example, if LPG is being used in a house for the purpose of cooking then you need to ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated and that you don't leave the cooking unattended. You also need to make sure that the stove, pipes and regulators are maintained properly so as to reduce the risk of the gas leaking.

Read on to know more about LPG Safety Tips


News About Gas Connection

  • Petroney investors feel the pressure of rising gas prices

    The surge in price of spot gas has put investors of Petronet LPG under significant pressure as the company’s share prices tanked by 6.5%.

    The spot gas cargo is likely to get affected due to the rise in gas prices though rise in domestic gas production in India to some extent can mitigate the impact of higher spot gas cargo prices.

    The company’s capacity utilisation during Q1FY22 was affected due to the lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19 in India. The capacity utilization at the Dahej terminal fell to 88% during the June quarter because of the severe impact caused by lockdowns. The gas company also saw its total volumes decrease 4% sequentially to stand at 209 tbtu (trillion British thermal units) during the quarter. However, there was an improvement in in capacity utilization to 100% by the end of July.

    The company in order to improve its numbers is considering opportunities for diversification and also plans to set up an ethane/propane import facility at the Dahej terminal and a petchem complex based on imported propane.

    27 September 2021

  • Prices of LPG Cylinder Remain the Same for August

    The monthly revision of LPG cylinder prices on Saturday and the state-owned oil marketers had not made any changes to the rates for August. The rates are revised every month, taking into account changes in the oil prices in the international market and also the Indian rupee's valuation against the U.S. dollar.

    03 August 2020

  • Himachal Pradesh becomes the first state with LPG connection in all households

    The Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Jai Ram Thakur announced that the state has become the first in the country with LPG connections provided to each and every household.   

    Jai Ram Thakur stated that the state was the first in the country with LPG connections for all households while interacting with the beneficiaries of the Himachal Grihini Suvidha Yojana through video conference. Along with this, he also stated that around 1.36 lakh families have been benefited under the PM Ujjwala Yojana.   

    The gas connections were provided to women at no cost under the scheme and its purpose was to prevent cooking with traditional gas which affects the health of people. Around 2,76,243 families have been provided with free gas connections in the state according to the Chief Minister.   

    The state government had launched the Himachal Grihini Suvidha Yojana to cover the families who were not covered under the PM Ujjwala Scheme. According to the CM, many people had voluntarily surrendered their subsidy so that every household can get access to the LPG cylinders.   

    10 July 2020

  • No fuel and LPG cylinders to be provided for those without masks Itanagar

    According to Capital DFCSO Amit Bengia, consumers will not be allowed to purchase LPG cylinders or fuel for their vehicles if they do not wear a mask. According to the DFCSO, consumers will not be allowed to purchase fuel at petrol depots without wearing masks. He further added that delivery persons and gas agencies also will not provide LPG cylinders if the rule is not followed. A tough stand has been taken by the capital administration so that all the guidelines will be followed. According to the President of Capital Complex Petroleum Depot Association, Arun Kipa Loram, directions have been given to managers and owners of petrol pump owners to make sure all the guidelines are followed.

    28 April 2020

  • Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited cuts down the production of petrol and diesel by half

    Due to the lockdown ordered by the government to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the country, the number of vehicles on the road has dropped substantially. Due to this, the Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited have cut down its production of diesel and petrol by half.  

    The demand for fossil fuels has declined to a great extent once the lockdown was imposed. Normally. The Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited produce 2,500 tonnes of LPG, 20,000 tonnes of diesel and 2,500 tonnes of petrol. The LPG production, now, has been cut down by 25% along with a cutdown of petrol and diesel production was 50%, according to a press release by the company.  

    Coming to manpower, most the employees of the MRPL have been offered a leave while workers who are needed for the production unit have been on an emergency basis. Only 800 employees out of the total of 6,500 are working at the moment.   

    The oil which is produced at the MRPL is usually distributed all over the state of Karnataka through Indian Oil, HPCL, BPCL and Shell. In normal times, the company shuts down one unit in the month of April and that time it only needs 4,000 workers. However, this time since bringing that many workers is not possible, the company plans to postpone its annual shutdown.   

    14 April 2020

  • Bhopal witnesses shortage in LPG cylinders supply

    The nationwide 21-day lockdown is now starting to have a lot of impact in Bhopal. With slow truck movement across India, the availability of cooking gas cylinders gas has reduced. The demand for LPG cylinders is skyrocketing as people are now cooking more at home. The delivery cycle for LPG has now reached around 15 days and the short supply has hit all agencies that supply gas.  

    The regular waiting period had been around 4 to 6 days for an LPG cylinder and now this has doubled. All gas agencies are now anticipating a shortage of cylinders if this current trend continues for one more week.  

    An anonymous owner of an LPG agency had said that there might be a longer waiting period for an LPG cylinder of about three weeks. The supplies are now short, and the demand is pretty high. 

    01 April 2020

  • India’s first natural gas exchange may be unveiled by March 2020

    As India seeks to tap the increasing demand for the cleanest fossil fuel, the country’s largest electricity trading platform plans to unveil the first natural gas exchange by March 2020. The exchange would be beneficial in bringing down the price of natural gas through competitive trade as well as boost its usage in the country. Rajesh Mediratta, strategies director at Indian Energy Exchange stated that company started putting together the infrastructure and a team of about 20 officials to run the bourse. Worsening air quality and the dependence on imported crude oil had spurred a transition in the country’s energy planning. It must be noted here that India is planning to increase the share of natural gas in its energy mix to 15% from the existing 6% by 2030.

    3 December 2019

  • Gas bid postponed to November 15 by Reliance due to request from bidders

    According to various sources, Reliance Industries has postponed its plans to sell natural gas for the second time in a month. The deadline has now been pushed to 15 November 2019 as bidders are requesting time to check the terms.

    The original bid was to occur on 15 October 2019, but that was postponed to 6 November 2019. Bidders requesting more time as it was the festive season was the main reason why the bid was postponed. According to various sources, bidders have now requested time till 15 November 2019. Reliance and its UK partner, BP plc, are looking to sell the gas they are planning to produce from its three new discoveries in the KG-D6 block. Apart from volume bids, partners are also looking for price quotes. Bidders that offer the best prices would win the deal. Bidders have been requested to provide details such as the volume of gas required, the supply required, and the price quote. The three different sets that are being developed by Reliance-BP in the KG-D6 block are MJ, Satellites, and R-Cluster. A peak of 30 mmscmd of gas can be produced by 2022.

    8 November 2019

  • Prices of MCX natural gas may increase with colder weather after November

    In the last week of October 2019, the prices of MCX natural gas rose by 17% because there was a forecast of colder weather conditions lasting till after the middle of November. Temperatures that are below normal would lead to a slowing down of inventory addition in the early weeks of November. However, the production of natural gas has been on 93.8 record high levels. Increase in storage has also eliminated the imbalance in supply. Since storage increased, there was an increase in the stocks of natural gas to 2.465 tcf since April started. This was the largest gain since 2014. With production exceeding the demands of exports and consumption, it is expected that there is enough storage to adequately meet the needs of any extra seasonal demands of winter. The price of MCX natural gas is now Rs.192. It is expected that, if cold weather continues after the middle of November, any increase in prices of MCX gas will be only temporary due to the factors mentioned above.

    5 November 2019

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